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Monday, November 23, 2009

Survivor: Offensive Line Edition

Well the offensive continues to struggle and lose players at an alarming rate. Which brings up the question, is there a secret game show going on. Because we might have a winner of Buffalo Bills Survivor very soon.

Brad Butler
Eric Wood
Seth McKinney

All are out for the rest of the season. Two opening day starters gone. Demetrius Bell has been hurt for several weeks with a knee injury, and his return is necessary. Jonathan Scott finally came back after dealing with the death of his father. So leaving the starting line of, if Bell comes back, Bell, Levrite, Hangartner, Meredith? and Scott. Not what you call a pro bowl line. Or a UFL line.

If Bell can't come back? Oh man I don't know whats going to happen, but I sure wouldn't want to be Fitzpatrick next week. I assume they will either sign someone or call up the 2 lineman from the Practice squad. Well I guess they will have to do both.

The team has two running backs, with 1 fullback. Have gone through tight ends like water. The linebackers are now filled with safeties. The team has a glut of WR's and DB's. But it all doesn't matter. The team is gonna get cleaned up come January.

But with 6 weeks to go we have two guys left. To claim the title of Survivor.

Will it be the Rookie Levitre or the old man Hangartner.

Whats the prize? A job next year.

Monday, November 16, 2009

If the Bills were a tv show...

It would have been cancelled already. Even if they were on NBC.

Its bad, its not even funny bad, but like face slap bad. So bad you want to slap yourself for watching it. Like VH1 reality show bad. Even those shows have some kind of entertainment to it. Show Bills games to Jihadists and they will renounce Islam.

How have they won 3 games? Minor miracle? Charity case? This team is just plain awful and the whole thing needs to be overhauled. No doubt about it now. The quarterbacks need to go. Lynch can leave I don't care, Fred Jackson and another guy to share the load will be perfectly adequate. Most of the Receivers can stay. I think with a decent to average QB, they could flourish.

The defense is in rough shape. They need a new scheme. Thank god they don't play a 3-4 or they would be in worse shape. I don't mind the corners, they finally have a ball hawking safety. They can get rid of Donte Whitner, they only thing he can catch is a taser. Bryan Scott is fine, but he's dime a dozen.

The Kicker and Punter are the only thing to be happy about. Seriously, Brian Moorman or Rian Lindell, maybe the MVP of the decade. Thats how sad things are at 1 Bills Drive. Its a good thing we love football or there would be 20,000 in the stands. Or we love people who can kick the football.

If this were a real Tv show, there would be new writers brought in or new cast assembled. We wouldn't wait to the end of the season to rework things. Whats the point? It's not gonna get better. The only way a tv show gets better or tries, is when people stop watching. So I think we as concerned Bills fans, put away the irrational fear of the team moving, and put our power into action. Lets just stop watching.

Give the tickets away to opposing fans, with Patriots, Dolphins and Colts left, plenty of fans left for that. Imagine 40,000 Patriot fans in the stands. Hell I'd go to the Colts game and root for them. Turn off the TV and do something else around town. See a movie, watch other football games, go play Xbox. Anything else but turn on CBS at 1pm on Sundays.

The Bills are always concerned with Marketing, and if Russ Brandon sees the product is lacking, maybe, hopefully, he'll see the whole thing needs to be blown up. In fact it needs to be blown up today. Not January, not February. But now.

Unfortuntely, the Buffalo Bills are not a TV show, but a Business. So they will go through the motions and find the most cost effective way to change things, but yet be able to sell tickets and make money in 2010.

Ugh. Looks like I'll have to find ways to avoid games on Sundays.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Bisons in National TV Ad

I saw this the other day while just watching TV. Normally I wouldn't notice the small details. But first I was like Hey! That's a Bisons hat. Then HEY! He's got Buffalo on the Jersey. Then HEY!!! That's not Coca Cola Field. But still it got me a little excited, that our local baseball team was selected for this National Ad for a major company.

Sure it wasn't filmed here, and with non local actors, but still cool to see. I thought they usually make up teams for these kind of ads.

I wonder of all teams why they chose the Bisons? It could be interesting to see why? Have the Bisons tried to push ad agencies and maybe movies to use their uniforms and name to promote their product in a way. Because its the outside the box thinking that would impress me. Or is it a local connection and they called the Bisons.

Anyway, I thought it was cool and for those that don't pay attention to ads, to maybe find out about. Since its something you wouldn't know till you saw it.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Time to dust off the blog

I know I haven't written much of late, but its been busy and I just haven't felt the urge to put anything down. But the urge is changing. No I don't feel like writing game day previews or what not. Die by the Blade and the Gooses Roost have that covered. I just want to do my own thing, try to be funny, write about my feelings on local sports, or just put down a silly picture.

I feel the peek of the Buffalo blog scene has faded. There are plenty of good ones around, but the amount and contribution has gone down, in my opinion. I also have gone down from like 3 posts a day to like 1 post a month. Yes I got married and went on a honeymoon, but production was weak even before all that. Now things have settled down and life feels like normal again. Yes I'm married, but it feels the same as it was 6 months ago.

Which is a interesting feeling. Because being a Bills fan, feels exactly the same this year as it does last year. Same kind of despair and apathy. The feeling of things aren't gonna get better, ever. As like last year, I feel I'd rather go out and rake leaves or go to the Zoo, then watch the Bills play like crap and bore the hell out of me.

Lucky I am a married man now, and have better interests then the Bills. My wife is like you can watch the game if you like. It's a nice gesture, but if she was like go rake the front lawn. I'd be like, sure. What about the back?

Its something to ponder over the next few months and years as my personal life develops. Things have changed from watching Bills games at a bar, and Sabres games in my small apartment. Well the same feeling exists, the situation just changed.

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