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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Some actual Sabre news

Well I'm a little slow on the excitement for the hockey season. I used to be all over James Mirtle site, now I check it out a couple times a week. Really football is in my focus right now. The 4-0 start for the Bills sure helps. But I don't know Hockey means cold to me, and I'm not ready for cold yet. I'm still grasping for the warm weather. I'm sure October 10th I'll be a little excited. But whether they win or lose I really won't care. But there is some actual news and some cuts. Well demotions.

Gaustad is out 3 to 4 weeks with thumb surgery. I guess punching someone repeatedly can hurt yourself. Only upside, Darcy can keep that extra guy around for a little bit.

And 13 guys were sent away from the Parent team to Portland or other teams.

Philip Gogulla was loaned to a German team

Tyler Bouck, Jimmy Bonneau, Colton Fretter, Marc Andre Gragnani, Derek Whitmore, Felix Schutz, Colin Murphy, Mike Card, Mike Kostka and Jhonas Enroth were sent to Portland. Plus Josh Vatri and Paul Baier will try out for the Pirates. I have no idea who they are.

Oh one is a kid from Juniors, and Baier went to Brown where he was a prospect with the Kings before sucking in college. Hey I'm sure he'll be good for Portland.

Well with the injury to Gaustad its interesting to see if they keep Gerbe around for a couple more weeks or just wait for him to come back and play Andrew Peters. (shudder) I don't think they can send down MacArthur without waivers, so I don't know. We'll see in a week when the final cuts come down and who is up on the team come Friday the 10th. But sending guys to Portland is a good sign things are starting in hockey.

The Aud


With the Aud coming down piece by piece, the demo team selected, and now with the auctioning of bits and pieces of the Aud. But what to be saved, to be remembered?

I agree with Charity Vogel that something in the Bass Pro store should have a slight reminder to what was there. It would also draw more people in the store, just to see whatever they have. More people you draw the better, no matter how you do it. But why not a painted version of center ice where center ice was. You could have the whole ice on the floor of the store. You know the fishing tackle could be in the offensive zone. Hunting stuff in the defensive end. It would be a neat reminder of how things were on this spot 30 years ago. The kids too young to remember the Aud can feel a little bit of it.

I was lucky enough to go to a bunch of things in the Aud. Hockey games, preseason basketball games, and I think Blizzard games. Sure things are more romanticized over time and with being young. But I can remember everyone entering that small entrance way. Tickets on the right, and pretty much after you hit the turnstiles the Golds were almost right at the door. But being young you usually had to make the hike up the rampways to the oranges. There would be a lot more in shape Sabre fans if they kept those. When your 10 those things seem like Mt Everest. And then when you got up there, it was just as dangerous. The uneveness of the level going around the Aud, with the steps up and down and the concession stands, and then looking down to your seats, thinking you are going to tumble down them and fall into the Reds.

Other things I loved about the Aud. The upper blues, because they had tv's so you could see replays on tv. The cushy Red seats. The slight smell of smoke. Feeling you are right on the action and how close things were. But in reality, HSBC Arena is waaaaay better then the Aud. Its easier to get around. Better concessions. Better seats. The view is pretty awesome. The scoreboard is top of the line. It feels like a major league arena. But the Aud was ours, it was comfy, it was like that club thats old and falling apart but you love it anyway.

The Aud is finally coming down, some say finally. I say, its time, but it was nice to look at the old place for a little before something useful takes its place. I just instead of knocking everything down and throwing everything out. Leave a chair or some curtains up in the old house. So we still reconize it a little when we come back in again.

Monday, September 29, 2008

4-0 feels so good

Getty Images

He didn't get many yards, officially, since his longer runs were called back. But this run is typical Marshawn Lynch. Looks like hes stopped, bounces out, destroys Witherspoon with a massive stiff arm and gets a first down. How can you not love this guy on the football field? Off the field is another story.

Well another slow start by the offense, getting the entire Bills fanbase a little worried. But we all knew the moment the Bills got something positive the Rams would crumble. And it happened in the 4th quarter. Bills got the Td on the excellent run by Fred Jackson, the new version of Kenneth Davis. He gives you the same feeling, Thurman could be out, but you trusted Kenneth Davis to get it done. Then Trent Green thinking he needs to throw, throws a pick 6, and its game over. Then the Bills stick the dagger in and twist with the Lee Evans TD.

Here they are, 4-0, leading the AFC East, weeks before the play a AFC east team, who will have a lot to show on tape by then, so the Bills can prepare. It is obvious with the talent and the coaching they can game plan for what they see. The Raiders and Rams threw in new wrinkles , which suprised them. Its hard to plan for the unknown. But they adjusted, and won the game. Thats what good teams do. Constantly adjust and change to see what works. Of course some games nothing will work. Terrence McGee left early and I couldn't tell the difference in coverage. Trent Green looked average at best. They had Dante Hall and Stephen Jackson attempt passes. Both to Randy McMichael. Don't they try to hit a home run on those plays instead of doubles?

The run game isn't that great, but it can only get better. The pass blocking was a bit shaky in the first half, and Peters still has to get into game shape. But you see what the Bills have done is spotted themselves 4 wins already. They go 6-6 in the next 12, and they are 10-6 and probably in the playoffs. And with the schedule the Bills have, thats not a tough assumption. Though many things could go wrong. But I only see this team playing better. Will they lose? Of course they'll drop a couple games. But they have the mindset to come back from those and play strong.

