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Friday, April 23, 2010

Hi There CJ

Woah Football Players graduate?

Well the Bills surprised a lot of people, thought some people thought the Bills would take Spiller. But I will be happy to welcome in CJ Spiller to the Bills Family. He of high character, college graduate, and some great numbers. He's the anti Lynch. Or the faster Fred Jackson. Its no doubt that the Bills are looking to a more running attack this year on offense. Anything to keep the QB from throwing the ball sounds good. Hey didn't a run first offense help the Jets? You bet it did.

Would I have liked a tackle here? Probably. But if theres a player thats dynamic and can help you right now, you take him. I'm not a scout nor do I know what I'm talking about most times. So I'm not gonna call it a bad pick or a great pick. I like the player, and as a Bills fan hope for the best. He looks like a class guy and says the right things.

Oh and he's also a excellent football player.

He's a weapon, and a great checkdown option, which any Bills QB will need. A lot. Trent Edwards must love this pick. Well up until, they choose a QB, then he'll get depressed again.

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