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Monday, May 17, 2010

What do you pay for?

Watching the NHL playoffs, after the Sabres are eliminated, always gets me to thinking about next year. About trades, signings and the general direction of where the Sabres are going. And naturally this gets me to salaries and performance.

In a perfect world, you'd pay for Regular season play and Playoff play. But what if that person plays better during one part of the year, versus the playoff part of the year? Which would want to paymore for? To reward someone for a great playoff run or a great regular season?

Look at Nicklas Backstrom. He just got a new deal. A 10 year deal. He is the perfect world scenario. A great regular season performer with great playoff numbers. But how many Backstroms are there in this league? Not many. So you have to choose.

Lets look at our old Friend Danny Briere.

This season he had 53 points in 75 games and last year he only played in 29 games with 25 points. W0uld you want to pay that player 8 million dollars a year for those seasons? No of course not, that GM would look like an idiot. But what if I said he'd give you over a point a game in the playoffs during those same two seasons?


And what if I told you were paying someone 3.5 Million a year for someone that over the past 4 seasons gave you on average 70 points a year. You'd say that's a deal. But...... only 9 points in his last 22 postseason games. And only 2 goals in that 9 points. (Its Derek Roy by the way)


You still might take it, because he gives you so much in the regular season that helps you get you into the playoffs. But you still need those players who are proven playoff performers once you are there, to get your ultimate goal, the Stanley Cup. And that's where things get tricky if you are a General Manager in the NHL. Building the right kind of team, for both parts of the season. The dreaded "Built for the Playoffs"

But how much do you pay for that playoff performance, when in reality none of their contract applies to that part of the season? Do you overpay for those intangibles, such as compete, leadership and toughness? Like a Chris Pronger?

The Sabres no doubt need a real number 1 center. Tim Connolly is a nice player. But he isn't that Number 1 Center, you need to win a cup these days. He is a dazzling playmaker, but he was best when Drury and Briere were in front of him.

So do you trade for Joe Thornton or try to reel in a Patrick Marleau, both 29, both very skilled. Both very scrutinized for their Playoff performances. Marleau is almost a point per game player, as he should be playing with Thornton and Heatley. Putting him with Vanek and maybe Ennis. Would create a very nice number 1 line for the Sabres. Leaving Roy or Connolly as a dependable number 2 center. (one of those players will be shipped off this offseason, my opinion is, its Connolly) Leaving Hecht and Goose to center the final 2 lines.

But what would you offer Marleau? Overpay just to lure him here and possible ruin chances to sign another role player that will help in the postseason? Its gotta be at least 8 million a year, to get in the door. Right? 5 years, 6 years? 7 years. All this talk seems to go against what Darcy usually does. But modus operandi, ain't working at this moment. He changed his style by signing more players to longer term deals. So maybe he will make a big signing. Or most likely a trade to acquire a big name player. That way seems more likely, since its hard for Buffalo to attract free agents. Unless Grier and Rivet can brainwash Marleau into "what a great community Buffalo is!

Oh hes married with a kid. That helps.

Single guy would NEVER come here.

The Sabres know what they have to do, but no here comes the hard part. Who do you go after and what do you pay for. The regular season or Playoff performance?

Because those are good during both, don't get away too easily. They usually sign those 10 year deals.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Last night at the South Buffalo Professional Hockey Players Club....

(sitting at a bar, watching the Blackhawks Canucks game)

Bartender: Patty is having a good game tonight.

Pat Kaleta and Tim Kennedy: Yep he sure is.

Bartender: That Dustin kid would look good in Blue and Gold. Buff in Buff!

Kaleta and Kennedy don't say anything, just stare at the TV.

Bartender: Come on guys you had a good season. No reason to look down. There's promise for the future.

Pat Kaleta: Its just tough, I hate losing, and going down like that is awful. Now I have all summer to think about it.

Tim Kennedy: I thought we had a chance to do something.

(door opens, Lee Stempniak walks in)

Everybody: Hey Lee!

Lee Stempniak: Hello Everybody.

Bartender: Tough end to the season. Phoenix was doing great.

Lee: Yeah, well I got there late, but it was a great team, just ran into a great Wings team. But now I can relax enjoy the summer, and wait for my agent to call me to see where I go.

Bartender: Maybe you'll play here with Timmy and Patty.

Lee: Yeah, sure. It would be great, but I'm going to look out whats best for my family.

Pat Kaleta: What Crap, you don't have a family. You just want to get paid, Dartmouth boy.

Lee: I wanna roll in cash like Mike Commodore.

Tim: Darcy, ain't gonna make that happen.

(they all laugh)

Lee: Hey, Hows Kaner doing?

Bartender: He's gotta a couple points tonight. They are lethal on the Power play.

Lee: Kaner has great hands, wish he was on my line, I'd have 40 goals a year, playing with Kaner.

Pat Kaleta: Too bad the coach would realize you suck too much, and put you on the 3rd line.

Lee: Ha Ha, Hands of stone.

Tim Kennedy: How many goals did you score in the playoffs?

Lee: Shut up.

Pat Kaleta: We're gonna call you Raffi Torres, for how you show up in the Playoffs.

(Lee mimics throwing off the gloves and ready to fight)

Bartender: HEY HEY HEY! Not in here.

(Lee sits down and gets a beer)

Bartender: We are all gonna sit down here and be civil.

(Kevyn Adams walks in)

Pat Kaleta: What is he doing here? He's not from South Buffalo, he's one of those hoity toity Northtown kids.

Tim Kennedy: I invitied him, since he lives south of the city now. I thought he could qualify. You are from Angola, Pat.

Pat Kaleta: Great, who is invited next, Todd Marchant? Ugh.

Kevyn: Um, Tim, aren't you supposed to be in Germany for the IIHF Championships?

Tim: Uh Oh. I totally forgot.

Pat: Whoa, Whoa, Whoa. You're on the US Team?

Tim: Yeah, it is quite an honor, plus your hurt Pat.

Pat: I could totally play, its not like the playoffs.

Tim: Yeah, but theres another Buffalo kid on the Roster, David Leggio.

Pat and Lee: Who?

Tim: He's some guy that plays in Finland and hes from Amherst.


(Pat and Lee start fighting for no reason, Kevyn Adams and Tim Kennedy try to break them up)

Bartender: Ugh, not again. I can't wait for Patty to come back, he's the sensible one around here.

Bartender: Alright, everybody out, Club is over. Go home.

Everybody: Awwww.

Lee Stempniak: Anybody wanna get a cab?

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