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Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year

Hey out there, just wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year, since I won't be near the internet till Wednesday.

So have a safe and happy new year and enjoy the Winter Classic.

Winter Classic Preview


That is all I have to say, the Sabres have scored 1 goal in the past two games. And I'm pretty sure they were all looking forward to tomorrow afternoon. They were like, eh, were 5th in the conference, we were just hot no big deal. The energy they will feel will be amazing I bet. 70k+ cheering for them and the Lets Go Buff-a-lo chant, will be quite loud I bet. I just hope they can score so we can hear a goal horn.

Well there is a game I guess involved in all this and its a rematch from Saturday, where Ty Conklin shut out the Sabres? What, how? I missed the game, and from the recap I'm glad I did.

"We just seemed to lack any jump throughout the team," coach Lindy Ruff said. "I don't know if it was the amount of games or playing back-to-back, but it was almost a collective push. ... It was an effort tonight that lacked a lot of energy."
That to me sounds like a team, not caring and just wanting to get through a game they feel as meaningless. Its something I think we feared that the team would kinda go through the motions til New Years. And just want to come out flying on National TV. I think we'll get some effort come Tuesday. 2 days off. Big game. Loud crowd. We'll see the Sabres we saw during the Flyers games.

Well we'll see the same two teams this time and I'm guessing Miller and Conklin in nets, with Conklin winning his last 4 games and he has experience in these types of games. So outdoor NHL games means Ty Conklin in net. But Ryan Miller played in one in college. So not so fast Ty on the advantage.

The game itself is hard to really predict what will happen. Will the wind play a factor, will there be snow to deal with. Who knows. Who handles the cold better, will speed be negated and it will just be a slow game. Or will wind aid speed and guys go faster then normal. Hard to predict. But it should be fun and good to watch on tv. At the stadium, it might be interesting, with people going, wow hockey rinks are small. I think I'll know where I'll be but who knows, it could change. But I know I'll watch it since there is nothing else on. And stuff is closed on New Years Day.

I hope the Sabres win and in fact blow out the Penguins, which I doubt will happen, the NHL doesn't want a blowout, they would love a 6-5 shootout. And so would I.

Enjoy everyone.

Canisius Owns Niagara

While I was busy this weekend, it seems the Ice Griffs went into the Buffalo State Arena and beat the Purple Eagles, yeah suck on that Niagara. You think you're so good and you'll just waltz in and beat up on a average hockey team, ok maybe a bad hockey team, well no, this is Canisius Hockey. Plus Canisius really wants to win this battle of the bridge series, showing who is the more dominant local small catholic school athletic program. It now stands at 11-3. A complete whitewash, and if they involved academics, Canisius would clean Niagara's clock as well. Really the Ice Griffs beat Niagara, Niagara was 10-4-1 while Canisius was 3-10-4. Mismatch on paper, thats why they play these games.

Our boy Josh Heidinger had 3 points along with 2 goals, his 8th and 9th on the season to lead the Griffs. Andrew Loewen made 37 stops, 15 in the 3rd as Niagara tried to tie up the game. Les Reaney was a real good sport in accumulating 10 minutes in penalties in the game, giving the Griffs 3 power plays. There were over 170o people in attendance setting a new record for the BSC Arena. I've been there its a nice small place for hockey. If you want to see some ok College Hockey head down there, there are no bad seats and you can get right up to the glass. Good for the kids.

Anyway complete ownage by the Griffs on the purple eagles. Whats a purple eagle anyway.

So thats it.

So Buffalo Bills thats its uh? Just go into Philly, can't punch it in the endzone to save your lives and you get to go home and go oh well, I guess theres next year. Grrr. I feel I invest all this time into this team and getting nothing from it most times. Sure some excitement at times. But the past 3 weeks have been serious let downs. Cleveland boring game, fell asleep. NY Giants, came out on fire, Kevin Everett was walking around, then got absolutely run over in the 2nd half. Philly. Really could have won that game. The Philly offense did just enough and the Bills defense tried to put the offense in good spots. But nooooo, they are inept. Good I'm glad Fairchild is gone, because his offense sucks. And now Marv is leaving. Maybe I'm glad they lost the past few games, it improves their draft status and they can get some more weapons in the draft, like at Wide Receiver. Or at Tight End, or Cornerback or wherever. They need help. They have plenty of money in the offseason, go and pick up the right players. But whatever. Spend all that time and energy getting excited for you guys and its just over like that. I guess I'll move on and not have my sundays dominated by you guys.

Well theres the playoffs, well I'll pay attention but I don't know if Ill be glued to them.

Ill have a more in depth review later in the week.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Sabres Penguins Preview

Hey its the Penguins and Sabres!!! ICE BOWL! Oh, the game before the Winter Classic. Mmm, oh well its still a good matchup. These two teams like to skate up and down and probably a pleasure for the Sabres following Ottawa and New Jersey. But this one is at the Igloo and indoors, but that place can open up. So I say lets open the roof for a period. Get a little use to outdoor hockey. The puck drops at 7:30 and Ill be doing something, that doesn't involve watching this game. Well maybe who knows.

Hey what are the Penguins doing?

Well the Pens are right behind the Sabres in the standing being at 6th while the Sabres are 5th, who lost, yet moved up the standings? Both teams have 40 points, 19 wins, but the Sabres have played one less game and have one less loss. The team is pretty offensive with 107 goals on the year but also giving up 111 goals. They lost Fleury for a couple months, which won't help their piss poor defense. The Pens are pretty much the same at home as on the road. Dangerous, but yet have glaring weaknesses. And are 4-4 in their last 8 games.

Who does what for the Pens

Well it starts with 87 Sidney Crosby. He is the real deal and the future of the team and the league, he really is amazing and will only get better. He has 50 points on the year, a majority of it assists. He is followed by the other big talent on the team Evgeni Malkin who has 40 points, 14 goals and 26 assists. Gonchar is third on the team with 30 points, then Sykora is 4th with 20 points. There is drastic number decline on this team. Jordan Staal is certainly struggling this year with only 9 points in 37 games and a bad -11. He is playing the tough lines, and not locking anyone down. The goaltenders are an issue with career backups Dany Sabourin and Ty Conklin. Not sure who will be in net. But either way the Sabres should have some good chances.


The Sabres blew a lead yesterday, and pulled out a point. I think they are more confident going in against the Pens then the Devils. I look for a return to the winning ways tonight, to set up well for the rematch on New Years in what should be an interesting game. Well enjoy there people. These games are fun.

Bills Eagles Preview

Here we are the last week of the season and we have two teams not making the playoffs, but still going for 8-8. Its the the 500 bowl. Its sorta of anti climatic. Takeo Spikes isn't playing so there is no reunion. He thought he was leaving a non playoff team for a playoff team. But not quite. He pretty much left to go to a worse situation. A team with veterans that aren't doing the job. Which might mean a clean house in the off season. Like Javon Kearse. While the Bills are going for the youth movement so it will be interesting to see who shows up on Sunday.

Whats going on with the Eagles?

