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Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Bills in Toronto

LIVE from Toronto its MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL!!!!!

I can see that shot. Because some regular season game in Toronto isn't going to be 4th place on the CBS lineup. Thats gonna be a primetime game. Well depends on the game they put up there. I'm guessing it won't be a Bills Dolphins game. But with the news of the Bills signing a 8 game deal over 5 years to play in Toronto, people are freaking out again. What about the season ticket holders!!!! We're third in line to get tickets!!!!! Come on how many Bills season ticket holders can plunk down $2000 grand to begin with on top of this years season tickets. Its cheaper to stay here then take that deal. Plus how many can actually cross the border.

Oh the team is moving! The sky is falling! AHHHHHHH. Relax. Its a cash grab by the Bills to get more money, to um, spend on players maybe? Make the team better. Remember when the Packers played in Milwaukee like once a year for years? Well its like that. Its like a girl scout needing money for the troop and instead of staying in the cheap poor neighborhood, they decide to hit up the gated community to the north. Nothing wrong with that. The Bills have their training camp in Rochester and that is a success and 50 times better then Fredonia. So lets see $250 a ticket and the roger centre holds about 53k for football thats how much revenue per game? Thats 13.25 Million dollars of Revenue. Lets see the average ticket for Ralph Wilson is 41.29 and that seats 73,967. Lets do the math on that one for a average home game. Thats about 3.05 Million a game. ALMOST 10 million MORE A GAME!!!! Hey thats a couple decent players. When you do that math on this. The Bills are super smart to put one game up there. Put one of the late season games in there, close the roof, and rake in the cash.

And if the Bills do move to Toronto, better then LA isn't it?

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sabres Panthers Preview

Hey another game in a place where I rather be then right here in Downtown Buffalo. Man Miami must be nice right now. Compared to what is outside right now. Well anyway, the Sabres continue their road trip through the bottom dwellers of the Southeast division and therefore the bottom dwellers of the eastern conference, with a game against the Panthers. With the win last night the Sabres jumped to 11th place in the conference. While the Panthers are now in the 13th spot in the conference. With a game in Atlanta on friday another team right around the Sabres level, its up to them to pick up points here against bad opponents to put themselves back in the thick of things. That means playing 60 minute hockey every night till April.

Whats up with the Panthers?

Well what is up, is they have a neat giveaway this friday, every goal the Panthers score they give away 5 TV's. Oh they are playing Roberto Luongo? Well I guess they don't have to worry about giving away any tv's then. Well the Panthers haven't been playing well of late, going 3-5-2 in their last 10. Plus they haven't played since Thursday, so they might have some rust. And being in Miami, I'm sure none of the players had any fun during their time off. But they do get Jozef Stumpel back in the lineup tonight, which I think is good right? Its like getting Ales Kotalik back, cool, but not like oh man were gonna win some games now cool. Well the Panthers are the Panthers and that means they are usually out of the playoff picture looking up and no one cares about them.

Who does what

The Panthers are led by two guys, Olli "I'm gonna get traded" Jokinen, and Tomas "why can't I play in a real hockey market" Vokoun. Nathan Horton and Stephen Weiss also are big contributers to the offense, but looking at the stat sheet is rather depressing. And Jay Bouwmeester is the big man on the blue line. But this team is lacking offense badly. Can this team not sign free agents? Who wouldn't want to live in Miami? Maybe its the ice conditions and it sucks to actually play there. Who knows. But Tomas Vokoun really is putting up impressive numbers or this team would be in 15th place in the conference easily. He has a 2.78 GAA (average) but a .915 sv%, which is quite good.


Well its always tough to predict the outcome of a game after another. The panthers always seem to play the sabres tough, maybe all the young guys played their system. So they know what the Sabres will do when they see it. Or the ice is terrible. But the Sabres the have played well of late and I think they are focused in their goal. But until they show me consistency for more then 2 games. I'll say they'll come out flat tonight.

To be or not to be (a seller that is)

The Sabres are sitting at 11th place, a couple points out of 8th with games in hand. Plenty of time to make the playoffs. But with the recent success, is making the playoffs really where this team wants to be, or to be a force in the playoffs. Right now, I don't think they can be a real force in the playoffs. Which brings up the question, do you sell or do you buy to make the team stronger for the rest of the year. And can you sell, and buy at the same time? The Sabres hold one of the more valuable trade deadline properties in Brian Campbell. A 2 time all star, young, talented, good in both ends of the rink. The perfect defenseman for the new NHL. So do you keep and take a run or trade to make the team in whole better for the now and the future?

This team lacks that go to guy, the Danny Briere. Say what you will about Captain Clutch, Danny Briere was always there as well, and never got the same credit. They need that playmaker again. Derek Roy is a good playmaker, Tim Connolly is a playmaker when healthy, but that elite playmaker. With Brian Campbell you could possibly get you another key playmaker. Or pick up several players that will make the team stronger. I know JP Dumont is out there, but I think Nashville wants cheaper prospects. But I would love JP Dumont back and he isn't that expensive.

Players that I could see getting traded

Brian Campbell - probably walking, great trade value, high demand high return

Dmitri Kalinin - A UFA at the end of the year, so much potential yet little return. Very inconsistent, if you can get a decent stay at home defensemen, I'd take the deal, or a prospect and a backup goaltender.

Ales Kotalik - I like Ales, but I think you could get something for him. Others may value higher and might do well in a change of situation. But hasn't lived up to the production from 05-06. Very hot and very cold.

Max Afinogenov - a fan favorite or a fan goat. But it might be time for a new change of scenery for Max, but with his injury I doubt he's tradeable until after the season.

Other then those, and prospects. I don't know who the Sabres could dangle or want to dangle. But Darcy is always surprising in what he does. Who talked about Zubrus last year? I have a feeling the Sabres are going to be very active this year, they have room to move people, and I think Top management would like to see more positive buzz about the team. And who doesn't love trades?

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sabres Vs Lightning Preview

Hey its after the All star break and its time to lock it down for a playoff run, many are pessimistic about the team, but that thats the natural Buffalo way. When things are good we are wary, and when things are bad, we make them worse then they seem. Deflecting the pain if you will. But what we got here is a battle of the bottom feeders in the east. With Buffalo standing at 13 and Tampa dead last at 15. Though the Sabres are only 6 points out of 8th, so really they shouldn't feel too bad. A good run and things are sunny and happy at HSBC again. But both teams are rested and looking to make a move.

Whats up with the Lightning

Well things are down with the Lightning this year. The big contracts to their 3 big superstars really hasn't worked. Wait paying a couple guys a lot of money doesn't work? WHAAAAA? This has hurt them in the goaltending and defense positions. Especially at the Goaltender position where none of their goaltenders have a +.900 sv% and Johan Holmqvist, just sneaks under a 3.00 GAA. Their defensemen don't have terrible +/- liked you think, its their forwards that are atrocious. Brad Richards is a awful -25 on the season. The lightning are hurting without the services of a Dan Boyle, who just returned last week. He is their top defender and is very offensive as well. Vincent Lecavalier is so good he is even a plus on this goal giving team.