No radio talk show host or newspaper columnist will get me down. The Bills haven't been here for some time. This decade they've barely been a winning team. There was the Pittsburgh nightmare a couple years ago. A gift wrapped home game, that they blew to miss the playoffs. It was crushing. A team that was filled with me guys. A team that never could knuckle down and get it done. Most of those guys are gone. Rebuilt from the ground up. A QB that makes smart decisions. A running back who gets the extra yard. A defense that doesn't pimp itself for pro bowls instead of the super bowl. Marv came in, cleaned house, drafted the right guys, they brought even better guys in this year. Now have what is becoming a complete team. Brian Moorman is no more the clear MVP of the team. He's just another player who does his job.

My girlfriend got to see my pacing and nonsense of lucky seats. Standing seemed to work yesterday. But in reality until she came down from paying bills, the Bills weren't doing that hot. And she was there for the Raider comeback. So like mine, she is also the Bills lucky charm. I think she'll have to watch the Arizona game, whether she likes it or not. The Bills have to go 5-0 into the bye week.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Bills Rams Preview

Here we go into week 4 with the 3-0 Bills vs the 0-3 Rams, on paper it looks like a blowout, really look at the team stats. Rams are 31st on offense and 32nd on Defense. They get outscored by almost 30 points a game. The Bills on the other hand are 5th on defense and 13th on offense. Solid numbers and on paper this shouldn't be close. But as they say, they don't play games on paper. The Rams are desperate for a win and looking to Trent Green to jumpstart their season. But it looks like the benching of Bulger isn't sitting well with Stephen Jackson their most important player. And now Marc Bulger has quit on the head coach. That probably is not sitting well in the locker room. The Raiders may be dysfunctional, but their players wanted to play. This team just needs a complete overhaul and might not care what their coaches say, and just lay an egg on the field to get Linehan fired. If the two best players want him gone, the owners will have him gone. This could really be a help to the Bills.

What do they need to do to win?

Run the football. The Rams secondary might be burnt toast, but they need to establish the running game. I don't care if Trent can throw for 300 yards and 5 tds, well that would be awesome, but I'd rather see Lynch get 150 and 2 tds.

Play up. Don't take the team lightly. Hammer this team in the ground, make them quit, it won't be hard. Hammer Trent Green all day long, make him regret coming back. Imagine this team is the Patriots. Then take it to them.

No stupid plays. Last week they made a ton of mistakes and won. Last year they make 1 mistake and would lose. This is a sign of progress. No penalties, no turnovers, no mistakes, perfect football.

No fanciness. I want to see some good ole fashioned smash mouth football. I want to see the Bills dominate this team. I want to see 4-0, but an impressive win. Next week won't be easy.

The outcome?

Well honestly I see the Bills saying all the right things and the Raiders game spooked them. But they are going to hammer them. This team is ready to quit and a couple td's will only make it easy for them. They need a makeover and it starts with Linehan. The Bills looked awesome in the 4th and they will take that into this game at the Dome. Perfect weather, terrible cornerbacks, a injured star running back, and a team thats ready to get rid of their coach, not play for him, like the Raiders. I'll be enjoying this one with the Girlfriend and hoping for a blowout. She also is promising snacks, she really is awesome.

More on Monday.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Talking Sabres

Well the preseason has kicked off to two losses, but I couldn't care less. If they had 1 month of practice then opened like that, sure. But camp opened Friday and they had 2 games already? Well the bigger story is the new 3rd jersey. Which I like. They finally got the blue one right. The old I never liked the shade of blue. This blue, is perfect. I love the touches of silver, and the gold is nice as well. Not a big fan of tie strings though, its the 21st century don't need those anymore.

But I think the Sabres have responded to the negative criticism of the fans over the current scheme. Me I love the colors and form, the logo is a little on the blah side, but most new logos are like that these days. I don't know if ownership wanted their own of the league had any say, but they aren't saying too bad, they are responding to the consumer like they should. These are stupid people, they may want their way, but they still have to make the fans happy. They will never go to the original jerseys again, but updated versions of them is no doubt down the road. The old white is my favorite. I think the white is always best in hockey.

But enough with aesthetics, lets get to the team. The roster won't be much different then last years team. Though Teppo and Rivet will much improve the back end and I see Sekera playing a bunch, he was rather impressive last year. Weber will be in Portland to start the year, but having good talent in the minors is a luxury to have for Buffalo. There will be injuries, there are 82 games and a lot of people will see the ice. Well Peters won't. I guess I should make up the lines for the start of the season since its rather close. Regular season starts 2 weeks from tomorrow.


1 Hecht Connolly Pominville
2 Vanek Roy Stafford
3 Paille Gaustad Kotalik
4 Afinogenov Mair Kaleta

McArthur Peters


Lydman Tallinder
Rivet Spacek
Numminen Sekera

Not much difference then last year. McArthur takes over the Mike Ryan role and Andrew Peters is still Andrew Peters. I may even swam Max for McArthur. But we'll see what Darcy wants. Thats the most important opinion of all of this.

