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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Look who is coming to Buffalo sportsfans.


Everyone's favorite NCAA play by play man, Gus Johnson, will be doing to the Buffalo games, thanks to the guys at awful announcing for letting me know that. If any of the games get exciting, and the Gonzaga FSU game should be tight or if Syracuse and Vermont gets close, the whole arena will hear Gus Johnson.

I love Gus Johnson, some find him annoying, but I like my play by play guys, to be into the game. Feeling the same excitement I am. Not some dull robot like Jim Nantz or Joe Buck. Does he go a little over the top? Yeah, probably, but who cares, its exciting baby. Scream all you want Gus, plus you can hang out with your buddy Steve Tasker while you're in town.

Lets listen to some past highlights.

And something for the Orange fans. Lets hope theres not a repeat.

Including my favorite Gus Johnson clip

I know its football, but he made this sound like it won the Superbowl. And not a meaningless game. (btw they beat Revis on that play)

So Rise and Fire Gus Johnson. We welcome you to the Queen city. Hopefully the basketball is good enough for you to do your magic.

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