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Friday, May 30, 2008

Bucky calls Jason Peters

(Its a late friday afternoon and Bucky Gleason with nothing going on decided to call Jason Peters)

(phone rings)

Jason Peters: Yo, this is JP, what you want?

Bucky: Hey Jason, its Bucky Gleason from the Buffalo News, I just wanted to ask you something.
Jason Peters: Uh, well I'm kinda busy and if its about a contract, I ain't talkin about that.

Bucky: Ohh, well, its um, about Numbers, YEAH! Numbers.

Jason Peters: What kind of numbers?

Bucky: How do you feel about the numbers 5 and 25.

Jason Peters: Trent Edwards and Xavier Omon?

Bucky: No not player numbers. How those two numbers go together.

Jason Peters: Well 5 times 5 equals 25, so thats a sign they go together.

Bucky: Exactly. How does 25 Million over 5 years sound?

Jason Peters: HEY! I told you I wasn't talking about my contract.

Bucky: But come on it does sound good doesn't it?

Jason Peters: No, thats not enough. I want big time Tackle money. Maybe 25 Guaranteed.

Bucky: Exactly 5 years 25 million guaranteed. Its what you should offer, but of course the team won't pay you that, letting you go to free agency July 1st.

Jason Peters: I have 3 years left on my contract, and Free agency is in March, not July.

Bucky: Whatever, its the mentality in this town, where you give a team the fair offer of 5 years 25 million dollars, they turn it down. They don't even think about it.

Jason Peters: I'm pretty sure the team would jump to sign me at that contract. Langston Walker gets that deal and I'm better then he is. I would like a Walter Jones deal, 7 years 50 million dollars.

Bucky: 7 years 50 million dollars? That doesn't sound good. You can't divide that evenly. Its odd looking. No, 5 years 25 million. End of story.

Jason Peters: I gotta go, you should talk to somebody.

Bucky: Wait do you have Lee Evans number?

(phone call is disconnected)

Bucky: Mmm, Mark Gaughan might have Lee Evans number. Wait 83, 8-3=5. 5 for 25. PERFECT!! 5 FOR 25!!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Must have now

This is what the Sabres need to get in the offseason. Brooks Orpik. Hometown guy. Physical tough defenseman and last night with one shift, made me go, pay the man whatever he wants. It was middle of the third. He made every wing who dared touch the puck pay for it. Not just hitting them, but destroying them. I was amazed when I saw it, and just made my gut feeling of needing Brooks Orpik that much more solid. And here is the video evidence.

Giving out tons of Free Candy.

I will be disappointed if the Sabres can't acquire him. The Pens are going to be tight to the cap with their superstars and they might have to let a guy like Orpik go, to afford someone else. His brother is already in the Sabre system and the Sabres will have cash in the defensemen area, with Kalinin and Campbell not being here. You can put Orpik with Sekera, Tallinder and Lydman, and Weber and Spacek. With Paetsch as the 7th guy. You have that defense corp next year and I'll be pretty happy.

Darcy if you are reading, if you are watching. Give him the money. He's the type of guy you need.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The 6 Pack of the Week

In honor of the late Jimmy Griffin, I've decided to make up a new feature. The 6 Pack of the week. Really thats the highest honor I can think of. So who gets the 6 pack of the week of any beverage they choose?

Red Wings goalie Chris Osgood.

Diving to make a save. He tends to put his body out there and is on the ice alot.

Osgood is helping lead the Wings to another Stanley Cup, and with 2 shutouts in the finals. He is on his way to a Conn Smyth Trophy. His stats in the Playoffs are amazing. A 1.38 GAA, .939 Sv % and 12 wins. He leads all goaltenders in the playoffs. And he wasn't the starter when things got going this year. Plus hes a pretty good actor, so says Pens Coach Michael Terrien

Judge for yourself

Now thats good timing. I think its kinda of funny. Of course hes gonna go down and embellish it. He's trying to get his team a power play. Thats just being a good teammate. Get touched, fall down. Sell it. Thats what it takes. All goaltenders dive, its so guys get out of their crease. But none of that detracts from me giving my first Jimmy Griffin 6 pack of the week, to Chris Osgood.
Chris enjoy it after todays game, or before, you don't get much work, might as well have a few brewskis during the game.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The LQ takes in the New Erie Canal Harbor.

(Its a gorgeous Sunday afternoon and Larry Quinn takes a stroll through the new Erie Canal Harbor project)

LQ: Ahhh look how great this turned out. And its all because of the LQ.

(A gentleman is strolling by and recognizes Mr. Quinn)

Random Dude: Hey Larry, whats going on?

LQ: (Startled) What? Who are you to talk to the LQ?

Random Dude: Sorry, I just wanted to say hello, and say what a good job the Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation did on this.

LQ: Oh, Well you're welcome. I did a great job on this.

Random Dude: Well aren't there more people involved in this? And isn't Jordan Levy the Chairman?


Random Dude: Ok, well how about those Stanley Cup Playoffs?

LQ: Are those still going on?

Random Dude: Yeah its the finals now, Pittsburgh and Detroit, who do you like Mr Quinn.

LQ: I could care less. I'm just glad the Sabres were gone a long time ago. Otherwise it may detract from this beautiful sight.

Random Dude: Wait, wouldn't it be better if the Sabres were involved, because then thousands more people would be down here to see this beautiful new project. Since its next to the HSBC Arena.

