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Friday, August 6, 2010

Built to Spiller

With CJ Spiller under contract now, the Bills have everyone at camp. Until guys start getting cut.

The question is, how is CJ used? Is he the number 1 back? He is the 2nd back, but they split him wide, ie the Marshall Faulk type weapon? They drafted this kid, high even with 2 decent backs on the team. And you don't draft a kid #9 to be Marshawn Lynch insurance.

You draft a guy 9, to build around.

The QB's aren't that great, the O Line is better at Run blocking then Pass. So you get a stable of workhorses and you run the ball. And hope you draft the QB of the future next year, and if the CBA works out, not pay him a ton of money, or be able to trade up in the draft, because it makes sense to with a reworked CBA.

They are going to build around this kid, this year. Fred Jackson is great, but he will be nor never was the talent that Spiller is. And when they need to slowly work in the Rookie QB, it will be Spiller who will be the safety valve for this kid. This is a guy you want to throw to in the flat, so he can create and make plays. (Trent Edwards is very excited) And with the Oline still a work in progess, they won't have time to look downfield. (insert sad Lee Evans face)

Yes, I know Fred Jackson will probably get more touches. But Spiller's touches could result in much longer players and gamebreaking plays. I imagine him as what everyone thought Reggie Bush would do with the Saints. Bush is a good player, but he isn't what people thought he could be. Unlike Bush, there won't be media pressure to produce, since he's in Buffalo, which is basically the CFL to the Media. If he wants to be a superstar he'll have to be great. Being in Buffalo has it upsides if you don't want media attention and its downsides, people don't know you're in the NFL.

If everything goes as I suspect. We'll see the debut of a very exciting new player in the NFL. The team might not win that much, but as long as they are exciting we'll take that. Especially if they are bad enough to take of the big QB's next year.

So CJ I'm glad you got a week in late, because he'll see alot of action this year and need all the rest you can get.

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