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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Football is back!!!!!

Nothing is more exciting then when Training camps start opening. Baseball takes its backseat till October because honestly there are only 1 or 2 playoff races these days, half the teams never have a shot anyway so its quite boring come August. But the NFL 20 teams have a shot at the Playoffs any year. (The Bills not one of them, but whatever) Training camp always gets me excited, gets me back to to watch videos of practice. And interviews that say the same thing every day.

We're working hard.

We're getting better.

We don't know the QB yet.

People are down on the Bills, as they should be, they probably won't be that good. But its an optimistic bad outlook. You see, it feels like there's a new vision. That hasn't been there the past few years. The Donohoe years gave some upbeat feelings with the guys they brought in, but they failed. Here we're going with young guys, that are hungry. Guys that want to get paid. Not guys that have gotten paid.

Plus I'm helping bringing in a new Bills fan into this world, my wife is doing the hard work. By the end of this month, there should be another little one into this world. Just in time for the season. Oh yes, there will be a Bills onesie to purchase, once I know how big the little guy is. Hopefully by the time he's aware of what Football is, the Bills will be decent again. (crosses fingers, hopes hes a good luck charm) Also hopes there will be a Buffalo Bills team to root for.

I don't want the Bills be to him, what the Buffalo Braves are to me. Thats a depressing thought and don't want to think about it.

So I can't wait to here about the QB battle, watch the preseason games, and wait for the cuts. And trades that might happen with teams in need due to injury or realizing their LT isn't very good, or have an extra one they don't need. (wink wink)

I don't care how good the Bills are, Buffalo Bills football is better then no Football at all. And really winning would hurt their draft status, especially if they need a QB in 2011. Just be entertaining while losing. That's all we can hope for.

In Chan and Buddy I trust.

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