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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Listening to WGR .....

Makes my head explode. Seriously, which team is better Sabres or Bills? Compared to what? Record? how they are going to play? Either team could suck or make the playoffs. Who knows, its two different sports.

You think of a topic and this is what you came up with? Did you try? Or is it just tough to come up with topics to think of. Sure I have tough time thinking of things to write about. Because everyone else writes about the same things, and I don't have the time to really research the topics I want to. But you're on the radio, you're on for 4 hours, well not even with the commercials and updates, its more like 3. Yesterday was who are the top 3 people in Buffalo Sports? I know its August and all, but there is a ton of stuff going to happen soon. College Football, NFL, baseball playoffs. Hockey is around the corner. And you waste time with huge topics that really I guess are efforts to get people to call. If I had a radio show, no calls, only emails. Thus I could actually get intelligent insight from people, instead of idiots calling and suggesting Kevin Everett is one of the top 3 people in Buffalo Sports. There are a lot of dumb people in this town, I tend to forget at times.

People hammer on the newspaper all the time, but why not the local sports radio station. They are the true voice of the area. Yet you have radio guys put down the bloggers, where the next generation of sports fans are going to voice their opinion, not on the radio. I don't know the newspaper doesn't anger me as much as WGR. You have a host in Schopp, who admittedly doesn't follow the NFL, yet his opinion is right on a topic over a caller? Just because he talks into a microphone?

It hurts my brain, but yet I listen. Hoping for something better.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Resurrection of the Turk

Back to the AAFL DJ.

Well its that time of the year, were playbooks start heading to the shredder. And today the Bills reduced their roster to 75, by cutting 5 players.

DJ Fitzpatrick K/P Well I think he knew his fate coming in. Really the Bills should just bring him in every year to take pressure of Moorman and Lindell. If their is one position that's solid in Buffalo, its kicking the football. Hell they should auction off the spot to a guy to make more money, or let some writer embed himself and write about the experience. Oh wait, nevermind. (ed. note awesome book, go and read it)

Kennard Cox CB The last pick this year by the Bills and really the Corner spot is rather a tough one this summer, and there was no spot on the active roster for Cox. But I'm sure a practice squad spot is open if he is still without a job in a couple weeks. The emergence of Ashton Youbouty and the drafting of two higher corners, doomed him.

CJ Hawthorne WR Signed August 4th, released August 26th. The NFL is a bitch. Practice squad maybe. Don't have an opinion on CJ, whats so ever.

Shawn Nua DE Too many guys on the line making lots of money, to keep a guy that doesn't stand out. Sorry Shawn. Was on the Practice Squad last year, but who wasn't. But from the wikipedia, looks like he might have a Super bowl Ring from the Steelers. Can't take that away from you can they?

Matt Baker QB Put on the waived/injured list. Which I think they pay him and tell him to get the hell out of here. You are terrible. YOU CAN'T BEAT OUT GIBRAN HAMDAN. Sorry Matt. But time to look in another career. Or Arena ball or AAFL or Coaching.

Well now we wait till Sunday where the Bills will start really slashing the roster to 53. Really why shouldn't they do that earlier? Because they but in scrubs for the final preseason game? How do they make people pay full price for that final preseason game. What a scam. None of the cuts today are a suprise. But its still bad for these guys. I'll be sure to update next monday on the offical 53 man roster and the preperation for the Seahawks. The NFL is almost here, I can't wait.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Sad the Olympics are over

I for one am disappointed the Olympics are over. Its the best event for sports fans. Its constant sports and its over quickly. Pure competition of the best athletes around the world. How can you beat that. Preseason football? Please its boring. I use to love the 4th quarter, guys I would never see again play their hearts out, but now I really don't care. The Olympics have obscure sports that you never see anywhere. You start getting involved and cheer for the Americans or start rooting for people that might beat countries you dislike and marvel at how great they are at what they do. So its kinda of weird of having this thing for 2 weeks and all of a sudden, its done. Its not like they have events like this on tv all the time. I'll be heavy into football and hockey very soon and I'll forget all about the Olympic sports. But really would following track be that bad? What about fantasy track? Or Fantasy Swimming. If you involve fantasy into these sports I'm sure come 2012, everyone will know who the good athletes are. Because "they are on my fantasy team".

