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Monday, August 31, 2009

Not going to panic yet

Throw the ball forward please

Oh man I am not going to panic after this week's preseason game. But they looked terrible. Especially on offense. Just boring, nothing exciting and just looked out of place. Trent Edwards has looked very bad 2 weeks in row. Hopefully they are lowering expectations for the Patriots. Unfortunately it maybe that the offense isn't going well and this year could be a horrendous disaster.

I know Owens isn't playing and it gives me a little glimmer of hope. But what will he matter if Trent doesn't throw it farther then 10 yards. He looks like he has zero confidence, and I'd rather have a QB with too much, then too little. The thing is we've seen Trent throw the long passes, he can do it. He has the recievers to help him. Stop making the field small, make it big, more openings that way. Like in Tennis, you don't hit the ball in the same spots. You make em run, make the DB's and LB's run all over the place. With that and the No Huddle, you'll wear out the defense.

Right now the team isn't fun to watch and they don't win. That is the most unacceptable aspect of team you root for. If they are fun to watch and are .500 you are okay with that. Because its entertaining. If they aren't fun, but win. Thats okay to, because everyone loves winning. But, losing and boring? Thats not okay. Turk, Trent lets make things a little exciting. I don't care if you throw 3 picks a game, if you mix that with 5 td passes. Look like the Saints. They're fun.

I just have this sinking feeling that things are going to bad this year. Like new QB, New GM, New Coach in 2010 kinda bad. Right now I'd rather things be really bad, so you can clean house, rather then 7-9 again, because you just don't know what to do there.

I'm not going to panic yet.

But missing 3 weeks in October for my Honeymoon, is looking like I won't be missing much. Hawaii, might not be far enough away to avoid this looming disaster.

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