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Monday, November 16, 2009

If the Bills were a tv show...

It would have been cancelled already. Even if they were on NBC.

Its bad, its not even funny bad, but like face slap bad. So bad you want to slap yourself for watching it. Like VH1 reality show bad. Even those shows have some kind of entertainment to it. Show Bills games to Jihadists and they will renounce Islam.

How have they won 3 games? Minor miracle? Charity case? This team is just plain awful and the whole thing needs to be overhauled. No doubt about it now. The quarterbacks need to go. Lynch can leave I don't care, Fred Jackson and another guy to share the load will be perfectly adequate. Most of the Receivers can stay. I think with a decent to average QB, they could flourish.

The defense is in rough shape. They need a new scheme. Thank god they don't play a 3-4 or they would be in worse shape. I don't mind the corners, they finally have a ball hawking safety. They can get rid of Donte Whitner, they only thing he can catch is a taser. Bryan Scott is fine, but he's dime a dozen.

The Kicker and Punter are the only thing to be happy about. Seriously, Brian Moorman or Rian Lindell, maybe the MVP of the decade. Thats how sad things are at 1 Bills Drive. Its a good thing we love football or there would be 20,000 in the stands. Or we love people who can kick the football.

If this were a real Tv show, there would be new writers brought in or new cast assembled. We wouldn't wait to the end of the season to rework things. Whats the point? It's not gonna get better. The only way a tv show gets better or tries, is when people stop watching. So I think we as concerned Bills fans, put away the irrational fear of the team moving, and put our power into action. Lets just stop watching.

Give the tickets away to opposing fans, with Patriots, Dolphins and Colts left, plenty of fans left for that. Imagine 40,000 Patriot fans in the stands. Hell I'd go to the Colts game and root for them. Turn off the TV and do something else around town. See a movie, watch other football games, go play Xbox. Anything else but turn on CBS at 1pm on Sundays.

The Bills are always concerned with Marketing, and if Russ Brandon sees the product is lacking, maybe, hopefully, he'll see the whole thing needs to be blown up. In fact it needs to be blown up today. Not January, not February. But now.

Unfortuntely, the Buffalo Bills are not a TV show, but a Business. So they will go through the motions and find the most cost effective way to change things, but yet be able to sell tickets and make money in 2010.

Ugh. Looks like I'll have to find ways to avoid games on Sundays.

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