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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

10 game review

10 game review

After 10 games the Sabres, are stuck right at .500, 5-5, some might call this a disappointment, or expected with all the turnover. Me, personally, I don't have a exact opinion on the first 10 games. They look bad, they look good, they look good and bad in the same game. This team doesn't know who they are yet. But we can look at some stats and get a gauge at whats going on so far.

Top 5 in Points.

  • Brian Campbell 1G 10A 11PTS
  • Tim Connolly 1G 10A 11PTS
  • Jason Pominville 5G 5A 10PTS
  • Derek Roy 5G 4A 9PTS
  • Thomas Vanek 3G 5A 8PTS

Any real surprises, besides Campbell being first? Not really.

The one stat that looking at is really telling about this team.

Shots on Goal.

The most shots on goal. Jochen Hecht with 32.
Captain putting the puck on the net

Best Shooting Percentage Daniel Paille at 50%!
4 shots 2 goals. SHOOT THE PUCK DANNY!

Terrible Shooting Percentage Tim Connolly at 3.7%.
Obviously Timmy needs to pick better shots.


Honestly, there aren't any surprises. No player is like oh boy look at him! Brian Campbell has a lot of points, but he was an All Star last year. Unfortunately the disappointments will be more numerous.


Ryan Miller

Hate to put the guy here, but really he carried the team through the playoffs, played fantastic and I expected him to play lights out. At times he does, but like the rest of the team, just plays lazy at time.

3.11 GAA .896SV% Aren't all-star numbers, and he needs to improve for this team to go anywhere this year.

Drew Stafford

Just not at the level we expect from him. Maybe the sophomore slump or whatever.


This supposed shutdown pair, has been anything but this year. In fact Hank has been downright terrible at times. Already at a -5 combined. Plus,they don't get helped out by their 3 forward counterparts. Usually the RAV line.

Next Ten Game Outlook

With 9 of out 10 games against Northeast Division Opponents. Its critical the Sabres start to pick it up. There seems to be a flow coming up, and none of this couple games long layoff nonsense anymore.

Prediction 6-2-1

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