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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Olympic Time

A real defense? We are totally winning the Gold

Its day 5 of the Olympics and I sure have watched my share of the games. They are usually fun. Skiing and shooting, going 90mph down a ice track on a sled, and flying down a mountain with no fear.

But now the real hockey starts, (I'm sorry ladies, there are two teams) Ryan Miller and the no name Americans kick off their medal run against the Swiss. And the fact NBC is live streaming it, is a joy to me, because their online stuff is downright awful. For the summer Olympics they have 5 channels with stuff, yes I know there isn't the programming for the Winter games. But seriously you can't show the live snowboard cross final? (Ctv had it and it was awesome)

Minus the CTV Olympic morning program, CTV is winning on the coverage. Live stuff, coverage of all athletes. And none of that jumping around from one thing to another. STICK TO ONE THING!

My Beautiful wife loves the crashes. Which is perfect for the Winter games. Minus the Cross Country skiing, there is potential for crashing in every sport. Even the Pairs figure skating had people crashing onto the ice all night. But nothing is better then a good bone crunching body check. And with the NHL size rink, the Hockey is gonna get physical. Don't tell me Ovechkin isn't gonna crunch someone. The American team is probably going to be the most physical. (because they don't have the firepower of the Canadians, and have to hit and hit)

So we get a week and half of some really good hockey, before the stretch run of the NHL season. Its perfect. Playoff hockey, then pseduo playoff hockey, then real playoff hockey. We're looking forward to months of great hockey ahead. Who can hate that?

Brooks Orpik is totally going to put some Swiss guy through a pane of Plexi Glass today.

Lets go USA!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Drew Stafford makes RJ Umberger Bleed his own blood.

Since I didn't watch much if any of the Columbus game. I have better things to do then watch the Sabres Blue Jackets, which are never good games. One of those bad matchups for the Sabres. I was surprised yesterday when I saw Drew Stafford got into a fight. And even more surprising partner, in RJ Umberger. But all in all a decent scrap.

The best part the shedding of the helmets. Looked like a real fight and not one of those staged Peters fights. Which can be eliminated as soon as possible please. Don't know who came out on top, but Stafford got Umberger to bleed, so thats a winner in my book. I've been critical of Stafford late, but I like to see him stand up and take someone on.

And you know who would love wingers who scrap? Brian Burke or the Ducks.

(wink wink nod nod)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Saints

Another good Super Bowl game, whats the deal?

Maybe two weeks is the way to go. I always hate it, because its too much hype and I just want the game. The game flew by, there weren't many stoppages, and a quality game you'd expect from the Super Bowl. I kinda wanted the Colts to win, since I usually root for the AFC. But totally happy with the Saints winning the game. The Mrs. was rooting for the Saints, so she was happy. Clapping when Porter was running back the Pick. To channel TMQ, I wrote Game Over. Haven't seen game clinching INT Peyton in a little bit. Gregg Williams game plan. What did Bill Belichick do in the mid 2000's? Do that. Repeat.

The officials let them play, there was stuff they could have called, but didn't. You know like they do in the NHL playoffs. No ticky tack pass interference. Garcon, mugged Greer to get the one they called. The bad call on the 2 point, but in regular speed, its a tough call. But thats why Instant Replay is around to make things right. It's awesome when things work they way they should.

But all you'll hear from Bills fans, its one more team that has won the Super Bowl before the Bills. Ugh. Who cares. This self loathing of late is tiresome. The Saints won. Thats great, good for New Orleans and who can't be happy for them? That team was nowhere and now they are Champs. Can't that be an inspiration for Bills fans? Sure they need a QB. And a whole lot. But they are going into a uncapped year, they can spend what they want. (be that good or bad, you decide) People are jumping ship saying they are done with the team. and we all know if they are good again, people will jump right back on. Typical people, getting out when things are bad.

But me, I'm staying on. I'm a go down with the ship type guy. I'll wait and see what the new regime does. I know theres lots of work ahead, but in today's NFL, turnarounds can be quick. And I'll wait for the media to praise the Bills again, when they win, and see the fanbase surge. I'll watch Jerry Sullivan flip flop till he throws out his back. Because I know the Buffalo News will be nothing more then a blog in a few years. They have the same access and inside information as I do. And you know it influences their opinion. When covering something, you should be as far removed as possible. And look at the big picture, not the day to day triviality. That is just my view.

I'll just wait till its my time to hang off a lightpole and celebrate.

Friday, February 5, 2010

How to wade through the trade deadine rumors as a Sabre fan

The NHL trade deadline is a month away, with a 2 week freeze for the Olympics, or as I call it secret trade time. And the rumor boards and messageboards will be blowing up with what the Sabres should do, who they are linked to and what not. But for the smart Sabre fan, you can make the time a little less stressful and worrisome, by following the typical modus operandi of one Darcy Regier.

1. Darcy will not overpay, in value or dollar wise.

The Sabres aren't cheap, to counteract the typical opinion of dumb average Sabre fan who couldn't budget out of a paper bag, in fact they are near the cap and don't have a lot of wiggle room. So any trade will have to be dollar for dollar, or a value player that fits the "system". Darcy would never go after a Kovolchuk or Souray. Players that don't pull their contract. Briere and Drury are perfect examples. Guys he got great value from, till they were overpriced now burdens to their respective teams. In the Stock market you would be called a genius, for buying low and selling high, but in Sports you're called Cheap.