I think the main appeal of the Olympics is, that they are on every 4 years. Well the Winter Olympics are in 2.5 years, so it won't be that long. But how much are we going to hear of Usain Bolt in the next few years, only if he tests positive for doping or breaks a world record. These guys come and go every Olympics. They are superstars for a bit, then pop in and out of the sports world here and there. The actual athletes devote themselves 24/7 to their discipline. But if someone said they were trying to be a Olympic ping pong player, sorry Table Tennis, you'd laugh in their face and say get a real job.

But as Americans we will be distracted by the Conventions, and Football, the baseball playoffs. Buffalo Sabres training camp is right around the corner and we'll get a new 3rd jersey, where every inch will be dissected and called horrible for some reason. Well get all worried about the winter and totally forget about Michael Phelps and Alica Sacramone and Misty May and Kerry Walsh, until the 2012 games get ramped up and they will become household names again, along with the new athletes. Who were inspired by this group.

The Olympics maybe the best event for the current culture. Quick, easy to digest, creates great stories, then when it gets boring, its over. Unlike Baseball, which I don't care much about right now. Call me in October.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Its time for Coach em up! With Rick Suhr.

In another year, she won't be able to smile.

Hey there people, Rick Suhr here. You probably know me best as the man who molded Jenn Stuczynski into a champion, only to have her screw up and cost herself the gold medal. You can see me using my technique here. Look at her face, she knows she totally sucked. I just wanted to know that Silver is unacceptable. She could do better. Berate? Thats totally overboard. Condescending is more the tone I was going for. These athletes today, you gotta treat them like children. If you don't scold them or tell them everything they did wrong, they'll just go out there and try to have fun! Fun? This is the Olympics! There is no fun. Look at the Chinese, they are scared to lose. Why do you think they have so many Gold medals? Americans are not concerned with losing. Ohh you won a bronze, congratulations, congratulations? For the 2nd loser? You might as well finish last. Well Rick Suhr here doesn't like it. And would like to show how I would coached up certain athletes at these games.

Mens and Womens 4x100 relay teams

Holy crap where do I start. You both dropped the baton. I teach people how to run with a 10 foot pole stick it in the ground and jump. And you can't pass a 10 inch long stick? You guys are pathetic. Oh it was raining? Big deal, then put some gloves on or something. No excuses. You know the point of relays, but you weren't concentrating. You cost your country hardware and are an embarrassment to the track world. But what you going to do? Theres always London to redeem yourselves.

Lolo Jones

Oh jeez. Have you ever run hurdles before the Olympics, or were you just doing it for fun? You have a commanding lead and clip the last hurdle? Who is your coach. You gotta be mentally tough. You have gold in your sites and you let the main obstacle get in your way. You prepare for every hurdle. Never look past them. What are you going to do? I guess look out for curbs so you don't trip over them. Whatever. You were ahead of everyone. So you know what to do next time.
USA Softball

Its the last game of the Olympic career of Softball and you blow it. You own the sport, its the reason they are getting rid of it. You just beat this team, you should beat them every time. You bring your best for the final. You can't just expect to win. You wore yourselves out early on. Then it wasn't there when you needed it. What are you going to do? Nothing, its out of the Olympics, there is no redemption. Good job. I hope you like the Silver.

Alica Sacramone

Well theres nothing worse then costing your team, a gold medal with your personal screw ups. People do their job and you can't get on a beam, cost America a gold. To those 12 year olds from China. You go to Brown? Probably not good enough for Harvard Eh? I can see why. You knew what you had to do, and you didn't bring it. Then its fitting you get screwed out of a medal, when the Chinese girl lands on her knees. Try something hard. You would have won. But you don't have the mental makeup for pressure situations. What are you going to do? At least you're good looking, you got that going for you.

Well there are many other athletes Rick Suhr could get up to their potential. With my motivational techniques. The more I talk them down, the more I build them up. Its really a genius strategy and it never fails. I'm always a genius, they are always not good enough, and eventually I'll produce a winner. I'm like the Bill Belichick of Track and Field. But I just need my Tom Brady.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Alyssa Milano would like to sell you Sabre gear.


