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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Moral victories are for losers.

James McCoy

Not again, another Monday night collapse. How? WHY? Did they forget how long the games were? Sure Leodis hurt the team. But the same play for two straight touchdowns? Who is covering the tight end? Ellison? Scott? Whitner? Ugh.

But no matter how many times it happens, it hurts all the same. You wanna throw something, yell at the tv. And want to give up your fan hood. But come Sunday, we'll all be back at 4pm to see them play the Bucs.

I guess you can take some positives from the game. The offense wasn't terrible. Fred Jackson is awesome, like usual. The interior line, was pretty decent. Bell will learn, hopefully quickly. I thought McKelvin was turned around by Moss and Brady all night. The defensive line got some pressure. Schobel is back.

Again they can't keep a lead against a good team. Just find ways to lose. They aren't going to be good until they can close one out against a good team. The Denver and San Diego games are good examples of that.

Moral victory? Of course not. That is one of the stupidest terms ever. There are no moral victories. You lost, and then you try to put the positive on the loss. Its one way to make you feel better. Players that cry after losses and just don't want to talk about it, probably have the right mindset. If it didn't effect you, quit. The game should upset you. You blew it. I blame the defense more then the offense. They shouldn't have let the Pats, roll down there on the first touchdown. Maybe Leodis should have fallen down at the 30 taken that kick back. There are so many what ifs. But they lost, you move on, and try to make up for it later in the year, beating the Pats at home.

Lets look at some numbers.

Tom Brady

39 for 53 378 Yards and 2 Td's and Int.

Lots of yards, but not the gaudy TD's he usually has against the Bills. Shaky at first, but was getting better in the 4th quarter.

Trent Edwards

15 for 25 212 yards and 2 td's

A pretty average Trent Edwards day. He'll give you some things, and then frustrate you the next. I think the Pats were taking away the deep stuff, so they worked the short stuff, to some success.

New England Rb's

22 carries for 64 yards. And 1 td. Thats between 3 guys. New England abandoned the run way before they were down by 11. The Pats are going to be a pass first team, and teams will have to make them run to beat them. They are still underutilize Maroney. I think hes a talent, they are just wasting away.

Bills Rb's

Otherwise known as Fred Jackson, 15 carries for 57 yards. A pretty good outing for Fred, who is dangerous everywhere.

New England recievers

Here's where it gets ugly

Moss 12 catches for 141
Welker 12 catches for93
Watson 6 catches for 77 and 2 Tds
Faulk 6 catches for 51 yards

Moss was always open. They played off to much, didn't challenge many passes, the only INT came from Schobel who made a great play.

Buffalo Recievers

Jackson 5 catches for 83 yards 1 Td
Schouman 3 catches for 41 Yards
Evans 3 catches for 25
Owens 2 catches for 46 yards
Nelson 2 catches for 13 yards 1 Td

Edwards distributed the ball, just not a lot of balls. Jackson was the best weapon all night.

Bills Defense

Ellison had 15 tackles on the night. He knows how to tackle. A lot of the Corners missed some tackles, but a solid tackling night all around.

The DMVP. Would be Schobel, a sack and pick 6. First game back since San Diego and showed why they missed him.

Pats Defense

Leigh Bodden was the leading tackler and Tully Banta Cain had two sacks. But keeping Wilfork quiet was a good job by the interior.

The game still hurts, however there are some promising signs. But there was no moral victory in Foxboro on Monday night. Just another 4th quarter comeback for Tom Brady. Ugh.

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