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Monday, June 30, 2008

Gaustad signed.

There would be a picture of Goose, but it seems I can't upload a picture here.
So just imagine Goose and you'll get it.

Well according to TSN, Gaustad signed a 4 year deal.

The Buffalo Sabres have re-signed forward Paul Gaustad to a four-year, $9.2 million contract.

Gaustad will earn $1.7 million in the first year of the deal, and $2.5 million per year for the remaining three years.

Well thats maybe a bit more then I was thinking. But I won't argue with it. Goose is an important part of the team and only getting better as the years roll by. I guess role players that score 10 to 15 goals are 2.5 million dollar players. But 1.7 isn't a bad number for next year. And will kick off free agency on a positive note.

More I'm sure tomorrow

Getting Excited part 3

Well here we are at the final part of the Free Agency preview, and by that I mean players the Sabres may go out and sign. Thats why we did not mention Campbell or Hossa, and we won't mention Huet here either. So lets go into Goalies, which the Sabres need to sign.

Qualities- Cheap, trustworthy and able to stop pucks.

Jean Sebastian Aubin

Hey he and Ryan Miller could trade Your Momma jokes during long plane rides. That would be the only upside to signing Mr Aubin. A pretty average goalie in all ways. Below 500 record, a career 2.93 GAA and a .900 sv% and its gotten worse over the years.

Verdict: Your momma said you have a bigger 5 hole then she does.

Alex Auld

Was pretty terrible for the Panthers and Coyotes, before coming to Boston. Where his numbers were pretty good. 2.32 GAA and a .919 sv%. The Bruins game I went to had Alex Auld go and play out of his mind. My girlfriend (a former lacrosse goalie) was very impressed with his positioning. So hes big and has good training. Unfortunately the goalie market is piss poor. So he could get more then hes really worth. But hes my first choice.

Verdict: Yes, unless the bidding goes way too high.

Ray Emery

Umm, uhh no.

David Aebischer

A guy who lost a job to Auld and Tellqvist, waived, sent to the AHL, then Loaned to the Swiss League. I'm not sure if he wants to come back, but really his numbers aren't terrible and a guy on a 1 year deal looking to redeem himself, might be worthwhile. He would be cheap, and he has a history in the NHL. Since the lockout he has been average to bad, but a winter in the swiss league may have changed his outlook. Could be a very strong possibility.

Verdict: Not on any radar and could be had cheap.

Ty Conklin

Conk Block is not coming back, and he'll be too pricey now.

Curtis Sanford

Another one of those who? Goaltenders. But he was backing up Luongo in Vancouver after fizzling out in St Louis. Not terrible numbers, but nothing exciting. A guy you can have on the cheap and will fill in when necessary.

Verdict: Not my first choice, but if cost is a factor a possible signing.

Well a backup goalie signing isn't exciting news and won't be when the Sabres finally ink someone. But Sabre fans might have to get use to the fact that maybe the only signing outside the organization they make.

Getting all Excited part 2

Covering Defense in the first part was way more important then what we are covering now. The Sabres are heavy at forwards. Thats why I think trades are becoming a more possible solution then free agent pickups. Like going into the 2005-2006 season, signings were happening left and right and the Sabres only tinkered, they knew they had a good lineup and started the process years before. But they are at the point where they might have to do it again. Thats why Max, Ales and Timmy are probably out there to unload some salary to bring some fresh faces in. But, all 3 are UFA's next year. And my thought with UFA's are they are going to play balls out all year, to make bank next year. But trading one or two of them actually might be smart, so you "don't lose them for nothing", which is one my most hated phrases.

So who could be some forwards the Sabres target to fill out the lineup, say they create some room. Characteristics, experience, skill and leadership abilities. Oh yeah and not expensive.

Kevyn Adams

Why not lead it off with another local boy. Is good with the kids, and the Sabres are gonna be young again. So a cheap two way forward who would be good on the 4th line with Kaleta and Mair. Hasn't played a lot in the past few years, so there might be some tread on those tires. But he has been available for some years, and Sabres never seem to sniff around. Might be time to bring Kevyn home to end his career.

Verdict: A good depth forward, with a cup on his resume.

Michael Peca

Plenty of rumors out there he'd like to come back, but only if he takes a price cut. He isn't what he was when he was here a decade ago. Captain Crunch is a little soggy these days, with injury issues and lack of scoring. But could provide that grit and leadership the Sabres could use.

Verdict: If he'll take a Million, I'd think about it.

Stu Barnes

Another old Sabre, been here, so he might think of coming back. Still has some left in tank, and always could use a good 3rd line guy with him and Goose. I think Sabre fans could get behind the bringing back of Stu. I think he likes it in Dallas so I doubt he'd leave, unless they didn't offer him anything.

Verdict: Bring back Stu, if you can Darcy

Brendan Morrison

Probably on the too expensive side. But if Darcy wanted to bring in a big name, quality scorer, heres the guy I'd bring in. Good on the power play. Could slap him on the top line or 2nd line, dropping even more quality scoring onto lower lines. Become that every shift dangerous team they use to be.

Verdict: Never going to happen, but its fun to dream.

Cory Stillman

Now here is that vet forward the Sabres could use. Good on the power play, plenty of experience Cup experience. A guy that knows his role and is never really paid that much for the production he provides. A consistent 20 goal scorer, which the sabres could always need more of, and probably cheaper then Max.

Verdict: If they can get a 2 or 3 year deal at 2.5 per, I would go ahead and do it.

Pascal Dupuis

A guy that probably isn't high on any radar, but a good addition to any squad. More of a checking line forward, who is another penalty killer. Could be gotten I think for a Million per year.

verdict: Only if you can get cheap, otherwise a dime a dozen player. Dan Paille is probably a better Pascal Dupuis

Matt Cooke

Theres something I like about Matt Cooke, he can get in there and agitate, and if he were on the 4th line, I'd think it would add just a little extra offensive danger to Mair and Kaleta. He's getting 1.5 now, which maybe too much, but in the agitator market, maybe a deal compared to Avery.

Verdict: If stays at current salary, maybe a good option.

Owen Nolan

Older then dirt, been around forever. But yet has had double digits in goals the last two years. Probably great in the locker room. A guy that will play hungry. Don't have to sign him to a long deal which Darcy must love and will be a fan favorite.

Verdict: Won't happen, but one can hope.

Radim Vrbata

Emerged this year on the Coyotes in a contract year (Beware!) But had steady numbers before. Could be coming into his own right now, and probably a nice addition to Roy and Vanek. His price tag might be higher then thought, due to the forwards flying off the market. Probably will be too pricey and not the right player.

Verdict: Ain't gonna happen.

The forward market is top heavy and bottom heavy, deals can be had, but those middle line guys, like Stillman, could be more then thought. Teams have money and are willing to spend it. The Sabres would only need to pick up one cheap forward to add some more experience. But I wouldn't look to much action in this department.

Next Goalies.

Getting all excited

Well tomorrow is July 1st, and its like the real beginning of the new Hockey season. With guys going everywhere and guys getting deals that make you go what? (Ryan Malone 31 million dollars?) But its also a time where reason and being patient and picking the right guy at the right price really pays off. Look at the Red Wings, they don't pay people a lot. They have talented guys at reasonable places. So with some guys have gone off the market already, like Liles, good job Ryan Miller, nice friend you have there. That friend stuff is nonsense. So with the channeling of Darcy Regier and his cool calm demeanor. We'll try to break down which guys are real possibilities and what they probably could sign for.