Well the Eagles are banged up at key positions. Probably why they are 7-8 this year. LJ Smith is out, which is good since TE's kill the Bills. Dawkins and Lito Sheppard are both doubtful and probably won't play. And Brian Westbrook still has knee swelling but will play. For having a iffy season wins wise, Donovan Mcnabb is having a pretty decent year. 18tds 6 ints 2979 yards passing and a 89.5 Qb rating. And Brian Westbrook puts up great stats that surprise you when you see them. 1291 yards rushing, 7 tds and a very impressive 4.8 yards per rush. Plus hes the leading receiver on the team, with 86 catches and 5 tds. He has 2000 yards all purpose. Hes one of the best players in the league and at times invisible to the national media. But Kevin Curtis and Reggie Brown are the other two options at Receiver. Maybe thats why they are 7-8. GET MCNABB SOME WR'S!!!!!! Defensively the only thing that stands out is the 12.5 sacks by Trent Cole, so Mr Chambers better get some help on the left side. And the defense doesn't take the ball away. That could be an issue.

Team Stat Comparison

Eagles Offense 6th in the league, 21.3 points per game , 355.9 yards per game and -6 Turnover margin

Eagles Defense 9th in the league, 19.4 points per game given up, 314 yards per game given up, 593 penalty yards taken.

Bills Offense 31st in the league, 16.4 points per game, 277.5 yards per game and +7 Turnover margin

Bills Defense 30th in the league, 22.5 points per game given up, 361.1 yards per game given up and 528 penalty yards taken.

On paper, this is a Eagle win. Why are they 7-8 again?

Interesting tidbit taken from Chris Brown's Tipsheet.

Eagles coach Andy Reid has never lost to Dick Jauron when they've faced each other as head coaches posting a 4-0 record against his former colleague (under Mike Holmgren, Green Bay 1992-94).


Well from the review of things, really this should be a Philly win. They have better numbers, better players, at home and probably playing for pride. They have won their last 2, while the Bills have lost their last 2. Brian Westbrook could have an insane day against this Bills defense who got shredded last week by Brandon Jacobs and some no name. The Eagles secondary is banged up so maybe they can beat the blitz by passing it. Who knows. But I'll take the Eagles in this one, and the Bills finish 7-9 nothing bad about that.

Quote that doesn't describe this game and is absolutely crazy.

Pro Football is like nuclear warfare. There are no winners, only survivors --- Frank Gifford

Um not really Frank, there will be a winner and no survivors. Since both seasons will end on sunday.


Friday, December 28, 2007

I'm not sure if he actually exists

This is Copeland Bryan, he was placed on IR today with Coy Wire, to make 17! guys on IR this year. I've been hearing about him in the injury reports for several weeks and got to thinking, who the hell is Copeland Bryan? Is he relevant enought to post in the injury report? Donte Whitner sure, Coy Wire alright. But did he even get in a game this year? Oh he played in one game and got hurt. Mmmm, is he the Moonlight Graham of the Buffalo Bills? And soon he'll be some charming doctor in the Midwest.

Apparently he was signed in September, when Bills were going down left and right, from the Bears Practice Squad. The Bills have signed so many guys I've never heard of this year, I think I got signed in October. Well I'm thinking after this move the Bills are done with Mr Bryan and he can look for employment elsewhere. They'll draft some DE and that will take his place. Thanks for stopping by Copeland, too bad we never got to know each other.

More neat time lapse

Well now they have the time lapse up til this morning up. Since I'm a dork I really love this stuff.

Sabres Devils Preview

Hey its everyone's favorite hockey team the Devils! Well, not really, they are kinda boring, thye have a little bit of scoring and a hall of fame goaltender. The sabres and devils will play a bunch over the next couple weeks, so we can get this series over with. And with the way things are going in the standings, this maybe a first round preview. But its friday, so people will pay attention to this game. It seems the Sabres play the Devils during the week most years, now its a primetime Friday Night affair in Newark. Meaning I'll actually see a Sabres Devils game. I've seen the new arena in Newark its quite neat looking.

So whats up with the Devils

The Devils are having a good year like always, with Marty Brodeur you'll always be good. They are leading the Atlantic and second in the Conference with 43 points, only 4 points ahead of the Sabres. They don't score much and they don't give up many goals. New Jersey has had a pretty decent stretch going 6-3-1 over the last 10. Plus they are getting healthier game by game. The devils are a bit different then the Sabres, trying to clog things up, while the Sabres would love to run up and down the ice. Its a good game to see which style is better.

Who does what for the Devils

Its the usual cast of characters for the Devils, with Zach Parise leading the team in goals, assists, points and +/-, with 15g 20asts 35 points and a +9. New Jersey also gets decent production from Brian Gionta with 26 points and John Madden with 22 points. Old pal Zubaz, is now with the Devils, Zubrus is having a alright season with 18 points on the year. But the offense should get better with healthy Jamie Langerbrunner. But this is a defensive team first. So low offensive numbers isn't a shock. But the man on the team is Martin Brodeur, who people keep on leaving for dead, but is still one of the best in the biz. He is 18-12 with a 2.23 GAA and a .914 sv%. Yeah not quite dead yet.


I'll be at Staples tonight for the game, since its customer appreciation day and its a great place to watch the game. People don't too into the action but watching. But the game itself. I don't know the Sabres always struggle with the Devils. Drew Stafford is out, Max might play and Goose is banged up. I can't call this one, don't know how the Sabres are mentally. But its good for them to get out of the area to get their mind off the Winter Classic. Need the next few game to keep pace in the conference.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Who ya got?

Well with the news of the entertainment/anthem singers for the Amp Winter Classic. I thought the readers of GCFB would like to answer a question.

Who is the better anthem Singer?

Doug Allen or Ronan Tynan?

First up our boy Doug Allen.

Always good

Now Mr Tynan

Gives me goosebumps.

But Sabre nation, who ya got. Doug or Ronan?

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Sabres Senators Preview

Say what you want about Leafs and Canadians games, the Senators are the Sabres true arch rival. You can tell these teams hate each other. Since the lockout they have battled to be the top of the East. Both feature offensive lineups and tons of bad blood spilled between the two. Now they meet a few times over the next couple weeks and will show if the Sabres are really up there in the East. They have split the season series one a piece. The Christmas Cheer will be gone once these two face off. The Sabres come in with a 6 game win streak, and the Senators come in 7-1-2 in their last 10, but 2-1-1 in their last 4.

Whats going on with Ottawa.

Well the Sens are tops of the east by a decent amount. Having the season the Sabres did last year, mowing over opponents to start the year then slowly coming back to earth. They are banged up on defense with Volchenkov and Corvo out. Which could be for the Sabres, Volchenkov is one of those steady guys who always shuts you down. But the Sens are always dangerous no matter the night, since they have so many talented guys on their roster. And have settled on Martin Gerber as their man in the net. Since starting out the year 13-1, the Senators have gone 10-7-4 in their last 21 games. This is a team looking to regain their earlier success.

Who does what on Ottawa

This team is led by their big line of Heatley, Spezza and Alfredsson. Who are all in the 40 point range and there is no one on the roster with half as many points as any of these three. Plus The murderer, oooops, sorry Danny Heatley has a +32 on the year, which seems like its wrong. Other then the big 3 the sens have a bunch of muckers and grinders, Mike Fisher can be a good offensive weapon and would love him on the Sabres. Their defense is always stellar with Phillips, Redden, Meszaros and the crew. We all know who is on the Senators. Martin Gerber continues his one great year, followed by crappy year trend. He is playing lights out this year with a .927 sv% and a 2.31 GAA.

