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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Stay of Execution

Dick Jauron has gotten a reprieve for now on his firing. Ralph Wilson has decided to keep Dick around for one more year. And I assume dicking around with time management as well for one more year.

I wrote the reason for Jauron being let go, was mainly due to game planning and not being ready for Division opponents. But the brain trust of the Bills decided that a change wouldn't be a good thing for the time being. The team loves the decision. Because they know where they stand. They don't have to worry about impressing a new coach, and actually trying, instead of doing the same old thing. Because not fighting for a job, really makes a team better (yes thats sarcasm)

But we get 1 more year. No doubt they finish 7-9 next year, its clean house at 1 Bills Drive. At WGR its depression city, yet they don't call for the firing of Ruff, who himself couldn't inspire anyone on the team anymore. Seriously the Sabres are a passionless bunch and nothing Lindy does works. Where is the call for his head? Oh right, he comes on every week, so they have to cowtow to management. But since the Bills could care less about the morons at Talk Radio, they do what they want, regardless of public opinion. Which honestly is how things should run.

The Bills statistically got better. But their turnover margin got much worse. They lost several games, because of costly turnovers. You can blame timeouts and all that. But I know in the end they don't honestly matter. They are obvious mistakes, but in the end it comes down to making plays. The Bills have to make more plays. And protect the ball next year. If the Bills go 12 and 4 next year. The move will look smart. If they go 5-11. The management will get ripped.

Right now, who knows if its a good move. Its not rewarding mediocrity, its keeping to a plan. A plan that is in midstream. Unfortuntely for the fans, we have no say in the plan. And we don't know what goes on inside.

Dick Jauron is entering his contract year. He got a new contract when they were 5-1. But now he knows its 16 games that will determine his next few years.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sabres Caps

The Sabres and Caps tussle again tonight, this time down at the Arena. After the Caps held on to beat the Sabres 3-2 last week in DC. With Alexander the Great doing his thing again, and turning Tallinder inside out, which really isn't that hard. But he helped Ovie make a great play.

Ovechkin is quite hot of late, scoring 17 times in his last 17 games. Ovechkin is the Capitals no doubt about it. Its the reason the Sabres won 5-0 the other meeting. The Capitals just aren't as dangerous. Ovie likes to creep or sit at the blue line, so he can break out fast.

The Capitals are having a much better year this year then the Sabres, they won't have to have a miracle run to make the playoffs. They will probably win the Southeast comfy. They are 2nd in the conference, 10 points ahead of the Hurricanes. They are also 8-2 in their last 10. So the Sabres are getting a team playing their best of late. It should be a good test for the Sabres.

Theodore will be in net tonight. So the Sabres could get to him early if they want to. Otherwise he'll build up confindence and the Sabres offensive woes will kill them. The also need to stay out of the penalty box and put the Caps into the penalty box. The caps are 5th in the power play and near the bottom of the league on the penalty kill. But they are also pretty good 5 on 5. Which leads to this interesting tidbit.

The Sabres are .84 5 on 5. They are 26th in the league when even up. Which means they are scored upon way more, then they score. They are 12th on the Power play and 4th on the penalty kill. Which means if their penalty kill slips. They are dead in the water, because they aren't good enough 5 on 5 to beat the good teams. To but that in perspective the Bruins are 1.77 5 on 5. Which means they almost score 2 goals to every 1 at even strength. No wonder they are doing so well.

Gaustad and Gerbe are back tonight. So that should help out the forwards, by getting Peters and Max off the ice. Rivet is almost back and that will help sure up the defense. If the Sabres get healthier, January could be a much better month and they could make a move up the standings. But they first have to improve 5 on 5 or they are going nowhere this year.

The closing argument on Jauron

I caught this item in the Chris Brown blog on

In 2008 the Bills had nine games against 3-4 defensive fronts and went 1-8 against them. They also went 6-1 against 4-3 fronts. In 2009 there will be fewer 3-4s to deal with, which in light of this past year’s success would appear to be a good thing.

Ok thats not good. You'd think you'd change things up

As it stands right now Buffalo will have seven games against 3-4 defensive fronts in 2009 (Cleveland, Jets (2), Pats (2), Dolphins(2)), with the chance of that number being reduced to just four if the coaching changes in Cleveland and New York bring about a different defensive philosophy as well.

WAIT! Everyone in the division plays the 3-4? You went 0-6 against them. How is it you aren't prepared in training camp to have a gameplan against a 3-4 front?

I thought Buffalo’s offense got better against the 3-4 defensive fronts late in the season (Jets in Week 15 and Patriots in Week 17) in terms of running the football, and the stats prove it.

Of course the passing game was the real issue, so some progress will still need to be made there in terms of having answers for what those fronts can throw at Buffalo.

So it took to week 15, when the season was pretty much over to figure out, how to run against this front, but yet still the Pass was useless? That is totally unacceptable. You know coming into the season, what teams you are matching up against. You know the teams in the division all play the same front. And still, you are unprepared and can't mount a offense against them, only till later in the season, when the previous division games ended playoff hopes? How can that be?

The NFL is all about being prepared and being able to dictate to the other team. When the other team can dictate their defense, by playing a basic scheme. The Patriots don't have wild schemes. They play their scheme and have players execute it. Thats it. You're telling me you can't even scheme against teams. Or can't have the players in the right position. Don't give me thats the players. The players execute the coaches game plan. When the coaches gameplan is flawed, then the players will be flawed.

Against Kansas City I heard they were excited about the game plan, well guess what, the crushed them. I never other days where the game plan was that good.

Having game plans good enough to only beat bad teams isn't good enough. We need coaching that can game plan to beat better teams. Even with lesser athletes.

This coaching staff isn't good enough. This stat should be the nail in the coffin on the current adminstration.

Monday, December 29, 2008

With the Bills done, now we got the Sabres.

Well the Bills are done. I'm sure the next week there will be news on where Jauron goes or stays and the drama that goes around a new coach. But until then the Sabres will be playing some games. But lets look at the Sabres and what holds in the next half of the season.

First, they are in 8th place, so they'd make the playoffs if they started today. But they don't so it doesn't matter.

They are -1 on Goal differential on the year. Yet the team is full of minus players. Especially on the Blue line.

They never seem to be very hot, they do go in the tank at times. They started off great, but since then they are average at best. I will not use injuries as an excuse.

The goalie numbers are a bit of a concern. The exact reason I said that you could wait to sign Ryan Miller. Was in fact he is average goaltender. (They got a decent deal, less then I thought) But the numbers aren't great. 2.62 GAA, thats 24th in the NHL. Yes he and Henrik Lundqvist are right next to each other. So I guess it was right to compare him to Henrik. He's 20th in the league in Sv %. You look at a guy like Tim Thomas and he is in the top 5 of both categories. And you wonder why Boston is so good.

Lalime is falling into the Thibault category again. Below .900 sv%, above 3.00 GAA. Those are ok numbers. But if Ryan gets hurt the Sabres are in real trouble. It seems since Marty left. Who is also have bad numbers this year.

They don't have a goaltender that can win them games consistently. And a defense that can't contain the good offensive players. They can't lock down a game. The Islander game is a good example. They get lazy and they get into trouble. Tallinder still hasn't come back to where he was. Lydman is playing well. Sekera is struggling. Numminen isn't good enough anymore. Spacek is probably the 2nd best defesemen. And Rivet seems to be hurt all the time.

Then the offense. Which has been disappointing compared to years past. Only 4 double digit goal scorers. Boston has 6. Since when do they score? MacArthur has 10 goals, but so does Jason Pominville, he has to be a disappointment so far. Along with Derek Roy. Hecht has 4 goals in 26 games. Stafford only 8 in 33. Max is a whirlwhind disaster. Just someone you need to get rid of no matter what. Dan Paille has only 4 goals. There is a lot of guys having down years. Thomas Vanek kind of hides that fact, by producing so much.