LQ: What? And have Neanderthal Hockey Fans, come down here and screw up my pride and joy? Are you stupid? Wait, you're a hockey fan, of course you're stupid.

Random Dude: Hey I'm a doctor, I'm not stupid.

LQ: A doctor of what, Stupidology?

Random Dude: Screw you Larry, I came here to complement you and all you do is insult me. No wonder guys leave the Sabres, they probably can't deal with you.

(The man walks away shaking his head)


A weekend of Whoops

There happened to be some good whoops, moments this weekend and the Youtube highlights to go along with them.

First the Marc Andre Fleury entrance from Game 1

That right that there, sums up the first 2 games for Pittsburgh. And MAF's performance, there have been some weak goals in the first two games. Pittsburgh can't score and they can't have their goalie let in a couple softies.

Though this is not one of them


But the other great Whoops! moment of the weekend came in the Memorial cup when the Spokane Chiefs were getting the trophy for their hard earned win.

The best part is them looking down at it, going oh no. Then picking it up and celebrating with it anyway. Good job guys.

The other Whoops! is all the experts that picked Pittsburgh. Really? Wasn't everybody saying the East was much weaker then the west? So who cares how strong they were playing, the Western team was going to be much better. Well this guy didn't fall for it. I picked 6, but after games 1 and 2. This is going to be a sweep, its not a question of if Pittsburgh can win, its can Pittsburgh even score a goal?

Sunday, May 25, 2008

The new team in town

Buffalo is getting an Arena football team!!!! Now the destroyers aren't coming back, they are getting a Arena Football 2 team. Wait, 2? You mean the minor leagues of arena football? What. If the bigger league didn't work, well they had good ticket sales, but still lost money, how is this going to work. Oh Thurman Thomas and maybe Jim Kelly are part owners. Nope still don't see it. Buffalo is a PRO Football town. College football isn't popular, High School Football isn't that popular, and the AFL failed already. Why would the lower level work. Sure if they played in a small venue and packed it, it may work. Say play in Niagara Falls

Really why would HSBC Arena grant them a deal? For the couple thousand people the game draws? Might as well remake the Convention center and play in there. Well they do let College basketball play there and no one goes to those games, so why not 10 games during the late winter spring time. So who plays in this league? Or where are the teams?

Albany Conquest, a natural rival

Green Bay Blizzard, name stealer

Boise Burn, I got a boise burn once it wasn't pleasant

Corpus Christi Sharks, really Corpus Christi

Central Valley Coyotes, where the fuck is Central Valley?

Iowa Barnstormers! Hey does Kurt Warner play for these guys again?

WB Scranton Dunder Mifflins, no its the Pioneers, but I hope Michael Scott is their coach.

Oklahoma City Yard Dawgz. Now thats a hip team look at how they spelled Dogs.

Bossier Shreveport Battle Wings. Now thats a mouthful

Peoria Pirates. Are there a lot of Pirates in Peoria?

Well you get the idea, its a small town league, full of guys looking to play football for fun. Really they get what 50 bucks a game? So what should the nickname be? Buffalo Wings? No the roller hockey team may object. Though the Wings vs the Battle Wings would be interesting.

Well if you have any ideas let me know.

My opinion the Buffalo Bulldogs. Yes not flashy, but normal. But its never going to happen. Well look for the AFL 2 team around 2009. And look for it to fall apart in 2011.

Thoughts on Game 1

Well after watching the game last night. My pick of the Wings seems even better. Sure things could turn around. But the Wings looked really good. The first they were ok, but got settled in and seriously were an impressive team. I think an old nickname for another team, fits the Wings to a tee.

The Big Red Machine.

This team rolls the lines, scores from everywhere and really they could take the names off the back and you wouldn't know the difference who was out there. Well except for Darren McCarty he's pretty distinctive looking out there.

Other observations.

Fleury looked a bit shaky out there.

Osgood was as solid as solid could be, and we all know it don't get better then solid.

Detroit is such a good defensive team, they took a 2 goal lead and it was total lockdown time, without it being boring. Its like a good defensive back, just push him to the outside. It was like that all night. Push outside, play breaks apart, rush up the ice.

This series maybe over quicker then I thought.

Versus camerwork wasn't terrible. Which maybe the biggest victory in this series. Doc Emerick is a good choice, he delivers a decent telecast.

Does it kill Ed Olczyk, that he coached the Penguins a couple years ago and now they are in the finals, due to the new head coach. Eddy, stay on tv.

I think Don Cherry should bring the stuffed octopus on every coaches corner.

Can't wait for game 2.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Stanley Cup Preview

Here we go the finals. What as Hockey fans we all look forward to. We all hope at the end of the year that our team is in this spot in late May and for Detroit and Pittsburgh, they luck out by having their teams left standing after months of hockey. And for me this looks to be a great matchup. And with the Girlfriend in Ireland for the first 5 games. I'll have plenty of time to watch these games and be all in it. Plus all the season finales are done, except Lost. Before we get to the preview, we'll look back to see what I said about the previous series.

Pittsburgh 7, actual Pittsburgh in 5

Wings in 6, Hey dead on!

I was 2-0 in the conference finals to push me to 9-5 in the playoffs, with one to go. So looks like I'll be ending the playoffs with a winning record. But 10-5 is what I want. So lets look into these two teams and pick who will win.


