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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

NHL Christmas Eve

Well Free Agency gets kicked off tomorrow, though today should be busy, with trades and RFA's getting deals, before they can be poached by other clubs with cap space. Though clubs with cap space are the ones that usually don't spend money, aka the Kings. I'm more concerned with the Sabres, so I really don't care what the Kings accomplish this summer. Everyone assumes the team is going to look the same come October, personally I don't believe that. There are going to be some people leaving, and I think a couple new acquisitions. The draft showed me, they are changing the philosophy of the team. Big, strong and talented. The passive skilled forwards aren't getting it done. Thats why they will trade 1 or 2 guys for guys already under contract, they have 10 million in cap space, but of course they won't spend to the cap but it means they will spend some money.

Current UFA's

Max Afinigenov: Gone
Matt Ellis: Gone
Dominic Moore: Gone
Andrew Peters: Probably gone
Teppo Numminen: Probably Gone
Jaroslav Spacek: 50/50 he'll resign

Current RFA's

Patrick Kaleta Cheap Keep
Clarke MacArthur, will stay, hopefully they can trade.
Drew Stafford: Could be a target, wouldn't mind taking the draft picks.
Mark Mancari: Good for Portland
Andrej Sekera: Retain, also potential trade bait.

There are 10 guys who in theory could be off the team. Probably 4 or 5 might leave. It leaves holes on the roster that needs to be filled. And if they make some trades. The Roster could look much different, and its probably what it needs.

Potential Trade Bait

Derek Roy: Probably the Poster Boy for the last two years. Talented, but isn't that 1st line center and seems like a prima donna at times. Trading Derek, maybe to Vancouver or Minnesota, teams that need offense could yield a nice return. He is a 70 point scorer.

Jochen Hecht: A down year and I'm not ready to pull the cord on him yet, since he and Pominville both stunk up the joint last season. But if you can pull in a younger forward at a cheaper rate? Make the Deal.

Drew Stafford: A player that some how doesn't get the slack Hecht gets, yet disappears for games on end, and shows flashes from time to time. He's been pretty up and down since the rookie year. Could bring in a leader in the forward ranks the team needs.

Tallinder/Lydman: I like both, but both are UFA's next year, so this goes in the get something for them before you don't want them back. Haven't been the same since the playoff runs. Lydman much better then Tallinder. Detroit loves Swedes.

Sekera: RFA, young shown signs he's a capable defensemen with some offensive skill. Probably a guy you keep around and hope gets better. Especially for 10/11 when the defensive corp is really young. But could yield you something.

The Sabres aren't going to big free agent players, and probably might sign one or two guys to fill out the roster. But mid July, when the market is more quiet and teams didn't get what they wanted, there is where Darcy will make a move. Its when Derek Roy looks like a nice young center to help you win.

Honestly nobody is untouchable on this team. Darcy and Lindy know this year is it, in fact if the year starts slow, they are probably both gone. They will have a induction of youth, but its also imperative they infuse some quality vet leadership for the newer young guys. And let Pominville play, and not worry about being a leader.

I don't expect anything from the Sabres tomorrow or this week. But it will be fun to see where the other players go, and the gaps and holes left after July 1st is where Darcy will make his move. At least thats what I think.

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