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Monday, April 5, 2010

Secret Meeting held before the Montreal game

(inside sabres locker room at the Bell Centre)

Derek Roy: Hey guys I got a plan.

Drew Stafford: What is it Roysie?

Jason Pominville: Yeah spill it.

Derek Roy: Wasn't that walk yesterday awesome?

Drew and Jason: Yeah it was gorgeous outside.

Derek Roy: Well with the weather getting better, I thought since we played bad against Toronto and the result was, we got to skip practice and take a walk instead. We should totally suck against the Habs tonight.

Jason: I don't know about that. We can wrap up the division tonight.

Drew: Yeah, If I don't play well, I might get benched for two midgets.

Derek Roy: Let me convince you. If we were kinda bad, and we got to skip practice and take a walk. Imagine if we're REALLY bad. We might get all that AND go out for Ice Cream later.

Jason Pominville: (eyes light up) OOOOOOO Pommers loves Ice cream.

Drew Stafford: Oh yeah, sign me up for some Panda paws.

Derek Roy: Well this is how we do it, shhhh Millers Coming.

Ryan Miller: Hey what are you guys talking about?

Jason Pominville: How we were going throw the...(gets kicked by Roy) I mean Thrash the Habs tonight.

Ryan Miller: Alright guys, I'm ready. Gotta put this division thing away.

Derek Roy: POMMERS! You almost blew up. If he knew our plan, he'd might do something. I think he's borderline psycho. Its like he cares about winning too much.

Drew Stafford: Totally. Its like take it easy, we get millions of dollars to play a game. Don't take it serious. Its not a real job. You really don't have to work that hard. Look at me.

Jason Pominville: I've been playing kinda hard lately.

Derek Roy. That's whats she said.

(they all laugh like 12 year olds)

Craig Rivet: What you dorks laughing about.

Drew Stafford: Your mom!

Craig Rivet: I'm going to pretend you just didn't say that. I really want to beat Montreal tonight.

Derek Roy: Ai Ai Captain.

Jason Pominville: Who can we get on this? Myers? Butler?

Derek Roy: I think its just the three of us. Plus Montador will probably screw something up on his own.

Drew Stafford: Yeah, and Mair is always good for a dumb penalty or two.

Derek Roy: Ok lets suck on three. Real quiet. One, Two, Three


Jason Pominville: We're totally gonna get ice cream.


The Sabres practiced on Monday, and there was no ice cream.

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