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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Meet your new captain

Well GCFB, busted into the locker room to get a quote from Toni on being named the new captain and what he thought.

GCFB: Hey Toni, congrats on being named captain.

Toni: (stares straight ahead and says nothing)

GCFB: Uhhhh, you do speak English right? I have heard you speak before.

Toni: (Puts on headphones, and turns into locker)

GCFB: Wow that was kinda rude, whats the deal?

Brian Campbell comes walking over.

Brian: Dude Toni really hates the Bruins, and doesn't talk the day before we play them.

GCFB: Really? Why?

Brian: A Bear ate his parents.

GCFB: Wow, I didn't know. That is really terrible.

Brian: You should see him before we play the Sharks.

GCFB: Why? Did a Uncle get eaten by a Shark?

Brian: No, he just thinks Joe Thornton is a Douchebag, and one thing Toni hates more then Bears is Douchebags.

GCFB: This team is weird, I'm outta here. Good luck guys.

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