Well looking through the blogs today I saw that Alyssa Milano apparently has a NHL themed clothing line, I knew she had a MLB line. But she also has a NHL inspired line. And of course you can buy some Sabre gear. Obviously because they are one of the more popular teams. So why couldn't you get a hoody designed by Samantha Micelli. But it doesn't stop there.


Oooo something to wear to bed, you know for those late night west coast games. Something comfortable, but yet shows you support the team. I guess you could wear that out. But for most of the season, you'd be be quite chilly in that. But there is a third option, something for the more casual Sabre affair. Say you are going to the bar and want to support the team. This would be the outfit for you.

That says hi, my name is Alyssa and I think the Leafs suck.

Well all these are on sale from right now, so ladies you can check them over, decide they cost too much and don't want to support this actress' lame attempt at as a fashion designer. And guys don't even dare think about buying them for your girlfriend. Never buy your lady clothes, unless she has tried them on, and has agreed to get them. Then you can buy her clothes.

Ill save my purchases to Jerseys and hats. I'll stay away from the Touch line.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hey any one excited about Football?

I don't know about you, but the buzz about the Bills seems rather low around the Buffalo blogosphere. This is an NFL team right? Not some AFL team or low level minor league team, like the Buffalo Sharks. The tickets sold fast, so its obvious people want to go to games, so the excitement level appears high, or its it a small amount of people? Or is the Buffalo blogosphere more Sabre news related then Bills? The newer ones I like to read First time Long time and the Dukes of Awesome give me some Bills stuff. But Bfloblog seems rather apathetic to the season. Though having a child might do that to you.

I on the other hand, am excited for the new season of Buffalo Bills Football. Its a weekly game, every game means something. There are no throw away games like in the NHL season, where November doesn't matter. I'll be excited for hockey. But the Bills are always my first sport love. I will always watch them no matter how bad they might be. I like the current team and how management has built the team around more team oriented guys, then me guys. They have strung out JP Losman, but I think most of us know he is not a NFL starter. He has had his chance, blew it and he'll be a quality backup this year, until being let go and play somewhere else.

Previews will come in the upcoming weeks, after some cuts. The offense looked pretty good against Pittsburgh, so I know they can string some possessions together and actually look like a competent team. But it seems like the team itself has rather low excitement in general. Is it the Toronto stuff? Is it that the Sabres are still the number 1 team in town? When did you see the Sabres signing minor leaguers as news at all? I don't know but I like to troll around and see what people write about the Bills, but its really hard. There isn't that much out there. Its the internet there should be lots of stuff, well I mean funny stuff. Funny made up camp stories. But theres nothing. No one cares it seems. Facebooking the rookies. Who is Reggie Corner?

Well I guess I should look into the mirror, I haven't providing anything of any substance lately. I've been rather a lazy blogger. Blame summer, blame the Olympics, blame doing stuff. This is why I started a blog, because I didn't see what I wanted on the internet and tried to create it myself. Looks like I'll have to pick up the slack, since if I want something, I'll have to make it myself.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Local Olympians

Well the past few days have been good for local Olympians. Not the oh thats nice they competed, but the " oh they got medals" type good. Including above our girl Jenn Stuczynski, who picked up the Silver today in the Pole vault. Which I would never do. Because if someone gave me a pole and said hey run with this, stick it in the ground and try to get over that bar. I would go, you're crazy, I'd break it, fall and probably impale myself with the broken part. But after taking up this event 4 years ago, shes one of the best in the world. Which shows how good an athlete she is, or given the proper training you can make good athletes be great at certain things.

Thats why if I were really interested in getting our kids healthy again, I'd set up programs for the sports Americans are terrible at. Badminton, I'm sure in 10 years, we would have gold medal type Badminton players. And Handball, there is no reason why the USA doesn't even field a team. We should be the best team every year in handball. Hey your 6'4 and like basketball? Well your perfect for handball. Too small to be a soccer goalie, try handball. Nobody in this country plays Water Polo besides Californians and they are doing awesome. Everybody wants to play football or basketball. Well guess what your not going to excel at it, because those are sports were genetics are key. But Ping pong, sorry Table Tennis. You just gotta be quick and play a lot. They might as well have Croquet as a Olympic sport. Which I might add, might be awesome. OHH no he just sent the Canadians ball right off the course, this spells trouble for the Canadian team.