Who does what?

Lecavalier is the man in Tampa, with 66 points on the year. Also leading in goals with 30. Martin St Louis is the main setup man with 40 assists on the year. Vaclav Prospal and Brad Richards should also be looked out for, Prospal with 46 points and Richards with 41. Though Richards is having a disappointing season with his huge contract. Mmm sounds familiar. After that its a bunch of guys filling up the roster, with only Paul Ranger in the 20 point range and the rest below that. You control the top two lines, and its over for the Lightning.


Well the Sabres should be rested and full of confidence after beating the Stars last week. But this Sabre team is known for not continuing anything and playing lazy. The warm weather, mixed with lack of activity could spell trouble for the boys in blue and gold. But I have confidence they'll at least get a point out of tonights contest.

Sabres Stats at the ASG Break

I thought before the Game in Tampa tonight I'd take a look back to last year and see the damage. Really look at the numbers from the All Star break last year to this year. I'm not sure what I'll see but I don't think it will be pleasant.

06-07 33-12-4 70 points

07-08 21-21-6 48 Points

Thats already off to a bad start with a 22 point difference.

Goals Scored
06-07 171 goals

07-08 142 goals

More bad evidence Almost 30 goals less, thats a big difference.

Goals against
06-07 141 Goals

07-08 139 Goals

Well they actually give up less goals this year and still are bad? Mmm. So obviously losing offensive firepower was a bad thing.

06-07 1st in conference

07-08 13 in conference

This is the most telling, almost a first to worst in one calender year. Thats proof, that the loss of offensive weapons have been the main cause for the worse record. They don't give up more goals in fact its the same. But they score a whole lot less. Who knows if keeping one of the two would have helped that much, but I know it wouldn't have hurt. Darcy you need a offensive weapon in here now. This team struggles to score and will continue to. And Ryan Miller isn't that lock down goalie we think he is.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Same old story

Our beloved Golden Griffs are terrible, really terrible. They shouldn't even qualify for the MAAC Tourney. On Sunday they stunk out the joint again, by losing to Marist, 66-44. Its the same old story, shoot terribly and don't stop the other team from getting chances. This section of the game summary sums up the season perfectly.

For Canisius, sophomore Frank Turner scored a team-high nine points to go with five rebounds, five assists and three steals, but the Blue and Gold shot 25.9 percent from the field and allowed Marist to score 21 second-chance points off 13 offensive rebounds.
Frank Turner leads the way, but the rest of team straight out blows. Can't stop the team from getting second chances and just lose by double digits, because they just give up down the stretch. Ooo we're down by 1o, pack it in boys. They have been outscored 750 to 592 in the 2nd half this year. Theres a reason out of the 20 games this year, they have lost by double digits in 14 of them. Including losing by 51 to Rider. TO RIDER!

They can't score, they can't shoot and they don't play good defense. Ugh. Only 9 games left to go and one in the Tournament. Because they will be one and done this year.

Well next up a home game against Fairfield on Friday. So get your tickets.

Wait what? They're sending him where?

Paul practicing running from sniper fire

I usually try to check out once a day to see whats going on, maybe some important news, mostly pre draft and free agency nonsense. But then theres that one story that you go what? Why? And this is that story. They are sending Posluszny to IRAQ!!!!! (for the super bowl) WHY? He was just injured now they are sending to a war zone? Who green lighted that trip? Oh but hes just staying for the game, and leaving right. No? Hes there for a WEEK AND A HALF! Oh boy. He knows hes a Buffalo Bill right and bad things happen to Buffalo Bills. Look he already broke his forearm.

But this part made me smile.

The Bills linebacker, who suffered a broken arm that ended his rookie season in week three against the AFC Champion New England Patriots, isn't so sure he'll be able to convince many of the troops to root against Buffalo's division rival.
Oh man imagining the military rooting against the Patriots, how sweet would that be. Even the military hates you New England. Well I just like to wish Paul all the luck. And he's doing a good thing.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

A bad stretch

Before Christmas the Sabres were flying high and full of confidence. They won 6 in a row and firmly in the playoff picture. Now before the All Star break, they are in grave danger of missing the playoffs and are close to being dead last in the league. How can one team go from solid play before one break, to a complete disaster the next break. How the team plays after the All Star break will determine its future. If they play great they will work up the standings and maybe make the playoffs, from there who knows what happens. Or they continue to tank and become a major seller to improve for next year. Lets look back at this horrendous stretch and then never talk about it again, because its painful and nothing to really remember.

Record since 12/25/2007 - 2-7-5

Out of possible 28 points, they grab 9 points. 9 points in 14 games ain't gonna take you anywhere.

Goals Scored in that stretch 32 Thats 2.28 Goals a game, not impressive. Take out the Atlanta game and it plummets to 1.69 GPG. Pathetic.

Goals allowed in the stretch(not including shootout goals) 38 Mmm Thats not that bad. Less then 3 per game and really lost a lot but never really got blown out much. Defense was still in tact.

After Christmas, they lost their scoring touch and tanked it bad for a 14 game stretch. But they are only 6 points out of a playoff spot, from playing their worst hockey ever. They pick up like they did before Christmas and the Sabres could make a run for the playoffs. This team still has experienced guys and none of them want to go home in April. The win in Dallas might do something or it might be meaningless. They come back with a pair in Florida then a game in Atlanta. All winnable games. They need to win those games.

I'm considering Tuesday the start of a new season for the Sabres, because its Playoffs or bust.

Looking at the All Star Game

Hey look its NHL All star weekend on VERSUS! Versus? Really the all star game is stuck on versus now? Man there is nothing sports wise this weekend and even NBC doesn't want the NHL All star game. Oh its at 6pm on a Sunday? Thats even better. Why not stick it at 3am on a Tuesday night? NHL what are you doing, there is nothing this weekend besides college basketball and you don't even want to put it at 3pm on a Sunday afternoon on NBC. That would just seem natural. But anyway.

Well the only Sabre is the Non negotiator Brian Campbell. Who is in his 2nd straight all star game. And looking at the East Roster. The only North American Defensemen. Kimmo Timonen? Mmmm, I don't know about that. Well the East roster looks alright and could put up some points. So lets take a look at the West. Mmm all right roster. I don't know just not a lot of guys stand out to me. Its like mmm Manny Legace? Duncan Keith? Man I don't watch the West much. But its filled with a lot of young guys so thats good for the league. Though all the marquee guys are in the East these days and the west guys are talented but not marketed, well besides Thornton and Igninla.

Theres talk of the Youngstars game since Patrick Kane is amoung the participants, but a lot of the guys I go, these guys probably won't be stars. Wheres Jonathan Toews? Well none of that matters since I won't watch much of it. Ill be busy probably, but Ill be recording it, to fast forward to see if anything exciting happens.

Too bad I use to really enjoy the All Star game, I thought it was fun, now don't really care much.

Thats on you NHL.

Griffs drop another one.