Lets start with who I'm rooting for. The Penguins. I like the Penguins, they have a local boy on the roster, they are young and talented and just are fun to watch. But I'm not going to pick them to win. I'm going with Detroit. They are filled with experienced, great players and Osgood is playing as good as Fleury. Which means that the presidents trophy winning team will win the cup. And I think for Sabre fans is a sharp pain of what was lost last year.

Looking at who the Pens beat, their toughest matchup was in the 2nd round. The flyers weren't that good. Didn't show up and weren't the best preview for the up coming matchup with the Wings. While the Wings, had to play the scrappy Predators, demolished the Avs and beat a very good Stars team. That matchup is what makes me pick the Wings. The Stars are very tough and the wings won that series outright, no lucky bounces, just great play.

Its this that will lead the Wings over the Pens. Their defense is better and everything else is pretty much equal talent wise in my eyes. But with Ralfalski, Lidstrom and Chelios back there, I feel Osgood won't be tested that much.

Final Prediction Wings in 6

What? Mirtle picked the same thing? I'm gonna look like a copier. And his playoff record is the same as mine?

OTA's and Ticket sales

Well its almost the end of OTA's as 1 Bills drive, probably the reason the weather is so crappy. Football players come to town and it gets cold. Its the only reason I can think of for the recent cold snap. Really you can't take much from the OTA's, people try to build them up and try to get any insight from guys running around in shorts and helmets. Oooo Trent is looking good. Well the defense is really not trying to stop them. If they were really important they would be mandatory and JP Losman and Jason Peters missing it would be a big deal.

Jason Peters is angling for a new deal, and seeing what Left Tackles are getting and him being elect to the Pro Bowl it probably can't hurt lengthening the deal, to cover that dangerous no cap year that might be approaching. You certainly don't want any stars being available at that point, because they are good as gone. Talk to him over the next few months and we'll here the 5 for 25 million jokes over that time, and I bet a deal can be struck, making a important man, a happy man.

The other big news coming out of 1 Bills drive this week was the positive ticket sales. The Bills have passed the 50,000 season ticket mark for the first time since 1993. Its a good statement by Bills fans, that the team is still relevant, even with the recent surge in sales for the Sabres, the Bills are still a popular option. Sure the package is cheaper this year with the Toronto Games. Maybe people are figuring out this ticket resale business. Or people are really excited by the Bills and want to go to the games. I don't mind sitting at home watching, thanking those who bought tickets so I could see the game. I like going to the games, but the bore me a little. The commercial breaks really suck the energy out of the game.

With the low prices, the Bills have created a real home field advantage. The people that really love the bills can go to the games and enjoy themselves without taking out a second mortgage. Hell a Paycheck can pay for a season ticket. The rest of the NFL is in a race to make the most money and gouge the fan just to see a game. (Though the Bills are using Toronto to do that) Hell go somewhere else to charge exorbitant rates? Fine with me. Just give me the option to hit up a few games here in Orchard Park. Imagine if they had only 4 home games? Those tickets would fly off the shelves. They could also charge higher prices, along with the high Toronto prices would start making some real money to be a real player in the league.

Wait, this Russ Brandon really knows what he is doing. As a Bills fan, that should get you excited.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Thank you Bucky

Oh boy have I been behind on writing stuff, don't worry Stanley Cup Preview will happen, but today finally something came by that I just couldn't let go. And its our pal Bucky Gleason. In what could be the dumbest article ever, to make the case for a Rookie Salary cap, or that football players make too much money, or stuff to get in by a deadline to justify his paycheck. But todays column about Matt Ryans contract, is garbage. You may agree that its too much money, but the reasons are dumb.

Lets get our Firejoemorgan on.

Tom Donahoe made his share of blunders during his reign as the Buffalo Bills’ president and general manager, but he learned a lesson after Mike Williams became a colossal bust. Donahoe suggested if he ever had a top five pick in the NFL draft again, he would dump it like yesterday’s junk mail.

Ok, I doubt it, because thats where franchise players are.

Ex-Boston College quarterback Matt Ryan signed a six-year contract worth $72 million with the Atlanta Falcons on Tuesday. The deal includes $34.75 million in guaranteed money, which sounds like the gross national product of a small country. He was the first quarterback taken, third overall, last month.

Thats a lot of money, but less then half is guaranteed and probably he'll only see 20 million of the guaranteed. Like a GNP of a small country, oh bucky what a overused line. Well I see a deal like this and go, well good for him.

Let me get this straight. Peyton Manning is making $14 million per season and Tom Brady is making $10 million per year. Jim Kelly made about $27 million in his career with the Bills, which included four Super Bowls and induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

And Ryan’s average salary is smack between the two best quarterbacks in the NFL, and he’s guaranteed to make more than Kelly made without having taken a snap? Sure, Ryan could become one of the NFL’s top quarterbacks. He might even win a Super Bowl like Manning did or three like Brady did. He might make the Hall like Kelly did.

Well I guess Jim Kelly should have played in this era, or those guys should have better agents, but comparing past salaries to now is pointless. And Johnny Unitas probably didn't make in his career what Trent Edwards will make this year, its a dumb argument. The league is different and salaries have gone up according to league revenue. I'm sure you pro rated the salary of Kelly, it would be a lot more then Matt Ryan. Well Rookies get paid a lot now, its nothing new. So stop worrying about it.