Oh boy nothing like the message boards to get people excited.

Courtesy this guy.

Things for the fans to talk about when there is nothing else to talk about in Sabre Land.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Your First place Buffalo Bills

Rick Stewart Getty images

Well let that settle in for a moment, the Bills are alone in first in the AFC East for the first time since who knows when. They haven't been 3-0 since 1992. They are winning games they shouldn't since, those 90's teams. Trent Edwards is proving he's the real deal week after week. Which probably makes JP Losman feel like well I never did any of those things. The line was weak yesterday, but Trent stood in there, made the throws and got it done. Its what Tom Brady does, Peyton Manning does. And as a Bills fan it makes me super excited. That we finally, FINALLY have that quarterback.

Though Trent was pretty iffy to start the game. He has to learn to play in bad weather, if he wants to succeed when it counts. Next two games are in a dome, so I really wouldn't worry about the offense, and in fact expect it to rack up the points in St Louis. They aren't good, and the Bills are going to be focused this week, after a terrible 3 quarters against Oakland, who does have a good defense. But I want to see the ball distribution yesterday.

6 catches by Reed
4 catches by Evans
4 catches by Royal
3 catches by Parrish
4 catches by Lynch
2 catches by Barnes
1 catch by Jackson

That is what they call spreading the ball around. Who do you focus on? Evans? Parrish is open. Zone? Hit em with a screen pass to Lynch. Man to man, kill em underneath. Finally a Offensive coordinator, who knows what he's doing. So how about on the year?

Reed 13 catches
Evans 12 catches
Robert Royal 10 catches ( a Tight end!)
Fred Jackson 8 catches
Marshawn Lynch 8 catches
Roscoe Parrish 7 catches

The big thing is that Evans is catching at 20 yards a clip. They are stretching the field, but they have long drives that punch the ball in. None of this stop and kick a field goal nonsense. PUT THE BALL IN THE ENDZONE.

9th in points
13th in yards
11th in passing yards
24th in rush yards (Really need to fix that)

If you think thats an improvement, look at the defensive stats.

6th in points
5th in yards
5th in pass yards
12th in rush yards.

This is why they are winning, they have a solid defense. Yes they allowed the Higgins score. But in two straight must have 3 and outs. They got it. Last week in Jacksonville and this sunday. The defense got the offense the ball, and the offense got the win. Its what good teams do. You know when you watch the Patriots, that is what they did. Got the stop. Got Brady the ball. Brady drove down and got the win. That is what the Bills are doing now. And its a welcome change.

Just please don't have to do that next week. Put em away early guys.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Bills Raiders Preview

The Dysfunctional Raiders come to town, well today, to I guess adjust to the time. I don't know if that helps or they really like Wings and want to see the Falls. But they are 1-1 which is better then some teams that are probably much better then they are. The Raiders ran all over the Chiefs last week in Arrowhead, so the Bills better be stout against the run, like they have all year. Plus Fargas will be out and McFadden has a turf toe, which really hampers a running back, leaving former Louisville standout Michael Bush as the main option at RB.

The big day in KC last week, may have the worst thing for the Raiders coming into this week. One, they don't have to worry about getting that first win. Exposed themselves as a run first team, and teams know what they do to stop the Raiders. The plan will be let JaMarcus Russell beat you. His numbers this year have been short of bad. He completes just over 50% of his passes and for only 115 yards a game. He hasn't thrown a pick, so they are bringing him along slowly. He is placed in a spot where he doesn't lose them the game, but he isn't winning it either for the Raiders. And when they get in a hole, the are in real trouble.

Their defense on paper seems like its pretty good. With solid corners and a decent line. They are averaging 24 points a game and 315 yards per game. They can be scored on, as the Broncos proved. They give up almost 100 yards on the ground 220 in the air in the first two games. Most of that is from the Bronco blowout. Cutler cut them up.

But the big story is the Lane Kiffin deal. The owner wants him gone, but he won't quit, because he wants Al Davis to man up and just fire him. Then their highly paid DT Tommy Kelley gets arrested for a DUI. So they are a mess right now, a circus, whatever. But does that help them prepare for the Bills? Keep them focused? Or does it distract them and lead them into what could be a slaughter.

Things I look for

The Bills to really get Lynch going. He's been ok this year. The line hasn't created the holes, except on the two touchdown runs. This doesn't have to be a blowout, it just have to be over early. Make the Raiders want to quit. Then things will come easier. Trent Edwards must be smart with the ball. Deangelo Hall might be a disappointment so far, but he may come back to form. Spread the ball around and score touchdowns.

The defense must stop the run first. Stroud is the answer and the run has been non existent so far. And the Oakland O line isn't that good. Make Russell throw and hit him everytime he steps back. The Bills so far have gotten lots of pressure. It has made Hasselbeck and Garrard look below average. Two good quarterbacks. Lets see how they do against a new comer.


I see the Bills winning, but I don't see a blowout. Maybe cover the spread. Jacksonville getting 5.5 last week scared me. But the Bills a 9.5 point favorite? Vegas always knows something. A 10 point win sounds about right. But its the Bills anything can happen.