Interesting items

Looking through the preview. Ryan Miller is 12-3 in his last 15, which is pretty amazing. No wonder Thibault isn't getting up. But on the flip side, 3-9 in his last 12 games against the Sens with even worse numbers. So Ryan needs to play well to overcome his lousy play against the Senators of late. This is not on tv in ottawa, wait what? The Sabres show all their games on TV and the Sens don't? How is that possible? Is it one of those pay per view deals? Nope. Mmm, thats odd. So will there be a lot of Sens fans in the crowd tonight?

enjoy the game!

Getting excited for the Outdoor game

I was generally excited before about the New Years day game. But it seemed so far away. Now its only 6 days away. And I'm really excited.

Then I saw this and got to "can't wait for it" zone.

And this is just neat

Time for the season to begin

I always think the real part of the hockey season starts after Christmas. Its when its real cold out and it feels like winter. Plus its less then 50 games to go, you start thinking playoffs and where you possibly stand in the conference. Games get tougher, games get better, it just feels like hockey now. Its cold, snowy and theres nothing else you want to see but guys on ice hitting each other. But where are the Sabres after Christmas?Is this a team that has a chance or just trying to get into the playoffs and flame out?

Current standing

After living in the bottom of the conference standings for most of the year and making everyone believe that Drury and Briere were the Sabres, the young sabres have found their identity and have been surging up the ranks. The Sabres are currently 4th in the division and 6th in the conference. But are only 1 point out of 4th and with 2 games in hand. In my opinion that means they are 4th in the conference. People were leaving this team for dead 1 month ago. And just being on fire for the past few weeks, has let them back in the game. Of course if they have a bad month, they'll be back in 13th, and left for dead.

Who are the leaders?

Well with the rotating captaincy its tough to tell who the real leader is, but you can get the idea of who it maybe. Brian Campbell is the current captain. And if you wanted to associate success with term of captain, I guess you could say Campbell has been the best captain. But I don't use that logic. If I had to give out the "C" and 2 "A's" I'd give the Captain to Jochen Hecht. I just feel he is a leader in that locker room, and his play on the ice is always consistent and a go to guy. Jaro Spacek would get 1 "A", his play has been outstanding this year, he hits, he scores and just plain consistent. Hopefully he stays healthy the rest of the year. The second "A" goes to Toni Lydman and when Teppo comes back, he'll take it. Toni just seems to me a very capable leader and someone guys look up to. Yes I picked a all European captaincy, because the North Americans on this team are young and just not ready. Ryan Miller is a leader, but he needs to just concentrate on goaltending.

Where is the offense?

Though not as potent as last year, the offense is still there and still coming from everywhere. 7 guys have 20 points or more. Derek Roy is leading the team in goals with 13, justifying his new contract. Jason Pominville is leading the team in points with 30, having 21 assists. Showing he has taking over Briere's playmaking ability. Tim Connolly is the playmaker we thought, when healthy. Brian Campbell is the player needed on the blueline and Thomas Vanek is finally coming around. With Hecht, Kotalik, Afinogenov and Stafford filling out the lineup. No big point getters like last year, just a bunch of guys with similar numbers. I'd rather have 7 or 8 guys in the 70 point total then a couple in the 100's.

Most important player?

Its Ryan Miller, hands down, this team goes nowhere with Miller playing bad. When he's on, this team will not be beat. They have a good amount of offense, and with him keeping pucks out of the net, he gives the forwards and defense the confidence to take chances in the defensive zone.
This team starts from the net out.

Next month

The next month is a huge part of the season, they must keep up the good play, because there are some tough matchups. 3 games against Ottawa, 3 games against New Jersey and 9 of 14 games on the road. Including a 7 game road trip starting on the 19th. They don't have a home game from 1/18 to 2/6. Thats about 3 weeks away from home. But the next month of so will define this team. And come the All Star game I think we'll have a feel about where the Sabres stand and their chances in the playoffs.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas from GCFB

GCFB would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and if you don't celebrate Christmas, Happy Day Off. Really nothing better then a day off in the week. Except most things are closed, but you can relax and watch tv. Thats still pretty sweet.

Hope everyone gets what they want.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

GCFB goes on field Trip

Hey they did sell some tickets

Well GCFB attended yesterdays Canisius West Virginia game with the friend of GCFB and the girlfriend of GCFB. She actually played basketball and could comment on the suckiness of Canisius actual play.
The Pep band is actually St Joes Kids

I was excited for this game and thought the Mountineers would absolutely stomp on the Griffs. They gave up 91 to Robert Morris, how many would they give up to a top 25 team? Well things turned out a bit closer then I thought. With Canisius only losing 77-54. Yes that looks like an Ugly score and it was an ugly game. West Virginia wasn't super impressive. They really should have came out there and just hammered on the Griffs. But were more then happy to let Frank Turner drive the lane and A) lose the ball or B) take a horrible shot. Then go down and let Joe Alexander take a nice jumper. The only person with only consistency was The Polish Rifle Pawel Malesa leading with 16 points. He only takes 3 point shots and is very good at them. The rest of the team is piss poor. Frank Turner can handle the ball, but isn't the best shot taker. Canisius even got called for Offensive Goaltending, which I think is the opposite of what you want to do.

Bob Huggins really didn't want to be there

The Polish Rifle is hard to catch on Camera

The basketball team wasn't even the worse thing Canisius put on the floor. Their dance team and cheerleaders are hard to put into words. I may have witnessed the worst dance routine man has ever seen. My girlfriend actually prevented me from politely clapping several times. It was bad. Oh and the Yellow shoes of Canisus, are awful. They must be seen in person.

Canisius in some sort of defense position, or just standing around

Despite the horrible game, I had a fun time, due to the company I was in, and later watched that pretty good hockey game, between Philly and the Sabres. I'll say it again, Canisius should never play in HSBC, no one comes, its empty looking and Canisius fans aren't the rowdiest. It's not good for regular season games. Just tournament games.

The real star of the afternoon the scoreboard

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Bills Giants Preview

Hey here we are at the 15th game of the season, the Bills are at 7-7 and out of the playoffs. The giants are 9-5 and trying not to collapse at the end of the season again. So here they head into Buffalo for a iffy weather game from the forecast. Wind, Rain maybe snow. So the Giants propensity to throw it, maybe hampered. Though it may force them to run, which could help them win the game. These are one of those games you can't predict, because you don't know if the Bills are playing for pride or packing it in. Are the Giants as bad as them seem lately? Who knows, but the answer will be known come Sunday afternoon at Ralph Wilson Stadium

So Giants, whats up?

Giants are very streaky, starting 0-2, then winning 6 in a row, now they have gone 3-3 in their last 6. There is no consistency. But one fact remains they play better on the road going 6-1 in road games. Maybe Eli can't take the home crowd booing and would rather when they score a TD hear silence. Like yeah take that people. And when he screws up people cheer. So maybe its like reverse psychology for Eli, or not who knows. That fact is the Giants are a good football team when they want to be, and really good on the D Line and it will be a problem for the Run and Pass game tomorrow.

Stat Comparison

NY Offense 18th in the league 21.4 points per game, 328.8 yards per game and a -8 TO margin

Buf Offense 30th in the league 15.9 points per game, 279.9 yards per game and a +7 TO margin

NY Defense 7th in the league, 20.9 points per game, 303.3 yards per game and 787 Pen Yards

Buf Defense 30 in the league, 21.4 points per game, 359 yards per game and 503 Pen yard

The Bills defense is much lower ranked, yet only give up .5 points less then then the Giants. If penalty yards figured in to stats I'm the Bills and Giants will be closer ranked. The offenses on the other hand are much different. One very conservative in the Bills and Kevin Gilbrides wild west show.

