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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

NHL Christmas Eve

Well Free Agency gets kicked off tomorrow, though today should be busy, with trades and RFA's getting deals, before they can be poached by other clubs with cap space. Though clubs with cap space are the ones that usually don't spend money, aka the Kings. I'm more concerned with the Sabres, so I really don't care what the Kings accomplish this summer. Everyone assumes the team is going to look the same come October, personally I don't believe that. There are going to be some people leaving, and I think a couple new acquisitions. The draft showed me, they are changing the philosophy of the team. Big, strong and talented. The passive skilled forwards aren't getting it done. Thats why they will trade 1 or 2 guys for guys already under contract, they have 10 million in cap space, but of course they won't spend to the cap but it means they will spend some money.

Current UFA's

Max Afinigenov: Gone
Matt Ellis: Gone
Dominic Moore: Gone
Andrew Peters: Probably gone
Teppo Numminen: Probably Gone
Jaroslav Spacek: 50/50 he'll resign

Current RFA's

Patrick Kaleta Cheap Keep
Clarke MacArthur, will stay, hopefully they can trade.
Drew Stafford: Could be a target, wouldn't mind taking the draft picks.
Mark Mancari: Good for Portland
Andrej Sekera: Retain, also potential trade bait.

There are 10 guys who in theory could be off the team. Probably 4 or 5 might leave. It leaves holes on the roster that needs to be filled. And if they make some trades. The Roster could look much different, and its probably what it needs.

Potential Trade Bait

Derek Roy: Probably the Poster Boy for the last two years. Talented, but isn't that 1st line center and seems like a prima donna at times. Trading Derek, maybe to Vancouver or Minnesota, teams that need offense could yield a nice return. He is a 70 point scorer.

Jochen Hecht: A down year and I'm not ready to pull the cord on him yet, since he and Pominville both stunk up the joint last season. But if you can pull in a younger forward at a cheaper rate? Make the Deal.

Drew Stafford: A player that some how doesn't get the slack Hecht gets, yet disappears for games on end, and shows flashes from time to time. He's been pretty up and down since the rookie year. Could bring in a leader in the forward ranks the team needs.

Tallinder/Lydman: I like both, but both are UFA's next year, so this goes in the get something for them before you don't want them back. Haven't been the same since the playoff runs. Lydman much better then Tallinder. Detroit loves Swedes.

Sekera: RFA, young shown signs he's a capable defensemen with some offensive skill. Probably a guy you keep around and hope gets better. Especially for 10/11 when the defensive corp is really young. But could yield you something.

The Sabres aren't going to big free agent players, and probably might sign one or two guys to fill out the roster. But mid July, when the market is more quiet and teams didn't get what they wanted, there is where Darcy will make a move. Its when Derek Roy looks like a nice young center to help you win.

Honestly nobody is untouchable on this team. Darcy and Lindy know this year is it, in fact if the year starts slow, they are probably both gone. They will have a induction of youth, but its also imperative they infuse some quality vet leadership for the newer young guys. And let Pominville play, and not worry about being a leader.

I don't expect anything from the Sabres tomorrow or this week. But it will be fun to see where the other players go, and the gaps and holes left after July 1st is where Darcy will make his move. At least thats what I think.

Friday, June 26, 2009

The NHL Draft is here

Yes I know I've fallen off the planet lately, but thats due to work and planning a wedding. Its amazing when things get busy, how time flies and you havelittle time to do anything. So if you have a real job and you aren't the boss, you will have little time to blog. Get all the blogging done when you can young people. But the NHL draft has come upon us, which means the start of next season. Trades will come down, Free agency will be next week, and Sabre fans will bemoan that Darcy didn't sign any big free agents. Unless the Sabres offered 15 million a year, nobody is coming here. People that live here don't want to hear, that our area is rather unattractive for potential job applicants. So the Sabres have to give something up to get someone. (Some may say thats the better way) Trash for treasure.