Well the Griffs got back to their usual ways and let someone get hot and beat them. They dropped another game this one at Fairfield, 70-51. This drops the Griffs to an impressive 3-16 on the season. Some Freshman named Jonathan Han (Solo), went 9 for 9 total for the game and racked up 16 points. Per usual a team shot really well against Canisius. It can't be a fluke that teams are shooting, what seems to me, about 40% from field. Fairfield shot a impressive 44.4% from the field and a insane 71.4% from the 3 point line ed. note PUT SOME HANDS UP!!!!!. On the Canisius side, Frank Turner led the team in scoring, as he should, with 17 points on the night. The Griffs on the other hand shot a less then impressive 27% from the field. But we've seen thats per usual for the Griffs this year.

And Coach Parrotta?

"You aren't going to beat a lot of teams when they shoot like that from 3-point range," Canisius head coach Tom Parrotta said. "I thought we played very hard in the second half and we had a chance to cut our deficit to single digits, but we came up with some empty possessions, which you can't do when you are trying to make a run like we were."
Oh so you were just trying to lose by single digits? Sure they shot lights out from the 3 point line, but only scored 70 points. So if they were draining 3's put some guys out there, make it hard. Empty possessions, that should be the title of the 2007-2008 Griffs highlight tape. Anyway the Griffs are back in action on Sunday against Marist and the game is on MSG at 4pm, so you can watch the Gold shoes that are hideous.

On the ladies side they beat Manhattan 51-48 on the Pack the House night. But set an record that really doesn't mean much, but hell its pretty consistent. When they hit a 3 point shot in their 409th straight game. Mmm thats a lot of games in a row. So the lady Griffs move towards .500 with a win that takes them to 9-10.

Friday, January 25, 2008

So how much would that payroll be?

The Sabres could really use JP Dumont

While watching the 2001 Sabres Flyers series on the NHL Network, it got me thinking about how I totally didn't remember this series and thought about the 2005-2006 team, and how fun that playoff was. Didn't expect anything, a team you fell in love with again, and just fun and exciting. The city was different and the team was different, that only led to heartbreak and now looking back, that was the greatest opportunity for the Sabres to win the Cup. But another thing came to mind. How much would that roster be worth right now? So GCFB decided to do a research project and take some info from the useful nhlnumbers.

What we'll do take everyone that played 40 or more games that year. This takes out Dan Paille, Andrew Peters, and Jiri Novotny. Then next to the name we'll put their current salary for that year. My hypothesis is that this lineup would be very expensive and shows, that one year can change a players future.

Player Points that year Current 07-08 Salary(in millions)

Max Afinogenov 73 (22g 51asst) 3.500
Daniel Briere 58 (25g 33asst) 10.000
Brian Campbell 44 (12g 32asst) 1.750
Tim Connolly 55 (16g 39asst) 3.000
Chris Drury 67 (30g 37asst) 7.100
JP Dumont 40 (20g 20asst) 2.500
Rory Fitzpatrick 9 (4g 5asst) .550
Paul Gaustad 24 (9g 15asst) .750
Mike Grier 23 (7g 16asst) 1.775
Jochen Hecht 42 (18g 24asst) 2.350
Dmitri Kalinin 18 (2g 16asst) 2.250
Ales Kotalik 62 (25g 37asst) 2.500
Toni Lydman 17 (1g 16asst) 2.900
Adam Mair 7 (2g 5asst) .750
Jay Mckee 16 (5g 11asst) 4.000
Teppo Numminen 40 (2g 38asst) 2.600
Jason Pominville 30 (18g 12asst) .925
Taylor Pyatt 12 (6g 6asst) 1.575
Derek Roy 46 (18g 28asst) 3.000
Henrik Tallinder 21 (6g 15asst) 2.500
Thomas Vanek 48 (25g 23asst) 10.000

Ryan Miller 2.60Gaa .914 Sv% 2.500
Martin Biron 2.89 GAA .905 Sv% 3.500

Total Salary now?

72.75 Million dollars!

Talk about over the cap. You know they would need even more money for extra players, so the total payroll might roll about 75 million dollars, thats old time Red Wings payroll numbers. The cap number in 2005 was about 39 Million dollars and you know the Sabres didn't spend to the cap that year. So the team salary has doubled in just 2 years. DOUBLED! The new cost structure didn't help the Sabres since they had success. So my theory that the lineup would be expensive would be right. And it will only make more money as the years go by. But almost 73 million for that lineup? Whew! Thats a ton of money.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sabres Stars preview

Oh boy here we go again, another game and this one the last before the All Star Break. Oh joy, it should be called the Sabre fan break, because most of us need one right now. Just no talk of Sabre hockey, no mention of players, just a celebration of hockey. Ooo look at all the superstars. What no Sidney Crosby? Ehh, we got Ovechkin right? But we got to play this one out first. A road game in Dallas, don't see many of these so enjoy this one, at much as you can.

Whats going on with Dallas?

Dallas is leading the Pacific division with 61 points on the year, 1 point ahead of Anaheim, and stand second in the West behind the Mighty Red Wings. Also they are 3rd overall in the entire league, compared to 27th in the league, where Buffalo stands. Really 27th? Though to be fair the Stars have played 5 more games. But per usual the Stars are having a real good year and scoring a fair amount of goals 153 on the year while only giving up 136. But are only 5-4-1 in their last 10 games, so they aren't cruising into the All Star break, but with playing 52 games, they are probably a bit tired.

Who does what for the Stars

When you think Dallas Stars, you think, no not NO Goal, you think Mike Modano. Since he's been a star since, I think the beginning of the Universe. But he is not their leading scorer, in fact hes having a disappointing year for Modano standards. The team leader is Mike Ribeiro with 54 points. He also leads in goals with 22 on the year, this is by far his best year ever. Second on the team is Brendan Morrow with 47 points. Third is the injured Sergei Zubov with 35 points. Mike Modano only has 34 points on the year and is a -11. Then comes a bunch of Finns, which seems interesting since the Red Wings have a ton of swedes. Could be an interesting matchup come playoff time. Old pal Stu Barnes has 16 points on the year so, right about average for Stu. The Stars are also known for their Goalies. Marty Turco and Mike Smith. Both with very pedestrian numbers on the year, nothing eye catching. Turco has a 2.41 GAA and a .906 Sv% on the year.


Well to say things look bad for the Sabres, would be an understatement. They show laziness and lack of passion on a nightly basis. Skip the Atlanta game, can't put the puck in the net. And since Christmas, downright awful. So maybe going into another break, they can pull one out to give themselves a boost for the after All Star game push. Things only get harder here on out. But I have little faith in the blue and gold right now. So a 5-1 Stars win.

Schobel named to the Pro bowl?

Aaron Schobel was named to the Pro Bowl? What? Who are these people. Hes replacing Jason Taylor? Talk about a drop off. How was he a 1st alternate to begin with? He was largely invisible this year. No name tackles dominated him.

Schobel's sack numbers were down in 2007 from that of his first Pro Bowl season a year ago, but he set a single-season career-high in tackles with 96 and made plays when they were needed most.
When? I don't remember him making plays. Oh so he made tackles this year, thats nice. Were they down the field after a running back gashed them. Every week I heard the commentators what a great of bookend DE's the Bills have. Really? They aren't even in the same league with the Giants DE's. Osi Uyemyiora almost had as many sacks in ONE GAME as Schobel did all year. The pro bowl is a joke. And once you get in, might as well pack your bags every year for Hawaii.