Starting with Defense

Brooks Orpik

Really a player coming off a great playoff, but really a guy that wasn't high on the free agent radar last December. I thought it would be a good signing, since he would be local and cheap. But things happen and he isn't cheap. Looking at the stats, he isn't offensive. And lets not look at the pre lockout numbers, especially that -36, well the Penguins were terrible. But the numbers have steadily improved with the improvement of the Penguins. Is he better because the team is better? Or has his improvement made his team better? Heading into his prime as a defenseman. But really is he worth 5 million dollars? I think Mike Weber in 2 years could be Brooks Orpik.

Verdict: Too expensive for a average stay at home defenseman.

Ron Hainsey

Talk about a guy I really haven't heard of, before this whole free agency nonsense began. But he has become a hot name in the 2nd tier of defenseman. He has played for the Blue Jackets his entire pro career and his numbers aren't bad for a more defense first oriented team, he looks like the QB on the power play the Sabres really need, since 15 of his last 17 goals have come on the power play. His plus minus isn't terrible, the penalty minutes are low, so he's not as physical. But the Sabres really don't play that style.

Verdict: Unless bidding goes to high, looks like the right player.

Bret Hedican

Mmm, turns 38 next month. Been around quite a while. Had a decent year last year, on a bad Hurricane team. Hasn't played 80 games since the lockout. And probably just as good and more expensive then Teppo Numminen. Sooo..

Verdict. No

Jeff Finger

Mmm, young, well 28, but coming off his first real year in the NHL. 19 points +12, but only 40 penalty minutes. Looks like he could be getting better and be entering his prime. Probably on the cheap side 1.5 maybe 2 million a year. A 3rd of 4th defenseman. Not a guy people would get excited about, but his play would show it made sense.

Verdict: If the bidding is low, a quality signing.

Kurt Sauer

A fellow Avs player who is only 27, yet has played in parts of the NHL since 2002. Not a offensive defenseman, who are the Du Jour player these days. Leaving these good players behind to pick up whats left. Probably will just stay with the 'Lanche. But would like Finger be a good addition to the corp in Buffalo. Only problem looks like he has injury issues.

Verdict: Making only 700k, and probably wouldn't get much more. Would approve.

Jeff Jillson


Steve Montador

A player that always seems to come up on my radar. He has played in the house on fire that is the Florida Panthers, for 2 and half years. Put up decent numbers for that terrible terrible franchise. Physical, plays on the power play now, maybe hungry to play for a winner and most of all not that expensive, and not that old. Who knows if he wants to leave Miami. And they are in talks. But who isn't these days.

Verdict: Could be a good acquisition, and had for less then 2 million a year.

Mark Streit

A guy talented enough, to play forward, but not good enough to play for Montreal's backend. He is productive, but the numbers will plummet when put back on the blueline. His power play numbers are good, but Montreal was a power play machine. When Roman Hamerlik is your number 3, and you can't crack the top 6, makes me a little iffy on Streit. Plus he's going to turn 31 in season. Cheap now, but in the market his price may go into the 3 million range.

Verdict: Signs tell me no on Streit.

Mike Commodore

Now heres an interesting guy. Plenty of playoff experience. Big, physical and and put up some points. Most known for his firey red hair, but this a solid D-Man, who struggled when traded to Ottawa. Maybe a little removed from the scrutiny that is the Canadian hockey media, could thrive again. Might make more then you'd want. But quality playoff experience is hard to find.

Verdict: Anything above 2.5 a year, you walk away. But yes I would

Aaron Miller

Start with a local guy, end with a local guy. Sabre fans have thrown his name around for years, since hes from here. But has always stayed in the Western Conference, since Quebec moved to Denver. It would be a nice depth signing for a veteran, but I doubt he'd want to come here. I see him probably signing with the Kings or staying with the Canucks.

Verdict: Love to, but he won't be coming home.

Well lots of guys out there. We'll see who the Sabres want to target. Forwards will be previewed soon. Maybe.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Today the Marshawn thing will be over.

Lynch hearing he had to give a public apology.

Well today Marshawn Lynch will give a public apology about the incident today in front of the DMV. Does he have to wait in line, because that would make things 50 times worse. But notice in the article what he is apologizing for.

Lynch is expected to make a brief public statement, admitting that he drove the vehicle that struck an Ontario woman and apologizing to the Buffalo Bills and their fans.

Lynch is expected to say that he didn't know his vehicle had struck anyone and that he's sorry about the injuries Kimberley Shpeley, 27, suffered on May 31.
He doesn't apologize to her, he does to the fans and the organization, only he's sorry that she got injured. Ahhh the old never say your really sorry trick. Also by never really taking any responsibility for the action, just that it was an accident because of what?

Lynch, in explaining why he didn't know he had struck a pedestrian, has told investigators that he was distracted by the sight of another woman who was dancing in the street while crossing Delaware Avenue. He also told investigators that his car stereo was on at the time of the accident.

Ah yes the dancing girl and music. Where is this dancing girl and why hasn't she come forward. IT was her fault that this girl was hit and hurt. Her fault all along. If she wasn't the distraction. Mr Lynch would have noticed Ms Shpeley and avoided her. Why has she not been prosecuted for this case. This is an outrage. This poor man gets raked through the mud, for a month, while this "dancing girl" gets away scott free. He probably has to pay more car insurance now. I hope shes happy, that someone has to take the rap, for her disgraceful actions. And I'm sure as Mr Lynch apologizes and shows how contrite he really is, she'll be back on Chippewa tonight, dancing the night away. Disgraceful.

Things Marshawn will also apologize for...

The livery building collapse

The sewage in the Commercial Slip

High gas prices, Beast mode uses a lot of oil

The Mckinley high scandal

Bucky Gleason

Really in the end, Marshawn is the real victim here.


Stole from the site, what are you gonna do about it?

Well I think everybody in the sports blog-o-sphere knows that Will Leitch is moving on from Deadspin, which to me is Will Leitch. I guess now its taking on a multi writer approach that is more a brand then one man's view. I think Will doesn't really know what he created. He is the face of the new sports journalism. You could say so is Bill Simmons, but Bill is a bit different. I've been a fan of Bill's for quite a while. I went to everyday for their chats and Page 2. It was a place where I could see the funnier stories in sports without scouring the internet and looking at every towns paper. At the time I was a big fan of the Dan Shanoff column and then his daily chat show. At the time it seemed to be the big thing. But one day I heard about the 7th floor crew at Miami and did some internet searching. It was there I saw Deadspin. Thats right way back in 2005. And look at the comments. 2! If that story was posted today, there would be 1000. I looked through it and saw look, its exactly what I want. Sort of a depot of funny stories and sports views. I came back often, and enjoyed it. The comments got better and made the site better.

