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Friday, September 4, 2009


Getting ready to gun it.

Finally, the Bills have wised up and gave Turk Schonert the boot. The offense wasn't that great when they were winning, and has been downright awful this preseason. I'm sure they saw practices and knew what was coming.

Alex Van Pelt looks to be the new coordinator and I'm sure we'll find out at 130pm when the always exciting Dick Jauron gives us the news.

I love Alex Van Pelt, I think he's interesting, hes a QB's QB. I have no doubt the Bills will open things up in the passing game with him calling the shots. He broke Marino's records at Pittsburgh, he's a pass first guy. He has nothing to lose, because we expect nothing of him and thats always dangerous.

I wonder if the Hall of Fame Owner, went to Jauron Last night, Its you or Schonert. Like he gave Wade Phillips after the Music City Forward pass, game. And smartly of Jauron, let Turk take the blame. That Yale Degree is paying off now.

If I were AVP I'd bring in Jim Kelly as QB consultant, they are good friends, and just take Trent Edwards by the collar, and tell him, you throw that ball to 83 and 81 and if it gets picked, then trust the Defense to get it back. (who have shown ball hawking skills in the preseason) Trent Edwards needs a kick in the ass, because he can get it done, I've seen it.

But I'm just a fan, and these are my ideas. AVP knows a lot more then whatever I could muster up. This is different from the Bills organization, we all expected the Bills to keep him through the season. For Dick Jauron its also a wake up call, they start slow, he's with Schonert on the Unemployment line.

AVP is now the Bills OC and I'm perfectly fine with that, it was just a matter of time, before he assumed this position. I know expect the Bills to throw it Arena Style.

Did I mention I am also very delusional.

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