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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Do you like 1pm games?

The 2010 Schedule came out and we all look for the matchups, when the Bills play who and what game would you like to go to. But does it all really matter? The Bills are going to bad this year. No ifs and buts about it. They aren't hiding it. They are installing new systems, new players are going to be in starting roles. They might even have a rookie starting at QB.

But the best part of the schedule, all Sunday 1pm games. Thats gorgeous. No late games, no 4pm games. I can watch and be done with it and go on with my day. No Monday Night Heartbreak, no Sunday night blowouts. Play at One and be done.

For those who care I should probably post the schedule and comment on the specifics. To me it doesn't matter, because if your gonna be bad, what does it matter who you play and when.

Week 1 - Sun. Sep. 12 Dolphins at Bills
Week 2 - Sun. Sep. 19 Bills at Packers
Week 3 - Sun. Sep. 26 Bills at Patriots
Week 4 - Sun. Oct. 03 Jets at Bills
Week 5 - Sun. Oct. 10 Jaguars at Bills
Week 6 - Bye
Week 7 - Sun. Oct. 24 Bills at Ravens
Week 8 - Sun. Oct. 31 Bills at Chiefs
Week 9 - Sun. Nov. 07 Bears at Bills (In Toronto)
Week 10 - Sun. Nov. 14 Lions at Bills
Week 11 - Sun. Nov. 21 Bills at Bengals
Week 12 - Sun. Nov. 28 Steelers at Bills
Week 13 - Sun. Dec. 05 Bills at Vikings
Week 14 - Sun. Dec. 12 Browns at Bills
Week 15 - Sun. Dec. 19 Bills at Dolphins
Week 16 - Sun. Dec. 26 Patriots at Bills
Week 17 - Sun. Jan. 02 Bills at Jets

So They open and close with division games. I like that format. Not that it matters, the Pats and Jets will have their way with this team. The Dolphins I don't think will be that great. The Bills hosting the Lions could be a garbage fest. And the Browns at Bills could be another matchup of bad bad teams. I can only imagine what Aaron Rogers does in week 2. Good thing the secondary is the only strength.

This will be a good development year and get the young guys will be the starters in 2011 experience against some good teams. The better teams they play the better they will be in the next couple years.

I am excited for the Draft, because those are the players who will hopefully bring the Bills back to the Playoffs.

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