Thats sure not Bulletin Board material

“I have played in Buffalo a few times and it is definitely one of the toughest places to get a win,” wide receiver Plaxico Burress said. “The fans up there are crazy about football, it is loud, and being in the situation that we are in, they are definitely going to come out and play hard. Buffalo is real different. It is a loud place up there. The fans are right on top of you, they are maybe five or six yards from the players’ sideline. I know they are going to be loud and they love the cold up there, so we will see what happens.

Well Ok, well yeah, um, thanks Plaxico.

Important contract milestones, taken from Chris Browns Tipsheet.

Marshawn Lynch needs 60 rushing yards to reach 1,000 for the season. Lynch would become the first Bills rookie since Greg Bell rushed for 1,100 yards as a rookie for Buffalo in 1984.

Aaron Schobel needs four tackles for his first 100 tackle season. He'd also become the first Bills defensive lineman with 100 tackles since Pat Williams in 2002.

Josh Reed needs ten receptions to set a new single-season career high. Reed's high is 58 receptions in 2003. He has 49 thus far in 2007.

Rian Lindell needs nine points to reach 500 points scored as a Buffalo Bill.

Well those are nice, and I could care less about all of them except Lynch's 1000 yards.


The weather will be bad, the Bills are looking for a winning season, and the Giants are playing not to lose. We all know what that adds up to. I just won't say it.

New Feature

Stupid Quote of the Day

From Karl Mecklenburg "Defensively, I think its important for us to tackle" This may sound stupid, but its a quote the Bills defense could use.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Sabres Flyers Preview

Hey its the return of Martin Biron and Daniel Briere to Buffalo. Thats nice, its mostly a good marketing tool for the Sabres to jack up the price of tickets to this contest. Ooo Danny is back, we didn't pay him, so let the fans pay us, to see him again. Yay! MONEY! Though as a business person this is brilliant. Keep salaries low but charge higher prices. But still its an important two game set. Since both are tied in the standings and a sweep by one could put some cushion for later. And yes I and doing this preview for both games, since I'm lazy and I don't know if I'll have the time. So there.

So whats been going on with the Flyers?

Well as the weather got colder, so did the Flyers. Either teams were like this team still sucks and got shocked or started to play them better. Or the fact Simon Gagne is out of the lineup. But the Flyers are 2-6 in the month of December, compared to the Sabres 6-3 in December. And Philly has lost 4 straight, while the Sabres have won 4 straight. But the Flyers are much improved from the year before, due to the signing of Briere and the trades they made last year, including all the prospects from the Forsberg deal. But the Sabres and Flyers have similar standing. Both Scoring around 100 goals on the year and giving up around 90. The only difference, Philly started off hot and has gotten cold. While the Sabres started cold and have gotten hot.

Who does what on the Flyers

Well Danny Briere is not the leading scorer on the team. Mike Richards is, and maybe thats why they just signed him to a 12 year deal (why?) Mike Richards has 39 points on the year with 16 goals. Danny is second with 35 points and 15 goals. 12 of their 31 goals are on on the power play, so don't take penalties against the flyers. 8 of Knubles 10 goals are on the power play. Joffrey Lupul is also having a decent year. He has 27 points on the season. While old pal RJ Umberger is 4th on the Flyers with 22 points, so he is living up to his potential. Their defense seems to be playing better with no one a serious minus, besides Rory Fitzpatrick and Danny Briere. Obviously getting better goaltending from Marty Biron has helped out the Flyers. He has a .921 sv% and a 2.69 GAA. Hes faced more shots then Ryan Miller in 3 less games. So the Flyers give up a ton of shots.


Well I think the Sabres will come out strong against the Flyers, wanting to show they don't need Danny, and this is a different team. Ryan Miller won't want to lose to Biron. But the potential loss of Roy and Connelly from these games could really hurt the Sabres. But who knows, they just might be jacked up for tonight, especially coming off a bad effort against the Islanders. I say look out for the Sabres in Fridays game, but the Flyers will be better at home on Saturday, though they have been struggling of late at Wachovia. I say we'll see a split this weekend.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Back to normal

I guess the Griffs are going with the theory of live by the 3 die by the 3, because they got bombarded by Robert Morris last night, 91-73, with Robert Morris hitting 16 3 point shots! Which is the opposite result from their first win of the season where they unloaded from behind the arc, this time they locked down the paint, and got beat overtop. Of course Canisius lets a team shoot 51% on them. The lack of defense is really beginning to be a problem for the boys in blue and gold. And having West Virginia come in on Saturday could really be messy. Especially if they have Robert Morris put up 91 on them. West Virginia did beat MD Eastern Shore 110-44 this year. We could see something like that.

Well Coach P seems to be changing up the lineup with Malesa getting more time of late. I guess you can't put down the hot Polish Rifle. He and Frank Turner both led the team with 17 points. 9 guys had more then 10 minutes in the game. Which tells me he really doesn't know what he has, besides Frank Turner and Pawel Malesa. Who was sitting a lot early in the season. This is a growing year indeed, with guys learning to play college basketball and Coach P's system. Whatever that might be.

This drops the Griffs to 1-9 on the year and Next up West Virginia at HSBC.

In other news.

The women continue to struggle has they have dropped 5 of their last 6 including a loss at Saint Louis, 67-55. With Brittane Russell deciding to show up and put in 24 points on the night. She is also leading the team on average with 12 points a game. Including an impressive 39 steals on the year. But its not enough as the Griffs drop to 4-6 on the year.

Next up Friday at Missouri State.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Sabres Islanders Preview

Hey its the final meeting between these two teams! YAY!!!!! Good riddance NY Islanders from the schedule. Don't need them. They are boring low scoring and not fun to watch. And tonight the Sabres can even the season series at 2 with a win on the island, in that tomb of a arena. It would feel depressing to me to play in that environment. Sure you're close to NYC, but you're far away from it, that you don't get the spotlight that the Rangers do. But anyway, these two play for a final time tonight at 7pm on MSG! Well I'll probably do some Christmas shopping and catch the end but whatever, it needs to be done.

So whats going on with the Islanders

Well since they lost to the Sabres. The Islanders beat the Coyotes 3-2 then lost to Pittsburgh 3-2. The Islanders are currently 15-14-2 with 32 points on the year, last in the Atlantic and 12th in the conference and 1 point behind the Sabres. And now one of their tough guys just got a 30 game suspension for trying to end Jarko Ruutu career. Well I'm sure many NHL'ers wouldn't cry a tear if that happened. Jarko is pretty dirty himself. So obviously the team is dealing with that and plus they can't score very much. But other then that, things are hunky dory for Ted Nolan and the Boys.

Who to watch for

Mike Comrie 25 points but a -13
Miro Satan 19 points
Bill Guerin 16 points

and really only Rick Dipietro with his .913 sv % and 2.49 GAA.


Well who knows what to expect other then Kalinin to come back tonight and improve the defense even more. You know hes chomping at the bit to play and wants to contribute. The Sabres usually own the Islanders the past few years, except the first 2 games. These Sabres have found themselves. I would look for a decent performance, as they get ready for the home and home against the Flyers.