Then one day I think Shanoff posted a link to deadspin, and was like oooo Dan Shanoff knows about it, it must be pretty legit. A self vindication I was reading something quality and not some garbage. It was there I found Which eventually made me comfortable to comment on a blog. Before I was a reader and not a commenter. I wish I got a comment access at deadspin way back, now its like finding a golden ticket to get into the wonka factory. I would read these blogs daily, and thought I could do it. Well I made a Myspace blog and did it daily to practice. But never really created my own sports blog till October of 2007, when I also met the love of my life. My girlfriend is way more important then my blog, but I love my blog. It drives the creative side of me. She drives the other good parts of me. Really my better half times 1000

Well deadspin, itself has generated so many offshoots, Kissing Suzy Kolber, withleather, and Melt Your Face Off, to name a couple. It it what I call the hub of all sports bloggers now. Its the standard. All others measure itself against Deadspin. Probably in hit rates and in money making opportunities as well. Theres where the problem arises. Its the big guy on the block and now with Will Leitch gone, it loses its face. It now sets its self up to be taken down and ripped apart by those who want to be that standard. You know to be the man you gotta beat the man. Deadspin created this atmosphere and soon within a year I feel it will be taken down by it. Maybe that is why Will is leaving.

Deadspin is losing its heart and soul and I think its audience will go with it eventually.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Marshawn Lynch

Marshawn's coming look out!

Well I guess I should comment on the whole Marshawn Lynch thing, since everybody has an opinion and I shall voice mine.

Well it looks like he'll plea guilty to a traffic violation tomorrow, according to the Buffalo News. Which of course will bring out the "I'd be in Jail since I'm a normal guy" crowd. Which is not true. Lets divulge some personal information on myself. I do background research as a living. So I know how courts work and what kind of punishment crimes get in this area. And when something is initially charged as a misdemeanor, it will either be settled to a lower misdemeanor or a violation. Which in this case is exactly what happened. The police ALWAYS charge higher to get at least a decent conviction. They will throw every little charge they can so there is some kind of conviction. This applies to everyone from star athletes to drug dealers. And we are dealing with Frank Clark, so criminals never really get that much punishment.

Well from the initial reports. I knew nothing really bad was going to come from the incident. The police tried to make it sound worse then it was. When I heard they found it in the driveway, I was like oh well thats not the action of someone who hit and ran. They probably never knew they hit anyone. Plus the victim got up on her own power. Total diver. But of course it the situation was dragged out and it made it worse then it was. He probably did the right thing, but the police leaked things to make Marshawn look bad, which is kind of pointless. OOOOOO he brought his own liquor into a bar. Guess what CHARGE HIM A CORKING FEE! You'd think having a celebrity in your place would be a good thing, a way of drumming up more buzz. But of course people are stupid in this town. And that fact rears its head on local radio shows.

Listening to just an hour of Schopp and Chris Parker, just made me crazy. Just all these guys call up going, if it were me I'd be in jail. No you wouldn't. And this bringing alcohol in a club thing takes away respect for Marshawn for Chris Parker, just makes me shake my head. I don't get why he harps over and over on this point. I'm sure 95% of Buffalonians could care less. Then they were like well wouldn't you know if you hit something, and a piece of the car fell off, they should feel it. Not necessarily. Hey they could have been drinking, there is probably a kick ass sound system in the car, and those babies vibrate and could deafen any other sound. There are so many ifs and what ifs, who knows where the truth really lies. The truth is, he probably nicked this woman with the left front bumper. Never saw her, didn't feel it and just headed home. A accident.

He gets charged with a violation, she'll get her medical costs paid for and then some, and by September no one will care, when Lynch is scoring Touchdowns.

1 Night at Wrigley

It was Billy Williams Cap night, no I did not get one.

Well a post thats waaaaay overdue, but its time I should talk about the highlight of the trip to Chicago. That was seeing a Cubs game. I got the tickets on Ebay since you can't order tickets online for 2 people. Which seems dumb, but anyway, I got some and didn't have to overpay, and they were better then Stubhub at the same price. But these tickets are one thing I made sure I had packed, made sure I always had them and no housekeeper took them. But they were for a Tuesday night game against the Atlanta Braves. This would also be my 2nd ever major league game. The previous being a Pirates Reds game several years ago.

We took the Red line up to Loyola of Chicago, because my friend loves fellow Jesuit institutions. And It was nice, until we really walked around and saw the best part of the campus, it was right on the lake! I was like wow I could totally go to a place like this. Right on a rail line and a beautiful campus. Makes Canisius look like crap. Anyway.

We headed to Wrigleyville to eat somewhere and found a place called The Darkhorse Grill. So we got something to eat and I had some old styles. And we got ready for the game. Its weird to be in a Steeler bar in Chicago. But I recommend the place, since its a block down and not as busy as the Harry Carey Tavern. Enough talk of that, time for the game. We head down Sheffield and get into Wrigley Field.

The atmosphere is great and theres people everywhere, not like a Bison game, more like when we walk around Fenway before a Sox game. This is why there needs to be more things around HSBC arena, the atmosphere would be awesome.

Where our seats where.

We sat by the vistor bullpen under the upperdeck, and just like the Upper Blues in the Aud, they had TVs showing replays. Awesome. But it was a beautiful day, so the benefit of hiding from the rain, didn't matter. There was a pole right between the mound and home in my viewing of the game, but that didn't matter.

Theres the pole

Booo, Braves wearing their weird blue uni's

Gorgeous ballpark on a gorgeous night

Well Ted Lilly started very shaky and the cub faithful were weary, but they got behind him and when he got out of jams saluted him. He would soon find his game and pitch very well. Tom Glavine would not, and started to give up hits till he finally got hurt in the 3rd. I'm not really a Cubs fan, so its interesting to see the fans love when the player gets up there. Guys like Geovany Soto, who I really never heard of, but loud cheers every time he got up there. Fukodome is a new fan favorite. Along with the usual ones, Ramirez and Derek Lee. The Cubs showed through the game they are a better team and there is no shock why they are so good at home. The support is fantastic. If I played baseball Chicago would be on the top of my list.

Cubs threatening again.

Reminds me of the lighting in the Field of Dreams Ballpark

Well the Cubs seemed to have a comfortable lead, until the mid relief gave up some runs and the Atlanta fans started the chop. It was weird hearing the Tomahawk Chop chant in Wrigley. A lot more Braves fans then you would imagine.. But our hero Soto, got up in the 8th and hit the game ending 3 run homer. Which lead to a rather loud cheer. At this point it was 10 to 5 and the game was out of reach for the horrible on the road Braves.

CUBS WIN!!!!!!

But the best part game right after and they played the cubs win song. Go Cubs Go, it maybe lame, but its rather catchy and a lot of people sing along with it. And the most shocking thing, the train home wasn't packed. That was nice. But without any delay. Go Cubs Go

Yes its gonna be in your head all day long.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

This close to free agency

By the way weren't the sabres going to bring back the old whites this year? I haven't heard an update on this. I love the old whites and they looked great in the winter classic last year. So if they wear them for Northeast games at home, bonus. Its the only way I hit up a Bruins game. Anywho, on to free agency.

I wanted to start with what they have to pay for next year and work with what is supposed to be available, the old 50 million dollar cap. Which seems like a high number, I'm sure its the number they budgeted out. I saw something like this on the roost this morning and still want to push my thing forward. But I will include defensemen, a all in one package.