This team has more potential, but they never seem to reach it. Just not enough. Lines are constantly juggled, nothing really gels. The Sabres really need to have a great January. Its vital to the season. Anything less then a .600 win % in the month, and they won't make the playoffs. They need confindence back. They need desire. They need a couple trades. Really shake something up.

The team isn't good enough. A few moves to bring in some real prescene on the bench and locker room would be the prescription for the Sabres. The Rivet trade was a step in the right direction. Now just a couple more, and this team could be something come April. I really believe that.

I was there. And didn't blow away

Jauron: Bill I was wondering if I could give you my resume later
Belichick: Um, we aren't looking to hire right now. But we will keep it on file

I wasn't planning on attending the Patriots game yesterday. But on Saturday my Fiancee got a call from her boss, that he had a couple extra tickets. I was like you betcha. Love going to Bills game no bad they are. The reason the tickets sell, is because its fun, and not super expensive. And I knew the tickets were in a club. So if I had to warm up, I could just head up inside. (Which I only did at halftime) Im not weak. I love the cold. (kinda)

But we got to the game, headed to the tailgate. Which was almost impossible to do yesterday. The wind was brutal and constant. You couldn't take your gloves off without fear of your hands falling off. Plus everything was blowing around everywhere. There was a bowl of wings and you had to hold it down, because the wind would have taken it. Beer was cold though. Very cold.

We head into the stadium into the Paul Maguire club, which was nice and warm. In fact season tickets there would be worth the losing. And really worth it, when they are winning. But the seats themselves were great. Bills sideline, 2nd row, at end zone level. Close, but not too close where you can't see everything. But the first half was marred but some weird calls. The No call on the obvious late hit out of bounds. Everyone saw it. Officials looked away of course. The goal post fixing. Kick it normal. Then the end of the half. Patriots grabbing a Bill to start something to kill the clock. Its a penalty. Throw a flag guys. They were trying to delay the Bills. Its cheap. Its unsportsmanlike. But not stupid. Everyone else says it was Preston, but it seemed to me that the Patriots WANTED that to happen. Just saying.

And this from Mark Gaughan

An announced crowd of 71,282 booed the Bills off the field to end the half.

Um No, they were booing the officials. Thank You.

Then its back in the clubhouse to warm up, eat some food, and just enjoy the warmth before its back to the game. Only down 3-0. The Chicken fingers are great, go get them, worth the price and will totally fill you up.

The Second half was kinda of a blur. The Bills would kinda drive, then the Patriots. Then Edwards fumbled, which set up the Touchdown drive. Which was a great game plan. Seriously. Who is the Pats offensive Coordinator? Can we hire that guy? Everytime I watch the Patriots I see a smart offensive gameplan. Where do these guys come from? And why can't the Bills hire someone smart, they have to exist don't they?

When the Patriots kicked the field goal it was over. Especially after that 4th and 1 pass. Good god. Run the ball. Spread the field and run. It will work. A pass on a day like that, you have to be crazy. Especially throwing it the same direction as the wind.

Then another drive, where Robert Royal dropped another one. That is where we left. I couldn't take anymore, it was cold and windy. And the walk back wasn't any fun to find the car. The wind was so strong and it just made everything difficult. Really some may say that the Bills shouldn't have a dome. But it effects both teams. The dome wouldn't make things worse. It would make things comfortable. For everyone. Make Buffalo a more attractive place to play. Guess what guys don't like to play in the cold. That restricts good free agency. Miami is easy to sign for. Who wouldn't want to play there?

The loudest cheers of the day.

Fred Jackson Introduction

Fred Jackson on the run to get the first down, by himself.

And when the Sun game out in the 3rd quarter. Which I said "its a sign" only to Leodis Mckelvin screwing up a kickoff.

But it was fun, but the Bills are terrible. Jauron has to go, Fewell has to go, Robert Royal should be cut today. And they need to look at the linebackers available in free agency or the draft. Because they need help in the Linebacking corp.

I guess its on to next year.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Kelly Holcomb retired? NOOOOOO!!!!

I was catching up with Chris Brown blog. Where you can get little tidbits on who is hurt or practicing. (Holy crap Tedy Lehman is practicing!) But I caught this item.



That cannon arm, that super mobility. That gunslinger attitude. He really guided those mid aught Bills toward real mediocrity.

Wait, he turned down teams to come back? Wow, Mr. Picky.

But look at these stats from 2005

8 games started 1500 yards passing 10 tds and a 85.6 QB rating. Pro Bowl type numbers. Actually they are better then Trent Edwards so I shouldn't say anything.

But if only player that signifies the 21st century Bills. Its Kelly Holcomb. Average. Able to beat teams that are worse or the same as them. But at the end of the day not good enough to get to elite status.

To think he was part of that Takeo Spikes disaster trade. A lose/lose trade. The Bills got Darwin Walker and a 2008 pick for Holcomb and Spikes. Everyone but the Draft pick plays for the team they were sent too.

Who was that pick?

Steve Johnson

Thats a trade the Bills won I think.

Christmas is over: So is the Bills Season

Well the presents are all unwrapped. The people are at stores shopping on Black Friday 2: Electronics Boogaloo Blowout. And I'm at work. What? From the drive in this morning, it doesn't appear many others are. But I'm here and sports are back on the docket. So what better way to get into a Bills last game of the year preview, then with aftermath of christmas.

Well the Bills head in 7-8, looking to salvage a 8-8 season, thats a 1 game improvement. But a complete disaster from a 5-1 start. Remember that? I do, it was fun, then it went downhill quickly.

The Patriots are 10-5, looking to get into the playoffs needing to win, or they have a great season considering losing Tom Brady all year, but just miss out on the playoffs. (ed. note good I hate the Patriots, I wish they went 0-16) Hey remember when Tom Brady went out and you felt good, because you thought, finally the Bills can beat the Pats. Yeah that was fun too.

The Patriots

Well I guess the story is Matt Cassell. The lifetime backup, finally gets his chance to shine, and has done quite well for himself. He has a 63 % completion rate, 21 touchtowns and only 11 interceptions. Though he has been sacked 46 times, which leads me to believe he holds on the ball a little long. But that doesn't matter he's playing the Bills they couldn't sack groceries. The last 2 games he has had 7 td's, but lower completion rates. Sure last week he played in the snow, so I think they are letting play a bit more and not controlling him. Which means he could be open for interceptions if the Bills actually get some pressure on him. (Big if)

The running game is a bit of a committee mainly due to injuries. Sammy Morris leads the team with 642 yards and 7 tds, Kevin Faulk has 500 yards. And the man who ripped up the Bills. But old Raider Lamont "I was a fantasy draft bust" Jordan, is another man they are going to now out of the backfield. Really its one guy or another and they seem to run effectively who ever they hand the ball too. (Thats what happens when you have a decent line)

The passing game is all about Moss and Welker. Combined almost 200 catches, for over 2000 yards and 2/3 of Cassells touchdown throws. And don't forget Sam Aiken is on the squad, feeding Belichick the Bills playbook. And also Jabar Gaffney. Who will of course catch 5 balls, all for first downs and frustrate you. Well when Welker is not.

The defense is in the upper half of the league, but not spectacular. It is the Patriots weak spot. They don't get to the QB much, with only 29 sacks. They give up 100 yards on the ground, (beast mode!) (Action Jackson time) And Bruschi and Seymour are hurt. With Adalius Thomas out, and Junior Seau back in the lineup, being sacked on the sideline by fans. But the Patriot Defense always seems to confuse the Bills. Even though it appears to be the same thing. With average players. I'm tired of them.

The Bills

Well playing for pride and the coach, won a good game on the road, completing the sweep of the AFC West. Now looking to win 1 game in the division this year. Yikes. With Lynch banged up. Peters banged up and others. Trent Edwards looking to end his season well. And other guys playing to stay in the league.