2. Darcy will not Panic

Just because others are making deals, doesn't mean you have to. Right now big deals are happening. Great, good for the Leafs and Devils. The Sabres don't need to do anything right now. They could, but it's not necessary. They made a cap room deal already in shipping out Dan Paille. Right now is the time to see what you need to make a run to the Cup. During the break, do some analysis, make some calls and go from there. If you can't get what you want, just go with what you have. But do not panic and make a deal that could hurt the organization in the long run.

3. If you hear anything it will not happen

If you read something about a Sabre going somewhere for something, you can GUARANTEE it won't happen. He wants total secrecy and zero leaks. Notice no one in the Buffalo media has any idea EVER about what the Sabres will do. Darcy is very close to the vest and if any GM wants something from the Sabres, they have to keep their trap shut. So forget rumor sites, only if you want to find out who maybe out there. Otherwise they are no good for Sabre fans.

4. Any player from Buffalo or who played here will be linked to the Sabres.

With the Leafs purge, you'll see Stempniak linked to the Sabres about 40 times. He's not coming here. (goes to Makes 3.5 million this year and a UFA. And has 13 goals. Umm no. The only player that came back after playing here recently was Mike Grier, who was the last person, we'd thought come back. Buffalo fans like to get back what we know, because we're too lazy to do any research. Raffi Torres? Who's that? Columbus? They have a team? How many times have we heard the name Michael Peca and the Sabres at the deadline over the years.

Andrew Ladd, now we are talking. 11 goals, making 1.65 Million and a RFA. Playoff experience, was on a Cup winner.

5. Darcy will not settle.

Here's where Darcy gets criticised a lot. The old not getting anything for them routine. Darcy won't just trade a player to get something because they are leaving. I'm sure he tried his best to dump Max and Kalinin over the years, but nobody would offer something decent in return. So he kept them and got what he could out of them. Its like a car, you can't get a good trade in value so you just run it into ground.

He got a 2nd round pick for Alex Kotalik! Which was turned over to get Dominic Moore. Yikes. Well at the time it looked good. Who knew he was hurt?

Hasek and maybe Campbell are the few trades you can say he settled or got nothing for something. But really what did the Sharks get out of that Campbell trade?

6. Don't expect anything big

The trade deadline isn't the time where Darcy makes his big moves, he saves that for the offseason. Here he tinkers, acquires the Danius Zubrus' of the world (ZUBAZ!!!) He has the team he wants in place, now is the time to make tiny adjustments. He won't be putting in a new engine, he'll just be changing the oil. And of course gets roundly criticized every year for it.

Darcy has his method, you can debate whether it works or not. But just a few pointers on how to survive the trade deadline period, without getting too high or too down.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Culture of Fear

I know with the loss last night against Ottawa, people are panicking, and worried. Just like usual around this town, when it comes to our sports teams. But I saw angry guys after the game yesterday. Angry is good. Angry gets you motivated the next time, angry makes you better. Angry makes you focused.

Worry makes you distracted. Worry makes you collapse. That is why I'm not worried about this team. They are going to make the playoffs. I could care less how they play right now. March and April are important. Ottawa is hot now, that's great, but let me see come April how they are playing and worry about them then. I have no time for panic. And its stress in my life that I can do without.

I feel this town worries too much about the sports teams. We have ZERO influence on the action of the game. The team wants to entertain the fans, sure, but winning is more important and how they do it should not matter. Just let things fall as they may and go from there. Maybe without worry, you'll fear you are not a good enough sports fan, and you aren't behind the team. What does it matter? Is Jason Pominville going to stay up at night, because Ralph from Depew isn't watching every minute and care about every win or loss?

Yes I know the Bills and Sabres have an effect on the Psyche of the town. As do most Sports teams. But I feel the feelings for the teams creep into everyday life. A can't do this or this won't happen or everybody is going to leave attitude. Can do attitude is as easy to find as a Panda in this town. And anyone that thinks they can do something or be successful is shot down and put down. It depresses me to no end. I know I'm guilty of it too.

But if I see another the Bills are moving, so who cares anyway comment. I'm going to scream. WNY has a inferiority complex the size of the Pacific Ocean. We aren't good enough, no one likes us, we're poor. blah blah blah. Doesn't mean we can't do what we want. But no one takes a chance, and without taking chances, you can't become a success, but then you can't also fail.

Buffalo: Too scared to succeed, too scared to fail.

I think we want our sports teams to be better then us. Take the chances and the heights we are too scared to go for. If they succeed then we succeed. And when they struggle, we worry. I think its time to take ourselves back from the close connection. I don't want the Bills to move because I love going to games, but in the back of my head, the Bills moving might be a good thing for the region as a whole. I don't think it will kill the region. Many places do well without NFL football.

Sometimes you have to hit rock bottom before you can make a comeback. The Bills are making us feel that we are bigger time then we are. There is nothing wrong with being a small city. With the right leaders and the right ideas, we can turn the region into a very nice place to live and work. And worrying about our local sports teams is the first thing that has to go. The lose, big deal, they move? Big deal. What about jobs, what about schools, what about safety. Deal with those first, then worry about if the Sabres can win a cup.

A stanley cup isn't going to bring jobs to Buffalo.

The Lombardi Trophy, isn't going to stop the snow jokes.

All they do is provide us with some entertainment, and a little bit of joy our team won. But nothing else.

Let the fear lose its grip and success will follow I believe that.

The Sabres believe that too.

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