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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Coach Search

Well I've stayed pretty quiet during this Coach search, didn't comment on the hiring of Buddy Nix, because really we judge him based on next year anyway, so its a waste of time. Really if we brought in some assistant GM from another organization, would it have made anyone here happy? No, of course not, because "I've never heard of him, he must not be good" mentality reigns supreme. The Bills get criticized no matter what they do, so why pile on.

Now where heading into what week 2 of coach search, but it really started after Jauron got fired, since we knew Perry Fewell wasn't going to get the job. They've interviewed, Leslie Frazier of the Vikings, who is the clubhouse leader, of course him and Fewell have been the only two interviewees. We have the constant Cowher watch, which is only being dragged out, because he's not man enough to say he doesn't want to come here. Then of course a list of assistants that could be interviewed or don't want to be.

Today Grimm yes, Schottenheimer no.

Jason Garrett is now a sleeper candiate, and its convienent for him since he can just ask Wade Phillips how the job is. (Just wear a head set is one bit of advice I'm sure) I always assumed he was being groomed for the Cowboys job, when Jerry gets around to ax Wade.

Ron Rivera has been mentioned but declined maybe. Never too clear on that one.

It seems other then Cowher and Shanahan any previous head coach, is not being seeked by the Bills. But of course how would we know, since nobody has a in, into One Bills Drive, other then the national columnists. I find it amusing no one in the Buffalo media has a in. No contacts. Paul Hamilton wrote about Brian Billick, who is not even on the Bills wish list. And they make fun a guy on East for his Cowher stuff. (Cowher isn't coming here) But you can't dismiss him for his report on the Coaching staff being fired, before it was reported first. (by Jay Glazer) Do I think he has a friend in the organization sure, is he a little to over the top on Cowher? You bet.

I hear Bucky Gleason and Brad Riter yesterday talking about not caring anymore of trying to find info and just waiting till the information comes out. It aggravates me, and sure that reasoning makes sense, if you want to work in a small market for the rest of your life. Theres a reason Adam Schefter works at ESPN. He pounds the phones, he works his contacts. When he says something you believe him. When Jerry Sullivan writes about Jim Harbaugh, you dismiss it, because what ever he says is pointless. The columnists at the Buffalo News are glorified bloggers. They write opinions and wait for someone else to break the news. And by the time they do write their opinions its already old news.

I guess I'm resigned to waiting till the Bills make their decision and in the age of instant gratification, its hard to do. But I have no doubt the the right man will be hired and he'll want the job. I'd rather have a guy want the job and want to be here, then one that is here for the Money. And no I don't want guys to recruit people here. I don't like that either.

Call me an optimist. But the Bills have a real GM, with a proven track record and they aren't hiring a nfl flameout college coach. Well yet. The Bills gig is a tough one. And they and the fans need a guy that is willing to work and get it done.

But unfortuntely I'll probably have to find out the information from a non Buffalo media outlet. Which is depressing about the connections in this town. Maybe its time for us bloggers to build up our connections and get exclusives.


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