The Bills seem to have found two decent young corners. The injuries to Greer and Youbouty have helped the experience of McKelvin and Corner. Shown the Whitner is a disaster at corner. But have also shown the Linebackers aren't great in coverage, unless its short distance. But I'm sure they will come to play Sunday. If their is a new coach next year, I'm sure they don't want to be seen on tape dogging it, losing their starting spot.

But other then that this game is just a game. Playing for pride.


The Patriots need to win and a team to lose. I think they will do their part, but I'm not sure if Miami or Baltimore will lose. With the Dolphins playing the listless Jets and the Ravens playing the bad Jaguars. This one looks like a Patriot win, with a 11-5 season down the drain.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

Hope that everyone has a Merry Christmas and gets what they want, or at least money to go get what they want on Friday, when Stores slash prices to get rid of inventory. After Christmas sales are going to be great. I think.

But its a good time of year, you eat, you get stuff and celebrate with family and everyone tries to be on their best behavior.

So what should Buffalo sports teams get for Christmas?

Buffalo Bills - A identity. Know who you are and dictate to other teams

Buffalo Sabres. Consistency

Buffalo Bisons. A better parent and more fans.

Buffalo Stampede Having people realize you exist

Buffalo Bandits A repeat championship

Canisius College Golden Griffins Nothing you guys are perfect

UB Bulls To somehow retain Turner Gill for Life.

Me More readership and to destroy the Jokeblog.

Any way Merry christmas

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sabres got Hosed

Bill Wippert

But it doesn't excuse losing that game. They should have won that game. No matter what happened in Overtime. It shouldn't have went there in the first place. The Sabres should have controlled that game, but once again those long range shots some how end up in the net. 3 of Alex Goligoski's 6 goals have come against the Sabres. Malkin was a beast. (He's the best player on the Pens) Lydman and Tallinder struggled with a combined -6. Thomas Vanek is in a slump and a -3 yesterday doesn't help. He may need the Holiday to clear out his head and enjoy his family and come back as the beast he is.

Chris Butler seems to me like he'll be here next year. He doesn't seem that out of place and Lindy trusts him a bit. He isn't going to be out there when Malkin or Crosby. But he takes the heat and stress off the other guys. So with Butler and Weber progressing. Half the D-men next year should be young guys. With Lydman, Tallinder and Rivet giving them a vet prescene. That if they don't add anyone else. (Spacek is a UFA this year)

But the Sabres inconsistent and average play continues to plague them. MacArthur is in his out period. Which will soon cool and he'll be a liability again. Max is awful. Stafford has turned things around. Roy and Pominville still just seem average out there. It will help to get a healthy Rivet back.

I still think it was a high stick. The net is 4 feet high. Sidney Crosby is 6 feet tall, before skates. And the Stick was above the logo where he hit the puck. So he is only 3 feet 10 inches from the bottom of his skate to the Penguin head? He has some short legs and torso. The officials just wanted to get home for Christmas, without having to go through the Shootout Nonsense. So thats it. Still the Sabres shouldnt have let it go to Overtime.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Sabres Penguins preview

Well its the 4th matchup this year, so its the last time you'll see these teams play unless its in the playoffs. I'm sure the Sabres like this because they can ramp up ticket prices. But the struggling Pens come in against a playing better Sabres team. They did this last year, only to come out of the Holidays, playing like crap and ruining their season. So I'll take current play with a grain of salt. Sometimes you just have to look at the big picture and still think its just a .500 hockey team nothing more nothing less.

Well since we've last met. The Penguins have gone 2-3 while the Sabres are 3-2. So not too much difference. Though people are calling the Pens struggling. Well losing 7-3 to the Leafs will do that. But this is the last game before Christmas. So I would expect a hard charging Pens team, and a Sabres team that um, uhhh, will show up on the ice. Whether they want to win or not, is up to them.

We know all the big guns for the Pens, Malkin, Crosby, Staal, Satan and Sykora. But they are still banged up on the blue line and Fleury is back but got yanked in the last one. So he's probably a little upset at himself. And the last thing the Sabres need is a determined netminder. But I'm sure Ryan Miller is back in net tonight after two straight solid starts. And Pat Kaleta does not have a concussion after his sucker punch from Dennis "I'm a dirty player" Gauthier. Hey has he gotten suspended yet? No? Shocking. The officials have seemed a little iffy against the Sabres of late. (yes thats a homer statement)

But anyway, it should be a good game. Its on "National" tv. Though its in the best two hockey markets, so Versus can trump their ratings. They probably would love 10 Sabre Penguin Games a year.

See you later

Snowed in

Boy yesterday, was a great day to stay inside and watch a Bills game. And make cookies with the Fiancee. Yes I did help. In taking them out of the oven and cleaning things. The rest I should not be trusted in doing. Well if you want edible cookies. But thankfully the Bills actually gave us a watchable game. And in the end I think most Bills fans, felt they end up losing. And when the pass in the endzone fell incomplete, were like wait. What? They are going to win? Mmm awesome. Ooo Wizard of Oz is on. It was strange and not totally satisfying, but it was good to see Trent back as Trent Edwards. Not the disaster that is known as JP Losman. And those "still waiting" to be sold on Edwards. (Who 2 months ago, announced we had a QB) Hey he is the real deal, stop trying to backtrack. Stop Flip flopping.

But oh my, that was a lot of blowing snow. The shovels and snowblowers were working overtime this weekend. And now heading into a week of the 40's. Oh thats gonna be nice for basements. Flooding coming this new year. But really its just winter. And I like some nice weather for a change. You know when its in the 40's it will rain. We're heading for one of those lots of snow winters. But the lake if frozen, will shut down the lake effect. So the colder the better early. But if you like skiing, this January should be excellent, with all the new powder.

But isn't there usually that last part of the year hope. That we have the quarterback and the running back, and maybe the defense is turning around. But I don't feel that way about the defense.

I think the scheme is flawed and the players don't fit it. The ends are slow, the middle is soft and the zone coverage seems way to soft at times. I think Mckelvin and Corner are going to be adequate corners. McGee is solid. But I think a more man scheme might actually fit this team. With Whitner, Simpson or Scott with the zone coverage, to protect deep or the middle. The Bills get ripped up the middle way to much.

If Crennel, gets fired in Cleveland, probably, I'd hope they'd bring him in for a DC. Perry Fewell just isn't good enough. A coordinator from the Belichick tree is just what the Bills need. Someone that understands how the rest of the division works. You have Belichick in New England who worked under Parcells, who runs things in Miami and Mangini in New York, who is a Belichick disciple. And we have Jauron, who is from another coaching tree. One of these things doesn't belong guess who?

The Bills are miserable in the AFC East. They just look out of place in the division. They must look different next year. Change the scheme. The defense has been miserable. Pick up key free agents. Ones that match what you are doing. The Offense will be fine. Trent and Marshawn will move the ball next year, I have no doubt about that. But the defense bothers me. They don't dictate to anyone. They read and react. There is no doubt Mitchell would be an animal if they let him lose. But the front 4 gets absolutly no pressure. Jay Cutler had all day to throw. The scheme they are using doesn't work, until you get to the 20. Which is 3 points at least. Thats not acceptable.

Change the scheme, take a man from the Evil Empire. Learn your enemy. Its the only way you can make the playoffs.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Sabres Kings Preview

Well assuming the Kings are in town, there will be a game tonight. Probably not a ton of people at this one. Also you can get great deals at EBAY for tickets. So if you want to brave things. Take the train and head down to the arena.

The Kings

The Kings are 4th in the Pacific 21 points behind the division leading Sharks. They don't have a terrible record of 13-12-6. Basically 13-18 but are 4-3-2 in their last 10. So basically they are the Sabres in consistency.

Alexander Frolov leads them with 13 goals

Anze Kopitar leads the team with 26 points

Dustin Brown has 12 goals and 24 points.

