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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Drew Stafford makes RJ Umberger Bleed his own blood.

Since I didn't watch much if any of the Columbus game. I have better things to do then watch the Sabres Blue Jackets, which are never good games. One of those bad matchups for the Sabres. I was surprised yesterday when I saw Drew Stafford got into a fight. And even more surprising partner, in RJ Umberger. But all in all a decent scrap.

The best part the shedding of the helmets. Looked like a real fight and not one of those staged Peters fights. Which can be eliminated as soon as possible please. Don't know who came out on top, but Stafford got Umberger to bleed, so thats a winner in my book. I've been critical of Stafford late, but I like to see him stand up and take someone on.

And you know who would love wingers who scrap? Brian Burke or the Ducks.

(wink wink nod nod)

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