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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What about Kurtis Foster?

Seriously, how do you pronounce your last name?

With all the talk of Tomas Kaberle and needing a power play QB in the defensive corp. We have kind of got stuck on one player, and we shouldn't have. Tomas Kaberle makes zero sense for the Sabres. Why?

1 year left on a decent contract.

UFA next year and they won't be able to afford him next year, so why would they trade assets for a player who they are going to lose the following year?

That should sound off the "Darcy will not do that alarm".

Today I saw a tweet about Kurtis Foster and his production. Right, Who?

The man most known for snapping his leg against the boards. Had a very nice season last year in Tampa. And is UFA who only made 600k last year. (Darcy's ears just perked up)

Lets look at his numbers

2009-2010 8 goals and 42 points, a -5, but being a minus on the Lightning isn't very hard. With the atrocious goaltending they usually get.

But the most important part is he was 7th in Power play points of all defenseman. Ahead of who?

That's right Tomas Kaberle.

He has the same amount of points as Chris Pronger and he did that in 11 less games.

Here we have a guy coming back from a seriously leg injury and being productive on a bad team. Who even if he gets a raise won't be that much and will provide instant offense for the Power Play. And hes a Ontario kid. So its closer to home.

Plus he's big at 6'5

Well just someone out there, that makes a lot of sense for the Sabres, and the type of signing that Darcy would do.

I have no idea what his value is, or his interest in actually coming here. Just someone that we should talk about instead of Tomas Kaberle who makes zero sense. The Sabres don't need a time eating D man, they need a guy who can get the puck around. They can resign Toni Lydman for a steady D man.

Free agency should be interesting, since there aren't many big names, but full of middle tier guys, that the Sabres love to go after. (see Steve Montador)

Monday, June 28, 2010

People you've never heard of.

Already gave Tallinder's number away

Yes I know everybody wore Number 10, this weekend, but it's a timely joke.

Well the NHL draft is over with, and um, the Sabres picked some guys I've never heard of, but lets hope I will by 2015. That's really all the draft is about, hoping you'll see these guys wear actual Sabre uniforms. I won't post the names because they don't matter for the time being. Like US Soccer until 2014.

And see anyone, grade the NHL draft the day after is ridiculous, who knows? Who has seen 10 of these guys regularly? Unless you follow Junior hockey closely. Like a beat writer for the Sarnia Sting. Those guys I might listen to, but they don't know about kids in the US, WHL or The Q. Forget about the European guys. At least Sabres stick to North America where they have a proven track record of late. Grades should wait til least 5 years down the road. Hey! Good idea lets take a look at the Sabres draft of 2005, to see how well they did.

1st Marek Zagrapan

Yikes, big time bust. In the KHL and not wanting to play for the Sabres, and the Sabres most likely not wanting him to play for them. Probably the worst pick of the decade.

Though looking right after him, there wasn't much there, maybe TJ Oshie at 23, but horrible draft outside the Top 10. .

2nd Philip Gogulla

Showed promise, but going back to Germany. I can see why they are avoiding Europeans.

3rd Marc Andre Gragnani

Someone who has actual time with the big club, but has gotten better, as a offensive defensemen and possible future power play QB. Can play both offense and defense. Could be a starter or even the 7th or 8th defensemen next year. Has actual promise.

4th Chris Butler

Great rookie year, bad sophmore year, but to have a starting D Man in the fourth round. Is great value for the pick. I'm sure he'll learn from this year, or he'll be gone. Has shown steady play he just has to play more consistently and play like a Vet. Will be one of the starting 6.

5th Nathan Gerbe

Very small, plays hard, will get into the dirty parts of the rink. He's Danny Briere. Everyone is forgeting about Nathan Gerbe, but I think he finally got it during the playoffs and showed what a good player he can be. He and Ennis could be two players that make a huge difference for the team in '10-11

6th Adam Dennis


7th Vyacheslav Buravchickov


7th Matt Generous

Played well for Portland last year, but has not been resigned yet, probably will be. Part of the glut of Defensemen in Portland. With only more on the way. Don't know if he has any NHL potential but its always good to have depth.

7th Andrew Orpik

The bad Orpik, already released and in the ECHL.

A solid "C" on this draft, mainly for the huge time bust in Zagrapan. Otherwise there is quality depth and potential mined in the middle part of this draft. Solid value picks. They missed high and Low. It seems the hit it with the North Americans and missed widely on the Europeans. Notice this year no Europeans. They haven't drafted a European in 2006.

I don't know if they have gone with the Don Cherry school of hockey. But can't argue with this strategy if all their quality picks are North Americans.

I always look at the NHL draft as the hope to actually know these guys years down the road. Otherwise they are just names on a screen.

Monday, June 14, 2010

I hate the Offseason

As demonstrated by me not posting in a month. I also have been busy, a baby on the way and work has picked up has made my blogging time diminish dramatically. Along with the offseason.

Oh man I hate this downtime. There really isn't anything interesting for me to blog about.

Yes I know I could blog about the Blackhawks winning the Cup, and Bills at OTA's. But other teams fans excited and glorified practice isn't what gets me writing or wanting to write.

But with the Cup over with, that means the Draft is right around the corner and that means trades and signings are soon to come. July 1st could be fun, but I think June 25th will be the more important date. That is when Trades can start happening. The Sabres are more likely to be involved in the trade market then in the free agency market, because Darcy is more into a value addition by subtraction type guy. And the Sabres don't need to create buzz, by overpaying some guy. A good trade will do the same.

The Bills on the other hand, keep in the news with their OTA's and the saga of Marshawn Lynch. I could care less if he shows up. Its up to him, and the coach doesn't have to do anything. This is professional sports. The coach is here to lead the players that are there, not baby someone who doesn't care or want to be there. The Bills are in no position with Schobel or Lynch, because its hard to get value for someone, that everyone knows wants to leave. They will probably get 5th round picks for the both of them.

Yes there is the World Cup, but it seems everyone plays not to lose, that it makes it more of a drag then it could be. There is so much at stake for the players and the coaches, that its not more a attack style game and it could be, and it would be awesome.

And I really don't care about the Bisons. Sorry. But its hard to care, when a team is in constant flux. The players change all the time, they win, they lose. But its not like they can committ to winning, when the best players will be called up, because they are good. So, you are left with average players or guys who are caught in a loaded postition.

I guess I'm just got in a blah sports mood. But one nice trade next week and my sports energy tank will be full again.

So its up to you Darcy, no pressure.

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