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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What if I told....

You could get Drew Stafford production for 8 Million a year?

You would look at me crazy. Who would want that?

But what if I said he has some "intangibles"?

You would still say, they aren't worth that much money.

Well Chris Drury and Drew Stafford have almost identical stats for the season. What if Darcy actually ponied up that deal to Chris Drury? Sabre fans would be calling for the team to trade him everyday. But we all lament his loss, but what if losing Drury, resulted in the Sabres profiting in the long term, rather then in the short term. No doubt he would have put them in the playoffs last year. They wouldn't have gone far. But would have made the playoffs, maybe even the year before as well too.

Making the playoffs would have resulted in higher draft positions, meaning that drafting a Tyler Myers and Zach Kassian, might not have happened. Are the Sabres better off, in the upcoming years with young guys like that at entry level contracts, where they can spend extra money on vets, that can help? I think so.

Having 8 Million tied into a player on the downside, who maybe can give you 20 goals. Is insane in the Salary cap world of the NHL. Fans have lamented in what they have lost, rather what they have gained. Ryan Miller under contract for years to come, young talented players (like Tyler Ennis, who was gained in the Campbell trade), money not tied up in a couple players suffocating the team, like in Tampa. The Sabres have slowly restocked and retooled, letting their superstar, who is paid correctly, lead the team.

Call me a Darcy apologist, but no one gives him the respect he deserves. He operates with a budget. He doesn't bow to public pressure. He does things his way, no matter the criticism. Especially people on the video scouting procedure. Looks like its working by the way. Everyone is too quick to jump on him for screwing up, but slow to praise him. (the Moore trade was a bad one, but oh well)

I know they wanted to keep Drury, but it didn't work out. So instead of crying why me. They moved on with the guys they had, and kept on updating the roster when players were needed. Now they are 1 win away from a division championship and a run in the playoffs. Nobody had them winning the Northeast, especially after Montreal's spending spree. And no one credits Darcy for getting them back on track.

So would you still like a player with Drew Stafford Production but some intangibles, that might or might not help you win, for 13 million over the next two years?

I know I wouldn't. But I love young hungry players who are cheap and you add leaders at cheaper salaries.

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