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Friday, March 19, 2010

The Orange Crush

Carrier Dome West

Downtown Buffalo will be awash in Orange this weekend, with 'Cuse in town. And in order to fit in and blend in, I am wearing Orange today. Not a big Syracuse fan, but I'd like them to win. The arena will be loud even if its a blowout tonight. And really loud on Sunday, because whoever they get, it will be tough game.

There will be plenty of blue and gold in town too, with West Virginia, my colors. Having gone to Sweet Home and Canisius. Cheering for the blue and gold, is ingrained in me, so I'll be rooting for the Mountaineers.

It will be interesting walking around downtown today, to see all the colors and the visitors. It's what makes the tournament special, you get all these out of towners, plus people coming home to see their folks and friends checking out the tourney. Some people get frustrated and annoyed with visitors, I am not. The more people the better. But I love to people watch.

Its a fun time to be downtown, and I'll try to get out of the office to experience all the goings on. I can't wait for the World Juniors, when you have people from the world invading downtown.

But for now I'll help with directions when asked, and avoided places that maybe where all the visitors are. Like Pearl Street. That place must be raking in the cash this weekend, but wait till the playoffs.

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