Chris Brown needs to cool it part 2

As a reader of the blog on by Chris Brown, I come across some posts that are so homerish, that they need to be called out. Its almost crazy fan homerish. I know he works for the team but he should be partial. And nothing brings out impartiality like the Pro Bowl.

This one is about Angelo Crowell and basically how he got snubbed.

CROWELL HAS AN ARGUMENT: Looking at the AFC Pro Bowl picks for the OLB position it's obvious that 3-4 LBs have a major advantage. Since they rush the passer a lot more they can rack up a lot more sacks, an overvalued stat for linebackers. Pittsburgh's James Harrison (who I believe is deserving) had 8.5 sacks, but he also have four pass breakups, an INT, seven forced fumbles and three fumble recoveries. He also had a respectable 89 total tackles. At least he had numbers across the board.

But New England's Mike Vrabel and San Diego's Shawne Merriman have yet to crack the 70 tackle plateau (as linebackers!), but because they have 9.5 and 11.5 sacks respectively they go to the Pro Bowl. Granted they also play for high profile and successful teams which always helps too. But aside from those sack totals their other numbers are less impressive than Crowell's

Um I guess? But the pro bowl is also about big name players on good defenses. People know Mike Vrabel and Shawne Merriman. No one knows Angelo Crowell. Plus hes on a horrible defense. This is the same argument London Fletcher used. Was look at the tackles! Well maybe the tackles relate to the defense they run? They are outside LB's that rush the passer, so high sack totals reflects on how good they are. Only 3 of the top 10 tacklers are on the Pro Bowl roster. (Willis, Ryans and Lewis) Some point out that tackles are a highly overrated stat as well. Because really you don't do anything but let the guy come to you. A sack you have to work for. Plus Crowell is a OLB. And who in their right mind would put Crowell over Harrison, Vrabel and Merriman?

Ernie Sims has more of an argument. He has better numbers then Crowell and he didn't get in the Pro Bowl. Lance Briggs got into the Pro Bowl, who doesn't even have the numbers of John Digiorgio. Here look at this stat sheet.

So Chris Brown calm it down. Angelo Crowell is a good player, but not a Pro Bowl Player.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Jason Peters named to the Pro Bowl

Hey Jason Peters was named to the Pro bowl congrats young man. From undrafted free agent TE to pro bowl tackle. Now that is a good story. Plus you have kept Trent Edwards pretty clean this year. JP Losman I swear lets himself get sacked more often then not. It will be nice to see at least one Bill in Hawaii this year, plus a guy who we will see a lot on TV. The red helmet goes well with the red AFC Jerseys. So putting Bills on the roster only makes sense color scheme wise.

You really can't put stats up to justify why someone at Tackle gets named over another, you just have to trust the people voting, obviously they know what they are doing. Plus just look at Mr Peters he scares me just in voting for him. Yes I will vote for you Jason, what ever you say. Oh you want some food too? Ok whatever you'd like. Chicken wings and pizza? Sounds good. No of course I wouldn't take any, that would be stupid (nervous laughter). Lucky for me I'll never run into Jason Peters.

But what the hell no Brian Moorman? Shane Lechler? What the Hell? Don't they know Brian Moorman is a punting god and the Team MVP?

Monday, December 17, 2007

The bus ride back

Well on the news of the Bills after the game had to take a bus home, since their plane skidded off the runway and was stuck in the mud. Ironic I know, GCFB has a transcript of the ride home today.

Dick Jauron gets up to the front of the Bus


Lee Evans: He ruined my return to Cleveland. IT WAS MY HOMECOMING!

Trent Edwards: It was windy, I couldn't help it!

Jauron: KNOCK IT OFF! I got some news. Well looks like our plane went off the runway, so we are just taking the bus home, since we are already on it, and Buffalo is like 3 hours away.

Collective: Awwwwww

John Digiorio: YAY! I LOVE BUS RIDES!

Keith Ellison: Shutup small college boy.

John Digiorio: Bus rides were how we became a team at Saginaw Valley St.

Keith Ellison: While playing in the PAC 10. I didn't know Saginaw Valley St existed.

Jauron: GUYS! Come on, enough with the bickering. It was a tough day and we're all tired and we just wanna go home. But we got some movies, to make the ride home quicker, but you can do what you want. So we got Gladiator, National Lampoons Christmas Vacation and my personal favorite Muppets Take Manhattan.

Derrick Dockery: Muppets Take Manhattan?

Jauron: Yes its a classic from Jim Henson.

Jason Peters says nothing but his mouth is agape, feeling a loss for words.

Marshawn Lynch: I don't care what we watch, I'm still finding snow in places.



The bus continues down the I-90 with players bickering over which is the better movie and what they want to watch. Larry Tripplett who was trying to nap, yells at the players to shut up, and Kyle Williams throws a muffin at him. Which Larry promptly picks up and eats.

Brian Moorman: Speaking for the team captains, we decided we are watching Gladiator.

Jauron: Well thats nice but we're back already. Ok guys off the bus and see you Wednesday!

John Digiorgio: See Bus Rides are fun!

Ellison smacks Digiorgio in the back of the head, while the players head to the team parking lot and feel even worse seeing all the snow on their cars.

Trent Edwards: UGGGGGGH! Look at all the snow on my car! Can't we hire someone to brush off our cars, so we don't come back to this?

Jauron: What your arm broken?

Lee Evans: The way he threw on Sunday it might be.

Trent Edwards gets upset and throws Lee Evans in a snowbank.

Trent Edwards: Hows that for arm strength!

Dick Jauron: (shakes head) I swear I coach children half the time.

This may or may not have happened, the details are sketchy.

A 31 game Review

I thought a little review was in order of the season, its 31 games in, almost half way, and its time to look at trends, who has done what, and what is left to expect.

Team Standings

Currently the Sabres stand 10th in the East, 1 point behind Pittsburgh for 8th. And only 6 points behind Boston for 4th. They have a hot 2 weeks, they are rocketing up that conference standings list. The first three spots I think are unrealistic, especially with Ottawa having the season they are having, so forget the division. Being in the spot from 4 to 6 I think would work well for the Sabres. They have the Goaltender who can shut it down. The defense when healthy can keep shots and chances low. And enough offense to get it done.

Point Leaders

Derek Roy is currently leading the team in Goals and Points. With 12 and 28. Everyone thought Derek would be having a good year, but not the team leader in goals and points. But several other players aren't far behind. Jason Pominville has 25 points, Tim Connolly also has 25 points but has done it in 5 fewer games and everybody's favorite whipping boy Tom Vanek has 21 points. But who has taken the most shots on the year? Not the guys mentioned above, its Jochen Hecht, who I think is the real captain of this team, with 91 shots on the year. He is second in goals with 11, so he does have a good chance of breaking 20 this year.


Um, tough to put many people on the Surprises list so far this year, because we have just high expectations this year. But the improvement of Sekera through the year, could qualify as one. Similar to Paetsch last year, shaky, but quietly improving to provide steady time. But with several healthy defensemen coming back, his time is pretty much up for now. Brian Campbell's offense. We know he can be the offensive type, but he is currently 8th in scoring for defensemen, and probably the only Sabre to make the All Star team this year.