Funny, owners unanimously opted out of their collective bargaining agreement Tuesday because they believe players are dipping too much into their profits. Is it me or was it hypocritical that Falcons owner Arthur Blank, on the same day he voted to dump the CBA, broke the bank to pay a kid who is tied with your neighbor’s dog in career yardage and touchdown passes?

Heck, he should change his name to Arthur Blank Check.

Well maybe he had to break the bank, because he wouldn't sign otherwise and last time I checked the Falcons need a QB. And now with the owners opting out they can talk about a Rookie Salary Cap, so they don't have to break the bank for a kid just coming out. And neighbor's dog? Nice touch, he has zero stats, but he also college stats, does the neighbor's dog have big college stats?

Arthur Blank Check? Wheres the rimshot?

And that’s the problem with the NFL. The suits are so busy worrying about the bottom line that they don’t realize it’s become a turnoff for many fans. The league was infinitely more entertaining 20 years ago, when fans could actually keep track of the players on each team.

WHAT?????? They should worry about the bottom line, its a business, and many of them are debt ridden for new stadiums, so they can PAY the players. The league was more entertaining 20 years ago? How? Because fans could track the players on each team? Huh? I'm sure lot more people could tell you who plays where now, due to Fantasy Football and the internet, then 20 years ago. The game is primarily the same to me. The Bills were much more entertaining then, so maybe he's applying that league wide. And don't tell me the owners weren't worried about money back then. They tried to keep free agency under wraps for as long as possible, so they keep players salaries down.


And here comes the cherry on top

For all the problems that the NHL has had over the years, and there are plenty, one thing it does right is place a maximum on rookie salaries. Most players spend three years proving themselves in the league before making the big bucks.

The Pittsburgh Penguins reached the Stanley Cup finals this season largely because they had Sidney Crosby, the face of the NHL, and leading scorer Evgeni Malkin. Crosby made $850,000 this season. Malkin made $984,000, and he’ll make the same amount next season.

Crosby will become Sid the Rich Kid and pocket $36 million over the next four years before taking a $1.5 million pay cut — yes, a pay cut — in the fifth year of his contract. But the guy already was named the league’s Most Valuable Player and could win a Cup. Malkin will be plenty rich someday, too. At least they’ll earn their keep.

It’s all anybody ever asked.

I've never asked that at all, so don't include me on that. If a player can get a ton of money, good for them.

Well is way more important to have Rookie maximums in the NHL, then the NFL, because the revenue stream is much less and one big contract can sideline a team. Did the Mike Williams bust derail the Bills? Not really. Not having a lot talent and struggles at the QB position derailed the team. But why compare the NHL and NFL? Its two way different situations. So you have to prove yourself to make the big bucks. SO DO 95% OF ALL NFL DRAFT PICKS! Only the top few picks make real big money. Thats why the risk is so high. The NHL also drafts 18 year old kids and not 21 year old young men, who have proven themselves more then hockey players. But Sidney Crosby was a can't miss pick the same with Malkin.

If Bucky wanted to make a point. He could have use the Matt Ryan contract to say it was a perfect time to opt out of the CBA so the owners could negotiate a rookie cap, instead of a cut in total player revenue. This way the current players don't take a pay cut, and the rookies have to prove themselves in the pros, before making big bucks. But no, Bucky takes off on some dumb tangent that doesn't make his case and comes off horrible, again.

Why do bloggers have a worse rep then newspaper columnists again?

Monday, May 19, 2008

I found what I want to talk about.

I have been stuck in what I wanted to write about, from that terrible thruway thing to just pimping Canisius Athletics, GOOD JOB LADIES!!! But after listening to WGR again today, I think I've had enough. Who are they programming this stuff for? Its constant fear mongering and dumb bits, and just wastes of time. How about talking actual sports instead of maybes and ifs. Enough with the Toronto thing, WE KNOW ITS GOT MONEY. Its like its on the front of the news paper, everyone must be talking about it. Probably not, though the article written by Mark Gaughan, who actually is someone good at the Buffalo News was something interesting to read. Then today by a business writer, who I like to read as well. But its not about the well written articles, its the fear mongering, that this town feasts upon. I'm tired of it. Nothing gets done by fear. Fear blocks success. The Bills are going ahead in their plan, and if it ends up with the Bills in Toronto, then thats what their plans holds. But I'm not going to talk about the what ifs, and the maybes and oh god what if this happens. I can't control it, so I won't worry about it. Just like the weather, it is what it is, deal with it.

But what I can control is the radio dial.

I don't know what they are doing, but WGR is just downright awful these days. Some may say its been that way. During Sabres and Bills time it has its moments. But its not even White and Simon that are the worst, its Schopp and the Bulldog. Mike Schopp, is one guy I wish would get fired immediately. I listened to Bulldog and Dennis Williams and it was actually quite nice. The bit of Roseanna Arquettes Phony Obit game, maybe the worse contest idea in the history of Radio. Its stupid, because its a contest on opinion on a pointless idea. And its not like you can switch shows and wish for a new topic, because theres a constant storyline for every show. Its like here are the talking points for today, and it runs its course. Hey talk about something else and maybe you'll interest me.

Its funny, Mike Schopp treats listeners and callers with disdain, though the stuff he talks about and the topics they use are they only ones stupid callers would want to talk about. So what do you expect? They treat blogs with no respect. Guess what guys, deal with them, because blogs are what will determine if you get fired or not, they are the ones that will hold you accountable. I think if Mike Schopp had a blog with what he wanted to talk about and have the type of people to read, he'd be happier. I feel he is one miserable man. He was good on WNSA, hell so was Howard Simon, but WGR is just a home of crap. It delves into the lowest level. Full of people with no talent. Corey Griswold, Nick Mendola and Jeremy White are all guys that are never going to rise above small market levels. Really how Corey Griswold is on the air is beyond me.

