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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Last night at the South Buffalo Professional Hockey Players Club....

(sitting at a bar, watching the Blackhawks Canucks game)

Bartender: Patty is having a good game tonight.

Pat Kaleta and Tim Kennedy: Yep he sure is.

Bartender: That Dustin kid would look good in Blue and Gold. Buff in Buff!

Kaleta and Kennedy don't say anything, just stare at the TV.

Bartender: Come on guys you had a good season. No reason to look down. There's promise for the future.

Pat Kaleta: Its just tough, I hate losing, and going down like that is awful. Now I have all summer to think about it.

Tim Kennedy: I thought we had a chance to do something.

(door opens, Lee Stempniak walks in)

Everybody: Hey Lee!

Lee Stempniak: Hello Everybody.

Bartender: Tough end to the season. Phoenix was doing great.

Lee: Yeah, well I got there late, but it was a great team, just ran into a great Wings team. But now I can relax enjoy the summer, and wait for my agent to call me to see where I go.

Bartender: Maybe you'll play here with Timmy and Patty.

Lee: Yeah, sure. It would be great, but I'm going to look out whats best for my family.

Pat Kaleta: What Crap, you don't have a family. You just want to get paid, Dartmouth boy.

Lee: I wanna roll in cash like Mike Commodore.

Tim: Darcy, ain't gonna make that happen.

(they all laugh)

Lee: Hey, Hows Kaner doing?

Bartender: He's gotta a couple points tonight. They are lethal on the Power play.

Lee: Kaner has great hands, wish he was on my line, I'd have 40 goals a year, playing with Kaner.

Pat Kaleta: Too bad the coach would realize you suck too much, and put you on the 3rd line.

Lee: Ha Ha, Hands of stone.

Tim Kennedy: How many goals did you score in the playoffs?

Lee: Shut up.

Pat Kaleta: We're gonna call you Raffi Torres, for how you show up in the Playoffs.

(Lee mimics throwing off the gloves and ready to fight)

Bartender: HEY HEY HEY! Not in here.

(Lee sits down and gets a beer)

Bartender: We are all gonna sit down here and be civil.

(Kevyn Adams walks in)

Pat Kaleta: What is he doing here? He's not from South Buffalo, he's one of those hoity toity Northtown kids.

Tim Kennedy: I invitied him, since he lives south of the city now. I thought he could qualify. You are from Angola, Pat.

Pat Kaleta: Great, who is invited next, Todd Marchant? Ugh.

Kevyn: Um, Tim, aren't you supposed to be in Germany for the IIHF Championships?

Tim: Uh Oh. I totally forgot.

Pat: Whoa, Whoa, Whoa. You're on the US Team?

Tim: Yeah, it is quite an honor, plus your hurt Pat.

Pat: I could totally play, its not like the playoffs.

Tim: Yeah, but theres another Buffalo kid on the Roster, David Leggio.

Pat and Lee: Who?

Tim: He's some guy that plays in Finland and hes from Amherst.


(Pat and Lee start fighting for no reason, Kevyn Adams and Tim Kennedy try to break them up)

Bartender: Ugh, not again. I can't wait for Patty to come back, he's the sensible one around here.

Bartender: Alright, everybody out, Club is over. Go home.

Everybody: Awwww.

Lee Stempniak: Anybody wanna get a cab?

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