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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Feeling Nostalgic

The Teflon Captain

I've been very lax with this blog for a good year or so. It's not that I don't care less about Buffalo Sports. But just much busier with everything. Life changes, so things get sacrificed. Like blogging. The best thing with a blog is that you can dust it off and really nothing has changed. No Rust, batteries don't need to be changed, or tune up needed. Just pick up and go.

I still follow blogs quite religiously, just don't contribute to my own. Which has made me think why did I start this in the first place, over 3 years ago? I wanted to for a year prior, but never got the energy to do it. Then I did, and put a lot of effort and time in putting content on, but then I stopped doing it everyday, then every week, now its been months since my last post.

I read the local blogs all the time. But there is something missing. I miss Bfloblog. Yes I know Kevin is on twitter. But since WNYmedia took it over, it fell apart, and what I feel was the launchpad for all the main Buffalo Sports blogs is gone. Back 3 to 4 years ago, it was the place to be for all blog fans. The chats during games were great. Sure there are great sites now. The Gooses Roost, Die by the Blade, Top Shelf and Willful Caboose. They all tend to talk more about the Sabres then anything. But the Buffalo blog explosion, came from the Sabre resurgence. Nothing the Bills did led to a Buffalo Bills Blog explosion. Buffalo Rumblings is probably the best, but nothing else is really worth a daily read in town.

With the Sabres mired in a stall at the moment. They are just plain boring most of the time. We try to find excitement, but the same players, lead to the same results. That passion and fun that was there once, is all but gone. Its super evident in the building, and evident online. Game chats that were once so popular, are probably barren. I use to do game previews, now you couldn't pay me to care that much to put together a post for Sabres Panthers on Friday. It seems the crew at HSBC is either waiting for the axe to drop or praying that they get much better. And it is felt though out Sabre Nation.

It seems for the first time in a while the Bills are more interesting then the Sabres. Call it a cycle, but the Bills have guys that you can care about. The games are fun. Like the Sabres use to be, minus the losing instead of winning. Its a rare occasion that you can call a Sabre game "fun". A couple years ago a Drew Stafford hat trick would be celebrated. Today, Meh, probably won't score for another 10 games.

The most exciting time of the year so far, is when we thought there was a new owner. It almost breathed life into the fanbase. But that talk has died down. I don't doubt it was floated to see the fan reaction to it. It seems lots of things are floated by the Sabres to gauge fan reaction, business things, not player things. But the hockey world will be here next week for the World Juniors. So maybe they will save some news for then. But I doubt it.

Also, I think someone should create a tribute to Sabre Rattling. It really was one of the first Sabre blogs out there, a really good one at that. But it along with the Sabres rise, has faded away. I guess we are in what I call the post blog boom. What is out there, is what probably will stay. If people can blog through the crap over the past 3.5 years, then they can stay for what's next.

But as my life changes, getting married, having a son, working part time from home. I will always thing back of how things were, before all that got started. Missing the connection I felt from strangers on a screen, reading things about The Teflon Captain Chris Drury. Or Getting excited about every game. Do you remember how things were around here during the Playoff runs? I do, there was nothing like it. I think only till the next Bills playoff game, will that feeling be matched.

Lets just hope that the Bills are building to be better, like the Sabres pre lockout. (Hey the NFL might be locked out next year) If not, it won't be pretty and apathy will do its thing. And the Buffalo Blog community will suffer from the lack of passion.

Because all we have now is Hope and Nostalgia. And if that runs out. There won't be anything to write home about.

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