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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Can you feel it?

Ahhh that chill in the air, the overcast skies and school buses on the street.

It must mean Football is back!

I have been on blog hiatus, due to lack of creativity, passion, being busy at work and getting ready for a baby. But watching the preseason has gotten me back in the football mood. As well as some College games this weekend. I don't think the Bills will be good this year, but they have a chance to be entertaining while losing, and if you're gonna lose, might as well put up some points.

The defense is going to be a problem, switching to the 3-4 with not the right personnel. The secondary will help in making things close, since teams won't put up points quickly, they will have to grind them out. Whats better getting killed on a ground assault or Air assault? Everyone assumes QB next year, but I wouldn't be surprised at a stud LB in round 1 next year. A high quality LB can be just as important as a QB. And I'm not totally sold on the big hyped guys.

Well my Son and I will watch the team closely this year, he won't remember any of this, but he'll hear about CJ Spiller and his rookie season. The Bills have a special offensive talent, and they will use him anyway possible. The Preseason was just a glimpse of his talents. Imagine screen passes that WORK! Play action passes to Evans that the corners bite on, because Spiller is in.

Well, I should stop before I get ahead of myself.

Its week 1, the Dolphins are good, kinda. They scream 7-9 or 8-8 to me. Nothing too spectacular, but they can win some games. Week 1 is always a toss up, since teams haven't played a full game, getting used to the situations, and for the Bills the new players and Coaches. But Chan Gailey has been around long enough to know what to do.

I'm not into making predictions, but I don't think the Bills will be the 3-13 team that everyone is saying. They don't seem too much different then the 7-9 teams of years past. With better coaching.

But its great to see Football is back.

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