Of course Chris Brown defends it. Chris, stop it. Aaron Schobel does not deserve to go to Hawaii. Case closed.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Lookin' at Prospects

Well the article in the Buffalo News today of WNY'ers in college got me thinking about prospects. Well it got me looking about Justin Vaive, when I saw the stats on him. I got all like oooooooo, then saw hes Duck property. Of course he's Duck property, who else would draft big tough forwards, then Brian Burke. Like he's had any success as a GM. Oh wait. But its like mmm so who is in the pipeline. If the Sabres do trade away some guys who is coming up?

I go to Hockey's Future, and the first thing I see for the Sabres is about Jhonas Enroth. Who they are now calling the next Lundqvist. (mouth agape) The Sabres have the next big thing from Sweden in the system? And hes only a couple years away? Wait isn't Ryan Miller up for a redo of his contract soon? Actually a UFA in 09-10. So he's under contract for next year. Mmm, I'm guessing next year when they put him in the AHL, it will impact Mr Miller's contract status highly. He has the same grade as Carey Price from Montreal, who is supposed to be the next thing.

The Top 5 Prospects right now for the Sabres are

1) Clarke Macarthur (C) -- should be a every game player and will be to the end of the season in my mind

2) Andrej Sekera (D)- Another year in Rochester won't hurt and will cushion the blow of the loss of Kalinin and Campbell.Hell at the deadline, trade em both.

3) Jhonas Enroth (G)- The "next lundqvist" (jumping up with joy)

4) TJ Brennan(D) - A couple years at least till we know. But the next Campbell

5) Marc Andre Gragnani (D) A -26 this year in Rochester. A defenseman who doesn't like to play defense. Um, get rid of him pronto, while he still has a high grade. Mike Weber seems like a better prospect to me, and could possibly be a 7th guy next year for Buffalo.


Marek Zagrapan (C) Not producing much and not doing what he should. A borderline NHL'er at this point. Unfortunate.

Mark Mancari (RW) I like this kid, not much scoring at the NHL level, but big body and could be good 3rd liner.

Tim Kennedy (LW) Lighting it up in college and I'm excited about him in a couple years. Could be a big fan favorite with the local ties.

Dylan Hunter (LW) Not a big scorer but coming from Dale Hunter genes, he can only help you. Him and Kaleta next year could be a good young pair for the Sabres.

Well the looks of things, Defense is full of young depth. So with the loss of a couple long time Sabre defensemen, the blow would be cushioned. Since this season is going down the tubes quickly. If I were Darcy, I would start pile up on young forwards for proven defense. Trade what you have plenty of, for what you don't have. And its obvious the Sabres need help on the offensive end.

Talkin 'bout the Bills

Well its been a few weeks since the season has ended and its not like the Bills have been sitting on their thumbs. Named a new management staff, ok changed titles, but its alright since it keeps the same focus and there isn't a shift in philosophy, now is not the time for that. Named a new Offensive Coordinator in Turk Schonert, who from an interview with Chris Brown, sounds like was the players choice, since they all hated Steve Fairchild. He's been around awhile so that sounds like a good hire, but that will show next year. Please open it up Turk. And fan favorite AVP is the new QB coach. All Trent needs to do is listen and AVP will turn him into Tom Brady. I may be way to optimistic, but I have faith in AVP

Other news

Anthony Hargrove a pending FA, will be suspended for 2008. Which sucks, he was a quality depth guy.

They signed a veteran fullback, who will help in getting the Tight Ends out of the backfield and where they need to be out in the passing game. A first good sign from Turk Schonert.

And in bad news Jason Peters is getting surgery on a sports hernia. And from the look of the article a whole bunch of players are going under the knife after the season. But Peters will miss the Pro Bowl making the game even less attractive for me. No Bills no watch. Sorry all star game that doesn't matter.

Well now is the time for me to start paying attention to free agency news and college kids I've never heard of, to see who might be playing for my team next year. Ill try to update things as they happen.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A letter to Darcy Regier

Darcy in happier times

I would call this more an essay to Darcy Regier, but whatever. Darcy, you must be going through a lot right now. You're team is biting it hard, and its really the team you built. Last year you were called a genius, now people are questioning your motives. Are you hampered by budget concerns? Did you make a mistake by not locking up people earlier? ed. note Long term contracts are stupid. Why are you waiting to make a move? There is trouble on this team, at least get rid of the backup goaltender, you can find 30 guys like him tomorrow. I don't mind if you start selling. I'm in this for the long term. So I rather you sell some parts, pickup some talent and move forward like you did before the lockout. Now is the time to buy low Darcy. No one fears the Sabres right now. Make some moves. Distract from the on ice performance.

Look at some of these trades

3/10/2003 Chris Gratton and a 4th round pick in 2004 entry draft to Phoenix Coyotes for Daniel Briere and a 3rd round pick in 2004(Andrej Sekera) GREAT TRADE!

7/3/2003 Sabres send Keith Ballard to Colorado for Steve Reinprecht. Sabres then trade Rhett Warrener and Steve Reinprecht to Calgary for Chris Drury and Steve Begin GREAT TRADE

6/22/2002 31st and 36th(Jarret Stoll) picks overall in the 2002 draft to Edmonton for Jochen Hecht. Ill take that deal.

2/25/2003 Vaclav Varada and a 5th round pick(Tim Cook) in 2003 entry draft to Ottawa Senators for Jakub Klepis , wait it sets up......3/9/2004 Jakub Klepis to Washington for Mike Grier AWESOME!!!!

8/25/2005 3rd round pick(John Armstrong) in the 2006 entry draft to the Calgary Flames for defenseman Toni Lydman. Great deal.

You have a history Mr. Regier, and now is the time to pick up that phone, and make some deals, don't wait for the trade deadline, teams are looking to make moves now. Improve yourself for next year, lets face even if you make the playoffs you ain't going nowhere, fans will understand if you give them hope this year was a fluke.

Deal Brian Campbell, (high value) Hey if Kevin Lowe wants Thomas Vanek deal him to him. How many times are we gonna have to hear about his mental issues and dealing with pressure. How come this wasn't an issue at Minnesota where he was a scoring machine? Cut salary, yet at the same time acquire young cheap talent for the future, mixed with veterans at bargain prices.

You've done it before Darcy, you can do it again.

Hey good Hockey News

David Hahn with the cool photo

Well the Canisius Hockey team is playing much better of late. Going 3-2-1 in the new year, mainly led by their hot goaltender Andrew Loewen. Who was just named Atlantic Hockey goalie of the week. Since January First, he has a .99 GAA and a .969 sv%. And the Griffs give up a ton of shots, so he is playing out of his mind this month. He's only a sophomore and his numbers are getting better and better each month.

Maybe I should concentrate on this hockey team then the other one in town. Since these kids seem to give a damn and actually have a goaltender who changes the game. Hey I'm ready to say this right now.