The only shining light is Dennis Williams, I don't know if its because hes a TV guy or what, but he is really someone I could listen to every day. Unfortunately hes on at the same time as Brad Riter on WECK. If only they would put Williams on in the Mornings, from say 6-9, Riter at 9 to noon. That would make my mornings pretty great. Rome can stay, then after Rome, make it a month battle for the other four guys to grab two spots.

I would love to raise the bar on sports talk in this town. I feel radio tends to lower the bar to reach listeners and not raise it standards up. Probably another reason why blogs have exploded of late, its a place where the somewhat more literate sports fan can find and express their opinion. Though it is also filled with lots of trash. Which gives sports fans a low brow feel to everyone else. This whole Toronto thing brings up the question, if the team moves just a little bit away, will you still be a fan? Yes or no? Yes, why? No? then why are you rooting for them in the first place, just because they are the closest thing? They are still close, or is it because they are the BUFFALO Bills? Go into a deep discussion of why are you a fan, fandom is basically irrational but delving into the irrationality maybe an interesting all day discussion. Or we can play a game based on someone dying that is a famous actor, so you can win tickets to the Lancaster Speedway. Either way, its really about sales. And not improving the overall quality of radio.

Like most things, just making something so it sells and generates revenue, ruins the overall quality of the product. Thats why I like blogs, a lot of them are so people can write about what they want. And the ones that are good are the ones that make money. Its how things should be. Instead of putting out a product that will bring the most people in, and sacrificing interesting thought provoking topics, for the bottom line.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Um stuck.

Ive been stuck in writing something of late. I really have. Its like I don't know what to write about, or have a lot of time to write. Life and work has been busy. But I'd like to mention something about the Bandits. They are playing for their Championship tonight. We may downplay it as some minor league fringe thing. But hey lets get behind these guys, because they are average dudes. They do this because they love the sport. They have real jobs. The best player ever in the league is a teacher. They are weekend warriors that get to play in front of thousands of people. How awesome is that.

These are the athletes people can look up to. Football players are year round workers. But really what do they need to do besides work out for most of the year. They hang out party, get into trouble and waste money. Thats why you don't see these fringe guys get into trouble they have no time nor money to waste. Its like shit I gotta work, shit I gotta get to practice. Or my family needs me. Well these are the guys you let your kids look up to. If anyone wanted to be John Tavares would you say no? You'd be like thats someone you could be like.

Fringe sports are awesome, plus the championship game can distract me from seeing the Griffs got slaughtered by Arizona. Well the ladies have another game, so good for them. I'm sure the weather played a factor, or that Arizona is way better. Anyway, always good to see the Griffs do well.

I promise I'll write more soon. Probably some Stanley Cup stuff, pre NHL Draft stuff and maybe some baseball stuff.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

James Hardy wants to teach Thruway Man something

James Hardy heard about Thruway mans ordeal and thought he'd help him out getting out of some trouble. As Mr Hardy, seems to be good at it, even though he pulls guns on people.

The Hardy Boy: Hey Thruway dude!

190 Roadblock: WHO THE HELL ARE YOU!

The Hardy Boy: James Hardy, Bills new #1 threat

190 Roadblock: I thought Toronto was the #1 threat.

The Hardy Boy: Haha, thats a good one white dude, but seriously. You are in a ton of trouble and I want to help you out. Since I'm good at getting out of these silly gun things.

190 Roadblock: How are you going to help me? I think I'm pretty much in deep water here.

The Hardy Boy: First its all trumped up because of the Media, they are always out to get you. They made you a spectacle and got them ratings. You should get paid, since your a star now.

190 Roadblock: I would rather just go home.

The Hardy Boy: Home? You stupid. First make your money then have the charges dropped.

190 Roadblock: I don't think thats gonna happen. I'm probably gonna go to jail.

The Hardy Boy: Jail! You ain't going to jail. You're white and old. Anyway who'd you pull the gun on?

190 Roadblock: Myself, look at the tape.

The Hardy Boy: YOURSELF? I pulled a gun on my dad and nothing happened, errr I mean nothing happened. Hell they got shit on you. So what if you held up the highway. You were concerned about the environment and the all the money spent on oil and made a message. Unless people stop depending on foreign oil, you'd kill yourself.

190 Roadblock: I worked at Gm, I don't believe any of that. And your pissing me off kid. I served in the Military, I worked my ass off at Powertrain, you play a stupid game and trying to help me? You know nothing.

(James Hardy pulls out gun and points at Thruway man)

The Hardy Boy: Listen! I'm James Hardy I scored tons of touchdowns at Indiana. INDIANA! I was just trying to help you, but looks like you want the Man to put you away.

Officer: HEY Put that gun down!

The Hardy Boy: What gun? Whatchu talkin bout officer, theres no gun here. Just James Hardy #81 for the Bills.

Officer: Oh yeah, I got great hopes for you, would you sign this for me. Man I could have sworn you had a gun on that dirtbag over there.

The Hardy Boy: They always think that, who should I sign this to?