I'm not going to try to address what the Sabres need, because its not in the draft. I just hope they pick up a good kid who has a chance to make the team in 3 years. Last years pick, seems to have worked out so far, with him probably pushing to make the roster this year. The Draft itself is such a crapshoot, since you never know if a player will pan out. Its a guess. Some kids just don't have what it takes to make it, or they get injured or lose passion. Some turn out to be great players. For every Ryan Miller theres a Marek Zagrapan. So I'm not going to get excited about any of the picks. Unless one is traded for Henrik Zetterberg. Then I'd get excited for that.

A Part of me hopes Darcy does some trading at the draft. He has some assets. I wouldn't mind the Sabres trading 13, if it was for a solid player that will help right now. They have young talent. Sure they need more forwards, but you can pick up lots of forwards in the draft. Forwards you can draft late. D-men are what you want to get early.

Darcy has to be seriously thinking about trading Jhonas Enroth. He isn't a backup, and you have Miller for several years at a high dollar amount. And there is no doubt hes the Sabres Franchise goaltender. Enroth had a solid year in the AHL, people will give you more then usual for possible great young goaltending. And lots of teams need that. The Sabres could make themselves much better with a couple trades. Darcy knows this year is it, if they don't succeed. This is a one year audition.

So tonight the Sabres will draft a couple young kids, who've we probably not heard of ever. But then we'll put hope on them, as possible saviors of the franchise. Then if they don't turn out, we'll call them busts without ever really seeing them play.

I'm more waiting for the trades I hope that will happen over the next few weeks. Changes must be made. The team isn't good enough, nor fun to root for right now. More grit, more heart and enough of the lazy play. I'm tired of it.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

End of the year, start of the year

As someone who watched pretty much all of the Stanley cup and most of the playoffs. I can tell you the Penguins were quite the impressive team. The Series with the Caps was one for the ages, well minus game 7. But the best part of it, was never did I think, that the Sabres were far behind the Penguins in talent. Their goaltender isn't better then Miller. They have two superstars, a decent defense, and some bangers. The Penguins are not a team I would go, well here is a new dynasty. The Red Wings always seem different to me. They have a style, find players to fit it, and they suceed, even with average goaltending. I think the decrease in the cap will catch up the wings next year or in two years. But they do have some nice young players they can put in, so maybe not. But Lidstrom isn't getting younger and neither is Rafalski, and not all guys are taking a pay cut to play for the Wings. Then theres Ken Holland, who will make sure the Wings will be good.

Anyway congrats to the Penguins, they deserved it and now we can move on.

Because it seems the NHL year is at an end, its not, we are only at the beginning of the 2009-2010 season. The Draft is a week away from Friday. NHL Free agency starts 13 days from now. And all that hope and optimism grows anew. Especially the hope that Darcy Regier trades away a couple trouble spots for players that might give a damn, for say 70 games a year. More Goose, less loose.

I don't see big deals in free agency, thats not Darcy's style. Maybe a signing here or there. But no Bouwmeester. The team isn't far away from doing some damage in the Postseason, I believe that. Good trades are the answer here. And no on Dany Heatley. Other then that opinion, everyone is fair game, and I'll be welcoming of any player onto the roster that can help get the Sabres back in the playoffs. Two years off is enough, I want more playoff hockey I can care about, and not just a casual observer.

I just like the fact I can lift that hockey depression I've had since about Late March, and dream about next season. With Tyler Myers destroying people, and hungry players, grinding it out every shift. Giving Sabre fans guys to like and root for, not lazy players who take days and weeks off. We might see Gerbe and Kennedy. And I like that. Hungry young players, to exchange for the higher paid loafers.

Its a new season, we all hope for the best. Let's hope that it all works out.

Friday, June 12, 2009

The Finale

Tonight is for all the marbles, 82 game regular season and 4 rounds of playoffs, all come down to one game. I'm sure its gonna be hard fought. Detroit has been tough at home. But use all the cliches you want, this one should be good. I hope. Otherwise its a disappointment.

Also tonight signals when the Sabres can actually start doing something about next year. Enough with the other teams lets hear from the Sabres. I want trades, I want new blood. I want to hope for next year, and not fear Hamilton will drain all the fans away and the cash.

But more on that later.

Tonight, enjoy game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals. The way it should be every year. A 7 game series.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tom Golisano and Monica Seles?