So lets take numbers from
The Players under contract next season. And the ones I think will be playing in Buffalo

Vanek ------ 8 Million
Roy ------- 3.5 Million
Hecht ------ 3.8 Million (seriously?)
Max------- 3.5 Million (Got to go)
Connelly---- 3.5 Million (last year here)
Kotalik ----- 2.5 Million (I can live with that)
Pominville - 1.357 Million (absolute steal)
Stafford --- .984 Million
Mair ------- .750Million (worth every penny)
Peters ----- .550Million (has pictures of darcy)
Kaleta ----- .500 Million

Thats 28.94 Million in 11 forwards. With 4 RFA's and 1 UFA. Along with signed rookies.


Spacek ------ 3.5 Million
Lydman ----- 3.150 Million
Tallinder ---- 2.9 Million
Paetsch ----- .8 Million
Weber ------- .551 Million
Sekera ------ .659 Million (He also needs to be extended this year)

So thats 11.56 Million in 6 defensemen, who have legitimate shot to be on the team.

Miller -------- 3.5 Million

Ok lets add all these up. Thats 43.6 Million in tied up salaries. We got 6 Million to pay a couple forwards and free agents. That of course takes out trades. Trade Max for a prospect, that bumps up that total to 10 million. You give offers to Bernier, Gaustad and Paille. Macarthur isn't on the team and is in Portland next year. Unless he wows you. Mike Ryan walks or signs a minor league deal with the Pirates. Good for depth. Ok for Bernier. I'm thinking 1.75, Gaustad 1.75 and Paille is around 2.5. If Paille was a UFA maybe he'd get 4 million. So we got 6 million tied up there.

Leaving around 4 million for free agents. Including a backup goalie. Which is the perfect year, tons of depth, no spots. Goalies will take anything to stay in the NHL. Auld is my pick. He was impressive last year and can take spot duty.

I would love to see Orpik, but I don't see it. The Sabres have forward depth, but I really think they want they want the young kids to play in Portland for a while. Thats why getting a John Michael Liles makes sense. Hes the defensemen they need. And really isn't high on the market at the moment. Campbell is the defensemen people want. Making Liles 2nd tier and would look good with Spacek. With Sekera and Weber being the 3rd pair.

I think management wanted to give hope to the Sabre faithful with Free agent deals. But I think the trade market is where this team will get better. The glut of forwards really give them assets to work with. The talent in the defensive corp will come in the next few years. With Weber, Sekera, TJ Brennen and Myers.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Selling out

Well even more good news appeared today for those secondary market ticket sellers. That the only game left for individual ticket buyers will be the December 28 closer against the Patriots. Obviously now turning into a hot Christmas gift. That means with highest season ticket sales in 15 years, and only one game left to buy, that the Toronto game has in effect helped Bills home sales. Not only do they get a large cash cow in the Toronto package. They sell out the season before it even starts. I can't remember when that happened. Probably in the Super Bowl years.

So for all the whiners that they should have had the Dolphins game at home, for one of the low selling ones, well what about now? The season is practically is sold out. So I guess it doesn't matter anyway. And I'm sorry the Dolphins rivalry ain't what it used to be. With Brian Cox and Dan Marino. The 49ers game is a week after the Grey Cup, so maybe they needed the extra week to promote the game. Plus getting the Rogers Centre ready for the game. I'm sure it takes several weeks and the Argos may make a championship run.

With this news, the line for the final game when individuals come out should be long, well long with ticket brokers. That game won't last very long. I'm sure there is only 2000 or so left. So this whole Toronto deal, has created a shortage, and in a way drove up demand, with lower package prices. Its already a genius business decision. Of course it may pave the way for a move to Toronto, but thats in the long term. I care about the short term. And the short term tells me, the stadium will be rocking, and I can see it on tv every week next year.

Breaking up is hard to do.

Well I know I don' update much on the Bisons. But really the buzz on them is rather low in this town. They use to be a big draw, but now people have other outlets and forget about the Bisons. And with their impending breakup with the Indians, it brings an end to that long standing relationship. Of course in todays paper is the story on Columbus' new ball park. (with the clever headline Indians discover Columbus)

Its like the Indians have already moved on. Columbus seems to be more a Indians town then Buffalo. The bigger crowds come out for the Scranton and Pawtucket games, the Yankee and Red Sox affiliates. Really are there many "Bison" fans out there. People want to associate themselves with the Major leagues, so they are Sox fan or Yankee fans or Met fans. Because its easier that way. You don't have just Bisons fans. Its hard to have a favorite player then have him leave because hes too good. Guys come and go and theres no consistency. You can come once a month and the lineup is probably completely different every time. People don't like that. So you come down to DTP and root for the team, or just to have a good time, they don't win, no big deal its fun.

The team could be winless and I doubt attendance would be affected that much. Attendance appears to be pretty normal, even though the Bisons are 8 games under .500. The weather is really more the factor. The terrible may and early June probably put a dent in business. If things shape up, the crowds should be better and the atmosphere better.

But what about the team? Whats there to see? Whats there to get excited about? Well the team is offensively challenged right now. Especially with the trade of Herr, for basically nothing. They brought in Morgan Ensberg, who has been terrible. All the good pitching prospects at the beginning of the season are either in Cleveland or hurt. Leaving Matt Ginter as the staff ace with a 4.43 ERA. Besides Jordan Brown and Michael Aubrey the team is full of minor leaguers. But I guess with the upcoming switch, different guys. So next year will even be more confusing.

I guess the same old reasons apply to head down to Dunn Tire Park, Fireworks on Fridays, watching baseball on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon and enjoying ballpark food. It may be 20 years old. But thats when a ball park hits its stride.


Cleveland just signed 2 more players for the Bisons.

Tony Graffanino and Juan Rincon!


The other guys.

Well here are the rest of the draft picks I promised I'd analyze. Well tell you who they are and if they are worth anything. So lets get going

2nd round 44th pick Luke Adam Left Wing.

A big power forward type that really emerged this year in St Johns with 30 goals and 66 points. Darcy said they wanted to get bigger and this shows he wasn't kidding around. He'll have some time to mature and play in Junior and probably in Portland in 2 years. So theres time for him to grow as a player and not have any pressure.

Hope: Paul Gaustad with scoring touch
Fear: Michael Grosek.
Facebook: Yes, and is friends with last years 2nd round pick TJ Brennon.

3rd Round 81st pick Cory Fienhage Defense.

A high schooler who is going to North Dakota, so already we know hes a good player. Because the Fightin Sioux ain't taking crap. Don't really know when hes coming on board. Could be 4 to 5 years. He might be traded 3 times before evening seeing NHL ice. Looks like hes more the defensive defensemen type.

Hope: Mike Ramsey
Fear: Any defensemen who doesn't make it out of college.
Facebook? Yes

4th round 101st pick Justin Jokinen

The second straight Minnesota high schooler, he is a Center though and appears to be the team leader kind. But really the best player on most high school teams is a leader, which means absolutely nothing to me. But to be in high school and taken in the 4th round has to mean something right?

Hope: Um Chris Drury?
Fear: no Fear on him.
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4th Round 104th pick Jordon Southorn

Another defensemen in the plan to restock the defense corp in the draft. The Montreal native had 31 points last year in the QMJHL. So another of the guys who have time to develop. Or be a complete nobody and selling insurance in 4 years.