190 Roadblock: Well I guess no one cares about a Vet anymore. No wonder I'm so angry. While this guy can play football and get away with anything.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Canisius is good at Spring Sports

Well lost in all the major sports coverage, Canisius athletics are having quite a spring at the Demske Sports Complex. And for the young kids, trust me you don't want Canisius Football, its fun, but they were really terrible. But with one team done and another one the way to the tournament and then a third leading their conference and looking like a since to make the NCAA Tournament.


The Mens team made the tournament, by winning the MAAC for the first time ever. Which is good for the program. Being that close to Canada and not being good at Lacrosse is really not excusable. Well yesterday they went into the Carrier Dome to take on the Mighty Orange. And with a predictable result. The Orange hammered the Griffs 20-3. But hey this is a young program who will only get better as the years go on. Randy Mearns has done quite a job attracting local talent and out of the area talent. The more the Campus grows so will the athletic department. So good Job Lacrosse.


The Softball team is always good. How they get girls in from California is beyond me. But they bring in this talent, and they always win the MAAC, and this is no different. Well they went into Fairfield and whitewashed the MAAC. Now they get to go play Arizona at Hofstra. Who might not be able to stand the cold. And Canisius softball plays in absolute shit sometimes. So hopefully the Arizona Arms freeze. Oh wait they have to play Taryne Mowatt. Mmm, will this game be on TV?

The lovely Taryne Mowatt


The other team that plays with bats, is having a hell of a season, like the lacrosse team, are chock full of Canadians. Really at this point Buffalo should be shared between the two countries. We get taxed high enough like Canadians, yet have 1/3 of the benefits. But anyway, they have a 3 game set left with Niagara, a obvious 3 game sweep. But right now are 38-10 on the season, 17-4 against the MAAC, and the resounding 1st seed heading into the MAAC Championships later in May. With their pitching and hitting, 7 guys hitting over .320, they should be the 3rd team in the Spring, heading to their NCAA tournament.

So thats 3 teams having great seasons in the Spring, a real bonus for the Griffs Athletic department. But of course this town could care less and wants to harp on the Sabres or other nonsense.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Roller Derby recap

I know this was last saturday, and I'm a bit late, but since its over and it really doesn't matter when this is written up, but I'm doing it now. Well me and the girlfriend headed out to Rainbow Rink early, since she really wanted to sit close, and she'll be out of town for the last match, so it was the last opportunity for the year. We get there right after doors open, and the front row is already gone and most of the 2nd row. She starts up the bleachers, but I was like there has to be 2nd row open. I go and find a whole section right in a good corner with 2nd row wide open. I get it, shes smiling, my lady can't be stuck in the bleachers I'll take her where the action is. (Where I had to hold an old lady up from ending up in my lap when a girl when right into the seats.

right on the turn

Well I saw that Mexicali Bruise was back on the Saucies and thought, this was going to be a whitewash. Boy was I wrong. This was a close and hard match. Probably one of the best I've seen. Tough clean hits. And just plain competitiveness. The dollies pulled out to a nice lead in the 2nd period. But the Saucies and they're winning ways, weren't just going to fold like a tent. They fought back, with some good jams. And after 2 periods, it was pretty much tied up.

The scoreboards are easy to read and there are 3 of them.

After a intermission from a strange band in costumes. One may have been a garbage can. The third was ready to go. The saucies undefeated streak was on the line, and the Dollies wanted to get a win in their last match, no fun going winless on the year. The same urgency and same hard play was back. These girls maybe friends, but they leave that stuff outside the rink. Its all business.

These were great seats for all the action

The time ticked away with the Dollies holding on to a couple point lead, which can evaporate with one slip. The crowd felt the urgency to score, the teams definitely felt the pressure and it provided great action. Time and Noise were exact opposites in the third period. The less time remained the louder it got. Everybody was yelling and the teams were trying strategies. Time outs were used by the dollies to rest, they were definitely gassed by the 3rd. Then into the final jam, where the Saucies pulled ahead by a point with 18 seconds left. Where the head ref stopped the bout, since it was insufficient time for a final jam. Leaving the dollies and their fans pretty ticked off.

This is where the match was called.

The Saucies celebrated knowing their final match was for the championship later in the month. Against the improved and winning Knockouts. So on May 31st at Rainbow Rink, the Queen City Roller Girls will decide which team is best. The Suicidal Saucies or Nickel City Knockouts.

Heres some highlights.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

A story about nothing

I'm buying your team using my blackberry

The story about Jim Balsillie contacting the Sabres about purchasing came out this week and in fact is the biggest non story in this town for years. The fact the reason it didn't happen was, Golisano didn't want to move the team, is probably the only the to take from it. Well other then rich guys won't stop trying to do something they really want. This guy wants a NHL team in Hamilton. Bad. The NHL for obvious reasons doesn't want this to happen. Because they see Hamilton and go, oh boy that isn't good, wheres the money in that. But the NHL is full of low bottom teams with owners that are dying to get out probably.

Several sports bankers said the Coyotes headline the list of NHL teams that Balsillie may now be targeting. The Coyotes are said to be losing as much as $30 million (U.S.) a season and are struggling to pad season-ticket sales, as well as local broadcast and sponsorship revenue. One obstacle to buying the Coyotes and moving them would be the team's lease, several bankers said.

Other NHL teams that could be available for sale include the Thrashers, Florida and Columbus, whose attendance slipped a league-high 9.5 per cent this season and whose owner John McConnell recently died.