This story took me off guard. That Tom Golisano, Billionaire, philanthropist, owner of the Sabres and destroyer of local government, is dating Monica Seles. WHAT? How? One of the true great tennis players of all time and Golisano. No wonder he was nowhere to be found this year with the Sabres. I'd stay away from the hockey to, if I was hanging out with Monica Seles. Especially a women 30 years younger then you.

No wonder he feels like he can do whatever he wants. This women is giving him more confidence then he already had. I guess all those questions why she was there when he gave 10 million to Niagara were answered. (I will never forgive him for that, 10 million to Niagara, might as well throw it over the falls.) And apparently they met at the Winter Classic. Of course they did. Tom, won her over with this line.

"See this (points to the stadium) all my doing. Yeah I'm that good"

But the fact she lives in Florida and he just said he's moving there permanently. Makes the Tax reasons less genuine. Just admit you moved there because of Monica. Its fine, guys will understand, plus you'll pay less taxes. Double bonus, I get it.

Maybe Seles likes the power moves.

Winter Classic
Bill Clinton is my buddy
Giving away millions of dollars
Staging a Coup.

Whats next for Tommy G? The Sabre go get Jay Bouwmeester, and spend to the Cap for a run to the CUP? Probably not, they have a budget. But this guy can dream. But hey who knows what a 60 year old guy will do to impress his 35 year old girlfriend. She likes hockey. Who wouldn't want to be owner of a Stanley cup Champion?

More on this I'm sure in the months ahead.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Finding the Time to Blog.

I haven't had a post since May 20th, not that many people read this blog, its not like I'm letting a huge fan base down. But sometimes you have to concentrate on other things, like work and personal life. Being busy at work should be looked at as a lucky thing these days, with so many struggling. So why ruin it with posting stupid nonsense on the Internet, wasting bloggers precious server space with my drivel.

Really I've come to the conclusion, to be a real successful blogger, you have to be a) It's your job and you can spend hours a day at it. b) good at writing. c) unemployed d) a student e) have no life, life takes you away from the computer and you can't blog.

If you have a 9-5 job, its super hard to blog. You can't have a train of thought going. You write something, then you work, go back, then work. Back and forth, back and forth. For me at least it prevents something good. That and I have poor grammar skills and writing ability,which may also hurt. But I do it for fun, and I hope people enjoy what I write. Getting a link on Puck Daddy this year was a highlight for me.

Some may go, what about when you get home? Well I hardly ever touch my computer at home. I get home feed the dogs, start dinner, and wait for my Fiancee to come home. And I'd go upstairs, but the one dog, tends to make trouble. So I have to stay downstairs and watch some tv. Then when the Fiancee comes home we spend time together. The little we get during the week. Then go to bed. So work is really the one place I can blog.

It's funny, to look back at all the free time I wasted when I was single. Just wasted it. Now, I'm busy a lot. And just constantly doing stuff. And it probably is going to be that way for a while. I'm getting married in less then 4 months, then honeymoon, enjoying married life without wedding plans. Then thinking about kids. Then it will be kids. A couple years ago, I'd waste a Monday night watching tv, by myself and eat some crap food. Now I'm thinking about invitations and when I would like to have children. Sometimes you grow up fast. But I wouldn't have it any other way.

Just like when you want to meet someone, the same applies with blogs. If you want something you gotta put yourself out there and damn the consequences. A successful blog takes work, as does a successful relationship. I feel I got one of those down, but maybe the blog isn't as important as I would like to think. Its just fun, like a club sport. But I see many more entries this summer.

We got Bills Mini Camps
The NHL Draft
Free Agency
Training camp
then NFL Hall of Fame.

Hockey seems to have fallen off the map in this town this summer. I guess two losing seasons will lose that fire and passion, but it will be back come September. It will be interesting to see what the Sabres do. The LQ might be under fire from Tommy to make the playoffs and make some money. So he might let Darcy do what does Darcy does best, wheel and deal.

And the ongoing TO story is always fun.

Plenty to talk about and its time to get back on the horse. Give the buffalo sports fan some opinions to read. Hopefully some will enjoy it.

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