Hope: Toni Lydman
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5th round 134th pick Jacob Lagace

I really want him to develop because I think it would be neat to have a Sabre with the name Lagace. It just flows. But he has one year in the "Q" and a pretty productive one in that. Looks to be a late developer. The type of guy who was given nothing and worked for everything. I think he could be the darkhorse in this draft class. Look out for Jake a couple years from now.

Hope: Jason Pominville
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6th Round 164th Round Nick Crawford Defense

A guy not even ranked coming into the draft, the guy that Mel Kiper would go, um uhhh, played well in Saginaw last year? From the stats looks like a stay at home defense type guy. But not a ton of penalty minutes. I would like to say he could come from nowhere, but I think Portland will be as high as he goes.

Hope: Mike Funk
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Well thats the draft class for 2008. Which we can only hope that some of the guys develop into decent nhl players. Its not like the NFL draft where a 3rd round pick who doesn't play is a disappointment. Where in the NHL a 3rd round pick who makes the NHL is a great thing. But we'll see I'm sure everybody will be interested in Tyler Myers over anyone else. But looking at past drafts, it looks like some guys are developing, or least the minors will be well stocked in case of injury.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Long and short of it.

Mr Myers later put Bettman in his suit pocket.

Well sure the Sabres are picking more guys today(picking up more picks as we speak) and some of them might turn into household names, but it will be the two from Friday that will have the most expectations. First is the giant above Tyler Myers. When the Sabres traded up, you'd go mmm, what are they doing. Then they announce their pick and you see this giant head up on stage and everybody looks up at him. Lindy looks him over and thinks oh yeah I could use a kid like this.

He's the one thats probably gonna take a few years to hit the NHL, but thats fine, the Sabres have the time to let this kid develop and be a wrecking crew in the AHL. You the kind when he finally puts on the sweater, fans will be super excited.

Very fluid skating

He's not the offensive defensemen that many Sabre fans want, but he seems to be the stay at home and make sure the net is clear.

My hope he can be: Henrik Tallinder but bigger
Fear: The return of Mike Wilson

Hello Ladies, Tyler Ennis is here.

So after drafting a giant, they draft a little guy who is more on the goal scoring side. He's about 5-8, so obviously the Danny Briere comparisions come up. But its shown that the little guys with heart can make it in the NHL. Looking at his stats from this year they are pretty impressive, for a good WHL, 43 goals and 90 points in 70 games. I'll take half that production. Obviously he'll be in junior next year or maybe Portland. But they can let this kid grow. Well get better as a player. Hes short, but thats not to bad. Video highlights

Wait is that Luke Schenn he keeps skating around?

Hopes: Danny Briere
Fear: Derek Plante

Wait so they drafted two guys named Tyler? Mmm thats kinda odd. Lets up the two of these guys are the future of the Sabres. But I'm hoping more for the Free agents that may come in, then guys who may never pan out.

Well Monday I'll recap the other guys taken, including the Minnesota High Schooler they took in round 3, who apparently was born in Kansas? And hopefully some trades. Well player trades.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Its getting Drafty in here.

Well its the start of the 2008 NHL Draft tonight, and I'm kinda of excited. Really I am. Sure we probably won't see who the Sabres draft in the First round for a couple years. But I think the Draft is really where people start to see trades happen and signings start happening. I guess there is no off season for hockey anymore. Though August is pretty dead news wise. But here we are late June, excited for a game played on Ice and about kids were were born during the First Bush presidency. Yikes that wasn't long ago.

But I have my hopes on one kid. They would have to trade up to get him and I think he's worth a 13th pick and a player. Thats Alex Pieterangelo. He's one of the top defensemen in the draft, the defense heavy draft. Hes the perfect defensemen for the new era, Big, quick and can put up good points. And looking at the penalty minutes doesn't shy away from contact, or takes dumb penalties, either way. And his favorite player is Pronger, good with me. And I like the video of him.

Possibly the best player in the draft? Ok.

Well I know Darcy doesn't read this and he knows players better then I do. But come on Darcy its time to work some magic. The team needs a new identity. After July 4th I hope to want to buy someones jersey. But I think Darcy knows he has some money this year and they can spend to get some players because two years without playoffs will be unacceptable.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

I take apart Bucky so you don't have to.

Once again Bucky Gleason tries to be the GM of the Sabres to put the team together for next year. Him being the smart prognosticator of salaries. Oh what did you think Derek Roy would get again? Has put out his new article on being the GM. And its not that horrible from the usual crap so, lets take a peek at the good and bad. (yes there is some good)

Actually, playing general manager for a day was an enlightening experience. It gave me new appreciation for the pressure Sabres GM Darcy Regier has been under throughout his career. General managers are in delicate positions. They need to support their players while making cold, objective assessments of them.

Really? You've covered hockey for how long now? And that came to some shock, that a manager has to evaluate and make tough decisions. LIKE EVERY BUSINESS OWNER IN THE WORLD. Once again showing newspaper people are detached from normal people.

Enough is enough with Afinogenov, who should be traded before unrestricted free agency opens July 1. Look past the flashy moves. He’s the most overrated offensive player in the league. He’s never scored more than 23 goals in a season. He has 10 goals and 23 points in 49 career playoff games. He routinely draws his linemates offside, commits way too many turnovers, isn’t dependable on defense – he was a team-worst minus-16 last season – and couldn’t lead his team in prayer. Otherwise, he’s terrific.

Mmm, I agree 100%. Good job Bucky good start to the new year. Actual fact based analysis of a player and why he needs to be shipped out, looks like bloggers are rubbing off on you Mr Gleason.

Hey, we all make mistakes. I blew it big time with Derek Roy.
My blunder last year was listing his suggested salary ($800,000) on a chart without explanation. It was based on a three-year, $3.1 million contract Jason Pominville received the previous summer. Roy, a third-line center when playing with Drury and Briere, signed a six-year deal worth $24 million as a first-liner and was worth every nickel. Now, with free agency approaching, there’s a different set of problems.

Admitting mistakes? WAHHHHHH???? Mmm, maybe Bucky has turned a new leaf on things and is being accountable and thinking things through. So what about Miller Bucky?

Miller’s contract is tricky. On one side, the Sabres need to provide evidence that they’re headed in the right direction and committed to building a winner in order to keep him. On the other, Miller must convince management that he’s worth big money.

Ok so far so good.

He was overused last season, which hurt his overall game and made many question his value. He’s a good goalie, but he’s not an elite one. Could he become a top goalie with better defensemen around him? It’s the $6 million question.

I like where this is going.

Sorry, but at this point, I have a difficult time paying Miller more than Kiprusoff and Brodeur. Plus, a long-term deal in Miller’s case would be risky for both sides.

Mmm I agree with that.

A three-year deal worth $17 million that would pay him $5.25 million the first year, $5.75 million the second year and $6 million the third would be more than fair and makes more sense. It’s still quite a boost from his $3.5 million salary for 2008-09.

Ohhhhhh, so close, yet so far away. Not in a million years would Ryan Miller agree to that. He wants 5 to 7 years at least. Settling for this as your option, ruins your whole outlook from the start. Some things don't change

If he plays well, he gets back to the bargaining table sooner and can make his case for more money. If he doesn’t, the Sabres aren’t shackled by a long-term deal built on potential. If that doesn’t work, well, there’s hardly a shortage on good goaltenders who could be had for $5 million or less.