Cut Thibault and sign Andrew Loewen, probably cheaper then T Bone, and probably better. What a sieve Thibault is.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Canisius goes back to normal self

Canisius after a one game respite returned to the normal self, and lost 77-49 to Siena on Monday. Oh they turned the ball over a bunch of times and it led to them losing, wow, what a shock. Its the storyline of the season. Frank Turner led the team in points again with a whopping 15 points. That will always get it done.

Tom Parrotta again uses his words of wisdom to describe this one

"You can't win many games when you turn it over that much," Canisius head coach Tom Parrotta said. "Siena made us pay for turning it over. They scored 23 points off our mistakes. That was the difference."
Mmm, good insight. How about teaching the guys how to handle the ball better and make better decisions? The Griffs tend to turnover it over a lot this year, you think thats a coaching issue? Maybe. I know they are young, but come on they should be better then 3-15.

next up Fairfield on Friday.

Missing since Christmas

You see this above? Its called heart. And the Sabres have been missing it since Christmas. Someone might have taken it or its out injured, but after today's game. I'm not sure if this team has it. Phoenix went into corners, fore checked, played the puck, BLOCKED SHOTS. It was a team that I could actually root for, if they were ever on TV and I knew they existed. Its just like the Sabres don't care anymore. They sometimes show a bit of fight then give up a goal and its pack it in boys on to the next game.

I just want to see a game where they bang constantly, pressure all game long and just work the opponent into making mistakes and just want to quit. I want 60 minutes of hell. Instead of 45 minutes of listless play and 15 minutes of hard work. A team losing doesn't want me not want to be a fan, but playing without heart, doesn't make me want to root for you. Why should I root for a team that shows it doesn't care?


Sabres Coyotes Preview

Oooo a Mid afternoon game on a holiday, one where I'll be home and have nothing to do. I always enjoy these ones, since they don't seem to interfere with the day, hey maybe a trip to Staples maybe in order for a part of the game. Plus its an opponent we rarely see the Phoenix Coyotes. Its like they are playing an entirely different league. So we'll see how the Sabres react to the loss to Toronto and playing in a very warm city. Being away from the local press, they really can tank it and not hear about it. So warm up those golf clubs boys, they might be in use earlier then you're use to.

So what is up with the Coyotes?

Well the Coyotes are much better then people thought they be at the start of the season, I heard worst team in the league, well I guess getting solid goaltending proved them wrong. They are 6-3-1 in their last 10 games and 11th in the tough Western Conference. They have 50 points on the year, 4 more then Buffalo and 4 more wins then the Sabres do. They aren't a big scoring team only having 125 goals on the season. But don't give up that many goals either. Looks like the Great one, has turned them into a tight checking team to keep them in games. Phoenix seems to play better road games, which tells me they try to entertain the home fans and it costs them wins. So that could be in the Sabres favor today.

Who does what on the Coyotes

Well the Coyotes are all about Shane Doan, who would look good in blue and gold Darcy, he leads the team with 44 points. Then Radim Vrbata? leads the team in goals with 18. Then Ed Jovanovski is third in points with 32 and a horrible -10 rating for their top defenseman. Nice to see Jovo cop still in the league. The rest of the lineup is filled with journeyman and nobodies. The reason for the Coyotes success was the pickup of Ilya Bryzgalov from the Ducks. He has made this team competitive night in night out. He has solid numbers with a 2.39 GAA and .919 sv%. So he'll be tough to get the puck behind, especially for the recently punchless Sabres.


Well a day game in Phoenix, against a team they don't care about, and away from home. I smell danger for the Sabres here. Unless they some how show up motivated to win this one, and get their season back on track, I see a continuation of the lost season. The arena will probably be half empty and quiet and the Sabres will roll out thinking they can beat the Coyotes on talent alone. Well they can't. I see a 4-1 Coyotes win today, which is unfortunate because I'll probably be watching.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

So the Super Bowl is set

Lawrence! Phoenix is the other way!

I can't believe the Giants are in the Super Bowl. Really I can't I've watched this team and they never impress. Well they did against the Bills, but who doesn't impress against the Bills? But I enjoy that back and forth of the last game, one of those last possession wins it types deals. Man Mr. Tynes got a lot of opportunities to save himself. I don't care about the bad snap, he shanked that one, that one is on him. Lucky he made the one in OT, or he wouldn't make it back to NY. But you knew once the Patriots made it in, they were happy if NY or the Packers made it in. You get all the NY vs Boston stories or Brady vs Favre. Just makes the media drool at the easy stories.

Unfortunately we get two weeks of hype over this game which will neither be good or close. I don't care they played close a couple weeks ago. The second time you play Bill Belichick he owns you. Oh man theres another storyline. Lets look at all the storylines we will see.

Patriots play for perfection
Belichick and the Giants (bad super bowl 25 memories there)
Brady vs (other) Manning
Yankees Vs Red Sox type talk
Junior Seau talk, ugh
More dynasty talk
More hype then I need to pay attention to and I'll ignore it till Super Sunday.

Early prediction

Patriots 31 Giants 17

I forgot about that

While looking for stuff on Espn I came across this story. That the Bills will likely get get okay to play in Toronto. Oh boy I forgot about that. That was a big story a couple months ago, and stirs up all type of emotion. I think it broke out for the Baltimore game and made people upset and now its back. And really they want to put Tampa in the London game next year? Really? Tampa? But who will the Bills play in Toronto next year. I'm all for putting that Patriots game up there. Those are games Bills fans can miss. The Patriots usually roll into town and take the Bills to the woodshed. So take that game up the QEW and I won't have a problem with it.

All I know is I won't be listening to WGR anytime soon to hear about this game in Toronto when all it is, is a cash grab by Ralph Wilson.

One of those years

Ever have one of those years, were things have been going good, and you have great expectations, really not based on anything tangible, but you expect things to go well? Then things just go wrong and they keep going wrong. Yeah its one of those years for the Sabres. The year really should be going better. They have the same team as last year, minus a few key players. But really from best in the league to near the bottom? It shouldn't be like that. They have talent, they have skill, but it just isn't coming together. Friday night was an explosion, and should have moved into Saturday night, but it didn't happen and they expect it to be there, without putting effort in. And thats the problem this year.

Effort and execution.

Last year one of the other would be there and they would win games. They won a lot of games last year when they shouldn't have, and it caught up to them in the playoffs. Its here again this year, but they don't have the talent to get over the missing two parts. Sometimes the effort is there and the execution is missing. And when effort is missing, they can't overcome it and win it in the end anymore. They win 10 to 1 and they think, whew over with, and come out flat. But its like 3 goals we can overcome that. But they can't anymore. Until the players realize, that they have to work every night, every period, every shift, to just beat teams like Toronto. They won't get better or even come close to make the playoffs. Coaches can do all they like, but its up to the individual players.

The Sabres need to sit down, look in a mirror, and see what is wrong with them. The past is gone, the conference championship appearances are long gone. How are they going to succeed with the team they have right now.? Something needs to change for success to come back. I'm not sure its a player or coach change, its a attitude adjustment.