Buffalo Pro Basketball is screwed up

Well the every changing embarrassment that is pro basketball in Buffalo continues. From the news that were going to be two different teams. The Sharks and the Dragons. Now have formed into one team the Buffalo Stampede. Wait? Wasn't there already the Buffalo Stampede? Is there a statue of limitations on team nicknames?

But come on, this carousel of teams playing pro basketball in this town is a little embarrassing. I appreciate the effort. But if you own a team, switch names several times, now SWITCH LEAGUES, its like how can anyone trust you'll be in business in a couple months. Why should I buy season tickets?

Well now this team is in the PBL, who has the Rochester Razorsharks, Vermont Frost Heaves and the Montreal Sasquat'ch. So the guy who owned the Dragons will now try to get the game broadcast in China. When you main idea is to broadcast the games outside the area, what does that say about the people the team is marketed to? I guess the ABA was surprised to learn the Buffalo team was leaving and not happy its joining the league of rebel ABA teams that formed their own league.

“I think Vinnie is a double-crosser and a liar,” Newman said. “His character is such that he’s joined a league that is devoid of character, that has no integrity, no honesty, no ethics, and they should all be ashamed of themselves.”

Wow thats pretty harsh. But anyway, the Buffalo Stampede will play at the Koessler Center. Maybe. So get your season tickets, when they may ever be available.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Core is locked up.

Well the goal of the Sabres to lock up the core for a while is finalized with the signing of Pominville today. Guys that are directly related to the success of the franchise for now and the future. After lasts summers mistake, that of screwing up on Drury, this summer Darcy and upper management have corrected that mistake. But these guys are all system guys. They weren't brought in from somewhere else. They were raised here. They are Sabre family. Lets look at what will be the cornerstone of the team for the foreseeable future.

Ryan Miller signed to 2014
Thomas Vanek signed to 2014
Pominville signed to 2014
Derek Roy signed to 2013
Paul Gaustad signed to 2012
Jochen Hecht signed to 2012

Sure Jochen was traded for, but he's been here for quite a while. But the top 5 guys all played in Rochester together in the lockout. They are the guys the Sabres targeted to build the team around. Well maybe not Pominville who they waived, but after a little while they saw what he'll bring and now he's in the fold.

Darcy was criticized for his short term deal policy. But obviously he has adjusted to the current climate of the NHL. Thats why he's one of the best GM's in the NHL. I love the trade this summer. Because Craig Rivet is the longest defensemen under contract with the Sabres. Look for Tallinder and Lydman to get deals after the season. Darcy loves these guys and he'll get them for cheap. Spacek I think he'll leave. But with the influx of young d men coming up, they can let Spacek walk. Maybe sign a cheap vet next summer.

The Sabres are solid for several years. Next summer they will have money to play with. With Spacek, Connolly, Kotalik, Afinogenov coming off the books, maybe signing 1 or 2 of them. Max and Ales are gone in my opinion. Just setting up Darcy to sign a couple guys, and let the young guys work up. This year the team is flush with talent and will be better then most people think. They will challenge to win the division.

Darcy Regier once again looking good in Buffalo.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Brian Campbell isn't good at throwing a baseball

So our boy Brian Campbell threw out the first pitch at Wrigley a few days ago. And lets quote the great Bob Uecker on this one. "Just a bit outside"

Wait there is video?


Wait they let him sing too?

Oh boy. Gilbert Perrault he is not.

Have fun getting beat up in the Western Conference Brian.

So the Sabres start soon.

Well training camp starts this week, and Puck Drop 2008 is this Saturday, where the Sabres unveil their new 3rd Jersey, which is just like the old blue one, but with the new blue. But its not for purchase until November, so hurry up and order and then wait. That's nice. And this is is the case for all the teams? Why? So things don't leak? They'll leak anyway. Leaks help.

So people around the Buffalo Blogosphere are excited. Me? Ehh. The hockey season is long, I think preseason is pointless in hockey. And whats the point in ramping up in September, when the season really doesn't start till Christmas. Look at the Senators last year and the Sabres the year before. Both were dead in the water by the Playoffs. Instead I'm going to enjoy football season. Its been a while since the Buffalo fans, have been this excited about the Bills. The Sabres have been getting all the buzz, the past few years. Its time to switch the spotlight. I'd rather have the Sabres come from nowhere to be impressive. Plus some of the blog coverage on the Sabres irritates me to no end.

I'll casually pay attention to the Sabres and if they start .500 for the first 2 months I won't panic. Because its a long season. The Briere Drury thing is over, Campbell is gone, and we have the Pominville situation, which I feel will be resolved by Friday. They were close, it was just a ploy to finalize things so the Sabres don't change their minds. Pominville is a great player and someone they need to keep around for the long haul. But I'm not going to get emotionally invested in this team for a couple months. It will be healthy. Worrying about Pominville isn't showing up on my radar.

To sum up how I feel on the Sabres in a couple words?

I'm Sabred out.

Bisons with the Mets?