Hey isn't that reasoning behind the Brian Campbell offer last year. WHICH WAS BLASTED BY EVERYONE, yet your giving it for Ryan Miller who is more important then a borderline All Star in Brian Campbell?

Ok moving on... to Defensemen.

Enter Brooks Orpik, an unrestricted free agent who plays with the edge Buffalo has lacked for years. Forget that Orpik was raised in East Amherst. He’s the real deal and would be ideal for the Sabres. He established himself as a solid stay-at-home defenseman during Pittsburgh’s run to the Stanley Cup finals.

Mike Commodore is a gritty player who would help lead a young dressing room and become a fan favorite. Think: Rhett Warrener’s attitude with Ronald McDonald’s Afro. He lacks mobility and offers little offensively, but he would provide more beef without breaking the bank. He made $1.3 million last season.

You want a veteran leader? Philly’s Jason Smith made $1.9 million last season and is an unrestricted free agent. You want offense? John-Michael Liles is an intriguing player who would help replace Campbell without the cost. Liles is small (5-foot- 10, 185), but he averaged 41 points over the past three seasons. He and Miller were teammates at Michigan State and remain good friends. He made $1.4 million last season.

Other then Commodore, I don't argue with his picks, though he doesn't guess the salaries, which proves problems. Well he does for Orpik, and puts together a deal that sounds right. He goes with the ok to overpay, yet its wrong for Spacek? I'm still weary on guys coming off stanley cup teams. I think next year Orpik will have a down year, but thats my opinion. Liles will come cheap, since hes small and his value has declined, plus the Miller factor. Jason Smith ain't coming here, so forget it.

Ok, what about backup goalie and forwards. This is where Bucky falls apart and just phones it in. Really just dealing with the guys on the team who are restricted? Great, but those won't be trouble cases. Gaustad, Bernier and Paille all can be had at reasonable prices. No reason to spend the most time on them. Its obvious some outside talent needs to be brought in.

There still should be enough money to sign a veteran forward, depending on how much is spent upgrading the defense. Pittsburgh’s Ryan Malone or Calgary’s Kristian Huselius could work in the budget with some creative maneuvering.

Clarence-raised workhorse Kevyn Adams made just $650,000 last season and would come cheap. He’s a leader who kills penalties and has won a Stanley Cup. Chicago gushed over his work with young players there, and he’s healthy again.

None of those guys are coming here. Adams has been a free agent for what seems every year, and never signs here? Its obvious Darcy or Kevyn doesn't want to be here. Ryan Malone will be way too expensive for his talent, and Huselius is crazy to leave Jarome Iginla. Oh then he says eh maybe start a talk about an extension for Pominville. WHAT? He is the captain, there is no try thats do. And on July 2nd I want a 6 year extension signed for Pominville. He's the real deal.

And him not even giving us names for backup goalies, come on Bucky thats lazy. Its pretty easy to look at a list and pick a few names. Watch.

(goes to
(clicks on free agent list and sorts by goalies)
(looks over list)

Alex Auld
Wade Dubielewicz

There two guys who would be adequate backups and hell for good measure Curtis Sanford. Bam, it was that easy.

Well it wasn't crap, but Mr. Gleason could have spent a couple more minutes really putting something together, then putting something together that most bloggers could put together. And we expect better from those employed to write for a living.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Mmm lets look into this further.

Umm, where is the word Buffalo? I never noticed till someone pointed it out. Kissing Suzy Kolber did a great job on it already. But its like saying Bills Toronto Series, could be flipped to Toronto Bills and you got the logo for the team already. I don't mind the logo itself. But I guess it doesn't get rid of any fears that Bills fan may have about the team moving 2 hours north. Which brings up a interesting debate. Would that be the worse thing ever?

Sure we BUFFALO Bills fans, would love to have the team here in the WNY area. Since its not to expensive to go, its a fun time and its our team. It represents us in a way. (Which is stupid) But if the Bills moved to Toronto, they wouldn't be far away and actually going to a Bills game maybe a special event. You kinda take for granted something you can just get a ticket to, but when you have to wait and pay a lot of money to see, it seems like a treat. Because the ticket prices would jump into the top 10 or even top 5 of the league overnight. But the thing is they are still right around the corner in the large scope of things. They would be on tv every week. It would be easy to follow them and with the extra revenue would turn into a big money player in the league with the Patriots, Redskins and Cowboys. Now instead of seeing big money free agents and knowing the Bills don't have a chance. You would know think, hey maybe they will sign with us.

The time it would really hurt, would be, if it ever happened, the Bills won the Superbowl. And the parade goes right down Yonge St. Instead of happening in Niagara Sq. That point, you might as well be rooting for the Seattle Seahawks, because the parade ain't around here. Sure I could switch teams, but whats the point? I'm never going to feel the way I do for the Browns or Steelers or Texans, as I do with the Bills. So I probably still root for them. Its the same players. They just play somewhere else. They aren't from here, they are all imports, so what does it matter if they play in the Rogers Centre instead of Ralph Wilson Stadium. Toronto would be much better then if the team moved to LA. Where it would be very hard to follow them.

Lets just hope this decision won't have to be made for many years to come.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Soldier Field not so secure.

Not the best from outside.

Well I was in Chicago a week ago. And it has taken a while for me to upload pictures, I took 260 pictures over several days. But its time to talk about my trip and the sports related things involving my trip. The first trespassing into Soldier Field.

Me and my friend Jason, got in late on Sunday, due to weather so we missed the Blues fest right across the street from our hotel and ribfest. Which bummed me out. But we woke up early on Monday to get things done since we had only 2 full days to do things in Chicago. So we walked down to the Field museum.

What a gorgeous city.

Well we were way early for the 9am opening of the Museum. But we noticed that Soldier Field is right across the way. We decide to walk up to the Stadium and check it ou. We got to the top and we notice the gate is open. Mmm, no signs, lets go in and check it out. We are on vacation, nothing bad is going to happen, right?

I like the idea of keeping the old outside, but it doesn't look good.

But the sightlines and inside the stadium are really good.

Not to excited about that sticking out scoreboard and the top lining of boxes is kinda ugly

We continue walking around the stadium, I know if we walked in further, people would have been on us quicker. But it was neat to walk around and they kept the old seats of soldier field outside the new part. I can see why they wanted to build the stadium inside the old, but I'm sure they could have found a new home. But the open spots to build are limited in Chicago.


We don't need any stinking tickets.

We continued on, always waiting for the guys to say, Hey get the hell out of here. But we almost get to the exit, before the guys in the golf cart come up and say, hey guys. Sorry we had to close the gate, but you can exit through the turnstile over there. Ok, we're done anyway. Seriously we broke into your facility and and you politely tell us to leave? Um I like this town. And we have plans anyway.

Onto the Field Museum!!!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Gettin Served

Well three players, Christian Gaddis, Steve Johnson and James Hardy, were served by the DA in the Lynch case the other day. Which I'm sure they were happy to get. A couple Bills officials were also subpoenaed, with these three players. The guys who were also in the car with Lynch. And you may go oh man this could be bad, all one of these guys gotta do is, go, yeah I was behind the wheel. Totally didn't think we hit anyone, actually I thought somebody threw something at the car. You know the average Chippewa douche bag, trying to impress a lady.

