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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The interesting year of Jonathan Stupar

Taken from the Bills website

With Derek Schouman ending up on the shelf, Mr Stupar will finally make his way on the team, again. He was deactivated week 1. Cut, and signed back to the practice squad, to make room for Derek Fine (the other Derek, who also constantly hurts himself) So assuming he stays healthy, which is a big assumption with Bills Tight Ends. He should be playing every week.

Why am I so interesting in Mr Stupar? Well we share a first name, we Jonathans have to stick together. And guys on the fringe always interest me, because their life must be absolute nightmares. Now he gets to relax and play a game I'm assuming he loves. Before cutting cut to let Derek Schouman back on the team next year.

Lets go back to the beginning

He was signed as a undrafted free agent out of Virginia by the Evil empire, the New England Patriots. Of course not seeing the talent that was there, released him and with most New England castoffs, the Bills picked him up. (like they did this year with Tyson Devree) But he stuck with the practice squad getting on the 53 man roster on November 28th 2008, not suiting up, but still a game check. You gotta get in the door somehow.

Then the offseason. With the release of Robert Royal, I'm sure he saw the opportunity. Then they drafted Shawn Nelson. The door shut again. He would have to prove himself, that he was worth a roster spot. That was when the Summer of Stupar happened.

Look at this stats from the preseason.

5 games 19 catches 184 yards and 1 td.

He was Gibran Hamdan's go to guy. Terrell Owens wishes he had those numbers.

But what happened?

9/5/2009 Waived

Where's the respect?

9/6/2009 Signed to the Practice Squad

Ok, thats a paycheck

9/14/2009 Signed to the 53 man roster

AWESOME show those Patriots who is boss!

9/16/2009 Waived


9/17/2009 signed to the practice squad

I need the money, so I'll do it

9/22/2009 Signed to the 53 man roster


We are now entering the Stupar era, the new Pete Metzelaars, or not. Sure Shawn Nelson might get all the balls. But who will be there to block for Fred Jackson? Stupar. Who will catch those 2 yard safety valve passes? Stupar. Who will get Bills fans to go, Who is 88? Stupar.

Anything else I need to know about my favorite new player, who I will root for for no real reason, other then I want to.

(checks wikipedia page)

Stupar is the nephew of former NFL quarterback Jeff Hostetler,

Of course he is. Thanks that name doesn't bring me misery.

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