Well we could list many players here, but we'll start with Tom Vanek, after last year and the huge contract we expected the world. What we'll get is probably 35 goals and 75 points. When you look at it, is pretty good, but not worth the money is getting. Stupid Kevin Lowe. You kinda want to put Ryan Miller in this category, until you look at his career stats and you go, hey they are better then average, so he's having a good year, nevermind Ryan. But Thibault, really isn't the best backup. Since the LA debacle, I can see Lindy Ruff hesitant to put him in. I don't know but they could have signed a better backup at a the same rate. But other then a trade or pray Alex Auld gets released when Fernandez and Thomas get healthy, the Sabres are stuck. I'm gonna throw Drew Stafford in the disappointment category. I really don't see a lot what I thought of him out there. He's invisible most nights for me. He does have 14 points, and a +3 so hes not a liability. But I expected him to have more points then Jaro Spacek. He'll warm up I bet.

Future outlook

The Sabres have come together in the past month or so. I don't see them struggling in the coming months. They're game is coming together, and they are feeling the heat. They will slowly creep up the standings and in late January I expect them to be 6th in the conference. They have balanced scoring with 13 players with double digits in points, 14 if Kalinin wasn't hurt. Ryan Miller seems to be a workhorse, playing in 28 of 31 games. They won't be pretty outings, but they do know how to win, and they are just figuring out how to do it on a consistent basis.

Holy Crap they won a game!

You could have colored me surprised when I read that Canisius beat someone. Especially with such a big win. I didn't even know they could score 88 points. Of course Parrotta pulled out the old Polish Rifle Pawel Malesa for this contest. He scored a career high 25 points with 21 of those from the 3 point line. I guess the coach was like who hasn't fucked up for me yet. Pawel, go out there and shoot it, can't hurt. I guess when you shoot 54% for a game you're bound to win one of them. And keeping the cold shooting Willie Hassell on the bench for half the game helps to. But he was on fire shooting, going 5 for 7 from the field.

But it was finally nice to see Frank Turner break out this year. 17 Points, 13 assists, 6 rebounds in 39 minutes of action. Plus he only had 2 turnovers on the day. The Griffs need Frank Turner to play like this, night in night out for them to succeed. They can't expect The Polish Rifle to fire like that every night. Of course he doesn't play that much to begin with. But a win is a win and a big win like this can only inspire confidence in the rest of the troops.

Fun with Tom Parrotta Quotes

“This win is a good reward for the guys,” Canisius head coach Tom Parrotta said. “This goes to all the hard work and for not giving up. We wanted to play Canisius basketball and that’s what we did this afternoon.”
Well I think the problem was, you were playing Canisius Basketball and somehow Saturday afternoon, you played someone else's style and that helped.

Next game Wednesday at Robert Morris.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Bills Browns Preview

Ooo here we go an important game in mid December involving the Bills and Browns, when was the last time we saw that. Two franchises struggling of late but its nice to see the Browns with success. Though the Browns made the playoffs a few years back, the old Kelly Holcomb throw for a million yards game. But Sunday should be interesting. With the weather and the teams.

So who's on the Browns?

Well it starts with Derek Anderson, who wasn't the starter when the season started, when Charlie Frye came in, stunk up the joint and was traded. Letting Derek Anderson in and have almost a pro bowl season. He has 3247 Yards passing, 26 Tds and 14 ints. Along with a 87.4 QB rating.

Jamal Lewis is having a year, with almost 1000 yards, 4.2 yards a rush and 9 tds on the year. We might be seeing a lot of Jamal on Sunday.

Braylon Edwards is living up to his high draft status, having a career year with 1106 yards receiving and 13 tds on the year. He has 17 yards per catch which means his catches are the big ones. Kellen Winslow is finally healthy and also having a great year with 69 Catches and 5 tds.

Joshua Cribbs is a threat on Kick returns with 2 tds and a 31 yard average, he can create a short field quickly.

The defense isn't as great at the offense, so you can put up points on them.

Stat Comparison

Well player stats aren't very comparable and not fair for the Bills offense.

Cleveland 9th 27.7 points per game, 352.2 yards per game and even on turnovers.

Buffalo 28th 17.1 points per game , 283.6 yards per game and a +7 turnover margin (8th)

Cleveland 32nd 27.4 points per game, 389.7 yards per game and 503 penalty yards

Buffalo 30th 22.4 points per game, 363 yards per game and 488 penalty yards.

So we have a great offense versus a no mistake offense. And two bad defenses. The Browns need a high power offense just to keep in the game.

Similar Believe inspired t shirts

Well its all about believing these days. Well to join the popular "Billieve" shirts in the pro shop. Not to be outdone the Cleveland Browns have their own shirts, but these shirts say "Believeland" nice, sign me up for one of those bad boys. Hey both are $20 so not to bad and anytime the time is good you can bust it out. Not a bad deal. Though not T Shirt weather.


Well the weather should be frightful, making the passing game pretty difficult to make happen. That is a good thing for the Bills. Thus making this game a on the ground slugfest. Which the Bills can win that type of game. It won't be pretty, though it will be nice to have the nation see that Cleveland gets the snow. If it were here it would be like typical and who wants to play there. I should be all snuggled up and warm for this one. So hopefully the good guys win.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Sabres Capital preview

Hey Sabres Capitals WOOOOO! Ehh, this game is good for all the Sabre fans in the DC area to check out the team. Otherwise its the Capitals and they barely qualify for a NHL team in most years. They are dead last in the league, of course only 3 points behind the Sabres. And the Sabres have beaten the Caps twice already this year. So only one more matchup after tonight. But hey at tonights game its FREE FLEECE BLANKET GIVEAWAY NIGHT!!!! The first 5000 fans get a free fleece blanket. So how many are they going to have left over?

Whats up with the Capitals?

Well the Capitals haven't been that bad of late going 6-3-1 in their last 10 and 4-1 in their last 5. After Glen Hanlon got the axe, the new coach has come and righted the ship. But they are still in last place, they are slowly getting better but still are filled with meager talent and some young superstars. As you can see I really don't care about the Caps, but if you would like to read more about them. They have quite the blog team, japers rink, off wing opinion, and on frozen blog. Every Caps fan may have a blog. There seems to be so many, yet so little attendance interesting.

Who does what for the Capitals

The team starts and stops with AO, Alex the Great, Alexander Ovechkin, I know some may call him Alexander Ocheapshot now, but I love him. I think he's great, has an attitude and is a very marketable player. Plus hes awesome, he has 37 points on the year with 22 goals. Including this one. Man, if he played on the Sabres, I'd buy a Ovechkin Jersey tomorrow. Michael Nylander is the main set up man with 18 assists on the year, but also an terrible -12 on the year. AO is a +9 on the year which shows you hes good in both ends as well. The Caps also have another emerging superstar in Nick Backstrom who has 19 points on the year, and who will only get better. If the Caps spend more money and develop more talent in 2 or 3 years they could be quite the squad. Or quite the squad to relocate somewhere else. We can't forget about the Ollie Kolzig the old guard on the Capitals. Kolzig is doing alright on the year, not great with a .897 sv % and a 2.84 GAA. But always seems to play the Sabres tough.


The Sabres tend to own the Capitals of late, plus the Sabres are putting a ton of pucks to the net of late and last time they were going in. I see this continuing tonight. Plus with Hank back it will only lock down the back end, making the forwards more confident in taking chances. But who knows if the .500 Sabres will take the night off. So, well I don't know if I'm watching the game or not, so enjoy.