They are a young team filled with up and coming stars like Drew Doughty, Jack Johnson(when healthy) and others who you've never heard of.

Their goaltending is the real weakness on the Kings. They could use a real #1 goalie badly. I'm surprised they haven't pushed for one. Because their defense doesn't seem to bad. Maybe pick up a good goalie in Free Agency. It would improve things in Los Angeles very quickly.

Both Goalies have played in 18 games. Both hovering around a .900 sv%. Ersberg has the much GAA then Labarbera. Both don't seem to me like big time goalies.

Anyway, the Kings are one of those West teams you hear nothing about and know nothing of. So its a treat game. You get tired of the usual suspects. Its time for the teams you never see. See why they keep on talking about Kopitar.

The Sabres

Well after the Devils loss, it was obvious, they went back into lazy mode. So the called up Matt Ellis and Chris Butler to shake things up. I doubt anything will come of it, but it will be nice to see how Butler does.

And it can lead Rick, to of course say, if Butler scores.


My friend Rob would love it.

Anyway. Its gonna be a half empty joint, and who knows how the Sabres will play. Just shakes me as one of those 7-2 wins. Or a 4-0 loss. Nothing in between

Average stupid Buffalo Sports fan opens the paper.

(not saying this guy is stupid)

(Guy sits down and looks down at Paper)



I knew he was a cheap bastard. He doesn't care about winning. He just cares about helping others and fight poverty and horrible conditions in other countries.

What about the Sabres? They need leadership. Instead of giving money to Clinton. He should have given that money to Drury. The team would be totally better. I told everybody that he was no good. Now he wants to sell the team move them to Hamilton. This guys is the worst thing ever. Totally should have sold the team to Mark Hamister. Theres a guy that would never move a Buffalo Sports Team.

This has totally ruined my day. Now I know that ownership isn't committed to winning. Just helping the world. WHAT ABOUT MY WORLD! My world revolves around the Buffalo Sabres. A Stanley cup would justify my existstence. The loss against the Devils hit me hard and now this. He should have let Vanek go and use that money for his global aid. What good has Lazy Vanek ever done. Now Danny Briere now theres a good 2 way player.



Man this Golisano doesn't care about winning. Just about making money. And giving that money to good causes.

What a bum.

(guy puts paper down, eats 3 doughnuts at the same time)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hey guess what a lifeless Sabres Team

Well well well. Who would have guessed the Sabres skated through another one. They haven't played since Saturday, what are they saving up for? Don't they know they aren't in a comfy spot and .500 hockey is only getting them a early ticket home. Are they ok with not making the playoffs. We get paid, thats good enough. Its like their some traveling broadway show. Due your dates and move on.

Its a year and a half, this is the same team as last year. And they aren't good enough. Clarke Macarthur doesn't deserve to be playing everyday. Kotalik is the new Satan without the same offense. And Max is Max. Regier has to make some moves to remodel the team. Because what is happening now is going to happen in February and March. I'm tired of the wait and see mode. Because its always a few good games here and there, then a day or two off. Its .500 hockey. That shouldn't be good enough. All it will take is a couple players.

The defense is not good enough. Half of the current guys are struggling. Paetsch in my opinion should be playing in Portland. Teppo should be up in the pressbox as a pseduo coach for the Weber and Sekera.

The Rangers are looking to shed payroll. Make a deal and pick up a defensemen. The Coyotes are I'm sure looking to shed payroll, along with the Lightning. Now is the time to strike, and not at the trade deadline, when prices are marked up. Its closeout time.

I know you're probably saying, well thats just reactionary. Well no. Its a year and half. What difference is there from last year? Less goal scoring? Ryan Miller stats are the same. Vanek is the one scoring all the goals. Stafford is still very inconsistent. Now Roy and Pominville are struggling. How many different line combos have we seen this year? One works, then someone gets hurt then everything is up in flux. Its obvious to me that the team is not good enough. And if you like the team as is, then you don't want change. I've turned the corner on Lindy and don't think he was the problem, I thought the team was, but changing coaches would be easier. And might not solve the problem.

Thats why the team has to be changed. A few parts. Not a full scrap heap. Just a scapel and remove the excess waste. I'm tired of waiting for Stafford. He's a RFA next year and he'll want more then he's worth. And probably could get you a quality veteren. Kotalik can probably pull in a quality steady dman. Max, will get you maybe a draft pick to use in another deal. Like Bernier. Just a couple moves that shakes up the team, and shows no one is safe. Being comfortable is dangerous. Some players when comfortable play like Vanek. Others like Macarthur, play when they want to play. MacArthur was better, when he didn't know when he'd be back in the AHL.

There are young kids on the horizon, Gerbe and Kennedy sooner, Ennis, Brennan and Myers a few years later. Mancari I think is a great AHL player but a role player, a good callup at best. Mike Weber will be on the roster. Hopefully with Sekera for years to come. But thats not now. The Rangers are going after Sundin to win now. The Sharks made moves to win now. Why not the Sabres. Have cap space and talent to win now. They are under the radar and teams maybe comfortable to move players with the Sabres, not fearing that the move will hurt them later.

I know your not supposed to make deals, just to make deals. The Sabres need to make deals now or in the next month, to save the season. Another year missing the Playoffs, will hurt Season Tickets, and then hurt the bottom line.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Trent <3's Dick

Just reading through stuff and I caught this item from Mark Gaughan today.

But asked about whether the team was playing to save Jauron's job the next two weeks, Edwards said this: "I sent a text message to him (Jauron) earlier this week that said I've never respected a person more than I do the coach that I have. I love him to death. I love coming to work for him every day. I'm just happy that these two years I've been in the league I've been able to have a boss like that."


Seriously. Thats nice you stick up for him. But you love him to death? Because he doesn't throw you under the bus. No one should really love their boss to death. It means he's probably a little soft on the guys. (Which is evident by the play) I think I want Jauron fired now. If they love him and they don't win, what does that mean? They love him, but they aren't going full out for him. To be fair they have been more disciplined under Jauron then previous coaches. But that could be they brought in more disciplined guys.

Here are other things that Trent Edwards loves to death.

The NFTA. Best Transit System ever

David Patterson

Sean Avery

Rod Blagojevich

Sarah Palin

Star Wars Jerseys No wait thats JP Losman

Oh man, Dick Jauron is gonna stay around for a while isn't he? Yep. Oh well Bills fans are use to this crap by now, why should we be surprised.

Sabres Devils Preview

Hey the Sabres are back. They haven't played since Saturday, where they played.. The Devils. What, who scheduled the home and home, but had New Jersey stop in Toronto first. Anywho. Its a pretty important game when looking at the standings. The Sabres are right behind the Devils and a Regulation win, would make them tied. The Devils lost in a shootout last night to Toronto. So basically coming off a tie. So we have the rested team versus the team that played last night. Which in my opinion is a push. Doesn't make a difference, its the team that actually plays with heart, that will come out in this one. Plus the Sabres have a 2-0 advantage over the Devils this year. They are a good matchup, well without Martin Broduer of course.

The Devils

Ahh, the devils, the most hated team in hockey. Since they play good sound defense and take advantage of miscues. Really they are the Baltimore Ravens of Hockey. Some offense, but nothing that would wow you must times. Though to be fair, they do have some weapons. As a Sabre fan I'm used to the lineup having big stats, but lately, its not the case. They have 2 solid scoring lines. Plus they have outstanding plus minus, through the lineup.

Parise is the leading scorer with 33 points and 16 goals. Patrick Elias is right behind with 29 points and 13 goals. Gionta has 26 points, Zajac 19 and Zubrus 19 as well. Plus they have a solid blueline led by Paul Martin and Colin White.