Really if anyone should be worried would be Phoenix fans or teams with low attendance and losing tons of cash. Really would the NHL be worse if Columbus was bought and moved to Hamilton? They could keep it in the same division. The Detroit and everyone else division. Hey Pat Kanes family wouldn't have to go far to see their boy play 4 times a year. Plus you might be able to get tickets, so if you wanted to see some Western Conference teams, you'd take a 1 hour trip north and see a Hamilton Blackberrys game.

Seriously there was nothing bad about the Sabres in this piece, but some sports radio station FREAKED OUT about it. The Sabres are in good shape, but a owner would be crazy not to listen to offers. This is the conversation that went down several months ago.

Secretary: Mr Golisano, a Jim Balsillie is one the phone.

Tommy G: Mr Balsillie how can I help you?

Balls Out: How much to buy the Sabres? 200 million? 250?

Tommy G: Those are fair prices, but I have one condition, you can't move the team. It stays in Buffalo.

Balls Out: Seriously? The Hammer would love the Sabres.

Tommy G: Well they can drive down and check them out.

Balls Out: Ok, well nice talking to you and good luck.

Tommy G: You too Mr Balsillie.

I'm sure it went down exactly like that. Media types I think, unless they cover business, have zero idea how business goes down. But it was a story and they took and ran with it. Even though it amounted to nothing.

Tickets, Toronto and the Bills

Coming this Fall, less football then usual.

Well yesterday was an interesting developing day in Buffalo Bills tickets. With the news of almost 50,000 in season ticket sales for the Bills and the prices for the Toronto games coming out, people are once again seeing the writing on the wall and trying to decipher what the bottom line is.

Some see the high ticket sales, as people using them as a business effort.

And a lot of people see the Toronto move as a precursor to a permanent move up North.

But this is my blog and I'll call em as I see em. Well the reason for higher ticket sales probably is several reasons, more hope about the team, its fun again to go to a Bills game, you can sell them to others and make some money, or its less expensive and its cheap fun for the fall. Whatever, the bottom line is, they are up and near the end of the glory days of the Super Bowl years. Which means more likely then not, I'll be able to watch the games from home, which is nice. I appreciate all the people that buy tickets for those that kinda want to go, but don't want to deal with all the hassle of getting there and sitting on a uncomfortable metal bench and being bored most of the time. Its why people drink so much. Try not drinking at all when you go to a Bills game. Its tough. Thats why if Bills fans go up to Toronto, I highly doubt they'd have a good time. The other fans are mostly suits who will sit there and watch, no tailgates, too expensive to really get drunk at the game. It will be football with its soul taken out, and thats the fan support.

Which all leads to the Toronto issue, do the bills need more corporate money? Sure who doesn't? But does it mean they are eventually moving up there? I don't know, if the TO thing doesn't fly, then really they are stuck back here in Orchard Park. They have their own escape plan. But the key is a new stadium. Who builds it first, gets the team in my eyes. The Rogers centre, is definitely not good enough. Ralph Wilson Stadium, is a relic at NFL standards. Especially compared to the thing they are building in Dallas, which I hope falls apart. If they leaders here can put together a plan, to build a new stadium near downtown, that is convention center, hotel, year round use facility, the quicker the better. Put it near the casino and have a special tailgate zone by the water. Imagine tailgating near the lake in September?

I honestly don't see a move in 10 years. I think the legal ramifications are endless on both sides. The CFL will not let this happen without action. The NY politicians won't let the Bills go without some major financial penalties. I'm talking 100 million at least. Ted Rogers isn't a young man, and this might be a fight to see who can outlast who. And if the Canadian dollar plummets. You can forget Toronto.

This is a cash grab by the Bills, Toronto trying to position itself as a viable NFL market, and fans are caught in the middle per usual.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Playoff Memories #3

Well this one comes 2 years ago today, in which maybe my favorite Sabre game of all time. If you wanted to show people what this era sabre team was all about, this is the game you'd show them. Its also when I think Sabre mania really caught on. Its game one of the Sabres Ottawa Series. Here's a highlight package.

Tim Connolly won that game, sure Drury scored the winner, but he was unbelievable, then in game 2 his career changed. Schaefer just ended him. He missed the rest of the playoffs, then most of the next season and he's still ineffective. Thats the game you watch and go man he was really good. But its not all the game that makes it so memorable. It was the atmosphere.

I just moved to Allentown a couple months prior. Right near Cozumel. And if you don't know its ground zero for Cinco de Mayo. So the game is broadcast outside, and every time a goal was scored you'd hear a roar. It was like watching the game in a giant outside bar. And when that last second goal went in, there were cheers, horns, everything went off. I have heard nothing like it. It was amazing and I was alone watching the game. I was jumping up and down, and just having the outside sounds of the city on a huge party day, made this amazing game my favorite of all time. Sure the other day was the anniversary of the last second Drury goal against the Rangers. But that was a 1-0 game at the time. I can't remember much from that game. But I remember the "smirk" on smolinski. I remember the giveaway in OT. I remember Emery not covering up the puck and Connolly putting it over him. Derek Roy putting himself on the map in his hometown.

I will always love this game, and can watch the highlights everyday. This was the chance for the cup and injuries took it away. I never felt it last year in the playoffs. Maybe the will to win, left after that season, Grier, Mckee, Dumont. Thats some important talent out the door. But its over and done with. Sabre fans have to move on and hope for a better future. Thats why next year will be interesting. But I know one thing.