That right there ends the case. I'll say Steve Johnson does it. Christian Gaddis looks too nice of a guy and James Hardy would have gotten out of the car and pulled a piece out on someone. If he pulls a piece out on his dad (allegedly) imagine someone he doesn't know. In my opinion, this case is losing steam and they are using their only tool to get anything out of this minor case. Really there isn't much here, there isn't much punishment. Its lucky to finish in a Disorderly conduct conviction in my eyes.

Here's how the Grand Jury can go.

Asst DA: So, Mr Johnson who was behind the wheel on that night of 5/31?

Steve Johnson: I was sir.

Asst DA: Well many witnesses say they saw Mr Lynch behind the wheel of the car. Are you lying to the court sir?

Steve Johnson: No, we both have dreads and look pretty similar from behind, especially when its dark and raining out, I'm sure they were mistaken.

Asst DA: I have no further questions.

Boom, case over. Its that easy. Plus Steve Johnson looks like a great teammate, and hell he could have been driving. Who knows. And for all the people who say Marshawn should come clean, why? Make the police do their job. Make the system work. Would it be easier for everyone if the truth came out, maybe. But hey its a model client for any lawyer. And I'm sure he's seen many guys railroaded already. So why play along. Let the system do its thing and just like most things that are left to run their course. Will accomplish nothing much.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

So what did I miss?

Well I got back from the Windy City on Tuesday, and yes I had internet at the hotel, The Blackstone stay there when you hit up Chicago, worth every penny, I still missed a few things.

  • Well looks like the Marshawn Lynch thing is ramping up, to where its a full fledged media event. So the Buffalo Police went to Orchard Park and got nothing, shocking. What did they expect Lynch to break and go, damn it I did it. This isn't law and order. Lawyers are smarter and clients aren't going to admit anything unless they get out of it well. But if you want to blame Marshawn go ahead, but the lawyer is making all the calls, and good RB listens to what play is being called.
  • In sad new Mitch Frerotte died yesterday. For us young fans, he was always a fan favorite the crazy guy surrounded by superstars, on the same level as Ray Bentley. With him always being between a football player and a pro wrestler. He died of a heart issue, and it gets me thinking if the crazy guy wasn't on something. Certain things do some damage on the heart. Or he just had a weak heart. He had a big heart, maybe it wasn't big enough to contain all his energy.
  • Dominik Hasek retired, again. Probably for good this time. The greatest Sabre in my lifetime. I didn't see Perrault, and Lafontaine wasn't around that long, and never guided the team to a Stanley Cup, let alone almost 2 appearances. The guy is one of the most decorated goalies ever. Sure he left on bad terms. But its time to forgive and forget, put the 39 in the rafters.
  • And the Sabres official switched to Portland. With all the signings and with the press conference it looks like the Sabres will be active in making the Pirates good. I think Rochester just pushed them too far and they made them pay for it. Tried to buy them, didn't work, so they moved a tad north into hockey country. It will be interesting to see if the Pirates actually do play a game here, because it would be interesting to see them and all the kids in the system. We'll see them sooner then later. I think its going to be a active offseason for the Blue and Gold, call me Naive.
  • Oh and the Bills sold out 5 games already. With only the Patriots and 49ers game left, the season looks to be all sold out before July. With already 52k Season ticket holders, the decision to cut games here, seems to have worked like a charm. I haven't seen tickets go this quick in quite a while. And to all those that should have said move the Niners game up North, well that just became a hot ticket didn't it?
  • And in todays news, Bills cut two players. QB Luke Drone and TE Teyo Johnson. I guess Teyo wasn't the answer at TE after all. Oh well at least we won't fool ourselves in training camp. By the way that can't start soon enough.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Away for a while

There won't be any new posts for several days as I will be in Chicago for several days. There is a Cub game involved and lots of touring. So I'll miss all the updates on Marshawn Lynch, who was probably driving and he'll get charged for a Misdemeanor, go on probation and get a fine. Nothing big. And I'll miss the press conference saying Portland is the new AHL affiliate for the Sabres. No big deal.

I'll be having fun in Chicago. See you suckers later.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Stanley Cup Fallout


Well the Red Wings are your Stanley Cup Champions, which I picked them to win in 6 at the beginning of the series, who is a genius? Well not me, but it looks good now. Since I didn't pick a Cup winner at the beginning of the playoffs, but did pick the Wings and Pens to win every series they were in, I feel like I picked the winner of the cup in April. Aren't I a genius.

Well i love the picture above because its ironic. You have Marian Hossa depressed, spent and looks like he just heard his dog got run over. And he's leaning on a Jackpot sign. Which is exactly what he'll get in July. He is the top dog free agent and after the playoffs he had, a playoff performer now. He actually raised his price tag from ridiculous to you gotta be kidding me. Hell he might make 15 million next year. The guy was stuck in atlanta, not doing anything. Was labeled a chocker in the playoffs, then gets traded to Pittsburgh and he's practically clutch. The question is where does he sign?

Its not in Buffalo thats for sure, Pittsburgh? Well if takes a hometown discount, which I doubt, maybe. But he'll go to one of the bigger markets, maybe Toronto, maybe DC, maybe the Rangers Hossa to replace Jagr. That would be very smart. Well it doesn't matter because Mr Hossa, is going to become Mr. Money bags. Which shows once again the importance of the contract year. You get a bunch of guys wanting a new contract, and your team excels.

Well the Red Wings are your 2007-2008 Cup Champions. Which puts a end to the year. Now we await the Draft, where the Sabres pick guys we have never heard of, but expect them to turn into Hall of Famers. So no Pressure Darcy and the video drafting crew, its not like you need to draft good young talent, because you can go out in free agency and pick up those players, oh wait. Yeah, you better draft well.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A comment on the Lynch thing.

For the right price I'll say I was driving this on Saturday morning.

Well its been several days since the Lynch story broke and yesterday was the big show put on by the police department for not a big crime. And now a lot more information is available.

DeGeorge would only describe Lynch as “a key figure” in what he called a fairly typical hit-and-run probe.

Then whats the need for a press conference? Hell today theres a guy their looking for that might have killed someone, and they just have a press release. A press release would have been fine. Really they have nothing other then trying to make Lynch comment on it, otherwise known as doing their job by helping the police not have to do any legwork. He's not commenting on it, because his attorney tells him not to. Especially for a minor incident. Really its 330 am, at Chippewa. Have you been down there, I'm surprised more people don't get hit by cars. People just dart into traffic. No, I'm not excusing the incident, you have to be cautious and stop if you hit someone. But of course if you're drinking, you might panic and just get out of dodge. Which I think is what happened. Someone darted out, the driver wasn't in the right mindset and Ms Shpeley was hit and said driver panicked and drove home.

I was listening to Degeorge, former Channel 2 sports guy who was fired, on the Schopp and Bulldog show. And something he said came back today with this article. When asked where the car was found, he painted it like it was near the house, but parked away down the street. But in the News article, the car was parked in the driveway. Not the action of someone who hit and ran.