The Devils were always about Martin Broduer, but he's out long term, and the Devils really haven't missed a beat. They have been hot of late, and the Sabres caught them at a good time last Saturday after their big win over the Rangers. Scott Clemenson has filled in pretty well for the Devils with Marty's absence with a 2.43 GAA and a 919 Sv%. Though I think the Sabres may get Kevin Weekes whose numbers aren't as good, and the Sabres got to him on Saturday. Once again getting the Devils at the right time.

I expect the same tough Devils team you always do.

The Sabres.

Well Gerbe is out, Kaleta is back in. Gerbe only had 1 point in his time up. So really offensively the Sabres aren't missing much. They are getting a pest back, and with Goose and Paille next to Kaleta the Sabres have one of those hard checking lines. I would imagine a few scoring opportunities with this line tonight.

The Sabres are 4-1 in their last 5 games and with 7 games till the end of the year. Could look to make some moves up the standings. They are only 4 points behind the Canadiens, and if they go 5-2 in this stretch could be in the 6th of 5th spot in the East. Where they can feel more comfortable even if they have a slide.

But they gotta come out and play, goals won't come easy and they can't depend on Vanek. So look for Lindy to get everyone going and I bet The Kaleta! will put a spark into the lineup, especially on a line with Gaustad. There will be some banging tonight.

I'll be with the Fiancee having a very nice evening out and don't know how much of this one I'll catch.

Bisons, Bills, Turner Gill, Chris Drury and Canisius

As a man that works near Dunn Tire, um err Coca Cola Field. New stuff about the Bisons is always exciting. Who doesn't enjoy a good summer day Bisons game. And now with their new affiliation with the who could be broke Mets. They changed the logo and color scheme to fit the new partnership. I think the new logo is pretty sharp. I like the Buffalo coming out of the skyline. The colors are good and I can't wait for the new hats and stuff, also could be pretty sharp. Or ugly. Who knows. But we'll have to wait till January. And also hope the parent isn't completely out of cash.

So Jason Peters made the pro bowl. We have no definite proof no one watches the Buffalo Bills. The guy has been a turnstile this year. Downright terrible for most of the year and yet makes the pro bowl. How? It shows that the Pro Bowl is a joke. And is MEANINGLESS. Brett Favre made the team and he hasn't been that good. But I guess its to get stars there so people actually go to the game. You put a roster of no names, the place will be half empty. I'm surprised Tom Brady wasn't put on the roster.

Turner Gill was given a raise and a extension, by UB. I don't know where they got the money, since the state is broke. I guess when I pay more for Pop, I can blame Auburn for not hiring Turner Gill. But thats a good move a day after the Auburn mess, that UB sweeps in grants an extension and a raise, as a gesture for all the good Turner Gill has done the UB Football program. Who were permenent residents of the ESPN Bottom 10. Now they are ranked 34th in the nation and playing a January bowl game.


I like to read other blogs. But heres a little tidbit from the Denver Post. That Drury, might be up for a trade. With the Rangers desperate for Sundin. (WHY?) His large cap hit would be a big problem, along with the no trade clause. I guess the Rangers are looking more short term then long term. And Drury hasn't lit the team on fire. Since joining the club a year ago. He has 18 points this year and a -7. And only 58 points and -3 last year. The returns for his deal aren't what he had in Buffalo with back to back 30 goal and 60 points seasons. Though to be fair the Sabres had a more open run and gun style. The same could be said for Danny Briere. But its interesting the Rangers would dump Drury for Sundin. I don't understand that whatsoever. And don't know who could afford Drury right now. Except teams with large cap space, but who are terrible and not a place Drury would waive a no trade clause to.

on a side note looking at the Rangers stats. Dmitri Kalinin is a -15? Good riddance. And Lundqvist has very Milleresque numbers.

Maybe the Sabres can help the Rangers clear some space and get a Paul Mara for nothing. He would be a good asset on the Blue line. A position the Sabres could use some help at.

And no I don't think the Sabres would make that move, I know they have 6 million in cap space. But thats crazy. But holy crap it would excite the town to no end.


So the Griffs walk into the Carrier Dome tonight. To face the Orange, who I assume aren't upset about losing to Cleveland St on Monday. Nope. I'm sure Boeheim won't have the guys all ready to go and put a complete stomping on the Griffs. Hey at least the game is on TV. Maybe I'll catch a little after dinner with the Fiancee tonight.

Please take it easy on the Griffs, they are fragile. Its not fair.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I declare War.

This is my declaration of War against one blog, who I believe is just a sellout now. And brings absolutely nothing for hockey blogging. Like Deadspin now. Except when Leitch writes one of his articles.

Thats the Hackblog. Or known on the hockey circles as the Pensblog.

Seriously what do they have now? A CSI Miami caption contest. THAT THEY DIDN"T EVEN THINK UP THEMSELVES. And do they write the "funny" captions. No, readers do. What? You're basically a contest blog. Hey everyone else be creative while we profit from said readers jokes. Uhh?

1. Take idea from someone else
2. Have other people be creative

3. Profit

They never have anything useful about the Penguins, yet its the site of sites for the Penguins. They rather think of stupid nicknames and call Sidney Crosby "Bing". Mmm did that take long to think up? If i hear a nickname and I don't have to ask why he's called that? Then its not a good nickname. Sorry its not.

The game recaps are usually pictures. And nothing useful. If I ever wanted to get a sense of whats going on with the Penguins I would never look there. Its become a fan site for the Pensblog itself. It should be renamed pensblogblog.

Don't even get started on the All star vote contest. Anyone pushing for their teams players is lame. Straight out LAME. You know why Sabre fans aren't pushing for Thomas Vanek. BECAUSE WE KNOW HE'LL MAKE THE TEAM. WHO CARES IF HE STARTS. Sabre fans got Brian Campbell a starting spot, without even making an effort. He wasn't even the best defenseman on the team. Its like someone voting for players makes you a better fan. No it doesn't.

The site gets me going, because everybody links to them as if they are that important. No they aren't. They are hacks. A site without any talent, other then getting people to send in photoshops. I'm tired of photoshops. I wanna read funny jokes, or opinions on whats going right/wrong about ones team. You know learn something not coming away from it asking if its about what they say they cover. Leave the photoshops to 289 the best in the biz. You guys couldn't touch him in quality. Plus he has great insight in Buffalo sports. Gotta support your own.

There are at least 5 Buffalo blogs better then the Hackblog. They post pictures sure, but they give insight on how they are feeling, without resorting calling players a woman or gay. You know humor that's higher then a 12 year old.

One other thing that bothers me is their total devotion to Penguins and no one else can have a good team. Sure it maybe a joke, but myopic blogs tend to suck.The Penguins are flawed, in fact they are 2 player team. Its okay to admit other teams are better. The Sharks impress me, but I know its December and great records now don't mean much. Plus the unoriginality of the site in general bothers me. No real content, just crap that takes up space. (You can say thing about me)

So just like the Penguins in the finals last year you guys....


So is Dick Jauron resigned?

So I'm confused did the Bills resign Dick Jauron?

As reported here and here.

As stated in the Adam Schefter article, whom I believe more then ESPN. (Since he works for the league basically) Is that the deal was done when they were 5-1. Had it come out then, it wouldn't have gotten much flack. Now, after the Jets debacle its looked to as a horrible decision. Ahhh what 2 months can do to change a decision.

But why with all the secrecy about it? If its signed, its signed. You can fire him. Sure you have to eat the contract. But it can't be that much. Use some of the Toronto Money. Boom hire someone new. The right coach. The Bills have hired new coaches and experienced coaches, and neither have worked out this decade.

How does a Pittsburgh go from Chuck Noll, to Bill Cowher to now Mike Tomlin? Its obvious the Rooney's know how to hire a coach. How about get them to hire the Bills a coach. Aren't they looking to get out of the ownership biz, due to estate taxes? Well actually some of the Rooney brothers sold, so hire one of them as a consultants for a coach search.