We need to get our kids involved in other sports. Buffalo would be great for handball. Its a cold weather sport, yet in the Summer Olympics, and I bet if we tried we could make the US a gold medal handball team, in 12 years. But the US wants the "marquee' events like Track and Swimming.

Well speaking of the other sports, two WNYers help the rowing squad earn some hardware. Steve Coppola was on the bronze winning mens 8 team (which is the marquee event, I'm told) and the Womens team, who won Gold, was coached by a WNYer Tom Terhaar. We have ice in the water like 7 months of the year, but can produce good rowers.

So lets go WNY, lets pick up some obscure sports. Create some Olympic teams and get the USA a top the medal chart with no possible opponents.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bills in Toronto

Ralph realizing he ripped a Billionaire off

Well the Bills are playing a preseason game in Toronto tonight, against the Steelers. The opponent really doesn't matter, since everyone is talking about the game and what a travesty it is that the Bills are playing a home game in another stadium.

Me, I really don't care. The Bills are getting a ton of money for this 8 game package. Don't have to put any work into it, other then the game itself. All I hear today is the gloating over the fact they can't sell out the tickets. Yeah and the Game tonight if it was in the Ralph wouldn't sell out either. There would be 40k in Ralph Wilson and people would be complaining about having to buy a meaningless preseason game. LIKE THEY DO EVERY YEAR! Here you take away that game, leave the popular Kids day game and have cheaper season tickets. Wheres the problem? The team sells more tickets, gets a ton of cash to lease out a couple games (that have problems selling), and increases their market base. Business wise its a win/win for the Bills.

But Bills fans want this deal, to fail miserably. Have empty seats, horrible atmosphere, put down the Toronto fanbase. When actually this whole scheme could be the answer to the Bills staying where they are. The NFL is slowly out pricing its most rabid fanbase. But thats fine since all the games are on tv, and still are a powerful ratings entity. Actually the NFL is better on TV then it is in person. TV ruins the pace of going to a game. Constant long stretches of no action, so the networks can pay for the cost of the games. Instant Replay. Really there isn't much real action in the average NFL game. I have found myself bored at a many a Bills game.

I understand the fear this situation brings in most Bills fans, it brings out that typical Buffalo attitude of oh no, they are going to leave, we're doomed, no one likes us. Just complain about something, don't do a damn thing about it, and expect someone else to help. People, help only comes to those who help themselves. Its why people who can make money, make a lot, because they keep on working and prey on the lazy ones. Anyhow, there are a few factors in why this experiment might not work.

1) The product. The Bills product isn't a very entertaining one to a non Bills fan. They are a boring football team. A new fan probably won't choose the Bills as their team, because really its not flashy or good.

2) Market factors. The Canadian dollar, was its highest in the past year. But now its starting to decline. With the American economy being in its current state. Canada will suffer as well, since the US is a major trading partner. The market might not be strong enough for a product that has small appeal. The Buffalo economy is pretty stagnant and can support the team as is. No need to cultivate new fans, they are born everyday. The exchange rate could be a major issue for an NFL team, like it was in the NHL several years back.

3) The CFL. People dismiss this opponent as a non factor. I don't. Not when you get lawyers involved. The canadians are proud of their own. And sure the NFL is this big bad corporation. Well in America. But NFL failed in Europe. The CFL won't let the NFL enter its territory without a legal fight, and those fights can drag out.

We have 5 years till the deal runs out. Lets see where it goes before throwing in the towel and calling them the Toronto Bills. Maybe I am too optimistic. But I haven't given up on the Bills staying here yet.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Olympics Post

Getty images

Hey its the summer Olympics and I couldn't be happier. We are at the There is nothing on TV part of the summer. And now we have human drama every night of the week, and NBC doesn't even have to make most of it up, its created by the participants, how interesting. Nothing better then a relay race to spark the excitement. I heard about the race, didn't see it on tv. But the replay online is still just as awesome. Honestly I know nothing about swimming from the Olympics year to year. They have meets and world championships, but honestly who cares. But when the Olympics come around, everything matters and having a bunch of Frenchies trash talking the Americans, is uncalled for. Last time I checked, the French don't have much have a swimming background. You guys come out of nowhere and start trash talking? What happened the other night is the type of thing they base movies on.

