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Friday, February 4, 2011

Super Bowl Weekend

Well it's Super Bowl Weekend. That's usually gets me going , but I'm kinda only half interested this year. Which is weird, because it should be a good game, between two very good teams. But this game is being heavily overshadowed by the upcoming labor stoppage. I don't fall into the, better enjoy this one, there might not be football for awhile. Other then Preseason, regular season games are 8 months away. Thats a long time. They will get something done. But onto the game

We have two good quarterbacks, two great defenses. And effective running games. These are what I called the prototype built Football teams in the 21st century. I like the Packers. I think they have more weapons then the Steelers. Plus the injuries to the Steelers O line I think will hurt them. Ben can absorb some hits, but they may add up and just wear him down by the 4th Quarter.

So I'm going with the Packers 24-20.

So will the lombardi trophy be coming to WNY? Nope? Not like the Stanley Cup. Thats too bad. Starks should enjoy himself before Ryan Grant comes back next year.

BTW, I've taken my Hockey talents to

I'm turning this into a Football centered blog.

Deal with it.

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