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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Clash of the Titans.

Well I don't mean the teams as Titans.

I mean the announcers.

Rick Jeanneret vs Jack Edwards.

Two of the biggest homers in the league, and that's not a bad thing. Your audience is rooting for the team, so why not call it like the fans would. It may annoy the general fan and those who root for the other team. But thats the point, the Team feed should never be partial, its a waste of time. The Playoffs started so things will be only amped up and I'm sure Jack Edwards is pumped up, we all know how Rick is.

Lets listen to a few Jack Edward calls.

Oh my, who will he laugh at on the Sabres?

Wow, I can only imagine the monologue if they win game 1 tonight.

Ooo the old take that.

If I were a Bruin fan I think I would enjoy Jack. But I'm not. So lets clean up this post with the greatness of Mr Jeanneret.

For game 1 sake, and also how much I miss Jim Lorenz.

Why are all the goals scored by guys not on the team anymore?

Wait, here's one that still is.

awwww Sad Emery. Jack Edwards would have laughed at him.

But anyway the Sabres playoffs start tonight. Hopefully yesterday, put them on alert with all the road teams that won yesterday. A lot of people are downplaying this series as a potential snoozefest. I would never put anything down till play starts. All I know it will be a great series to listen too. With two of the more entertaining announcers on the mic.

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TheSharpie said...

I think Paul Steigerwqld of the Penguins is by far the biggest homer in the NHL.

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