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Monday, November 23, 2009

Survivor: Offensive Line Edition

Well the offensive continues to struggle and lose players at an alarming rate. Which brings up the question, is there a secret game show going on. Because we might have a winner of Buffalo Bills Survivor very soon.

Brad Butler
Eric Wood
Seth McKinney

All are out for the rest of the season. Two opening day starters gone. Demetrius Bell has been hurt for several weeks with a knee injury, and his return is necessary. Jonathan Scott finally came back after dealing with the death of his father. So leaving the starting line of, if Bell comes back, Bell, Levrite, Hangartner, Meredith? and Scott. Not what you call a pro bowl line. Or a UFL line.

If Bell can't come back? Oh man I don't know whats going to happen, but I sure wouldn't want to be Fitzpatrick next week. I assume they will either sign someone or call up the 2 lineman from the Practice squad. Well I guess they will have to do both.

The team has two running backs, with 1 fullback. Have gone through tight ends like water. The linebackers are now filled with safeties. The team has a glut of WR's and DB's. But it all doesn't matter. The team is gonna get cleaned up come January.

But with 6 weeks to go we have two guys left. To claim the title of Survivor.

Will it be the Rookie Levitre or the old man Hangartner.

Whats the prize? A job next year.

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