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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A media generated QB controversy

This whole Edwards or Losman thing, is being way overblown. The local media types, saw the opportunity and they all ran with it. You can see them in their meetings, jumping up and down, YAY!!!!!! QB CONTROVERSY!!!!!!!!!

It's the easiest thing to talk about, instead of trying to break down, why the defense is getting better, easy Keith Ellison is healthy and they play horrible teams, or why can't Lynch get the longer runs. They stick with this story and run it down our throats.

So is there really a controversy?


Trent Edwards is their guy, we all know it, JP Losman knows it, someone should clue in the media to this fact.

JP Losman got hurt, gave them the opportunity to give Edwards some time. Now Edwards is hurt, so Losman can show off what he can do, or what he can't do. Thus fueling this debate for several more weeks. So I'm a big fan of statistics. They don't lie, so who should the Bills go with?

Trent Edwards 121 Att 80 Comp 66.1% 790 Yards 1TD 5 Int 9 Sacks 69.9 rating

JP Losman 52 Att 33 Comp 63.5% 368 Yards 1 TD 1Int 7 Sacks 82.9 rating

Yuck, on either guy.

Edwards has a higher Completion %, but barely, but more interceptions, and a lower rating

Losman has less picks, but more fumbles. 1 lost to Edwards 0. But for a mobile guy. Has a .13 Sacks/Attempts ratio to Edwards .07, so Losman gets sacked more often then Edwards does. And sacks are drive killing plays. With even amount of attempts Losman would have 16 sacks to Edwards 9.

With a offense that doesn't know what its doing. And a QB that basically just says fuck it I'm going deep. They need the QB who can run the offense. Trent Edwards.

So sack Losman

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