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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bills got Ripped Off

So someone stole $70,000 from the Buffalo Bills. Nooo, it wasn't Derrick Dockery, his Larceny was in the millions. But a ex administrative assistant to the the Vice President of Marketing and Broadcasting, was charged with Grand Larceny for ripping the Bills off for the 70K.

I can only imagine the boss getting wind of this. You would think at 1 Bills Drive every nickle would be accounted for, Mr Wilson is a Insurance man, and we know insurance people don't like giving away money. She must have been crafty. She was there 10 years, so she knew to take little by little. Unfortunately she got caught. Probably because she left. Or somebody, actually did some actual accounting, and noticed things didn't add up.

This has to be embarrassing for the Bills. Plenty of people have ripped the Bills off in the past. Not like this where you divert payments to yourself. But more in the just weren't good or cheated and the Bills got ripped off.

More People the Erie County DA should look at:

Robert Royal.

Gregg Williams

Frank Wycheck (still a forward pass)

Larry Tripplet

Peerless Price (2nd reincarnation)

Mike Mularkey

Mike Williams

Well there are many others, but there is a statue of limitations to this kind of thing. But many people over the years have basically stolen money from the Buffalo Bills, they just get away with it. But Bonnie Krauss, nuh uh, your going down. And if you pay it back, you avoid jail time. That's nice.

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