If I were Lindy, I would tell the players Monday would be a brand new season. And no ones spot is safe.

Lets talk about the Playoffs

Well here we are at the conference championships. Which are usually better games then the Super Bowl. But its the last football for 2 weeks until the Super Bowl, then Football is over. Which is rather sad, because I love football. I like hockey, but I can get tired of it quick. But, these games are hyped up and you get 3 hours of action. I thought I write about the games a bit. Since they are important in the sports landscape.

First up Pats Vs Chargers

Well the Patriots continue their quest for destiny and the perfect season. Yesterday getting a haircut there was discussion about hoping the Patriots lose. I don't feel that way, I think seeing a team complete the perfect season, no matter who, even the hated Patriots, is something to root for. Over the years I have come to appreciate Tom Brady for how great and consistent he is. There is something lacking in the NFL these days and its consistent excellent play. I wish he played for the NY Giants or something, but that Sunday game in Buffalo, might have been one of his best performances. It was perfect. So I would expect that today. The chargers I absolutely can't stand. They are filled with jerks and overhyped players. They are walking into trap and they are going to get absolutely blown out by a team who had its toughest challenge last week in Jacksonville. We can say good night and Lights out for the Chargers today.

Next Packers Giants

Well I know its gonna be cold, its cold here. But I really haven't seen why the Packers are so good this year. Is because the competition isn't that good? Is Brett Favre magically better this year for some reason? Is Ryan Grant a real answer at running back? I have no clue. They just manage to win games. Their defense is rather good, so that helps. But the Giants defense is rather good too. Thats why in a cold nasty weather game, I don't expect that many points. I see one of those 13-10 slugfests, that comes to a last second kick. I feel the packers will prevail, because I don't trust Eli Manning. They won in Buffalo despite him, and its all about defense and running the football. But should be one of those classic bad weather games that will replay on the NFL network for 2 weeks on loop.

Well enjoy the games we ain't got much football left.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Sabres Leafs Preview

Well tonight should be an interesting game. Two teams battling for the bottom of the Northeast Division. Both teams are struggling of late, the Sabres just off a 10 game winless streak and the Leafs are 3-7 in the last 10. But with 2 wins in a row after 5 straight losses. Its a hockey night in Canada game and I always feel the sabres struggle in those contests. But its the leafs and the Sabres have been playing the leafs well the past few years. Though are 1-1 against the boys from Toronto this year.

So whats with the Leafs?

The leafs are struggling again this year, which seems to be commonplace of late. Sitting only 3 points out of the basement of the Eastern Conference, and only ahead of 2 other teams point wise in the entire league. The leafs struggle to keep the puck out of their own net giving up 155 goals on the year. They are also terrible on the power play and the penalty kill sitting 26th in the league in both. The Sabres are 13th in the league on the power playwhich seems better then it should be. Looks John Ferguson is in trouble again in Toronto. And the Leafs want to bring in Cliff Fletcher to take the hardest job in hockey. But with the Payroll the Leafs can have, not making the playoffs really isn't an option. They are the Yankees of the NHL, except without all the championships. But the fan bases? Very similar.

Who does what on the Leafs

It starts and ends with the Captain Mats Sundin. He leads the team in goals, points and plus/minus. He really is playing out on a island. A true great stuck in a good hockey city, playing on terrible teams. He needs to be shipped out just out of respect. Mats has 20 goals and 51 points on the year. And a +10 which shows he isn't struggling on the back end. Other offensive weapons on the leafs are Nik Antropov with 37 points not a total bust, Kaberle with 30 from the defensive side and Jason Blake who I thought would be a good free agent only has 8 goals. McCabe, Wellwood and Tucker are all having disappointing seasons. In net probably Vesa Toskala who is having an alright year with a 2.71 GAA and a .906 GAA. Andrew Raycroft is a disaster and I hope hes in net tonight.


Well the Sabres broke out of a losing and scoring drought last night. Who knows if they feel, whew thats over with, and come out and lay an egg. But I doubt that will happen. Its a game in Toronto with lots of people watching. Last thing they want is friends and family watch them suck. I'm not calling for a win, because it seems I have no idea what will ever happen, but I can see them rolling again tonight. Confidence when gone is dangerous, but when confidence comes back its just as dangerous, to other teams.

They did what?

I wrapped myself in the hockey and forgot about the Griffs game last night, accepting the fate that Charron Fisher would torch them for 50 points and run the Griffs right out of Koessler. So I watched a blowout in joy, and saw the local news about the outcome of the Griffs game. And went wahhhhhh? They won? How, did they tie Fisher to Churchill Tower?

I guess it was a night for the good guys to snap streaks, first the Sabres then the Griffs breaking a 9 game losing streak to the Purple Eagles. One that dates back to my Senior year at Canisius. Thats a long time ago. Well it looks like everyone showed up at once and Charron Fisher, just like the weather, went frigid. Frank Turner, Bob Bevilacqua, Willie Hassell and Vazquez Simmons all scored in double digits. Mr. Bevilacqua came out of nowhere and was carried off the court like a hero. This guy barely got garbage time in the West Virginia game. I guess Coach Parrotta was like what the fuck we're throwing everyone out there and see what happens, can't hurt right? And it paid off.

This brings the Griffs to a horrible 3-14, but this is the season highlight right here. They beat Niagara at home. Thats all it takes. You beat Niagara, you're season is made. Its one of the reasons Mike Mcdonald got fired. He couldn't beat Niagara.

They won on Brian Dux night, fitting.

Thats a way to break a streak

Well thats one way to snap a 10 game skid, by blowing out a division leader 10 to 1. The goals came quick and they came easy. With Hedberg unable to stop a beach ball in the first period, getting pulled 10 minutes in, to only come back to finish the game, to have the red light scorch his back again. In the end he gave up 7 goals on the night. The united Roy Vanek and Stafford line combined for 12 points, and 7 of the 10 goals. Roy coming back really helped this team on the offensive side, but only giving up 1 goal, a breakaway goal and limiting shots, it showed the Sabres still keep defense in mind. Defense is what will help the team win. Even keeping the hot Kovalchuk off the score sheet.

This may have been exactly what the doctor ordered before a 7 game trip, just to get everything off their backs and go concentrate on playing hockey. A good road trip and they crawl themselves into a playoff spot. They got the bad stuff out of the way in mid part of the season and it hasn't derailed their playoff hopes. 3 points out. Thats it, 3 points after losing 1o games in a row barely out of the playoffs. Now is the time to make a move. This team has the experience, it just has to believe in itself.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Sabres Thrashers Preview

Here we go again, the Sabres trying to break the streak of winlessness now at 10 games. This must just suck in the locker room. Guys going man we're better then this right? RIGHT? Playing right now must not be fun what so ever. I know we get these huge checks, but it ain't worth it now man. Holy crap its cold, we're losing and we can't score. People are making fun of us right now. (This is what I think they think about) But all that can change with a big game tonight one of those 8-1 wins that just shake everyone out of the doldrums and with the Sabres going on the road for 7 straight games a win is must needed or things could get real bad. If things aren't bad already.