Thats the type of thing that makes you go USA! USA! USA! I've heard of Michael Phelps, the other guys not so much. And the anchor has been in 2 other Olympics! But thats what the Olympics do to the average sportsfan. We start caring about Fencing and swimming and the Shot Put, even though we know none of the competitors or the sport. But if he's wearing the Stars and Stripes he must be awesome. If he's from Germany, he's a Nazi bastard. France, a bunch of cowards. And don't get me started on those Commies from China. The American could be a child killer in the previous 4 years, but if he gets the gold. He's a national hero. We start noticing sports we didn't know had competitions. Then come September we could care less about them. Its time for Football. A sport that will never be in the Olympics since only one nation would really field a team, well maybe Canada. Imagine a USA Olympic Football team? That would be awesome.

There is something awesome about rooting for you country against another. Its a team we are all apart of. We are Bills fans or Cowboys fans, but we are American fans. We can appreciate the other teams, but really we want that Chinese girl to slip off the balance beam. Or the Australian to cramp up in the last 20 meters of the swim. They could be awesome people and save kittens when they aren't competing, but just because they aren't Americans, they have to lose.

The only way to end this post is posting this video. I totally support everything in it.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Teppo's back!!!!

Well the Sabres signed some more defensive depth, which makes the corp even stronger heading into the new season. Thats right Teppo is back for another go at it. After last years heart nightmare. Then the suspension and the fallout from that. The contract hasn't been released. But from Mike Weber thinking he has a chance to Mike Weber finding an apartment in Portland.

So the Defense is now

Toni Lydman
Henrik Tallinder
Jaroslav Spacek
Craig Rivet
Teppo Numminen
Nathan Paetsch
Andrej Sekera
Mike Weber

The fight for 6th and 7th spot should be pretty good between the 3 of Paetsch, Sekera and Weber. And who knows if they bring back Pratt. Then does Sekera and Weber head down to Portland? But I'm feeling better about the Sabres defense. They are now full of veterans. I was rather down on Paetsch last year. He took a step back and was rather terrible in several games. But thats good. He'll work hard in the offseason, and knows he'll be pushed by a couple kids who had tons of playing time at the end of the year. Competition shows true character and gives you the best team possible.

The more interesting tidbit in that article, the Portland Pirates will play a game in february at HSBC, so we can see all the kids play. But who knows at that part that the kids won't be in Buffalo by then, with injuries or disappointing play. But ifs its cheap, I might go to it.

Ps. Its always good to still have Winnipeg Jets in the league. And Teppo is always a Jet to me.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Scared of Favre? Not really.

Well when I first heard that Brett may go to the Jets, I was like that would be interesting, because I thought he'd be terrible on the Jets. Ferguson is overrated at tackle. Schobel owned him. And Schobel only owns terrible tackles. Faneca is on the downside of his career. The Steelers don't let really good players leave. Mangold he is pretty good I will admit that. The Jets gave up 53 sacks last year. The Bills 26. So the line was a big issue for the Jets last year and adding a guard probably won't help that much, the Bills added Dockery, but Dockery is heading towards the prime of his career. Faneca is not. Looking at the Jets stats. They need help on defense not the offense.

The Bills defense was terrible last year. But the Jets gave up more points per game and took waaaay more penalties then the Bills, which skews the yards per game category. Because if you take a pass interference penalty thats just as bad as a long pass. The Jets are also not good on the turnover ratio at a -4. And adding a guy like Brett who is prone to making bad mistakes. Probably won't help a team that tends to make bad mistakes.

The Packers were terrible a couple years ago with Favre in the lineup. Well why? Because they depended too much on Favre. The Jets run game isn't that great, and if you put 8 guys in the box. You can defend Brett Favre. I remember when he came into Ralph Wilson a year ago and blew the game for the Packers. Thats the Brett Favre I know. The media tends to glorify him for being the gunslinger. And in todays NFL thats not what you want to be.

