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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dear Cody,


Tonight's a big game for you. Last night you thought your season was done. But no, Matt Ellis got run over by Public Enemy #1 Boychuk. The Sabres have been not as physical as you would like a playoff team to be. Well the 3rd and 4th lines are physical, but anyway, you have one mission.

Take Out Chara.

I don't care if you get suspended. Portland is done, we can call up whoever. Go after the Captain. I don't care about Boychuk, they can live without Boychuk. I'm not usually one for retribution. But I can't stand how no one seems to stick up for anyone on the team. And I bet Lindy Ruff thinks the same, that is why, when they need offense, they call up you Mr McCormick, and not the midget Gerbe or Lifetime AHL player Mark Mancari.

I wouldn't wait either, first shift. You hit him. Don't let up on hitting him. Make that big tree fall. You know why Chara wears his cage? He broke his nose. Its hard to play with a broken nose. Especially if its rebroke. (How to get through the cage? Be creative)

You may think this is cruel and not becoming of me, but I don't care. Boston through all of that out and everything is fair game. You don't shrug off, someone trying to hurt a star player. But don't go after Boychuk, that doesn't send the message. Going after their best player, sends a message.

Tonight the Sabres must release everything they have. And Cody, I don't care if you have a shot on goal. But if you don't have 4 hits at least. This is the last game you play as a Sabre. You come out hard and are a force. You can bet that you'll be replacing Adam Mair and Matt Ellis for the rest of the series.

Cody time to engergize the team and put some passion into the first two lines. Make them believe they can be physical. Be the hitter not the hittee.

Lets win this game.

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