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Friday, June 26, 2009

The NHL Draft is here

Yes I know I've fallen off the planet lately, but thats due to work and planning a wedding. Its amazing when things get busy, how time flies and you havelittle time to do anything. So if you have a real job and you aren't the boss, you will have little time to blog. Get all the blogging done when you can young people. But the NHL draft has come upon us, which means the start of next season. Trades will come down, Free agency will be next week, and Sabre fans will bemoan that Darcy didn't sign any big free agents. Unless the Sabres offered 15 million a year, nobody is coming here. People that live here don't want to hear, that our area is rather unattractive for potential job applicants. So the Sabres have to give something up to get someone. (Some may say thats the better way) Trash for treasure.

I'm not going to try to address what the Sabres need, because its not in the draft. I just hope they pick up a good kid who has a chance to make the team in 3 years. Last years pick, seems to have worked out so far, with him probably pushing to make the roster this year. The Draft itself is such a crapshoot, since you never know if a player will pan out. Its a guess. Some kids just don't have what it takes to make it, or they get injured or lose passion. Some turn out to be great players. For every Ryan Miller theres a Marek Zagrapan. So I'm not going to get excited about any of the picks. Unless one is traded for Henrik Zetterberg. Then I'd get excited for that.

A Part of me hopes Darcy does some trading at the draft. He has some assets. I wouldn't mind the Sabres trading 13, if it was for a solid player that will help right now. They have young talent. Sure they need more forwards, but you can pick up lots of forwards in the draft. Forwards you can draft late. D-men are what you want to get early.

Darcy has to be seriously thinking about trading Jhonas Enroth. He isn't a backup, and you have Miller for several years at a high dollar amount. And there is no doubt hes the Sabres Franchise goaltender. Enroth had a solid year in the AHL, people will give you more then usual for possible great young goaltending. And lots of teams need that. The Sabres could make themselves much better with a couple trades. Darcy knows this year is it, if they don't succeed. This is a one year audition.

So tonight the Sabres will draft a couple young kids, who've we probably not heard of ever. But then we'll put hope on them, as possible saviors of the franchise. Then if they don't turn out, we'll call them busts without ever really seeing them play.

I'm more waiting for the trades I hope that will happen over the next few weeks. Changes must be made. The team isn't good enough, nor fun to root for right now. More grit, more heart and enough of the lazy play. I'm tired of it.

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