Well maybe I'm not buying into the hype and all the nonsense. And no I didn't want Brett Favre on the Bills. And saying to make the move because it would make the Bills relevant? WHO CARES? Its not like you struggle for Bills coverage. With the internets, you can have all the Bills coverage you want. Actually even living in Buffalo you have to use the internet just to find out whats going on, since the local tv news is terrible. I don't need my team to be relevant. I just need them to win. And when they win, they will become relevant again.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sabres stocking Portland

Sabres made some news yesterday and really it all had to to with Portland. Because they guys they have signed lately are depth guys and vets that fill out the Pirates lineup. Sabre fans aren't used to that with Rochester being shared, so they could just have young guys in the lineup. Now they have to sign older guys to help the young kids in Portland.

A bit ago they signed Mathieu Darche, who is a career AHLer, with some NHL action. Perfect type guy when the injury bug strikes. And yesterday they bring in Colton Fretter and Colin Murphy. Who no aren't guys in a boy band. They are minor league hockey players. Really you don't have to worry about them, unless the injury bug turns epidemic, then we will worry which line Colton Fretter plays on. Hopefully we won't have to worry. They'll play in Portland, help the kids, provide some punch and get a paycheck. Thats about it.

Also they unofficially named the coach of the Pirates. The old Coach of the Pirates and former Whaler, Kevin Dineen. Well that sounds good for me. A guy like this will show the young guys the way, hopefully buy into the "system", and with Eric Weinrich, the young D men will also learn from a long term NHLer.

I don't know about you, but I'm excited about this AHL team. They should have a lot of talent and will be lead by guys who know what they are doing. I'm sure here at GCFB, we'll detail the Pirates exploits and their looting of the AHL.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Time to come out of Hibernation/DC Trip pictures


Well its time to put more stuff on here regularly. Sure you can say hey, whats going on, Training camp just started and the Sabres are in their no real news in August point of the year. Good thing I don't work on the website what would you post? Stats about a player from the previous year? Oh boy, you can shut it down boys. I can only imagine what they will do when they get to Andrew Peters.

The White House is beautiful at night

I've been busy with trips and work lately and have been lazy this summer. Really why post when you aren't inspired right? Look at the Pensblog, they post all the time, now their account is closed by blogspot. Why try to draw attention to yourself. Those guys totally could make tons of money with their own site. Well tons as in 100 bucks. They have an audience, and someone must have ratted on them or something. Talk about stunned.

I could talk about the Bills and battles in camp. But really I'm not that excited yet. I'm just having to work myself up on Football. I'm sure if I headed to camp, I'd be all excited and thrilled. Ooo Marcus Stroud is huge type of excitement. Anyway, by September I'll have football fever.

The Smithsonian is actually over 20 different museums.
So when you say you went to "the smithsonian" ask which one.

I would write about the Bisons, but they have been in the tank, no one is talking about them and I haven't been to a game all year. Shame on me. Really the local sports news is pretty sad. If it weren't for blogs, all we would have is the Buffalo News and that would be a horrendous. Having Bucky Gleason decide all summer whether the Sabres are mediocre or a young team on the rise. Hopefully the dilemma will drive him crazy and have to quit.

The International Spy Museum is good times.

I guess I could talk MLB. But I really don't care about baseball right now. I don't have a team really. I'd be an Indian fan, but they aren't pleasing me. With the crap they are doing to the Bisons. So I'm a free agent. I'd root for the Cubs, but I don't know. I'm too lazy right now to follow any team and care about any team. If you have any suggestions let me know.

US Holocaust Museum, do it, its a fantastic museum.

The thing is the only thing I care about is the summer right now and doing things outside and just enjoying the nice weather. I've taken two excellent trips, and spend most of my weekend with the girlfriend. So my sports consumption really is only during work. I guess i've seen there is other stuff to do. Like weed or organize stuff. Things that single guys don't really do until they find that special lady. But I love my blog and will continue through the month of August to add stuff maybe some really good Bills previews during the month.

The Newseum is also a very cool place.

So in conclusion, I will blog more and Washington DC was great. Wouldn't live there, but fun to visit.

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