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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A new love for Gus Johnson

I have a love/hate for Gus Johnson. Love him when hes screaming for your team, hate when hes screaming for the opponent. Like FUCK YOU GUS, I thought you were on our side. I HATE YOU!

Like in a Bills/Patriots game several years ago. The return of Antwoine Smith to Buffalo after being cut, to bring in the hot new back Travis Henry, mmm sounds like a familiar scenario. After putting in the winning TD, Gus Johnson screams "TAKE THAT BUFFALO" I sat there mouth agape, shocked that an announcer would do that. It took me years to accept Gus Johnson for what he is, trying to put excitement into a situation. Now I love the man. Especially when hes doing his thing for my team. Like last weeks Bills/Jets game.

All is forgiven Gus.


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