I think we all know what buffalo cameras can do, I highly doubt they can see the driver, so really they are doing what they can for Lynch to confess. His attorney knows this and as long as he keeps his client from talking, nothing will happen criminally. Civil wise, sure he'll get sued, his car created damage. Pay the woman, story done with, go play football. People act like he has to do all this stuff, he doesn't have to do a damn thing, make the police prove their case.

This case wouldn't even go to a county court level, this is a city court case that will probably get pled down to disorderly conduct and he'll do some community service, whoever the driver was.

I'll comment more when more news develops.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Roller Derby Recap

Thats what the ladies were fighting for on Saturday Night.

Well on Saturday Night, it was the Suicidal Saucies vs the Nickel City Knockouts for the first ever Queen City Cup. I was going in excited for my team the NCKO's who looked good the last time out and the Saucies barely escaped their last match with a win. Though I was without my Derby partner, my girlfriend, who was in Ireland. So jealous, it would have been nice to take her, since she enjoys it so much. The crowd was excited another packed house at the Rainbow Rink. Though there are empty seats, many people stand. So really it is standing room only because of bad viewing areas. But the crowd somehow split itself in half. Saucies fan on one side Knockout fans on the other side.

The ladies were ready to go.

Well this one got off to a slow start for the Knockouts, they struggled to get their jammer through and the Saucies weren't doing much either. It was 16-2 before I knew it, but he Knockouts got going and and cut it to 16-12, when the jams to end all jams happened. The saucies what seemed developed a defensive strategy similar to a trap. The jammer of the KO's would get in the middle of the pack and disappear, while the Saucies jammer would skate around the outside and just rack up points. It was also the return to form of a one Mexicali Bruise, who was recovering from giving birth several months before. She was back to her fantastic self, and it didn't hurt they found another jammer just as good in Bikini Whacks. It was close then it wasn't

That was the start of the end of things.

The second got going. And it was 20 minutes of pure domination. I never saw a period where one team just absolutley suffocated another team and made them quit. I know the ladies won't admit it, but most times they looked defeated and tired and just went through the motions.

Thats right almost 17 minutes into the period, they scored 2 points in it.

After the 2nd, knockout fans gave a polite clap, but we all know it was over. They were beat, hammered and tired. But the third had only one question, how chippy would it get. Sweets had already delivered a major cheapshot, she got away with. Making the Saucie fans very angry. But the third was a tough period, both teams looking to show they weren't giving up and sending a message. The Saucies Enforcer, ironically named, Nforceher, was all over the track putting people down. But eventually the match came to an end and a end to the season.

The Knockouts made it a little closer.

So your 2008 Queen City Cup Champions the Suicidal Saucies.

They are lifting a cup, its tough to take pictures in that damn roller rink, leave me alone.

Well I can't wait for next year.

Ticket Revenue

Well over on the Mirtle site, which is maybe the best hockey blog out there, came an interesting link from the Toronto Star. About ticket revenue per game for every NHL team. Its one of those well the team sells out every game, so they must be making money and are just cheap. Well for some teams that maybe the case, but for the Sabres, there might be a case for not spending to the cap.

First is Toronto with 1.9 Million per game, thats 77.9 Million in Ticket revenue alone. They can do whatever they want. And the Canadian teams really have some cash. There is no reason why any of them can struggle. Then you have Phoenix on the bottom with 450K a game, or 18.45 Million a game. Thats not good with a league really based on ticket sales. If any team is on the verge of being shipped out its the Coyotes. What is surprising is the Blackhawks almost doubled ticket revenue and are still only at 500k a game. What was Bill Wirtz doing? So what about the Sabres, went up a healthy percent to 750k a game. Which translates to 30.75 a game. Thats 20 million below the cap. Sure they have league revenue, tv deal and other things, but thats a lot to make up that gap, just to cover payroll. Looking at these numbers, it would be smart not to spend willy nilly and lose money to maybe put together a winning club. It takes smarts and planning for a team like Buffalo.

Numbers like these make you take a step back from the sellouts and the merchendise sales and go, well I understand them not spending the big money. They need to raise ticket prices, so they just can stay competitive and with the interest right now, they can get away with it. Its times like these, if the team would open the books and show that, really we can't spend the money because it wouldn't make financial sense, fans would understand. You can be a winner and be smart about it. But they are private and I'm guessing private stuff no one needs to know.

One thing I do know, is that if we want our Sabres to be good, we gotta show up to every game. The attendance of the past will only lead to this team moving up the QEW to Hamilton, where we need a passport to see our team live again. And with the Cap constantly moving up, it will leave the Sabres farther and farther away from that number and closer to the floor number, due to their ticket revenue being low. While the Canadian and big northern markets able to spend what they want, since they are flush with cash.

Sabres Sign Tim Kennedy

Meet your new Portland Pirate!!!!

Just kidding, well thats where he'll be playing next year, but the Sabres signed Tim Kennedy to a Pro Deal on Sunday. I guess its a 2 year deal, worth 635k a season, which seems like a lot for a college hockey player. I know he had great stats and what not. But does college hockey signal immediate success. I heard he was asking for a lot. So I guess they did the old Brian Campbell deal, short term with more money. Which is smart. Guys play hard for new contracts. The Sabres best recent success came with tons of guys with 1 year left. Why not have a whole team with those kind of guys. You might win a cup, with guys trying to make bank.

But once again the farm team next year, should be really good. Unfortunately for Sabre fans it won't be an hour away anymore. So Tim should be ready to wear this next year.

Well minus the Ducks part on the sleeves.

Those are pretty sharp, right? Thats a good looking Pirate, kinda looks like the Bandits logo. Its much better then these Milwaukee Admirals Sweaters

Yarrrr! Hehehe, these make me laugh.

Well anyway, its good to see Darcy working. Now its onto the Draft, signed restricted free agents and trying to pull in any free agents to make this a playoff team. This town won't accept another non playoff year. We aren't Toronto.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sabres sign Enroth

Holy Shit I look like a Nascar Driver

Well the Sabres once again signed somebody. But they don't sign anyone, so this must not have happened. Jhonas Enroth has quickly climbed up the prospects chart, leaving him in a good position to sign. This kid sounds like he is quite the confident one. And his numbers in Sweden and in tournaments suggests he has all the reason to be confident. And most likely he will be in Portland and be the starting goaltender next year for the Sabres new Affiliate in Portland. He will join all the new kids they have signed. Which shows me they are making an effort to make this new team competitive.

The only knock on him is hes a small guy. Well theres plenty of good small goaltenders, that rely on actual athletic skill and not their size to make saves. But he'll have plenty of time to get ready since he'll have to wait for Ryan Miller to decline. Yes I said, decline and not sign with the Red Wings.

This signing may signal to some, oh here we go, Miller is gone. Wait, how? A rookie goaltender from Europe who is 19? He is no where near NHL ready. He has 1 maybe 2 full years in in the AHL first. Then backup duty, before he'd be starter ready in my eyes. Thats why you need to resign Miller, bring this kid along slowly and in a couple years hes ready, you got major trade bait. Its a good strategy. And if the kid falls all over himself, you still have Ryan Miller to a long term deal.

The kid may think he's ready for the NHL, but hes not. And thats why Ryan Miller needs a long term deal.

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