So the word is now instead of the Blue Jays, that the Mets will be the major league affiliate of the Buffalo Bisons. Now the Syracuse SkyChiefs, err Chiefs or whatever they are now. Are fighting back to get the Mets their dream affiliation. Well and here we have Chuck Schumer in the middle of things, where he shouldn't be. A Senator trying to broker a deal between baseball teams? Are you kidding me? Chuck should worry about Wall Street and the complete collapse all these financial firms are having. If Merrill Lynch went down, but about the smaller firms. Or was it just the big boys being bad? In finance you know you never dabble in subprime heavily, only a little bit. The losses will be there, but you'll never get into trouble. But anyway, thats where Sen. Schumer should be concentrating his efforts.

The Bisons obviously are the better organization, thats why the Mets wanted to hitch up to them. From the Mike Harrington column, it sounds like the Chiefs are a two bit operation. The bisons always seem to me like they try to be first class, and are a great family type of event. I'm not sure how the Mets are as a parent, but it will be interesting to see. Since they spend money in Free agency, but a guy like Omar Minaya knows the importance of a strong farm system. The better young players might actually stay down in AAA longer.

Well this should be settled soon, I just hope the courts aren't involved in this silliness. Besides it already involves a senator and that is way to much already. Chuck, I like you, but concentrate on the more important issues at hand? We're in a recession, at war and financial firms are crumbling all down Wall St. You don't need to be involved in a AAA affliation fiasco.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Watching the Game

Me in the 3rd Quarter
(Not really me)

Well for most of the game on Sunday I was watching it alone, while my girlfriend paid bills and other financial stuff. Which brought me to the conclusion, that I am way different when she is watching the game with me. I am quite the mess when I'm alone and watching the Bills. I use to read magazines during the game to calm me, but it led to me throwing them. Lets see the differences

Me alone: Angry, yell at players for no reason.
Me with Girlfriend: Calm, acceptable of others errors

Me alone: Jumping up and down with every possession
Me with Girlfriend: Sitting down with arm around her, enjoying the game.

Me alone: Pacing
Me with Girlfriend: Sitting

Me alone: Angry at commercials, COME ON PLAY THE GAME!!!!!
Me with Girlfriend: Commercials a time to talk and plan for the week

Me alone: Throw objects at TV, for no good reason.
Me with Girlfriend: Throw complements at her, for no reason. Other to make her smile.

Me alone: Think every game is do or die.
Me with Girlfriend: Think game is entertainment

Me alone: Reaction to Hardy Touchdown. WOOOOOO (jumps up and down) (tries to duck ceiling fan)
Me with Girlfriend: (during Seattle game) Touchdown? Thats fantastic, they are playing good today.

Me with Girlfriend: Mmm, why aren't they calling penalties?

Well its pretty obvious for my health, I should watch football with my girlfriend, well Bills game. Because I'm a wreck. Though I don't know how the playoffs will work. The last playoff game was a bit much for me. So if they sniff the playoffs this year, things may change. But I'll try to get her to watch the Raiders game with me this week. It shouldn't be too bad, but who knows. Its good the Bills are playing teams I don't hate the Raiders, Rams and Cardinals? Who cares. But they better beat the crap out of them.

I will now express the Patron Saint of Bills fans besides Tim Russert, declaring his love for the Bills

I totally agreed with this man.

Monday, September 15, 2008


James McCoy

Well its almost 24 hours later and I'm still excited, Gus Johnson excited. Come on who thought the Bills would be 2-0. If you polled the fan base, 0-2 would be more popular then 2-0. Sure they have may received some breaks, but good teams still win. That 3rd quarter was rough. But pretty much that was the only quarter the Jags came to play. The Bills adjusted and shut down Garrard and the run game. Trent Edwards looks like a real NFL QB. The line needs to learn how to run block, but that will come. Their pass blocking is good, except for that Meier sack. Hey they scored 20 points on the road. Without out defense or special teams scoring a td. That is a big step. That Jags defense is a good one.

But what about the Bills defense. The biggest question mark coming into the season. A unit that was battered last year. How are they doing so far? Currently they are ranked 7th in the league. And they haven't played the Dolphins yet, who are terrible still. This is a young team, that with every win, will gain confidence, and learn how to win. There are plenty of options on this team. Youboty, has come out of nowhere. Stroud is a force inside, making Williams and Spencer Johnson better. The tackling yesterday was terrible. But who knows if sweat and the heat were the reason. But heat should not be a issue for the rest of the year.

And is Terrence McGee always there to make that clutch interception? He likes to make picks near or in the endzone. The guy is so quiet, but makes plays. He would fit into the Patriots defense. Whose cornerbacks are usually the quiet, make plays type. Jabari Greer is also playing pretty solid. Though he was covering the non intense Matt Jones. The Jaguars are not good at drafting wide recievers.

But really all this hope and joy, comes from one Trent Edwards. Who has a 71% completion rate for 8.3 yards a pass. And has a 107.7 rating on the year. Which has him ranked 7th in the league. Not a fantasy all star. But he'll get you a win. He'll get you down the field. Finally the Bills have a QB, RB and a offensive coordinator all in snyc.