Its just no one in the Bills organization can hire a decent head coach. Other then Marv Levy, who was a decent coach since Chuck Knox? Wade Phillips? No. They hire good coordinators as head coaches. And most times it doesn't work out well. Hire someone who has legitimate success. Not just one fluke year. Sure the players like playing for Jauron, but guess what. Its not good enough.

When looking through the the Shefter article there is a tidbit in the language.

So if Bills owner Ralph Wilson wants to change, he’s going to have to eat the contract he just handed over. Still, it’s not inconceivable that the Bills would turn their back on Jauron and fire him after this season. Jauron’s contract contains offset language that means Buffalo would have limited liability if its head coach found another coaching job elsewhere.

So what if the Bills moved Jauron to DC? He is much better there and Perry Fewell really hasn't done much since named DC. They don't eat the contract technically, but rework it. Then go out and hire a head coach.

Because he said he expects to be back with the team. But in what capacity? They didn't ask him to you expect to be the head coach next year. Dick is smart and when someones asks that vague of a question, you can answer it with a vague response.

My opinion is, that Jauron has to go, he's not good enough as a head coach. A position coach or coordinator sure, but not as the main guy.

Monday, December 15, 2008


Yes thats how I felt Marshawn after yesterdays game. Its nice to see the star player just as depressed as the fans after yesterdays debacle.

First off. I didn't want to care anymore, but I do. I always do. I need to do something to get my mind off the game. But the Fiancee and me were sitting back on the new furniture and watching the game on the new 52inch screen. We need the HD reciever, because its good, but not as good as it could be. The blu ray of the movies we watched were amazing. But anyway.

I got into the game. JP Losman looked terrible of course. Except for the one touchdown drive. Where he looked competent. The game plan seemed pretty good except for one fact.


Josh Reed emerged. Hey a guy that gets open and catches the ball, what a unique ability for a reciever. And is Steve Johnson better then James Hardy. He looks to be a good find from last years draft. Plus Marshawn, who was in full on Beast Mode yesterday. Its nice to see him actually get going. Hey he has over 1000 yards on the season now. 1002 to be exact with a healthy 4.2 yards a carry. As does Fred Jackson. So the run game has turned around this year. They've gone to a good pass protect team and bad running team, to a decent running team and a horrible pass protect team. HOW?

Lets get back to me and my reaction to the end of the game.

Ok. Bills get the ball back and they are up by 3. Oh man, a couple minutes left. Why aren't they calling timeouts? Anyway. A run for a first down. Wow, thats different. Ok a couple more plays, and this one maybe in the bag.

Run for 5 yards nice.

2nd down.

A roll out, mmm why are they passing. Oh no JP. THROW IT AWAY. THROW IT! Oh no. Sack won't be too bad. FUMBLE! FALL ON IT!!! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! (slams head against table) WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU DOING!!!!! WHY!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Ok, theres time left, they can get a touchdown. Maybe McKelvin will return one WITHOUT ANYONE HOLDING. Ummm nope. Ok lets JP. (Throws terrible interception on first play) AHHHHHHHHHH I HATE YOU. PLEASE LEAVE THE TEAM.

Jets go 4 and out. Terrible play calling there.

Bills get ball. With a minute or so left. And procede to put together a terrible try to win the game drive. JP Chucks Hail Mary. 3 Jets are closest. Interception.

Brett Favre jumps around like a moron. Unfortuntely doesn't hurt himself. I go and hit my head against something hard to forget all that.

Well that one hurt again. There are only 2 more games left. I don't know if I'm watching next week. Probably will. The the New England game is going to be in front of 14 fans. Unless Bills fans want to Sell to Patriot fans. Then they could recoup some money. Ugh. Its just too frustrating to watch. But yet I still want to.

It would have been nice to win this one. But again whats the point. Its just entertainment. And its like the script is written for the other guy. And your team is the team is supposed to lose. Like the team that lost in Hoosiers. What if they won the state title would that been bad?

Sometimes the underdog loses, and when you are the fan of the underdog, you're gonna lose more often then not. I'm tired of rooting for the underdog. I wanna be the favorite again.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Sabres Leafs Preview

Well its a Friday Night Sabres Leafs game. Which can only mean one thing. Lots of blue and white downtown tonight. All delusional about their Leafs. We got Brian Burke things are gonna turn around!!!! Well you don't have a Chris Pronger. So hold on Leaf fans.

The Fiancee surprised me with tickets to tonights game for my birthday. Totally unexpected. She is the best and no one else can have her. Somehow she deals with me, and treats me great. Don't know what I do to deserve it, but I ain't asking questions. I'll go and enjoy the game win or lose.

On to the game. Its an important game. The Leafs are only 5 points behind the Sabres. So a win tonight for the blue and gold, will put more space between them and give the Sabres more confidence heading into the Holidays.

The Leafs

Coming into tonight are 3-5-2 in their last 10 and 2-3 in their last 5. They beat the lowly Islanders on Monday. Which isn't an accomplishment. Their record on the season stands at 10-12-6 or 10-18 if you Sullivanize the records. The Sabres are 14-11-3 or 14-14. Either way it doesn't tell you much.

The Leafs have some scoring with 9 guys with 5 goals or more. Led by Antropov and Grabovski with 10 goals each. Yes I know Thomas Vanek has more then him combined. But its a team game. Matt Stajan is the leading point getter with 23. Gone are the days when you said stop Sundin and that would be the defense. It seems theres a more balanced attack. Ponikarovsky and Hagman both have 19 points. Kaberle has 18 points and Jason Blake has 16 points. There are 2 solid lines for the Leafs, not super dangerous, but you can just show up and win against the Leafs anymore. Ron Wilson turned it around.

Except on the defensive side, where they let in a lot of goals. 98 on the year so far. Which is 17 more goals then the Sabres have given up. There are a lot of minus players on the Leafs. Their defensive players are also banged up with Van Ryn out and now their star rookie Luke Schenn out for a couple weeks. So its gonna be tough on Kaberle, Kubina, Stralman and Finger.

The goalies have not helped the Leafs out at all. Toskala has started 25 of the 28 games and is at a 3.15 GAA and a .887 Sv%. Though he might be on the overworked side due to the failure of Curtis Joesph to provide adequate backup relief. His stats are 3.95 GAA and a .851 sv%. Though the Leafs haven't played since Monday, fatique shouldn't be a factor. Just staying sharp.


The Sabres are coming in on a 3 game win streak, two straight 2 goal comebacks, and probably looking to make it 4. The atmosphere won't be dead at all so it should give the players a extra lift.

Thomas Vanek continues to be on fire. And a unstoppable force, he actually scored on a breakaway the other day. Hes better around the net. Now lets get Pominville and Roy on the same streak and the Sabres might have something.

Rivet looks to have solidfy the backend for the time being. With Sekera struggling a bit, you need the Vet leadership back there. Also to help out Miller who likes to be out of position ALL THE TIME.

What I'd like to see.

Since I'm going to be there in person. Here are somethings I'd like to see.

Gerbe score his first one. (Saw Mancari's, maybe I'm good luck)

Vanek get his 23rd, 24th and 25th

A Toronto Player do this.

Never gets old.

And hear my fiancee bad mouth Ryan Miller, its funny when she does it. As a former goalie, she does not like Millers form at all. Last year, she was rather embrassed by Alex Auld and look how good he is doing this year. She knows talent.

Well anyway see you at the game!

Update on the Griffs

I know I've been slack in reporting on our beloved Griffs. But its Friday, so its a good time to update whats been going on in the major 3 winter sports. Well Men's and Womens Basketball and Hockey. I know the Griffs are awesome at Synchro, but thats more a performance. Anyway.

Men's Basketball.

With it being finals and all this week, the basketball team is light in action. And light this month with only 3 games total. But that will pick up on Saturday, followed by a trip to the Carrier Dome to play the underrated Orange. But first the games that were played.

On the first the Griffs beat Howard 70-46, with Greg Logins scoring 22 points and bringing down 14 rebounds. It broke a 20 game road losing streak and its the first time with back to back wins since January of 2007. Man things have been bad lately with the Griffs.

