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Thursday, June 18, 2009

End of the year, start of the year

As someone who watched pretty much all of the Stanley cup and most of the playoffs. I can tell you the Penguins were quite the impressive team. The Series with the Caps was one for the ages, well minus game 7. But the best part of it, was never did I think, that the Sabres were far behind the Penguins in talent. Their goaltender isn't better then Miller. They have two superstars, a decent defense, and some bangers. The Penguins are not a team I would go, well here is a new dynasty. The Red Wings always seem different to me. They have a style, find players to fit it, and they suceed, even with average goaltending. I think the decrease in the cap will catch up the wings next year or in two years. But they do have some nice young players they can put in, so maybe not. But Lidstrom isn't getting younger and neither is Rafalski, and not all guys are taking a pay cut to play for the Wings. Then theres Ken Holland, who will make sure the Wings will be good.

Anyway congrats to the Penguins, they deserved it and now we can move on.

Because it seems the NHL year is at an end, its not, we are only at the beginning of the 2009-2010 season. The Draft is a week away from Friday. NHL Free agency starts 13 days from now. And all that hope and optimism grows anew. Especially the hope that Darcy Regier trades away a couple trouble spots for players that might give a damn, for say 70 games a year. More Goose, less loose.

I don't see big deals in free agency, thats not Darcy's style. Maybe a signing here or there. But no Bouwmeester. The team isn't far away from doing some damage in the Postseason, I believe that. Good trades are the answer here. And no on Dany Heatley. Other then that opinion, everyone is fair game, and I'll be welcoming of any player onto the roster that can help get the Sabres back in the playoffs. Two years off is enough, I want more playoff hockey I can care about, and not just a casual observer.

I just like the fact I can lift that hockey depression I've had since about Late March, and dream about next season. With Tyler Myers destroying people, and hungry players, grinding it out every shift. Giving Sabre fans guys to like and root for, not lazy players who take days and weeks off. We might see Gerbe and Kennedy. And I like that. Hungry young players, to exchange for the higher paid loafers.

Its a new season, we all hope for the best. Let's hope that it all works out.

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