But really the play of the weekend comes from the UB game. On that Hail mary. How many Hail Marys have you ever seen work. It's a great thing for UB since it gets them national exposure. Even though the game was on a crappy camera, that cut in an out the main play was seen perfectly. Hey lets see that pass again, from the impressive Drew Willy. (Who i think will play in the NFL)


Quite the weekend for Buffalo Football.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Bills Jags Preview

Well here we are week 2, and its a road matchup against the always tough Jaguars, that are pretty good, but never Super Bowl good, because they don't have that QB to really push them to the final step. Its the defense that is the back bone of the Jaguars, and the Titans had some success against the Jags in week 1 with 300 total yards almost half of that on the ground. So there is some hope for the Bills run game. The pass game only got going when Kerry Collins got in the game for the 'injured" Vince Young. In fact went 2 for 2 for 65 yards. The secondary isn't what I call lockdown. Its all lead by John Henderson and Mike Peterson. They aren't a defense you take lightly.

The Bills aren't the same team that headed into Jacksonville last November, I missed this game since I was in Philadelphia, so I have no idea what happened. But Losman isn't starting, Anthony Thomas isn't your running back and the whole defense is much better. Stroud, Mitchell, Pozluszny, Simpson and a more experience and ready defense.

Really for me the story is the Offensive line. The Jags line is banged up and Jason Peters is back to solidify the Bills O line, that only allowed one sack to a good pass rush team in Seattle. If the Jags patched up line is somewhat decent, it could get the run game going and give Garrard time to throw it around. But if the Jags line is porous, look to see the Bills punish Garrard, like they did Hasselbeck. This may set up runs, but I think the Bills are ready for that. With the Bills line, its not if they can pass protect, but can they get the run game going? Last week they weren't great with the run, good, but not great. Whoever has the better O line, wins the game.

This is a very winnable game for the Bills. Its also a gut check. Because it will be close. The Jags defense is too good, to be run over by the growing Bills Offense. But the Bills defense is much better. They played like a confident unit last week. Even in garbage time, when Seattle was driving. They didn't let them score. I doubt that means anything to anyone else. But that is a pride issue. The defense didn't want the 'Hawks to have anymore points. That is a mindset that has to go through the entire team.

I really don't know who will win. But it will be a tight game that will probably come down to the final minutes. This should be the game of the week.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

There are two things that come from Texas...

Steers and non reliable NFL players. Really with the current Vince Young saga, brings a question to me about a majority of high level Texas players in the NFL. The Bills have had a huge bust come from Texas, Michael Williams. Some other flameouts, Ricky Williams and Cedric Benson. High production guys and when they hit the NFL, they have success but in the end can't handle it.

Yes I know Derrick Dockery is from Texas, and is quite productive and there aren't problems from what I know. But you see the Bills didn't draft him. They signed him as a free agent. That is why I go for my new theory.


Roy Williams, stud WR yes, but doesn't matter plays on the Lions.
Cory Redding and Shaun Rogers, underachievers in my mind.
Michael Huff? Glad the Bills took Whitner.
Quentin Jammer. Mmm well he might be the exception
Nathan Vasher ehh, Terrence McGee is just as good.

If you are a GM I would stay away from Texas guys, draft a guy from the SEC, because thats where really good players come from. Look at Limas Sweed, nothing. Sure nothing from James Hardy either, but thats not the point.

I have a few rules for the draft. Never take a QB early, unless a stud. Draft Ohio State secondary. And always trust guys that played in the SEC.

Speaking of guys from the SEC heres George Wilson making some Chicken

Not only is he a good player he can cook.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Its Official

Getty Images

Well its finally official Tom Brady was placed on IR. This will make all Bills fans rejoice. No Brady destroying the Bills twice a year. GCFB wishes a somewhat quick recovery, because in all he seems like a decent type guy, and would probably like him if he played in San Francisco. Like I like Steve Young. I love numbers lets see how Tom Brady has torn up the Bills over the year.


23 for 29 311 yards 4 tds
31 for 39 373 yards 5 tds


11 for 23 163 yards 2 tds 1 int
18 for 27 195 yards 2 tds


14 for 21 199 yards 1td
29 for 38 329 yards 2td 2 ints


17 for 30 298 yards 2 tds
19 for 35 233 yards 2 tds 1 int

14 for 28 123 yards 4 ints
21 for 32 204 yards 4 tds


22 for 26 265 yards 3 tds
15 for 27 183 yards 2 tds


15 for 21 107 yards 1 td 1 int
19 for 35 237 yards 1 int.

Well 2001 wasn't that impressive, but lets add those up.

268 for 411 3220 yards and 30 TDs 9 ints.

That's a pro bowl season. And of course the key factor in those stats. 13-1 Thats right Tom Brady has only lost once to the Bills. The Bills have only beat the Patriots 1 time with Tom Brady starting.

No wonder why Bills fans are rejoicing. Including this one.

All is good in Bills land

James McCoy

Oh boy opening day is always a nervous one, since you never know what you'll see. You've seen most of the the players, but the new ones you don't know about. Well I got ready for the game. By snacking on some sausage and cheese my girlfriend cut up. As she was making a chicken wing dip, that was fantastic. She really is the best thing ever. Then she sits and watches some of the game with me. She napped a little during the first half. You know the boring part. But we enjoyed the game together and what turned out to be a awful weather day. She usually deflects my usual nature during Bills games, which is to throw things or jump up and down and act like a maniac. But I'm much more calm around her, and it made yesterday better.

But enough with the result lets break it down with numbers. NFL Stat sheet?

