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Monday, August 3, 2009

Who else is excited about football?


From the look of the Buffalo Blogosphere Bills football isn't highly anticipated. If I read or see one more post on the Sabres not doing anything, I'm gonna scream. Its August relax. The season doesn't start till Christmas anyway. (Look at the Penguins) I on the other hand am rather excited about the Football Season. I don't know what to expect, but the season shouldn't be a boring one. The Bills play good teams. They open up in prime time. They play the first game of the season. I just can't get enough football. And unfortuntely I have 3 sources to read anything daily on them. The Buffalo News, Inside the Bills by Chris Brown and Buffalo Rumblings. All decent sources. But there are no funny pieces, some insight, and I don't care what training camp player has what number.

I've heard nothing about Kawika rocking the Stache! Nobody cares? Nobody is paying attention? Rather we talk about some signing for Portland by the Sabres. Ugh. Buffalo sports blogging is completely onesided and its onesided to the irrelevant team in the area. The Sabres are fun, but completely plastic and boring. The team is sanitized for public consumption. How can you argue though? They sell tickets, they sell mercandise, and always have people talking, good or bad.

The Bills have some actual characters on the team. Personalities. The Sabres? Maybe Ryan Miller and Paul Gaustad. But everyone else, interchangable parts. Someone speak up. Speak your mind. Maybe theres a corporate culture there, that eliminates that aspect. Sports shouldn't be just business. Its entertainment. Entertain me. Boring and winning is ok, but boring and losing is downright unacceptable. And this town won't accept it for long, before a mass exodus will happen.

The Bills may have a marketing guy in charge, but is that a bad thing. If you had a choice of player, one that has a personality over another boring guy, with the same talent. Who would you choose? I'd choose the guy with the personality. Give me some entertainment with my team. You know why the 90's Bills were fun? Not just because they won, but because they were all big personalities. Guys that want to be the show. Terrell Owens wants to be the show. And the Bills need that guy. Too many of them were, team first guys. Well thats great, but when your too worried about the team, you don't excell for yourself.

The Sabres have way to many of these guys. They need a me first player. A guy that just wants to take over, teammates be damned. I don't know if this area wants the me first guy though? There are a lot of people in this area, that don't care what the athletes think, they should just shut up and do their job. (Just like them) Of course those that shut up and just do their job, don't get anywhere. The ones that speak up and create a stir are the people who are noticible and advance.

I'm sorry for going on a rant. But I'm just tired of the Buffalo blog scene, if I had more time, maybe I'd contribute more. Getting married and working hard takes time. Plus the fact i'll be busy most of October, the Sabres won't mean much to me. I'd rather find out who won on Sunday then if the Sabres won a game on Tuesday in October.

It's August, we're 6 days away from a Bills game. And I couldn't be happier.

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