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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Is it just me, or is there a general lack of enthusiasm for the Playoffs?

At least Versus didn't call him Tim Myers.

Well the Sabres regular season is winding down pretty rapidly. And the Sabres are pretty much entrenched as the Northeast leader. (knock on wood) There are only 7 games left and the last game is on April 11th. So 7 games in 11 days. A bit of a grind left. I would imagine Lalime starting a couple more games this year. They only need 3 wins to win the division, or if Ottawa loses tonight, 2 wins. With games vs Florida, @ Toronto, @ Montreal, Vs NY Rangers, @ Boston, @ Ottawa @ New Jersey, there are some tough ones left and some winnable games left. The last game could really be important since it could determine if New Jersey could finish, 2nd, 3rd or 4th.

This is what I call a playoff test. Play playoff hockey to end the season, so when you go into the first round, you are playing at an optimal level. Of course the last 3 games against playoff teams on the road, should really show their character.

But my question is, how are Sabres fans not really that excited? Or in my opinion not that excited. We are 2 weeks away from the start of the Playoffs. The Sabres are in the playoffs. They will probably have a home ice advantage. They probably will play Montreal or Philadelphia. Who they are a combined 7-1-1 against this year. It seems Ottawa is going to find themselves stuck at that 5th position. Being 6 points out of 4th, and 5 points ahead of 6th. Which means the Sabres fans will probably dodge the one opponent they fear in the 1st round. I'm more if they are good, they will beat whoever. You don't win the Stanley cup, playing cupcakes. You earn the Stanley Cup.

I just don't read or hear any excitement, no one expects this team to do anything in the playoffs, even with Ryan Miller. Everyone is down on the players, the coach, management, the owner, even Sabretooth. The playoffs are supposed to be fun, and when you go into them as a fan with not just low expectations, but expect them to fail. Wheres the fun in that? Sure I guess you can't be disappointed, but I'd rather be disappointed, then be right in my low expectations.

The team has a lot of players from the previous playoff teams. There are 11 players from the 05-06 playoff team still on the roster. Sure 4 of the top 5 scorers are gone from that team. But you know who is still on this team from that team.

He is pretty clutch and pretty hot right now. With 7 goals and 15 points in the last 11 games. The Sabres need him to score. Derek Roy has 5 goals and 15 points in the last 11 games as well. So two of the Sabres top scorers are starting to produce when they need them too. Even secondary guys like Tim Kennedy and Paul Gaustad are starting to produce.

So Sabre fans, lets get excited. Lets get ready for the Playoffs to come back to HSBC Arena. We got a great goaltender, pretty decent defense. And a lot of forwards who have done this thing before. Have some faith, get some positive attitude. And most of all lets have some fun. The playoffs are meaningless if you don't have any fun during them.


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