Before the Bills play the Browns...

Lets look at the Season so far. Well with Stats.

First step the Quarterback position. At this point Edwards and Losman have played a equal amount so we can actually take a peak at who is doing better.

Edwards 1212 yards passing 5 Tds and 5 ints and a 80.1 QB rating 9 sacks

Losman 1204 yards passing 4 Tds and 6 ints and a 76.9 QB rating 14 sacks

Well most people would go well, their pretty even so whats the big deal, who cares. Well the fact that Edwards is at the same point in his first year with a guy who has been in the league for several years, is a good sign. They always talk about pulling things back for Edwards, well I don't think so. He has more yards a game, more attempts, and yards per attempt are identical. They held it back for Losman more then Edwards, knowing that Losman can hurt them more with taking sacks and turning it over.

Marshawn Lynch 219 carries 858 yards 3.9 yards per carry 6 tds

Well we all had high hopes for Lynch going into the season and really he hasn't been a disappointment. It got off slow with the O line jelling this year. But almost 4 yards a carry and with only 50 yards a game in the next 3 games will rush for 1000 yards on the season. Really the Bills haven't missed Mcgahee in my eyes, there was no downgrade at this position. Shocking stat though, Fred Jackson has a 5.8 yards per rush average.

Lee Evans 47 catches 768 yards 4 tds 16.3 yards per catch

Josh Reed 46 catches 514 yards 0 tds 11.2 yards per catch

With the QB switch, the receivers have been hurt the most. Lee Evans is a great talent and has been limited year year. Though of late he has been coming on. In the beginning of the year he was just terrible. As the season went on, Trent Edwards found Lee Evans. Notice you've seen less complaining by Lee about wanting JP in the lineup. The one thing that concerns me is the lack of receiving from the Running back position, we were told that Marshawn Lynch was a great receiver out the backfield, yet he only has 15 catches on the year and it seems Fred Jackson in his limited action has been catching more. Would like to see where that goes next year.

Rian Lindell 21-21 PATS and 21-24 on Field Goals

Yep, hes having a great year, sorry again Rian for all the things I've said about you.

Time to talk about the Defense

Stats aren't the specialty for the defense here.

Sack Leader Aaron Schobel 4.5 sacks (Thats not good)

Interception Leader Terrence McGee 3 ints (same as the "playmaker" Nate Clements)

Tackles Leader Angelo Crowell 108 Tackles (Having a great year, and emerging as a team leader)

Well the stats aren't pretty on the year for the Bills this year, but the only stat that really matters isn't that bad, 7 wins 6 losses. After the start and the injuries, having a 7-6 record going into the Browns game is something to look good upon. The team has brought back excitement about the team and will only build next year. With which looks like a iffy schedule and a young team filling with confidence.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Help out Brian Dux

We've been covering the Brian Dux accident for a little bit now, since A) Hes a fellow Griff and B) Because I want to, since its worth spending time on. But since hes come home and the cost of care will be very high for the situation he is in. Fundraising for his Rehab is underway. And I think its a worthy cause to donate to. Here is what is going on and what is coming up.

Beiswanger and other committee members have made plans for at least four fundraising efforts to funnel that support into some help for his family:

The Brian Dux Assist Fund — a bit of a play on words for his prowess as a point guard who dished out so many assists — has been created, with his parents as trustees.

“It is a trust that will be used only to meet the special needs Brian will be facing,” Beiswanger said.

Donations, made payable to the Brian Dux Assist Fund, may be sent to the fund, c/o M&T Bank, 4084 N. Buffalo St., Orchard Park, NY 14127-2445.

A major event is being planned sometime in March, possibly at a large downtown venue. Again, in keeping with Dux’s love of basketball, the event may be timed to coincide with the NCAA basketball tournament that month.

Paul Vukelic, president and chief operating officer of Try-It Distributing Co., has issued a challenge for other business leaders to match his donation.

“As the CEO of our company, I decided to donate $2,500 and challenge any alumnus, CEO or anyone who would want to match that,” he said. “I wanted to do it out of compassion for him and his family.”

Donations may be sent to the same Brian Dux Assist Fund.

Wristbands, in Canisius College’s colors, are being sold for $10 apiece at the Boys & Girls Club of Orchard Park.

The adult wristbands are dark blue with gold lettering, while the kids’ bands are gold with blue lettering.

The band Five to One also will hold a fundraiser for Dux from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. Friday, Dec. 21, in Sportsmen's Tavern, 326 Amherst St. Admission will be free, but donations will be accepted and patrons will get a free Five to One CD for every $10 donated.

Brian Dux is a good guy and needs our help to assist in getting him back to health. It will take plenty of time and money. So anyone that wants to help, its a worthy cause.

Everett to walk out for Giants game?

According to the Channel 2 website, and from Kevin Everett's grandfather, he plans on walking out on the field for the Giants game on December 23rd.

I suggested this the other day in my response to the SI piece, that came out this week. In thinking what a great idea. Kevin went down in the first home game, what a great bookend it would be if he could walk out with the team at the final home game. I think it would be a huge lift to the team before what could be a very big game in their push for the playoffs. And show that Kevin Everett is still a Bill, and always will be apart of the Buffalo Bills family.

Make this happen everyone.


Well according to John Vogl Teppo is back at practice! That coupled with the fact Kalinin and Tallinder could go by Friday. The Sabres defense is getting rather healthy rather quickly. Which means what happens next? Teppo won't be back very soon, he still has to get into condition and a little game shape. But who sits when the other two come back.

Obviously, Lydman, Campbell, Spacek stay. But what about the other three Pratt, Sekera and Paetsch. One stays in the other two have to sit.

My vote is that Sekera goes back to Rochester, where he belongs and can dominate with Weber and the Sabres can have two very good young defensemen next year, in case Campbell doesn't come back.

I'm sorry but Nathan your time is up in the starting lineup. Your a fine young kid, but we need a Nolan Pratt back there to beat some forwards up. He is also a +2 so not a defensive liability and can play a solid third pair with Kalinin.

So the pairs would be Campbell - Spacek
Tallinder - Lydman
Pratt - Kalinin

But who sits when Teppo gets back? Now thats a good question?

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Sabres Islanders Preview

The Sabres and Islanders meet tonight at 7pm at HSBC. Its the first time they have met since, that opening weekend sweep by the Islanders, which was a signal to Sabre fans of the season to come. The islanders are always that team I feel the Sabres should beat no matter what, because I feel they are always bad. But with Teddy Nolan you know you'll get some fight out of these guys. Plus its always good to have Ted Nolan back in town. And Miro Satan, who shall be booed all night long. But he's probably used to that now.

Whats going on with the Islanders

The Islanders are coming in with only 3 wins in their last 11 games. They got off to a nice start but have been fading the past month or so. They have 30 points on the year and are a 14-12-2, so pretty much a .500 hockey club. They are currently 11th in the conference 3 points ahead of the Sabres. Their goal differential is not that good on the season, standing at a -14. And if you look at the defensemen, none are a + player. So they are struggling in the defensive zone this year. But they are always a tough game and the Sabres could really use 2 points, if they show the effort from Monday, but actually get the puck in, they should win tonight.