Whats going on with the Thrashers

Well the Thrashers since the New year have gone 4-2-2 so basically 500, but had a huge 5-1 win over the Red Wings at Joe Lewis on Tuesday and are coming off a 3-2 shootout loss to Montreal yesterday, so the Thrashers could be tired and not at full strength tonight. And coming off the plane from Atlanta into todays weather doesn't make those aches and pains any better. On the year Atlanta is 3rd in the conference and leading the Southeast, but Carolina who is 1 point back and in 1oth place in the conference. So the winner of the Southeast makes the playoffs 2nd place does not. Not the best division in hockey right now. Plus Atlanta gives up WAY more goals then they score, standing at a -18 goal differential compared to Buffalo's -1.

Who does what for the Thrashers

Well it all ends and starts with the two all starts Kovalchuk and Hossa. Two big weapons for the Thrashers. Ilya is having a big year already with 37 goals and 63 points, yet still a -7. Hossa a big back but has 20 goals and 43 points. Todd White (30) Eric Perrin (28) and Tobias Enstrom(28) are lagging behind the others, but still offensive threats. Defense isn't a top priority for Atlanta but old pal Alexei Zhitnik is still a Thrasher, which is too bad for him. Looks like Lehtonen is in net tonight and having a alright year, looks like he is getting shelled nightly though. A high 2.86 GAA but a decent .913 sv%.


Well the Sabres are running into a tired team, playing their third game in 4 nights. Roy is back in the lineup tonight but Connolloy, Spacek and Max are not. What no Peters? Ohhhh, thats too bad. More Kaleta and MacArthur. Thats what I need. I've been expecting some offense for a while, but why should I expect it now. But I'll be watching the game at Staples, so if you would like to join me come on by its on Allen across from Nietzsche's. I'll be a little mopey though since the girlfriend is going away for a week. But its fun times.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

10 game winless Streak

So the Sabres haven't won since the Flyers back to back games. Wasn't that the end of a 6 game winning streak. How can you go from winning and scoring goals to basically, just can't score and couldn't win if you're life depended on it? How does that happen. Was their new years resolution to lose more? Things are so bad on the Sabres website they go the NHL statistician to qualify it a "winless" streak. And with how bad things are, a good January and a great February, probably puts them in a playoff spot. Which brings up the question do you want them to make the playoffs? Just to get beat by New Jersey or Ottawa right away. But here at GCFB would like to offer suggestions how to break the cycle.

1) Anyone who scores a hat trick gets free Tim Hortons for the rest of the year.
2) Anyone who scores in the shootout, gets dinner at the Chophouse
3) Anyone who scores a Game winning goal gets to be captain right away, sorry Spacek.
4) Andrew Peters gets cut.
5) Anyone who complains about that is suspended immediately

And if the streak reaches 15 Lindy Ruff is fired no questions asked

People scream for trades or Darcy to do something. Do what and trade who? Campbell why? They trade Campbell the season is over right then and there. They have to make a move to show they are serious about winning this year. Make a big splash shake things up. Trade someone for someone. Obviously things aren't good at HSBC Arena.

I know what will get these guys going, take them to Lasertron. That will improve morale and get them in good spirits. And no cheaping out, Pizza and coke afterwards and 10 free tokens. I'm sure they'd rattle off 5 wins after that.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sabres Rangers Preview

The Sabres head into MSG to ward off the Double digit winless streak against the also slumping NY Rangers. Who spent money and are losing. Mmm money doesn't always buy success? Mmm you'd think another NY team would influence the Rangers. Its always about talent and chemistry. You can have the best food ingredients in the world but if they don't mix well, you got a crappy dish. Well anyway its a battle of teams wanting to get back on track, the Rangers are 3 points ahead of the Sabres, but have played 3 more games.

Whats going on in NY?

Well things aren't going thats the problem with the Rangers. They are last in the Atlantic and tenth the conference and have only won 1 game since the beginning of the new year. They have some goal scoring issues and some defensive woes and if it weren't for Lundqvist they'd probably be even worse. This team is paid a lot and not playing up to that standard, especially with the talent and veteran leadership the Rangers have. The team probably needs a major shakeup and that shakeup is the exodus of one Jaromir Jagr.

Who does what?

Well Scott Gomez is trying to justify his contract by leading the team in points with 42, mostly in assists though with 32. Jagr is always dangerous or the potential to be dangerous and he comes in second with 40 points. And Chris Drury is in third with 31 points but only 12 goals, plus hes a -12 on the year, so hes against the best lines and not shutting them down. And Brendan Shanahan is right behind with 30 points, and the leading goal scorer with 15 goals on the year. But the man is the Goalie, King Henrik. His numbers have fallen a bit lately, but still a marvelous 2.39 GAA and a decent .906 Sv%. Martin Straka is also another one to look out for.


Well who knows where this is going, you'd expect the Sabres to show something, but can't put the puck in to save their lives, and going again Lundqvist doesn't help things. But they have had a couple days off, and maybe the Brian Campbell thing got their minds off the winless streak. Mmm a distraction from on ice performance, for a contract issue. Thats a interesting tactic Brian. Well I probably won't see this one, yeah I know too bad.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The LQ reacts to Brian Campbell waiting for Free Agency


(The LQ enters his office and starts sifting through the Buffalo News. And stops dead on the front of the sports page.)

LQ: WHAT! Brian Campbell is cutting off negotiations? Who in the hell does he think he is? No one stops talking to the LQ until the LQ wants to stop talking to him. DORIS GET ME CAMPBELL!!!

Doris: I think hes at practice sir

LQ: Practice for what? Sucking? They haven't won since before Christmas. That looks bad for the LQ.

Doris: Well I'm sure after practice he'll have time.

LQ: Probably not, he probably has some dumb commercial to film. Look at him, what a yahoo. Hey why isn't the LQ all over the TV, I'm a handsome guy. Who wouldn't want to buy the product the LQ endorses.

Doris: I like Brian, he's always nice to me

LQ: Shutup Doris no one cares what you think, this "team player" is trying to extort money from us! Doesn't he know we have a budget around here and no one player is above that system. We WANT TO BE THE PATRIOTS OF THE NHL. You know create a uniform no one really likes, win often, then let our stars walk when they are paid too much money. We have a system.

Doris: Um the Patriots win Superbowls

LQ: DORIS! How many times have I told you not interrupt the LQ when he's on a roll!

Doris: Sorry sir

LQ: You'll be if we have to pay this red headed clown. We'll probably have to lay off staff. Or outsource stuff to India. Mr Golisano didn't become a Billionaire by overpaying people.

Doris: We'll I think it would be a good sign for the rest of the players and free agents that you would pay top dollar for guys.

LQ: Doris you.just.don' Thats not what we are about. The Sabres are about extracting as much possible while paying the least we can. Why do you think you work 50 hours for no pay?

Doris: Well Um, why do I work here again?

LQ: People just can't leave the LQ.

Doris: Brian Campbell does

LQ: DORIS!!!!!!!

