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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tom Golisano and Monica Seles?

This story took me off guard. That Tom Golisano, Billionaire, philanthropist, owner of the Sabres and destroyer of local government, is dating Monica Seles. WHAT? How? One of the true great tennis players of all time and Golisano. No wonder he was nowhere to be found this year with the Sabres. I'd stay away from the hockey to, if I was hanging out with Monica Seles. Especially a women 30 years younger then you.

No wonder he feels like he can do whatever he wants. This women is giving him more confidence then he already had. I guess all those questions why she was there when he gave 10 million to Niagara were answered. (I will never forgive him for that, 10 million to Niagara, might as well throw it over the falls.) And apparently they met at the Winter Classic. Of course they did. Tom, won her over with this line.

"See this (points to the stadium) all my doing. Yeah I'm that good"

But the fact she lives in Florida and he just said he's moving there permanently. Makes the Tax reasons less genuine. Just admit you moved there because of Monica. Its fine, guys will understand, plus you'll pay less taxes. Double bonus, I get it.

Maybe Seles likes the power moves.

Winter Classic
Bill Clinton is my buddy
Giving away millions of dollars
Staging a Coup.

Whats next for Tommy G? The Sabre go get Jay Bouwmeester, and spend to the Cap for a run to the CUP? Probably not, they have a budget. But this guy can dream. But hey who knows what a 60 year old guy will do to impress his 35 year old girlfriend. She likes hockey. Who wouldn't want to be owner of a Stanley cup Champion?

More on this I'm sure in the months ahead.

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Anonymous said...

Thats funny. he's been seen with a younger gorgeous asain woman. hopefully his wallet is loyal!

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