Trent Edwards was pretty rough for the first quarter, but finished quite well 19 for 30 for 215 and a beautiful touchdown to Royal. He only got sacked once. Never turned it over and really thats all you gotta ask for Trent, he'll get better as the year proceeds.

Lynch was pretty Lynch like, good runs, an excellent touchdown run. Looks crisp and quick. Almost 100 yards total yards for Marshawn on the day. Fred Jackson was a good breather yesterday. Though they could use him more.

The Oline, always good at pass protection, it helps Edwards gets rid of it. But they still need to really get the running game going. Another 3rd and 1, where they lose yardage. It didn't matter, but it will later on. But with Peters back, things may improve.

The D line is a revelation. Last year they were god awful. Now with Stroud, they are a much improved unit. Stroud had a half sack and a coupled tackles, while Kyle Williams had 1.5 sacks and Schobel and Mitchell getting the other sacks. But they hasseled Hasselbeck all day long. Spencer Johnson was constantly near him along Kelsey and everyone else who played on the D line.

Pass defense along with the Linebackers played quite well. The run game was stopped early on. Only got going when the game was out of line. Mitchell will be disruptive, Pozlusny is the QB and Ellison just needs to play in position and they will be fine. Greer and McGee are always underrated and Youboty is really showing himself with solid tackling. The Ohio State University maybe overrated, but their corners can sure tackle. Clements and Winnfield were both great tacklers. All you have to say about the secondary is look at Hasselbecks numbers 17 for 41 for 191 1 td and 1 int. He's a pro bowl QB, it shouldn't matter who the Recievers are, he should make them better.

Special teams once again came to play. I swear you throw anyone out there and Bobby April will make them Steve Tasker. Jon Corto was a beast, Roscoe Parrish maybe better then Hester and they still are dumb enough to punt to him. Moorman is a hall of fame punter. Add a TD throw to the numbers. Lindell was clutch, except for the blocked kick. Struggled to cover at times. But that will improve when guys get used to their jobs.

A all around win. A great way to kick off the season.

Oh and Tom Brady is probably out for the Season.

Its all sunshine and puppy dogs at One Bills Drive.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Bills Seahawks Preview

Well, what do we have here, the first preview of the season. Isn't this exciting? Well a look around the Buffalo Sports Blogosphere, and you wouldn't notice the season starting. They have record amount of season ticket requests, but yet the buzz is low. Are we bracing for a bad season, are the Bills fans cautiously optimistic, I really don't have a clue. But I'm quite excited. And they start the season off with the Seattle Seahawks, the best team in what could consider a terrible division. They are banged up at receiver and Hasselbeck isn't in the best condition either. But who knows where the Bills are with the Peters thing and now the Crowell situation.

Lets take some educated guesses at how this bad boy will work out.

Bills Offense

Well the Bills offense can't get worse right? It was terrible last year. But Edwards has had time to grow and is the number one guy and in his last outing he looked terrific. So we'll go by that and see if that translates to the opener. Lynch is still back there and ready to roll. Hardy is a new option at WR, along Evans and Parrish. Then there are the Tight Ends, well Robert Royal. The other two are useless. The offense could get better, or not. I really can't tell. But the first team looked pretty good in the preseason. So I'll assume they are somewhat competent. Can't hurt to just give Lynch the Ball and find ways to get Fred Jackson the ball.

Seahawk Offense

Well no more Shaun Alexander, the former all time touchdowns in a season record holder is gone, and now replaced by the dreaded dual back system of Julius Jones and Maurice Morris. The 'Hawks are really affected by the loss on the O line over the years. Plus with Branch and Engram out, they should pound the ball, against what was one of the worst run defenses in the league last year. Hasselbeck is also coming off back issues, which can flare up at any time. They need the offensive line to play well, for the Offense to move.

Bills Defense

One of the worst statistical defenses in the league last year. But usually kept the team in the game. They were also riddled with injuries, George Wilson was a starting safety. And he just learned the position in training camp. But they are healthy, wait, Crowell is on IR? Well almost healthy. They added vets to the depth, finally figured out Jabari Greer was somewhat decent and have Whitner leading the guys. I feel they will get better this year and with a injury filled Seahawk Offense, can really go after Hasselbeck if they want.

Seahawk Defense.

Well they were middle of the road in that stats last year as a defense, almost giving up the same amount of plays and points per game as the Bills. And in a terrible division. But they bring pressure from the outside with Patrick Kearney. They also have two decent corners in Jennings and Trufant But Lofa Tatupu is the leader on defense and a very good linebacker. Who is also banged up, but should play.


Well the Bills have lost some stunners over the years opening at home. But I don't see that this year. They are on a mission and will put up enough points on this banged up team to win.

Bills 28 Hawk 17

The LQ after news of him being a minority owner

(The LQ is sitting in his office when shirley brings in a package)

LQ: Ooo a package, I think I know what this is! (Claps hands like a five year old)

(opens package)

LQ: YAY!!!!

Shirley: What is it is Mr Quinn.

LQ: Its my new name plaque. It says Larry Quinn: Most awesomest owner ever.

Shirley: I don't think awesomest is a word and you're only a minority owner.

LQ: Shh Shirley, its a word if I say its a word, I own the word. And a owner is an owner. And I'm not a minority, I am caucausian.

