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Monday, June 28, 2010

People you've never heard of.

Already gave Tallinder's number away

Yes I know everybody wore Number 10, this weekend, but it's a timely joke.

Well the NHL draft is over with, and um, the Sabres picked some guys I've never heard of, but lets hope I will by 2015. That's really all the draft is about, hoping you'll see these guys wear actual Sabre uniforms. I won't post the names because they don't matter for the time being. Like US Soccer until 2014.

And see anyone, grade the NHL draft the day after is ridiculous, who knows? Who has seen 10 of these guys regularly? Unless you follow Junior hockey closely. Like a beat writer for the Sarnia Sting. Those guys I might listen to, but they don't know about kids in the US, WHL or The Q. Forget about the European guys. At least Sabres stick to North America where they have a proven track record of late. Grades should wait til least 5 years down the road. Hey! Good idea lets take a look at the Sabres draft of 2005, to see how well they did.

1st Marek Zagrapan

Yikes, big time bust. In the KHL and not wanting to play for the Sabres, and the Sabres most likely not wanting him to play for them. Probably the worst pick of the decade.

Though looking right after him, there wasn't much there, maybe TJ Oshie at 23, but horrible draft outside the Top 10. .

2nd Philip Gogulla

Showed promise, but going back to Germany. I can see why they are avoiding Europeans.

3rd Marc Andre Gragnani

Someone who has actual time with the big club, but has gotten better, as a offensive defensemen and possible future power play QB. Can play both offense and defense. Could be a starter or even the 7th or 8th defensemen next year. Has actual promise.

4th Chris Butler

Great rookie year, bad sophmore year, but to have a starting D Man in the fourth round. Is great value for the pick. I'm sure he'll learn from this year, or he'll be gone. Has shown steady play he just has to play more consistently and play like a Vet. Will be one of the starting 6.

5th Nathan Gerbe

Very small, plays hard, will get into the dirty parts of the rink. He's Danny Briere. Everyone is forgeting about Nathan Gerbe, but I think he finally got it during the playoffs and showed what a good player he can be. He and Ennis could be two players that make a huge difference for the team in '10-11

6th Adam Dennis


7th Vyacheslav Buravchickov


7th Matt Generous

Played well for Portland last year, but has not been resigned yet, probably will be. Part of the glut of Defensemen in Portland. With only more on the way. Don't know if he has any NHL potential but its always good to have depth.

7th Andrew Orpik

The bad Orpik, already released and in the ECHL.

A solid "C" on this draft, mainly for the huge time bust in Zagrapan. Otherwise there is quality depth and potential mined in the middle part of this draft. Solid value picks. They missed high and Low. It seems the hit it with the North Americans and missed widely on the Europeans. Notice this year no Europeans. They haven't drafted a European in 2006.

I don't know if they have gone with the Don Cherry school of hockey. But can't argue with this strategy if all their quality picks are North Americans.

I always look at the NHL draft as the hope to actually know these guys years down the road. Otherwise they are just names on a screen.

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