Monday, January 14, 2008

The Three Headed Monster

These three men will lead the Bills to almost make the playoffs.

Well as many may know by now the Bills have called up three guys in the organization to basically do the GM job. With Russ Brandon is the head of day to day operations. And Tom Modrak and John Guy go from Directors of College Scouting and Pro Personnel to Vice presidents of college scouting and Pro Personnel. Man all those business cards down the drain, for a minor title change. I hope they don't have to pay for their own, I might just use some white out and type over it. No one would notice.

I guess its smart to promote from within. Tom Modrak has done quite the job, John Guy must have called a hundred people last year to be on this team and Russ Brandon, um Look at that Smile! Who couldn't promote that man, hes HANDSOME! But seriously the most important hire is left to come. Thats Offensive Coordinator, I always felt that people jumped to Turk Schoenert to quick. He's been around a while and no one hired him as a OC yet? That tells me something, that he might not want it or have it in him. Thats why an outside force maybe good. Because why would anyone want the same offense as last year. That is a pitiful terrible offense and should be thrown in the lake.

Well heres to another off season where people bitch and moan about the signings or lack there of and then go they drafted WHO? They don't need a Quarterback! (oops I guess they did last year) Well this should be an interesting offseason.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Griffs drop another one

Well another day another Canisius loss. Its getting really embarrassing this year. They are losing some bad games. On Sunday they dropped a squeaker to Iona, 72-44. This drops the Griffs to 2-14 on the year. And really were at a point where they are getting blown out by MAAC opponents. I hope Tom Parrotta knows what hes doing, because this year is a complete disaster. I guess you have to give a mid major coach a couple years to get his players in and start the system. But these guys aren't competing at all. Frank Turner led the team with 12 points and the team had 23 turnovers on the day. Which is totally unacceptable. Also getting out rebounded 45 to 29, is also a bad thing.

Hey Fun with Tom Parrotta quotes!

“We played a very good team in here today,” Canisius head coach Tom Parrotta said. “That was a very good team that we competed against, but they had answers for what we threw at them. We played hard, but we are not at the point where we can compete for a full 40 minutes.”
What? Its mid January and you're not ready to play a full 40 minutes? Thats something I wouldn't admit. Coach Parrotta, just get through things and you won't have to worry about it anymore. Don't even get hotel rooms for the MAAC Tourney.

Oh boy Niagara on Friday! Maybe Charron Fisher can hang 50 on the Griffs.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Bills update

So what have our beloved Buffalo Bills been up to since they lost to end the season and go home early once again.

Well Marv retired, again.

The former answer at QB wants to be traded. Hey maybe a real nice house on Oakland Place will be up on the market.

And the Bills fans see Malcolm Kelly as the hot prospect for the Draft. Big, quick and productive could be the perfect receiver the Bills need to put next to Evans.

Then Jim Mcnally called it a career. I guess he saw the line improve and was like my work is done. Good day. But coach? I SAID GOOD DAY!

But its less then 2 months to Free Agency. Now thats quite exciting. The Bills need to hook up a GM, do a bit of smart selective shopping then get the rest at the draft. This team should move forward from last year, with the QB and a RB and a decent O line. Really have to shore up that defense.

Actually the team needs a ton of work, good luck to the new GM to make them better.

Lack of previews

Yeah keep these two up please.

Hi there, usually I do a game preview before most hockey games. But lately I haven't due to, 1) I'm too busy or 2) they play the same teams over and over and I'm tired of seeing the same information and its worthless to recap it. But come Wednesday they play the rangers and it will be fun to preview them, since I haven't done it yet this season and it will nice to see different players. Enough with the Devils and Senators, I'm tired of them, move on already. Plus they are mired in a 8 game winless streak, I won't call it losing, since a shootout isn't technically a loss, so there the sabres are 0-4-4 during the past 8 games.

Another trend over the last 8 games, 12 goals. Thats right this once powerful offensive juggernaut is struggling to put the puck in the net, not from the lack of effort, but its a team wide epidemic. I'm guessing since I've listened to more Sabre Hockey of late then seen it. I'm at points where I'm like who is 4 again? IS that Mike Wilson out there? Ohhh Nolan Pratt. But I like what I hear from Patrick Kaleta. Some guy that justs runs around like a Hanson brother and bangs. More of Kaleta he's cheaper then Peters and a Buffalo kid its a no brainer Sabre Management. Keep Up Kaleta and Macarthur.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A Canisius Update

I've been slacking in my update of Canisius College Athletics which I feel ashamed of. Well not really since its depressing most times. But here we go with a summary of the past week or so of action.

Mens Basketball

The Men are back to their losing ways with a pair of losses on the road first on Friday to St Peters 65 to 54. Where Pawel Malesa was the leading scorer with 11 points. Seriously the Polish Rifle shouldn't be leading the team in points. Hes basically a DH. He hits big shots and doesn't play defense. Then headed to Rider, where they got Bronced, 102-51. Holy crap losing by 51 to Rider is totally unacceptable THEY ARE 9 and 6! Even with 51 points Elton Frazier scored 22 points. Maybe adopting the Ole defense is a bad strategy.

Griffs are now 2-12 on the year and 0-4 in the MAAC

Womens Basketball

Now a team that can win a few games. Well since the start of the New Year the ladies have gone 1-1 with a win over Rhode Island and a loss to Siena. I'm sorry for not updating more on the ladies, they do show some talent and defense and the ability to win the occasional game. Its a two horse race to be the leading scorer with Russell leading Cavo by 12 points on the year. Both will score in the 300 range. The ladies will make a home stand starting this thursday with Fairfield, then Iona on Saturday and the Double header against Niagara next Friday.


Unlike another hockey team in town, this team can't lose and haven't since 12/1/2007. Of course they 5 games and tied 3 of them. But hey they haven't lost in over a month. Good for you guys. With a big win over Niagara mixed in and a Win over Bentley last Saturday. This recent stroke of decent play has brought them to 5-10-5 and are 4-0-1 at home. Which is a good sign, because once you step into the Buffalo State Sports Arena you are Griff food. Anyway. The Griffs play a weekend match with UConn at the Pepsi Center. Check em out. Its fun hockey.

Till next time.

So a 7 game losing streak?

Well the losing streak as reached 7 now. Well in the old days it would be called a 7 game winless streak, since there would be 3 ties. But still the problem is easy to point to. Lack of timely scoring. Or any scoring. Sure Jason Pominville tied it up late but still lost in the shootout. Weren't they great in the shootout last year? Whatever, I missed the majority of the game since I was on a 2 month anniversary dinner date.

I would offer suggestions or trade ideas or whatever but guess what? I don't know anything so it would be pointless for me to try offer any helpful advice. I barely watch the games these days. The winter classic was the last game I watched full through. I'm usually driving or with the Girlfriend. So guys keep your heads up. Your a good 2 weeks from being in a playoff spot.

But the best part of losing streaks, lower demand for tickets, meaning cheaper prices for ebay or replay. Meaning I might go to another game sometime. I love going to Sabre games win or lose. And I've been to two this year and both losses. Who cares I want more hockey!

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