Shirley: No, I mean you own less then 50%. Whatever, never mind I have things to do. I have to send out the invitations to the owner party you're throwing.

LQ: I almost totally forget. Everybody is coming to that. I sent out invites and evites to all the owners. Because they better get ready for Larry Quinn. I'm coming on the scene and the Jeremy Jacobs and the Ted Rogers and Ted Leonis of the NHL are gonna know the name of Larry Quinn.

Shirley: I'm sure they know who you are already.

LQ: Well not the old LQ, but the new and improved LQ. Take a look at my new jacket I'll wear to meetings, since Tommy G is too busy getting elections to go his way.

(pulls out a jacket thats like a sabre jersey, but a suit jacket)

Shirley: Oh My God.

LQ: Exactly, isn't this the best thing you have ever seen. Look at the back.

It has Quinn on the back and the number 11

Shirley: You may have gone too far now. You seriously aren't thinking of wearing that anywhere outside this office.

LQ: I'm wearing this anywhere and everywhere.

Shirley: Theres no stopping you

LQ: Nope, nobody contains The LQ, and he'll do whatever he wants. Hell I'm gonna trade for Chris Drury. Watch it happen.

Shirley: Its gonna be a long season.


Runs around room, hoisting his chair like the Stanley Cup.

Shirley: Oh boy its 9am but I need a drink.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Griffs to Squeeze the Orange





This was your delusional Griff fan moment of the day.

Thank you and have a pleasant Thursday.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Bisons are a bunch of orphans.

As we all knew earlier, that the Indians would drop the Bisons after the year. The worst year the Bisons have had since the affiliation. The Tribe dropped the bad news on the Bison Organization this week. Which looks like the Herd doesn't want to acknowledge yet. Maybe they they think there is time to make up. But its over guys. Its been a rocky year for the Bisons. The Indians left them with not a whole lotta talent, holding it in Akron. The weather was pretty iffy most of the summer and they didn' create the buzz they usually do. More people come to the ballpark during wingfest, then probably the whole month of april and may maybe.

Well now they have to move on and their are a couple of suitors in place. One the more likeley partner, the Toronto Blue Jays. Who make perfect sense, being really close. Toronto is the big shiny brother to Buffalo's dirty sometimes in trouble little brother, that people like, but don't want to be around for very long. They already get a Bills game, why not be the minor league affliate of the Major League team. Don't know the prospects for the Blue Jays, but they can't be that bad right? Well I guess we'll find out soon enough.

The other team possible is the NY Mets. Who the Syracuse Chiefs are positioning hard for. The Bisons are too broken up to really move on yet, and will probably settle for whoever is left. The rebound team if you will. The Bisons dumped the Pirates after failed years together (where are you Tom Prince?), for the stud that was the Indians. Who they prospered together with, but only to have the Indians leave them for the pretty young thing. What do you mean our ballpark is getting too old?

Its too bad since there were so many good years together. We as Bison fans can only hope the Blue Jays show us the same class and respect as the Indians. I might actually want to go up and catch a Jays game if there are guys I used to root for. Plus its a beautiful city, with lots of new buildings. Oh god I sound like Ralph Wilson, um gotta go.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Time for Football

Sorry for the lack of posts, I was in the Future home of the Bills, errr I mean Toronto. Really the area around the Rogers Centre isn't set up for anything before the game. I guess there is a promenade, but its pretty tight. All the Condos around it, really shut things down. But it got me excited for Football. Finally the long wait is over for a 4 month battle for the playoffs. Every sunday is do or die. Its not like the hockey or baseball season, where months kinda don't matter. But you have a bad month in the NFL, you're done.

The roster is set. The real game plans are in place. And on Sunday Ralph Wilson will be rocking for a game against the Seattle Seahawks. Who really don't bring much hate to my eyes. But come Sunday I will hate everyone of those bastards.

Sure Peters is still holding out, proving me wrong that he'd show up after Camp. But I'm in the management camp. Holding out doesn't make anyone want to give you tons of money. Come in, they'll work on a new deal and you'll move on. Or is it a ploy to get traded? Does Peters even want to be here? Maybe he wants to piss off the Bills management so much, he'll get a trade to Carolina or Houston or wherever. The Bills get a bunch of picks and draft the tackle of the future. Or trade for one. Which Ryan at the Gooses Roost thinks the Bills want. I believe the Bills wouldn't want to trade a known thing for a unknown. I would believe its the other way around. I'm sure he doesn't want to say it out loud that he doesn't want to be here, but for some guys this area doesn't fit them. He saw an opportunity, maybe led by his agent, and he's listening. Of course I'm just speculating or making things up. But why would you hold out this long? Unless you hope the Bills struggle. But if they do, they don't make the Playoffs, and you look selfish and a in a team sport like Football. Selfish guys aren't well recieved, especially by Bills fans.

Peters holding out can only get uglier. I don't think the Bills will break even if they start 0-5. They'll wait till Peters comes in, because if he doesn't he'll still have 3 years on a deal. So he will have to come in eventually. The Bills are willing to struggle in order to enforce their new Team first motto. No one is bigger then the organization. Unfortuntley the exampe is the starting Left tackle. Lets just hope Kirk Chambers is pretty good.

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