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Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Saints

Another good Super Bowl game, whats the deal?

Maybe two weeks is the way to go. I always hate it, because its too much hype and I just want the game. The game flew by, there weren't many stoppages, and a quality game you'd expect from the Super Bowl. I kinda wanted the Colts to win, since I usually root for the AFC. But totally happy with the Saints winning the game. The Mrs. was rooting for the Saints, so she was happy. Clapping when Porter was running back the Pick. To channel TMQ, I wrote Game Over. Haven't seen game clinching INT Peyton in a little bit. Gregg Williams game plan. What did Bill Belichick do in the mid 2000's? Do that. Repeat.

The officials let them play, there was stuff they could have called, but didn't. You know like they do in the NHL playoffs. No ticky tack pass interference. Garcon, mugged Greer to get the one they called. The bad call on the 2 point, but in regular speed, its a tough call. But thats why Instant Replay is around to make things right. It's awesome when things work they way they should.

But all you'll hear from Bills fans, its one more team that has won the Super Bowl before the Bills. Ugh. Who cares. This self loathing of late is tiresome. The Saints won. Thats great, good for New Orleans and who can't be happy for them? That team was nowhere and now they are Champs. Can't that be an inspiration for Bills fans? Sure they need a QB. And a whole lot. But they are going into a uncapped year, they can spend what they want. (be that good or bad, you decide) People are jumping ship saying they are done with the team. and we all know if they are good again, people will jump right back on. Typical people, getting out when things are bad.

But me, I'm staying on. I'm a go down with the ship type guy. I'll wait and see what the new regime does. I know theres lots of work ahead, but in today's NFL, turnarounds can be quick. And I'll wait for the media to praise the Bills again, when they win, and see the fanbase surge. I'll watch Jerry Sullivan flip flop till he throws out his back. Because I know the Buffalo News will be nothing more then a blog in a few years. They have the same access and inside information as I do. And you know it influences their opinion. When covering something, you should be as far removed as possible. And look at the big picture, not the day to day triviality. That is just my view.

I'll just wait till its my time to hang off a lightpole and celebrate.

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