The 05-06 team was full of guys on the last year of contracts. I wonder if that helps a team.

Well the conference finals are set.

With the games on sunday, the Pens finishing off the Rangers in OT. And the Stars finishing off the Sharks in game 6 and 7. (or what felt like) We got the conference finals. You know where the Sabres use to go. And where you can't keep Danny Briere out of. Thats 3 in a row, well Mr Gleason at the News will also tell you, probably repeatedly, until you punch him in his fat face. So what do we have?

Eastern Conference Final

Ahh the battle of Pennslyvania who had this one at the start of the playoffs, not me. Well the Flyers march in to Pittsburgh after a convincing series win versus the Canadiens. Do you think they are questioning the trade of Huet now. I give till the middle of next year before the get rid of Price, because "he can't handle it anymore"(He'll probably be a vezina candidate for all I know) But the Pens are looking good too. The big guns are firing all at the same time. Malkin is a absolute monster. Crosby is looking skilled and Hossa is burying it, making his price tag pricier. Unlike our boy Campbell who once again saw the end of the series from the box. But the Flyers are looking well. Briere is clutch, Umberger is turning into a star. And Marty is solid in net. This should be a great series. And I will call for a 7 game Classic. Who wins?

Pittsburgh in 7.

Now onto the Western Conference


I really didn't think the Stars had it and fell for the Anaheim hype, they are corpse and Burke should have jumped ship, but the acquisition of Brad Richards was smart. They are rolling into the machine that is the Detroit Red Wings. Johan Franzen is a hall of famer right now. 9 goals in 4 games, thats beyond ridiculous. But the Stars put in a good battle against the Sharks, eliminating the hot stanley cup team, and probably getting Ron Wilson fired. Joe Thornton is probably on the trade block, maybe. They are in need of new leadership, management might want to win, but the team doesn't play like it. SO SUCK ON THAT MIKE GRIER. (He'll probably push for a trade to NY to play with Drury) Man I am bitter. Any who. I like the wings, I think the Stars are a little tired right now and the wings can come from anywhere. So....

Wings in 6.

Lets look at my last round picks and the results.

Montreal in 6, Ooo boy, totally wrong.

Pens in 7, right, just a game too late.

Wings in 6 right team, but the Avs weren't close.

Sharks in 7. Bought the hype, they failed to deliver, wrong.

So I went 2-2 and I am now 7-5 in the playoffs.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Inside the San Jose Locker Room

(We take you into the San Jose Locker room as they get ready to play the Stars in Game 5)

Ron Wilson: Ok fellas, we're down 3-1, at home and I like how we played in game 4. If we put that together again, we'll come out of here and we'll be right back into this series. Am I right?

(mild yeah! comes from the room)

Ron Wilson: That is pathetic. Come on guys this is the playoffs, are backs are against the wall. MY JOB IS ON THE LINE! Don't you wanna win for old Ronnie here?

(Guys stare at each other not knowing what to say)

Ron Wilson: Unbelievable, after all I do for you guys and you can't support me. Thornton what about you, you are our leader what do you have to say?

(Joe Thornton vanishes into thin air)

Ron Wilson: Typical Thornton, disappears when the pressures on. Hey Marleau. What about you, you got anything to say.

(Marleau starts to cry, because the tone is too strong)

Ron Wilson: Campbell, you've been here the the shortest, you haven't built up any animosity so what do you feel about the situation.

(Campbell spins around, sits down, and shrugs shoulders)

Ron Wilson: What the hell was that? Why did you do that twirl?

Campbell: Thats just what I do. And its a spin o rama, not a twirl. Girls twirl, Soupy spins.

Ron Wilson: (puts head in hands and sighs) Nabby?

Nabokov: I stop puck.

Ron Wilson: I know that but your .894 Sv% suggests otherwise.

Nabokov: Can't see puck as well with whirling dervish over there.

Ron Wilson: Ok, thats enough. Guys just follow the plan and we will win tonight. Stay with your man, give 110%, and we'll come back and win this series, but it starts tonight. So go out there and kick some ass!!!!

(Team meanders out of the locker room)

Ron Wilson: I'm so fired.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Playoff Memories 2

Well since its the playoffs still and I enjoy watching Danny Briere succeed. Does that make me a bad person? I highly enjoy that Drury and the Rangers will be kicked out in the 2nd round. But this is about looking back to old Sabre playoff memories and since its May 1st, May day. Its only fitting to embed this most famous clip

Still good after all those years, plus it was the only game Hasek played that series for Fuhr. Talking a changing of the guard of two great goaltenders.

Someone posted the highlights of the game

How terrible was the goaltending? Good god. I thought Andy Moog was good. And yes I forgot how bad John Gurtler was. Thank god for the simulcast. Notice they don't broadcast what John Gurtler says on the May goal. I wonder what he said? Probably May scores, YAYY!!

That goal is also a big moment, even though it was a sweep, because the Sabres couldn't get out of the first round to save their lives. I remember jumping up and down like they won the cup. They went on to get swept by the Canadiens who won the cup that year. I forget all the greats on those early 90's teams. And how they didn't do a damn thing in the playoffs.

I hate Ray Bourque and I'm glad he got deked out by Brad May. I wasn't happy for him when he won the cup. Because I felt he was so overrated. People didn't hit him. You hit Ray Bourque you got him off his game.

But seriously how terrible was the goaltending in that game?

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