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Monday, October 26, 2009

While I was in Hawaii for 3 weeks

I got married on October 3rd 2009.

My wife and I then left right away for our Honeymoon in Hawaii.

I got back on Saturday night. Sunday was a recovery day. And now I'm back at work, trying to catch up on things that I missed. Being 6 hours away kinda screws you up. You have TV and are kinda of in touch with things. But not really, since Hawaii is like being in a foreign Country.

Football is easy to follow there is only one game a week and its major news. So I knew the Bills kinda sucked while I was away, but not how much since I didn't watch any games and only saw highlights of the Jets game. I didn't really miss watching the Bills play, they aren't fun to watch and even though I was home yesterday, I didn't really care to watch that much.

From this mornings radio, the guys seemed rather down on Trent Edwards. And acceptance that the Bills will go 7-9 again. They all seemed too depressed and I turned off the radio. Being in a sunny place for 3 weeks, makes you realize how trivial football is, and whether they win or lose, it doesn't matter. There are bigger things to worry about. Like when do you go to the beach.

But I was wondering about the Sabres, since I got married on the Home opener, I really had zero clue if they were good or not. The Dan Paille trade surprised me, but I was lobbying to get rid of him anyway, but on Sunday when I saw they were 6-1-1, I was like wow. A nice start.

Tyler Myers has 5 points and a +8. I can't see him going down now. It would be a waste. He'll only get better with more playing time. The injuries to Sekera and Lydman helped him stay up here. (I'm assuming) With Tallinder a +9, could make someone a possible trade bait, the Sabres are back in that position where they can make trades, since I think they are below people's radar. And Darcy knows its make it or break it this year.

Clarke MacArthur with 4 goals is nice to see, I'm a heavy critic of is his up and down play, but if he can play evenly through the year, hes a possible 30 goal scorer and thats nothing to sneeze at.

We all know why this team is winning.

Ryan Miller

6-0-1 with a 1.69 GAA and a .940 Sv %. Looks like someone wants to start for Team USA this year. The shootout on Saturday, he was solid. But of course he has to stay healthy. They can't just ride him into the ground and expect to be great. Lalime needs time to play to be effective. He's not a cold goalie.

I'm back now, so I should be in touch with things. On the other hand, I didn't really miss anything and didn't care about who won or lost. Being in paradise on your honeymoon, makes sports rather minor. And if you are too wrapped up in a sports team, just ship yourself to Hawaii for 2 to 3 weeks and you'll be better for it.

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