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Monday, April 26, 2010

Unreachable Expectations

Vanek is back tonight.

While, thats awesome news, I think we are all expecting him to come back and score 3 goals tonight and then 4 more in game 7 to lead the team to victory.

That probably won't happen. He'll come back, give the guys a offensive weapon, but he's still hurt and trying to get in. Might he score? Maybe. But we are probably more inclined to see offense from the guys who have been playing.

Vanek can put a team on his back, he works hard, but even he will probably expect too much from himself. A ankle sprain isn't fun, it takes a while to get back from. The only reason he is playing is because its the playoffs. He'd probably be out 2 more weeks if this were January. Yet people still call him soft.

So Sabres fans don't expect the best player ever, when Vanek is back in the lineup tonight. Just expect someone who will work hard, try to score, and be a lot more noticeable then the player he's replacing, Drew Stafford.

Lets bring it home for game 7.

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