They got back to their losing ways, by dropping the next two to Manhattan and St Peters, both MAAC foes. Not a good way to start conference play. They lost to Manhattan by 18 and to St Peters by 24. St Peters? aren't they always bad?

Against Manhattan Chris Gadley, Frank Turner and Greg Logins all had double digits in points. Otherwise no one else could do anything. And this leads to Tom Parrotta's quote of the day.

"They made a couple of 3-pointers and got on a roll," Canisius head coach Tom Parrotta said. "Give them credit, they knocked down some tough shots and that gave them some separation on the scoreboard. We talked about not letting their guards drive the lane and forcing them to take tough shots, and they did."

Well thats nice. Unfortunately they were hitting 50% of their 3's. So how about changing up the defense to protect the outside?

Against St Peters, only Frank Turner scored in double digits with 10, several others were in the 9 or 8 point range. Real balanced scoring. Too bad its LOW scoring. Well like against Manhattan they were killed by the 3. Mmmmm I'm sensing a pattern. This time St Peters shot 52.4% from outside. Guess what if you give them the 3, most small schools will take it, because they don't have the inside presence. Gahhhhh.

Next up Saturday against the Great Danes of Albany. Easy win.

Womens basketball.

The women have had only two games this month. Because Canisius values education over athletics. Or people just don't want to play. The ladies went 1-1 in those matchups both versus MAAC opponents.

Marie Warner had 20 points, Brittane Russell had 13 and Stephanie Macdonald had 14 in the win over Siena last week during Kids day.

Then on the 7th they ran into the perennial powerhouse that is Marist. Who beat them 70-52, which isn't bad. Marist is really good and didn't get trounced. Marie Warner had 13 points. While 3 other Griffs had 8 points each.

This puts the Griffs at 3-4 on the year and 1-1 in MAAC play.

Saint Louis comes into town on Sunday, so that's interesting.

Ice Hockey

The Men have had only 1 weekend series this month. That with conference foe Army. They beat Army on Saturday 2-0 and lost to Army the next day 3-4. That was the first home loss of the year. Since no one comes into Buffalo State Sports arena and beats the Griffs. NOBODY. Except Army.

I don't feel like looking through the Game Summary so instead I'm going to see who is doing what on the Hockey team. A rough and tumble bunch of Canadians. Trying to get an education and keep their hockey career going.

They are 7-6-3 on the year so far and pretty similar versus Conference opponents. But the season is young.

As a team they have outscored opponents 47-41. And do most of their damage in the 3rd period with 21 goals in the final period. But individually Josh Heidinger and Jason Weeks lead the team in scoring with 16 points. Dave Kostuch leads the team in goals with 9. But they have even scoring through the team. They are not a 1 line team. But Heidinger is their key playmaker, just like last year.

In net Loewen and Dan Morrison are pretty similar. Both are in the 2.5 GAA range but Loewen has the higher Save percentage with .922. Each have a .500 record

The Griffs hit the ice next weekend with a matchup against Mercyhurst.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Happy birthday to me!!!!

Hey its my Birthday today!!!!

I know most of you don't care, but I do. And its a awesome day of working and have cake at work. Then having cake at home. Its a grand day to eat whatever you want. Get gifts from people and just really be purely selfish.

And by selfish I mean want stuff and eat lots of cake.

So happy birthday to me and now all of you enjoy the day. Its practically a holiday.

And its two weeks till Christmas.

Could it get any better?


You should have heard what I told Tim Thomas to do!

Well it was nice to see the Boooo's at HSBC directed where they should be. The officials. That is when you know the Sabres are doing something right. The officials are really terrible, not just one call terrible, thats understandable. But the Miller delay of game, then that Kotalik call near the end of the game, was ridiculous. How you can get away with calling those against the home team I don't know. But the Sabres overcame that nonsense. From Miller talking about one of the Officials said to him. Many say its a non story, but its obvious it touched a nerve amoung the white and blacks.

Go get him Goose.

It does appear the Sabres seem more angry of late. Easy to drop the gloves. Hitting people. Even Gerbe was hitting guys out there. Good hits and fights get the guys going. I think it releases some tension. Gets you in the game. Or so I've heard.

This team is very emotional. They either care or don't. When they care, they play Lindy's style of crashing and banging. Otherwise they look like its a practice skate. I know they have played Tampa 2 of the 3 games and Pittsburgh is slumping. But 3 in a row is 3 in a row. They need the confindence boost. And the game against Toronto should be a good one. That might be one of the better games of the year. I'm sure all the guys will be up for it. The building will be loud and feel like a real game.

Hopefully the Zebra's call it down the middle. Otherwise.....


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sabres Lightning Preview

Hey its the Lightning again! Whoopee! The joke of the NHL, comes into town tonight with 1 win in their last 14 games. Oh man. Thats really bad. But somehow, only 1 point from 4th place in the Southeast. Because Atlanta is just as bad. The lightning have trouble scoring. Even the big 2 have pretty average numbers for great players. Its a team in lots of turmoil and its really bad in Tampa right now. But it can't get worse right? The old coach hopes they don't win again. The current coach isn't that good. And the people they signed in the offseason really haven't helped. One of the owners is too hands on. It makes the Sabres during the Rigas years, look not too terrible. Hey they are on track for Tavares right?

Well I guess when you talk Lightning you talk about Lecavalier and St Louis. Both are the leading scorers with 24 and 22 points on the year. Vinny leads the team with 11 goals and is sporting a nice shiner delivered by one Jochen Hecht. Thats how bad the season is for the Lightning, Jochen Hecht gave their captain a black eye.

Steve Stamkos, has only 11 points on the year and is a -11 on the year. Maybe there is a reason Melrose didn't play him. He's not good enough yet. Not everyone is Sidney Crosby or Ovechkin. Mark Recchi has 15 points, Ryan Malone who might play has 12 points and Vinny Prospal has 17 points.

This team doesn't scare you offensively and with the Sabres looking to right the ship, probably want to pour it on the Lighting tonight. They could use a big time win tonight. The Lightning are just hoping they get a paycheck.


The Sabres on the other hand, are not offensive either. But with 4 goals in their last 2 games. The touch may have come back. But would you believe the Sabres have only 3 goals from the Defense. Thats shocking. It seems most of their goals come up close. They have issues shooting from long distance. But get it in front and they can bang it in.

The are healthy at defense, getting Rivet back helped more then one would think. He is more the constant and leads the other guys to do their thing.

Really I don't have much more to say about the Sabres. We are heading into the ugh. Another hockey game zone soon. The Playoffs are way off. There is no Winter Classic to get psyched about (i mean here) And they aren't playing inspiring hockey. I guess seeing Tim Connolly in a uniform would be nice. Maybe a trade. But with the holidays things are all its all on cruise control.

Thats why stories like Ryan Miller being told to go *bleep* himself are news stories. The Bills being better sure would help too. But they are bad right now.

Game at 7pm. Could be a fun one where they win 6-1. Or lose and people get depressed again.

Its either or.

Beast mode contest

Well everyone's favorite Bills Running back and traffic infraction violater is back with a new post in his blog. Yes a blog. Where he has a new contest for the readers. Where they have to display your "beast mode"

What's up youngstas...I plan to make 2 kids very happy dis wanna know how??? good imma tell u. I'm havin a "I'm ya daddi boi toy give a way." All you have to do is send your best "beast mode" impression to my yardbarker blog to play and your chance to win....then I'll announce the winner on on Monday, December 22nd. So make sure u go to my website to find out if u won.

The whole passage has a red line underneath it.

So how does one do a Beast Mode impression?

Is it a face impression, or an action like running over guys into the endzone? Mmm so I guess my candidates for Beast Mode are.