Who does what on the Islanders

Mr Hillary Duff, Mike Comrie is leading the team in points with only 22. And is also a bad -11. So if hes on the ice, theres a good chance you'll score. He also leads the team in goals with 9. Old friend Miro Satan is second in points with 16, and is also the highest rated player on the team with a +2! Thats not good when Miro Satan has the highest +/- rating on your squad. But the islanders are full of muckers and grinders, like Sillinger, Hunter, Simon, Guerin( who just broke out of a 16 game goal drought), and Witt. Just the type of style Ted Nolan would want. It just doesn't result in wins right now. But the heart of the Islanders is Rick Dipietro. How he plays determines how the Islanders play. Hes having a good year with a 2.38GAA and a .912 sv%. But who knows if hes playing tonight, but I would guess so.

I'll be disposed tonight so enjoy all the Sabre Islander action without me. So that means they'll probably win.

Coach Fairchild comes to Coach Jauron

Steve Fairchild walks up to Coach Jaurons secretary

Steve: Um hi Shirley, I need to speak to Dick, is he available?

Shirley: Coach Jauron, Coach Fairchild needs to talk to you are you available?

Dick: Um, yeah, just let me pause this game film. Alright send him in.

(The two smile and shake hands)

Dick: So Steve getting ready for the big Browns game this week, anything interesting you're cooking up? I think we can take advantage this Browns defense. I really like our chances.

Steve: Um, yeah, well thats not why I'm here.

Dick: What, family issues, need some time off? We love family here at 1 Bills Drive, take some time off.

Steve: No, I was offered the head coach job at Colorado State and I'm gonna take it.

Dick: Oh thats nice, are you leaving now? Or what?

Steve: I'm committed to the Bills, until the season is over. I will not be distracted you can count on me to help the Bills get to the Playoffs.

Dick: Thats good to hear, but Colorado State?

Steve: Yeah I played there and its kind of a dream job for me, I would like to bring them back to successful level.

Dick: Well they are in the Big 12 that conference sucks, Missouri and Kansas are good now.

Steve: Actually they are in the Mountain West Conference, Colorado is in the Big 12.

Dick: The Mountain What now? You're making that up.

Steve: No, I'm not, its the same conference as Utah, Air Force and UNLV.

Dick: Oh, whatever. You don't have to worry about the Patriots defense out there. (laughs loudly)

Steve: (nervous laughter) Yeah its a bit different.

Dick: Well congratulations on the job, and I'm sure you'll do fine out there.

Steve: Thanks, Dick, I just wanted to tell you before it got out in the press. Well I'm gonna go back to the filmroom and break down the Browns.

(The two smile and shake hands)

Dick: Hey Shirley! Christmas came early.

Shirley: What do you mean Coach Jauron?

Dick: That bastard got another job, so I don't have to fire his ass at the end of the year. Colorado State? Man they must be desperate to hire Steve Fairchild. Have they seen our offense the past two years? Well anyway, get Van Pelt up here.

Thats right theres only one man for the job


Kevin Everett

(picture from

Well I'm sure most Buffalo Sports fans know that Kevin Everett is the cover boy for SI this week, so much better then having it being Michael Vick, and details his recovery in this nice piece. I choose the picture above because theres something about the look in Kevin's face. Like I knew I would get here. Nothing is holding me back. Plus its an image I doubt most of us would see in December, from how things looked in early September.

So where is he now in his progress?

Three months after his injury Everett is in the midst of a heartwarming recovery. He walks unaided at a slow, steady clip for the distance of about half a football field. (A speedier pace or a longer walk can push him off balance, though that should be alleviated as his core muscles strengthen.) He can raise his arms above his head with effort and is gradually recovering the fine motor skills in his hands and fingertips. He has lost roughly 35 pounds from his playing weight of 260, but he looks vibrant if, at 6' 4'', slender. His other bodily functions are fully intact. Five days a week, four hours a day, he has physical therapy at The Institute for Rehabilitation and Research at Memorial Hermann Medical Center in Houston, calling on a lifetime of athletic training to push himself.
For where he was, I think most of us would take that 2 years from the injury. But only 3 months. It shows how quality medical care is now, and the condition of the modern athlete. He will only get stronger and come back to a normal self. Not a normal football self, but someone who can lead a full, long life.

You read through the piece and you look at how everything came together, from the injury not severing the spinal cord, leading to the hypothermia treatment to work wonders on the injury he did suffer. To Cappuccino going to a talk and just having the EMTs stock the cool saline solution. If he just heard the talk and was like mmm, neat idea and didn't follow through, who knows where Kevin would be today. The quality of care at Gates Circle and all the follow through on everyones part. Everything worked right and now Kevin Everett can walk again after 3 months.

This does show a glowing review of the Bills medical staff and their treatment. How they treated the Everett family as well. As a football player and free agent, how a team treats them medically and with their family can only be a good selling point in the future for the Bills. Plus they have a ton of money available next season. Money to put this team as a contender for the AFC.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

GCFB takes a field trip

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(ooo game is gonna start)

Well the Girlfriend of GCFB had a surprise for me on my birthday. She stated it was gonna be awesome, I had no doubt about that, but I made many guesses. I don't like to guess, but surprises make me think. I thought maybe this and maybe that. The hockey game popped up, but I kinda dismissed that. But when she came over after work. She gave me a card and in it she mentioned the section 309. I saw this and lit up like a christmas tree. I was giddy, she said it would be great and she was right. So we made a quick trip to Wendy's and headed to the Arena, getting there just in time.

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(yes we sat in the bizarro Goose's Roost section)

I was sitting there happy like a 4 year old, nothing could be better at the moment. Hockey game in good seats, my birthday and with someone that makes me happy 24/7. Well the game started and the Sabres came out in the giving mood. Giving the puck away twice for two quick goals in the 1st. The building wasn't that loud to begin with, this did not help. But the Sabres got a power play and Jaro Spacek buried it in. (The sabres had much trouble putting the puck in the net on Monday)

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(The Sabres were in the Bruins zone quite a bit)

During the intermissions I sat there taking things in and just talking to Rebecca. She is good to take to a game with. She might not now the rules of icing and offsides, but as a goalie, she knew what was good positioning and gave actual good advice on how to pressure. You would normally say, what do you know? But it was like, mmm that makes perfect sense, how can we get you to Lindy Ruff.

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(It was 3-1 after 1st and 2nd periods)

Well even though they couldn't score or put the puck on the net from the point. That poor glass took a beating on monday. I never really was upset, because of the woman next to me. I never got over the fact she got me tickets for my birthday. It just meant a lot. Well during the third, the boo birds came out, and the guy in the next row kept screaming something about Larry Quinn, what does the LQ have to do with anything? How about the players? They are responsible for the effort.

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(A good picture of our angle)

The Bruins put in another insurance goal off another turnover. The Bruins didn't get shots, but the mistakes the Sabres made, the Bruins made them pay dearly. Thats the old New Jersey style of hockey, trust the goalie and convert turnovers. The Bruins closed it out, winning 4-1, despite getting outshot 45-21.

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(Consider Rebecca Wagner a member of the Alex Auld Fan Club)

We left at the end of the game, filed out and headed back to my place for some cake. Not only did she get me tickets she got me favorite cake from my favorite place. Carrot Cake from Sweet Tooth. Its heavenly. A perfect way to end the night. I really didn't care that the Sabres lost. I just have to think what to do for her birthday to match how I felt last night. I couldn't thank her enough.

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