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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Olympic Time

A real defense? We are totally winning the Gold

Its day 5 of the Olympics and I sure have watched my share of the games. They are usually fun. Skiing and shooting, going 90mph down a ice track on a sled, and flying down a mountain with no fear.

But now the real hockey starts, (I'm sorry ladies, there are two teams) Ryan Miller and the no name Americans kick off their medal run against the Swiss. And the fact NBC is live streaming it, is a joy to me, because their online stuff is downright awful. For the summer Olympics they have 5 channels with stuff, yes I know there isn't the programming for the Winter games. But seriously you can't show the live snowboard cross final? (Ctv had it and it was awesome)

Minus the CTV Olympic morning program, CTV is winning on the coverage. Live stuff, coverage of all athletes. And none of that jumping around from one thing to another. STICK TO ONE THING!

My Beautiful wife loves the crashes. Which is perfect for the Winter games. Minus the Cross Country skiing, there is potential for crashing in every sport. Even the Pairs figure skating had people crashing onto the ice all night. But nothing is better then a good bone crunching body check. And with the NHL size rink, the Hockey is gonna get physical. Don't tell me Ovechkin isn't gonna crunch someone. The American team is probably going to be the most physical. (because they don't have the firepower of the Canadians, and have to hit and hit)

So we get a week and half of some really good hockey, before the stretch run of the NHL season. Its perfect. Playoff hockey, then pseduo playoff hockey, then real playoff hockey. We're looking forward to months of great hockey ahead. Who can hate that?

Brooks Orpik is totally going to put some Swiss guy through a pane of Plexi Glass today.

Lets go USA!

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