The UB Bulls. Put a whipping on the undefeated Ball St Cardinals on Friday. Taking the MAC title and getting a bowl bid. Really the best job in raising up a program led by Turner Gill. Too bad he is probably gone after this year. It would be smart for UB to show him the money and convince him to create a big time program here. But UB probably doesn't have the cash on hand.

Paul Gaustad. The little I watched of the Penguins game I saw, the guy was all over. He's healthy and turning into Beast Mode. The one play that just made me go wow, was in the third on a penalty kill, on the faceoff, he won it and just with everything he had pushed it out of the zone. Huge time killer and it was the type of effort the Sabres need to win. Plus he just hammered a rookie, with a welcome to the NHL check.

Thomas Vanek. 20 goals already on the season. Playing like no one can stop him, when he wants to score. Lazy Vanek? Not anymore. The guy is a stud and we have a superstar locked up in his prime. Thanks Kevin Lowe.

Dick Jauron


Um Nope.

I'm not sure if that is what Marshawn is looking for a Beast mode contest, but those would be mine.

Make sure you get your entries in, who knows what the prize may be. Maybe the head coach positition of the Buffalo Bills!!!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Sabres Pens preview (where I take on the Pens Blog)

I know I haven't done one of these for a week or so, but they get tiring and the Sabres aren't inspiring enough to preview these days. But I thought I get off the current trend and look into this game. A Versus game, which is nice I guess, but its not like "OOOOO National TV" its oh crap Versus announcers, wheres the Radio?


I'd like to say a few things about the Pensblog. You know, the well know blog of Pens fans. Which was started 2006. You know when people in Pittsburgh discovered they had a hockey team. I saw the blog last year. I read it pretty often, as I do many blogs. But it was funny in its own way. But now its a bit, I don't know, horrible. They have several jokes. Calling players gay, Pensblog Charlie is a character that needs to go. Hey look we made a funny character, lets run him through the ground. Mine it for all its worth, then more and then make it annoying. You gotta know when to stop.

Calling players a joke. Ok they are a joke I get it. But its over the top fandom. Its the Jokeguins over everyone else. Oh, did you see what I did there. How funny!

I'm not entirely sure who writes the blog. But I feel its college kids. Have to be. Only college kids have time to write that much and create the worse photoshops ever. Half of them are gay related. Which means that sooner then later, the writing will fall off. Because they will have real lifes and have to get jobs. I bet they'll try to be real writers, but discover that they aren't very good writers and no one in their right mind would hire them. And will be working at the Eat N Park. Or you know being gay escorts. (See a gay joke, how clever. )

Onto the game.

Well the Sabres snapped a minor skid with a win in Tampa, which doesn't mean much, but every win helps at this point and who knows what could get them going. Pittsburgh has been pretty average of late, with a loss to Buffalo November 28th. They are 3-3 in their last 6 games. And since MAF got hurt, they are4-5. With John Curry and Danny Saborin switching up.

The Penguins are a two man show. Crosby and Malkin. Malkin with 43 points and Crosby with 40. The next in line is Satan with 20 points. Their defense isn't adept at scoring with Letang with 11 points, all assists and Alex Goligoski, finding the net 4 times. It appears to me, their defense is held back to protect the net. (Even though the goalies seem fine) But Gonchar, Whitney and Boucher are out injured. So to be fair they are banged up at the blue line. But their 2nd line forwards. Don't seem to give much. And now Tyler Kennedy is out. Their 4th leading scorer.

Of course this comes from a Sabre fan, where no lines are dependable scoring lines right now. So I'd love to have Stafford with 20 points. But anyway. Control the big 2 is the theme of the night. But at Pittsburgh, probably a tough order. Because they don't have the scoring touch right now to get into a shootout with Pens.

A win tonight would be great for the Sabres, it would get their season back on track with Tampa and Toronto coming in this week. Don't want HSBC all Blue and White on Friday. After Sunday that would be seriously depressing.

So lets go and beat those Jokes. Oooops. I mean Penguins.

Rock Bottom

James McCoy

Yesterday was Rock Bottom for me. I've been to the point where I don't care about the Bills in a season. Usually it means I'm doing something else and don't care, but yesterday I just didn't plain care and I was home for the majority of the game. I wasn't thrilled to turn on the tv at 4pm. Actually turned it on later, since me and the fiancee were taping off a couch we bought and found out it ain't gonna work. The entertainment center will but we'll have to go with something smaller. But finally got to the game. And really I didn't get upset or excited at any plays. Didn't throw something when JP threw that interception. There's a symbolic play of JP Losman in Buffalo. And just kinda lost interest threw the game.

The Toronto experiment, yes highly profitable, but as a Bills experiment failed totally. Can't sell it out naturally. The "home" team is actually outnumbered by the other teams fans. And the atmosphere was dead. How about these quotes

It was crazy because we heard cheering for Buffalo and then we heard a lot of cheering for us,” said Dolphins cornerback Will Allen, whose end-zone interception of J. P. Losman in the third quarter was one of the game’s key plays. “I didn’t really know what the fans were doing. I would definitely play here over Buffalo any day.

Of course you would. People like getting cheered for. Plus people from the South hate the cold. But I guess Toronto would look good for Free agents!

“It was cool and it was fun, but Buffalo fans are a lot more rowdy,” tackle Marcus Stroud said. “We could have used that rowdiness today.”

Well you could have used some offense too, but rowdiness might have helped.

“Obviously, the NFL is about making money,” said Bills linebacker Kawika Mitchell, clad in a No. 59 Toronto Raptors jersey after the game. “If that is what they are doing, that’s what they are doing.”

Ooo that had some truth to it. Its like a typical employee doing what the boss needs him to do, makes a good employee. I like Kawika.

Then theres Jason Peters who may have just got himself on the Bills fan side with these quotes. (Minus his play of late)

"I don't like it at all," he said. "I wish we were playing in Orchard Park."

"When you've got a home game and the crowd is supposed to cheer, they were cheering more for the Dolphins," he said. "I wasn't here in the preseason, so I don't know how it was then. But that stunned me. They're not even cheering on third down. They're not cheering when we do get a first down. They're just sitting there like they don't know what's going on. I hate the idea of us playing here. It's crazy.

"That's why you play at home. It's home-field advantage. You feed off the crowd. We had no energy whatsoever."

The players know its a big deal. They know they love the extra energy. They were dead out there yesterday. They didn't like how things were. In the end it doesn't matter where you play its how where you play reacts to you. If you are loved and cheered, you'll love playing there. Because its real energy thats tough to capture. But of course thats an excuse, you should go out there and win no matter what.

"We just got to get better," he said. "If a play's called we've got to execute it, run or pass."


But I don't know about this team. I thought things were turning around, but evertyhing has just fallen apart. They just seem like they don't care or don't want to be out there sometimes. Its just a mixture of bad play, bad coaching and just bad everything. Its not fun, its unwatchable. It makes me not care. If they tried and lost, it would be one thing. But its no effort losing. It makes you go, just stay in Toronto, I don't care. Some players might like it better there. Right Marcus Stroud?

“I guarantee you won’t find any guys in our locker room that’s complaining about going to play in a dome,” the Bills’ defensive tackle said the other day. “So it’ll work both ways. It [playing inside] is going to benefit everybody.”

I can't believe that he said that, does he not know where he is playing? Basically saying hey this might be better then what we normally do, doesn't endear yourself to the team Marcus. We want you to say hey, lets open that roof, see what happens.

I hate to say it but Jerry Sullivan has been right on the money with the Bills this month or so. I think blogging has made him better and really get to what the fan is thinking. Jerry, give Bucky some tips, he still doesn't get it.

Come January, this team needs a overhaul. The Dolphins did it, and see what happened there. There needs to be a change in culture. Change in attitude. And you can't go cheap on a coach, you get what you pay for. There is talent here, the Bills just need the attitude to match it.

Otherwise, I don't want to take it anymore and its time for me to look for a new team.

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